Hey! Here's the epilogue and the final chapter of Broken Glass. I really liked writing this, and I'm glad that there are still people reading it. This is going to be a pretty long author's note, since I'm acknowledging people. Okay... Thanks to moonlight goose, Anarchy Girl, Guest, Deity (Guest), and Nic (Guest) for reviewing. Also, big thanks to moonlight goose for favoriting this story. And thanks to EVERYONE who is still reading this. The epilogue's in third person. Enjoy! I hope you liked reading this story just as much as I enjoyed writing it. :)


Most everyone in District Twelve knows that something has changed over the past few months. For one, Ripper, the woman who sold white liquor in the Hob, had to close up because she wasn't getting enough business. For another, the Victor's Village looks a little cheerier now. Less like a prison. The shades aren't pulled on one of the occupied houses anymore, lights on through the window. And the most significant change is that when the people see Haymitch Abernathy, he's not always alone.

In the Mellark house, Katniss Everdeen Mellark is rocking her baby daughter in her arms, singing softly. The tiny little girl wasn't named until her birth, but Katniss and Peeta chose a beautiful name. Rue Maysilee Mellark. The little girl is a little female version of Peeta, with wavy strands of thin blond hair and blue eyes. District Twelve was abuzz with the news for a while, that Katniss and Peeta had a new child. But right now, Gale and Prim are content with their little sister. Katniss and Peeta let them hold her, telling them to be careful with her.

Downstairs, Peeta is baking. There's already some bread on the table, as always, but right now he's baking cookies for the children, who have been begging him for a while. "Chocolate chip, Daddy! I want chocolate chip cookies!" says Prim, running into the kitchen. Peeta smiles at her and nods, dumping some chocolate chips into his mixing bowl, which already has a lot of dough. Prim dips a spoon in and eats some of the dough. Peeta smiles at his daughter as she runs away, running up the stairs. He stares out at the snow falling outside the window, glad that his house is warm and his family is safe.

The Mellarks are happy, and it's not hard to see.

Meanwhile, the house next door isn't so pitiful-looking anymore. No, now the Abernathy house is happy. And so are its two inhabitants. June Abernathy walks in the door, stomping on the doormat to shake the snow from her shoes. "Haymitch," she calls. "I'm home." Home. Yes, she can call it home. Because it was only weeks ago, but her and Haymitch celebrated their toasting. According to District Twelve tradition, they are married now.

Haymitch comes into the kitchen. "Hey, sweetheart," he says with a smile, kissing his wife. Their eyes meet for a second, and they both smile.

It's not hard to see how Haymitch has changed. Unless people have known him before, they have no idea that he almost drank himself to death for years. He's more well-groomed, and he's regained some of his old sarcasm. Everyone who used to know him knows that something has changed. Now, he isn't depressed. And everyone notices that he always seems to be smiling when he's with his wife.

The house is different, too, aside from the fact that there's another person living in it. The shattered mirror in the bathroom has been replaced by a new one, shiny and perfectly reflective. There is a vase of primroses on the kitchen table. The rooms are inviting, a place to get out of the winter cold. The bed has clean sheets and is always tidily made.

But the biggest difference lies in the least expected place: the floor. Because the day after their toasting, Haymitch came home to find that someone -June- had swept up all of the broken glass.