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Echizen Ryoma had entered and dominated the US Tennis Circuit at a young age but after a few years, some things happened and Ryoma didn't want to continue dealing with the superficial players who only played for the money and fame. This caused the aspiring prodigy to lose interest in the sport that he had once loved as well; resulting in his quitting indefinitely, despite his parents' protests. Thus, Nanjirou and Rinko decided to move back to Japan and enroll their son in the school where Nanjirou had trained in tennis before going pro. Ryoma still doesn't buy into it but his dad still hopes that Seigaku hadn't lost the charm that first drew him to the sport.

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Prologue: The Prince's Unannounced Arrival

A 12 year old emerald haired boy sighed as looked at his new school. He had just transferred in from America just a few days ago but was told that he wasn't to start until today. Though it's been a week since the start of classes, he wasn't worried in the slightest since school would start in September back in America. The boy, Echizen Ryoma, just sighed inwardly to himself again as he started for the doors where, whom he assumed was a teacher stood looking at her wristwatch.

When he made his presence known to her, she brightened up as he came up to her. "Ah you must be Echizen Ryoma-kun! Thank goodness, I was worried that you would have gotten lost on your way here." She smiled with relief. Ryoma just nodded at her and walked in.

"Ah, I must show you around if you don't mind being late to class." Then she realized that he was already late.

"My Oyaji gave me a tour a while ago when we came to visit his old teacher, so you don't have to sensei. I'll just get to my home room." He said to her over his shoulder before he continued to walk.

"I-I see." She stuttered, a bit confused at the boy's overwhelming air of self-confidence. "But still, as the guide for your first day, I will escort you over." She said with authority. Ryoma didn't mind much and remained silent the whole walk over. When they reached the classroom, she knocked on the door and led the way in. As the boy entered, there was a rush of whispering and staring to which he just rolled his eyes. People were the same wherever you went.

"Class eyes to the front." The teacher in charge called out before he gestured towards Ryoma. "This is our new transfer student, you may introduce yourself." He told the boy.

"My name is Echizen Ryoma, it's a pleasure to meet you all." He said a bit dully before bowing towards the class.

"Alright, Echizen-kun, you may take your seat next to Ryuzaki. Please put up your hand." The girl next to the window then raised her hand. "Now, Echizen-kun, we've just started on review so if there is anything that you don't quite follow please let me know." He then continued on with the interrupted lesson.

As he did, Ryuzaki Sakuno took this time to ask Ryoma a quick question. "Ano... R-Ryoma-k-kun..." Ryoma looked at her with no interest whatsoever. "Um... I-I just wanted to t-thank you f-for yesterday." She finally got out. This had confused the boy as he didn't really remember her or seeing her at all. "O-On the train." She elaborated.

He then remembered that yesterday, he spoke out to a couple of seniors who were bragging and swinging a tennis racket around. He ended up telling them off before he stepped off the train. His friends were making fun of that guy while some other people smiling quietly to themselves as he walked off. "I guess she was there." Ryoma speculated and looked at her again.

"Y-you helped stop those boys from hitting me w-with the racket." She added.

"Betsuni, it wasn't really for you. They were just annoying." He responded.

"A-Ah, I see." She then remembered something else. "D-Do you like tennis?" Ryoma inwardly froze when he heard her and from his look, she guessed that he was wondering how she knew about him and tennis.

"You seemed to know a lot about tennis on the train, and then I heard you i-in the station asking for direction to the Kakinokizaka Tennis Garden, s-so I thought..." She trailed off.

"I should be more careful from now on." Ryoma said to himself as he didn't want to lead people on that he played or even liked tennis.

"I was just meeting up with someone there." Ryoma told her. It wasn't a total lie but it was just to get the girl to stop. "And I don't like tennis." He said abruptly cutting the conversation short.

"O-Oh..." Sakuno then pulled away from him and started to listen to the teacher.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Oi~ Echizen!" A loud voice called out to him as he was leaving the school. He turned around and saw a funny looking kid with light brown running up to him. Ryoma paused for a moment until he saw the tennis bag hanging over the other's shoulder. He then commenced walking again just as the boy had caught up to him.

"Hey, I said to wait up." Horio puffed as he caught Ryoma's pace. "You're in my class right?" There was a pause as the emerald haired boy didn't respond. "Well I was wondering if you were going to join a club today."


"Come on, I'm sure you'd like the tennis club." Horio grabbed the other's arm and started to drag him off.

"Yadda." Ryoma tried to shake him off.

"Why not? If you're scared that you won't be good, I have two years of tennis experience and can teach you everything." Ryoma highly doubted that, but eventually, Horio did succeed in getting the reluctant boy to the tennis courts.

"Hmm? Where is everyone?" Horio looked around to see only a few players on the courts.

"Oh, the regulars have a practice match at another school today so everyone had already gone home." The pair saw another two boys at the entrance to the courts and they were lugging some equipment off.

"I'm Mizuno Katsuo."

"And I'm Kato Kachiro." The boys introduced themselves.

"Horio Satoshi."

"I'm not interested. I'm going home." Ryoma then ripped his wrist from Horio's grip and walked off.

"Ahhh, matte Echizen!" Horio sighed. "I thought I would have an underling in the tennis club since freshmen are everyone else's underlings in the club."

"H-Horio-kun..." Katsuo and Kachiro sweatdropped at the boy, understanding his personality straight away.

"Ryoma-kun..." The three boys suddenly heard a female's voice. They turned towards her and saw that she was standing with another girl with pigtails and a teacher the recognized as the tennis club's coach.

"Sakuno, you know him? Ne ne, who is he?" The girl, Osakada Tomoka, immediately went starry eyed.

"He's Echizen Ryoma but I wonder why he's here, he doesn't like tennis." Sakuno became puzzled.

"Ah, that's because Horio-kun dragged him here." Kachiro told her. They then introduced themselves to one another.

"Haa, is that what he's saying now?" The teacher, Ryuzaki Sumire, said partly to herself. She gave an interested smile as she watched the boy leave.

"Obaa-chan you know Ryoma-kun?" The twin braided girl asked.

"Yes, he's the son of a student of mine that I trained years ago." She said with a fond smile.

"Trained? As in tennis?" Sakuno was surprised.

"Yes, but it seems that that boy really doesn't want to play..." "...anymore." She added to herself, thinking that Ryoma wouldn't want anyone to bother him about the sport. "I guess this was what Nanjirou was talking about."

"You boys don't leave him alone, alright? He came from America so he doesn't know anyone in Japan." Ryuzaki-sensei told the trio.

"Hai!" They straightened up.

"I'll finally get my underling!" Horio cheered.

"Horio-kun." The two boys and even the girls sweatdropped.

"Haha, this is going to be one interesting year." Sumire said and then said goodbye to the trio.

Yeah kinda boring and slow moving
But this is the prologue, whatcha gonna do?
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