AN: I love Joan (serious fic shortage, I'm starving over here) and I love her relationship with Auggie. They could both have done with sitting down and sharing that bottle of wine he owes her this season ;)

She's been expecting this visit for a while. Observing Auggie and Annie together has become something of a spectator sport for the entire bullpen, and Joan's a damn good spy. Why her employees think they can keep betting pools secret when she can read the Russian ambassador's emails is anybody's guess.
Auggie drops the file on her desk-a quick glance confirms that it is what she thinks it is- and steps back, shoulders set, combat ready. Joan, who has seen Arthur take up the same stance many times and never yet failed to find it adorable, tries to suppress a grin. The man might be blind but he can read a voice better than anyone else she knows.
"Thanks Auggie, I'll send it down to Personnel this afternoon."
She goes back to her paperwork, thinking somewhat enviously that there's no way Rivka has to fill out risk assessment forms. A minute passes and Auggie still hasn't moved. Seems like she's thrown him for a loop.
"Something else you wanted?"
He shakes his head.
"It's nothing, I just thought you might ask a few more questions is all."
Which, translated from it's original Auggie, meant that he had been expecting an interrogation. Joan gives up on the straight face.
"You came in here anticipating the Spanish Inquisition and were thrown off when I didn't produce my torture instruments?"
"You've handed me close-and-continuings before, several in fact-"
She rolls her eyes at Auggie's roguish grin.
"-and never once have I displayed any overwhelming interest in your sex life. Why would I start now?"
"Annie's one of your best operatives, and I'm her handler. Since we work together so closely I thought I might get a lecture about keeping my work and personal life-" Joan chuckles. Her relationship with Arthur has been the subject of water-cooler gossip for over a decade now, stares, sniggers and scrutiny. The result is that neither of them cares about inappropriate public rows, something she can joke about when they're going through a calm patch. "You thought I was going to lecture you about that? I once kicked Arthur out of our bed in front of three members of the Joint Chiefs. They spent half the intelligence briefing bickering over correct apology protocol."
Her visitor raises an eyebrow incredulously.
"What did they recommend?" "The usual, flowers and jewelry, although one guy did suggest that shared near death experiences do wonders for clearing the air."
Auggie's mouth quirks and she can almost see Amsterdam reconstructing itself in his mind's eye.
"Well you can't deny his logic."
Joan sighs.
"Tell me about it. Last time Arthur and I were on a mission together he ended up hospitalized and convinced me to take his last name in between blood transfusions."
"I'll have to remember that trick."
"I'll have to warn Annie."
Shaking his head and still grinning, Auggie heads for the door. Fingers on the handle, he turns around.
"Hey Joan, any tips?"
She snorts. If only.
"If you ever start to have any idea what you're doing, please come and help me out."