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Part Three - Ekruteak
{Lily, Cathy, and Garrett}

Ekruteak City

Despite the Change, Ekruteak had always been, for the most part, somewhat peaceful. Sure, there was the occasional feral Pokemon attack or thug shadily lurking about, but the city was well guarded and those issues tended fizzle quickly. Those who were faithful might say that it was thanks to Ho-oh's divine protection that they had managed to stay relatively safe all this time. Most, however, had given up their faith since The Change - after all, how could any divine entity, Pokemon or otherwise, allow such a terrible thing as The Change happen in the first place?

Regardless, this peace was about to be disturbed.

A man wearing a black cloak ran through the shadows of the city, trying his best to keep out of sight. Every so often, he would look over his shoulder to see if he was being followed. They were trailing him, and he had to be cautious - they were incredibly serious, and he couldn't afford to take any chances.

Right now, he was focused on getting out of the city and losing whichever one of them that was pursuing him. Attempting to remain calm despite his situation, he thought about the layout of the city. H considered taking the path to the Bell Tower to escape through there, but he had a feeling that they would be watching that path, along with the other exits to the city.

It was then that he caught sight of a building: the Dance Hall. A wicked grin grew across the man's face and an idea came to him. Surely they wouldn't cause trouble there! Not only was the Dance Hall essentially neutral ground, but it was also full of innocents... innocents that they wouldn't want to risk hurting. It was perfect.

Without another thought, the man darted towards the Dance Hall and, as casually as he could, entered the building.

Route 38

Cathy made her way quietly down the rode with her Zebstrika close behind. Every time she stopped to examine her surroundings, Bolt – as she fondly addressed him - would hoof the ground sharply while eying every shadow in every tree. His attitude was his usual social-awry but also aggressive, seemingly ready for a fight at any time. He was on edge, but his trainer was too, so that was to be expected. Again, as she did at every prior stop, Cathy moved off silently once she knew all was clear, hand poised at her back ready to grab her knife at any moment.

Cathy had a cold look of one whom was trying not to show how much pain they were in while they were in a desperate situation. She couldn't help it; she simply couldn't cry if she wanted to...not now, not here. Have to be strong, she thought as she brushed her hand by her Typhlosion's Pokéball. T.Y. Was her brother's first Pokémon loyal to her and him both... now just to her. I miss you, she thought, looking up at the sky. Bolt snorted at her impatiently, pulling her from her thoughts. She waved her hand slightly at him, silently telling him to calm himself, despite knowing he probably wouldn't.

With a sigh, Cathy turned back to the road before her and started down it again. She had been lucky as of late, having not been attacked for a while, but Cathy was wise enough to know relying on luck alone was a bad move, as it eventually runs out.

As she walked, she began to notice signs that someone or something had passed through here as well. She paused to study her surroundings again, much to the dismay of Bolt who wanted nothing more than to keep moving. She crouched, looking at the ground for any tracks, and found signs of a potential scuffle between someone wearing boots and some Pidgey, maybe even a Pidgeotto. "Keep your eyes open, Bolt," she whispered, not that she even needed to tell him that. She pulled out T.Y.'s ball for caution's sake and tossed it. As it grew, the form of the large fire Pokémon appeared from mere pixels, looking immediately alert for any signs of danger.

With this done, Cathy started walking again. She appeared relaxed, but was very ready to spring into action if need be. It was not too long until she finally saw Ekruteak City and what she could only guess had taken the path just before she did... a hunter resting on a bench.

That bench had to have been one in a million left standing that was still sturdy enough to actually hold a human being's full weight. If the hunter hadn't been sitting there, Cathy might have considered taking a moment to relax herself, but even if uncommon, it was really just a bench in the end.

She sighed in relief, noticing a black bag full of feathers at his feet – the remains of the birds that attacked him earlier, no doubt. Resting on the bench with him was what appeared to be a sleeping Kakuna, which made sense of why the birds attacked him in the first place. Point was, there was no way those fliers would be bothering her any time soon. T.Y gave a small snort while Bolt continued to hoof at the ground, eying the hunter cautiously. Cathy turned and gave Bolt an almost withering look. "We are not here to start a fight. Calm down." Without waiting to see what the electric zebra thought of this, Cathy started down the path again, keeping an eye on the man as he tended to his light wounds. She took note of his appearance; he was a rather flamboyant guy with lavender hair and black Capri's coupled with a bright pink tank top and some purple bangles and rings. He was still fairly dangerous looking sporting that machete, a couple pistols at either hip, and a knife which protruded from his boot visibly. Cathy didn't think of him as any immediate threat, however, because of this fact. Mercenaries, guardsmen, trainers, and hunters typically wore their weapons proudly, like expensive jewelry, to tell the world that they were for hire; thieves and assassins were slier, oftentimes hiding their weapons much more tactfully. All people were relatively worth being worried about, and she trusted this dude as far as she could throw him, but he gave her no reason to fear so why would she?

He was finishing wrapping up his swollen ankle and putting his right boot back on as Cathy approached. Boot snug in place, he leaned back comfortably and crossed his legs in a relaxed manner. As he leaned back, patting his resting Kakuna's head fondly, he turned and checked out one of the guardsman, winking with a confident smirk at the man's muscular build. He even whistled, looking the man up and down, which definitely caught the guard's attention.

The mercenary tore his gaze from the guard as he noticed Cathy, traces of an embarrassed flush tickling his cheeks. "Eh-hem... heh heh..." He cleared his throat and chuckled nervously, and Cathy merely nodded in acknowledgment to him as she continued moving along quietly.

As she slid by, she curiously stared at the flamboyant man who was now gawking at her with wide eyes. First the guard, now her? Upon further inspection it was clear that he was in fact starting at Bolt, which both relieved and disappointed her.

"Now that's a Pokémon to be proud of," he muttered, letting his thoughts be known. Clearly he'd never seen a Zebstrika before, like many others whom Cathy had come across in her travels within Johto. The man didn't shake his stare for quite some time either, too intrigued by the zebra to want to look away just yet. Moments like these got on Cathy's nerves, sure, but they weren't entirely unwelcome.

Whatever the case, there was little, if any reason to be particularly paranoid anymore, so she pulled a Pokéball off her belt and faced T.Y. who looked back at her expectantly. She murmured a heart-felt thank you, safely returned him, then put the ball back on her belt where it belonged. Her Typhlosion dealt with, she looked up at the gate to see the outer-rim guardsman still standing by it, watching her conscientiously. His height was rather intimidating, and he was clearly a lot stronger than her, but even as he pulled out his rifle she just gazed at him with an almost glazed-over, calm stare. Bolt eyed the man warily, knowing full well what the rifle meant, but Cathy quietly waved a hand at her tense Pokémon to shoo away his concern as she'd done many times before, and continued on toward the city, thus the guard, without a second thought.

To make sure he didn't stray from her, she placed a hand on Bolt's neck as they continued to walk, leading him quietly. As they drew nearer to the gates, Cathy began contemplating what her next move should be. She needed to find any information possible on her parents, and didn't want to dilly-dally either. It didn't require much thought to figure that the Pokémon Center would be the best place to start, not to mention she could heal her Ponyta, Whiny, and stock up on supplies before heading out again.

Her parents and mission to find them on her mind, she started to consider the possibility that her parents might not even still be alive. She thought about this often these past few days, and each time it saddened her because the more time that passed, the more likely it was to be true. She didn't want to admit that her brother's death might have been in vain...that she was all alone. She just couldn't bring herself to accept it. She stopped walking as her eyes glazed over a bit, her emotions dulling and the urge to cry growing the more she continued to think about this. I have to be strong... she reminded herself. Bolt had stopped too, appearing concerned. She took a deep breath to calm herself, then patted his nose to reassure him she was alright. She blanked her mind, took another deep breath to encourage herself, then started off again.

They hadn't been far from their initial destination when she had stopped, so Cathy slowed to a halt to ask the guardsman a simple, but important, question, "Is your Center still running?" Even though PokéCentres were still a constant regardless of the state of the world, she had heard that some Centers had shut down all together. She'd luckily not come across one yet, but there's a first for everything; now could be one of those times. Even if it was, she would get by. She wasn't one to let minor setbacks get in her way. She had a mission to accomplish, and accomplish it she would. Nothing could hold her back. She would find her parents.

Ekruteak City

A bird Pokémon squawked as it sat perched atop the roof of the Kimono Girl's Dance Hall. The building was slightly damaged, as was any other building this side of the Change, but seeing as the Kimono Girls were protecting the structure, no one dared an attempt at pillaging it.

Garrett was sitting, slumped against the wall of the Dance Hall, and looked up at the sound of the squawk to see his Xatu intently staring in the direction of the Eastern gate. The guard groaned, and hauled himself up and away from the wall, brushing off dust from the back of his jeans. He knew what that look meant - Xatu had seen something interesting.

Mismagius, who had been happily resting in the shadows cast by the eaves of the building, giggled and floated down next to him. Garrett smiled at his companion; today had been a long day.

A team of Raticates had attacked from the South - by the end, the body count had been around sixteen. Unusual, seeing as Raticates preferred to attack in the middle of the night, or, if anything, alone, but they were likely beyond desperate for food. He recalled killing not one, but two, Tauroses, over the past two days, so the smell of cooking meat must have attracted them. Anyway, the dead rats had then been taken into the town to be prepared in a similar fashion as he prepared the Tauroses... No one could afford to throw away perfectly edible food. The meat was tough and sinewy, but it was meat, after all, and the jerky it made wasn't half bad.

Either way, Garrett was tired, but did his best not to let more than minor irritation show as he walked over to the gate, Mismagius beside him. Seeing as he always tried to be helpful, Garrett knew it would be best to check what was going on. The gatekeepers were peering around from the inner walls and watching the road closely. As Garrett approached, he heard the sound of someone whistle at him. "What the hell?" He muttered, narrowing his eyes while he walked slightly past the gate and noticed a girl approaching...with a Typhlosion?! And a...what even was that...? A Zebstrika?! They weren't even native to Johto!

This could be bad...but the girl seemed to be in good control of them. Just as well. He pulled the rifle off his back and nodded gruffly at her as she made her way down the path his way. It was times like these that he was thankful for his height, which made him seem more intimidating. He didn't want her thinking she could try anything.

He took post on the outer rim of the wall, watching the path as a whole carefully. That's when it dawned on him that he had been whistled at on the way here. Further down the road he saw what the source of the sound was – that pink-shirted hunter. He recognized this guy; it wasn't difficult to notice someone so colorful. He often came by Ekruteak for work and refuge. They'd never properly exchanged words, let alone been introduced, but every time Garrett was within his sights, the guy's eyes were all over him. The attention never bothered Garrett, however. It was all in good fun, something rare in the world they lived in today, and it was nice to be reminded that he was worth a little attention now and again.

Aside from the stares, the hunter had never caused any actual trouble, and had generally been respectful, so there wasn't any need to be alarmed. As the man's gaze shifted from the foreign Pokémon and back to Garrett again with that confident smirk of his, Garrett playfully rolled his eyes and smiled back. The hunter could sit there for as long as he pleased, far as Garrett cared.

"Is your Center still running?" a female voice asked him.

Garrett was caught off guard. My center? He thought with a tinge of confusion. Oh, she must mean the Pokemon Center. He looked down, realizing the girl with the foreign Pokémon was the one asking. Had he really torn his gaze away that long? The girl looked like she was about to cry, too. Not good. He wasn't good at dealing with crying girls. He just had to be helpful, that should do it.

"Um, yeah it is." An awkward pause. Mismagius giggled. "You don't look like you're from here, miss. Let me show you where it is. Buildings look really similar if you don't know what to look for. Just... Follow me." Mismagius giggled again. She wasn't helping.

Garrett glanced back at the man on the bench, who was grooming his Kakuna and likely wouldn't be moving until the gates were about to close. The gatekeepers also seemed more at ease now that the girl had withdrawn her larger Pokemon, too. The less huge out and about Pokemon in town, the better, after all. As he turned back to face forward, Garrett re-holstered his rifle. In all honesty, he had just taken it out to look more intimidating, but he didn't like walking around inside of town with it.

He led the girl to the Center, the two walking quietly and not really making conversation. After the Change, there wasn't really much room for small-talk, since most questions brought about negative memories or emotions.

Mismagius was enjoying herself, though, floating around the trio, and showing great interest in the Zebstrika. Garrett gestured at her to cut it out, and she complied, resigning herself to just floating beside him. Bolt still didn't seem to trust her, however, eying her warily the whole way. Thankfully, the walk wasn't too long.

"Here it is. Nurse Joy should be in there. Hope you enjoy your stay in the City... Oh, and before I forget, you should take time to see our Dance Hall. It's one of the few things that hasn't actually changed. Not much, anyway." He cracked a smile.

Cathy had managed to compose herself, not daring to cry and hating herself for even looking like she might, then simply nodded at the invitation to go to the Dance Hall. "I may," she said quietly, "if I find the time." Bolt hoofed the ground again. ...and if things don't get out of hand... she thought as she watched her antsy Pokémon. "Thank you," she said, giving Bolt a small nudge towards the Center.

As Cathy opened the door, a girl strode past the crew swiftly, ignoring the whole world around her. She was still bleeding from a couple of rather nasty wounds on each arm. Garrett knew Nurse Joy would be able to handle it and waved goodbye to Cathy before heading on his way again, and Cathy just followed the girl into the Center, dead set on healing her Pokémon before anything else.

Cathy frowned as she made her way in with Bolt just in time to see Nurse Joy vanish through a door to the supply room. With a small sigh, Cathy patted Bolt. She was a bit disappointed, but she figured she could wait a bit longer if Nurse Joy was busy. In the interim, she made her way over at the girl who was re-doing her bandages, making sure Bolt was behind her so she was between the girl and him. "Would you like some help with that?" Cathy inquired kindly.

The girl jumped as Cathy spoke to her, looking up with a silent gasp as a testament to her surprise. She calmed down when she got a look at the other girl speaking to her. "Oh, er - it's all right, I'll manage by myself." She said. Her left arm was almost wrapped in new bandages, but her right arm was still in the old, blood-stained ones. The wounds looked nasty, but for some reason, the girl didn't appear as though she was in much pain. It wasn't shocking, though; many people nowadays had grown rather resistant to these sort of things.

Bolt snorted, dissatisfied and a bit disturbed by the girl's injuries. His trainer waved him back absently, her eyes already taking in how bad the visible wound really was. Blood, new and old, was covering most of the wound, but how much was still oozing out told a great deal: these cuts were deep, ones that needed medical attention faster than the distracted Nurse Joy would be able offer it.

"Ursaring?" Cathy asked.

With a nod, the girl explained herself. "Three attacked me and my Feraligatr. We had just eaten, so I'm guessing it's the smell of the food that attracted them. Surprise, surprise." The girl rolled her eyes at her own absentmindedness. "My Feraligatr killed one, and I shot another, but the remaining one got past my Pokémon and got me," she said, holding up her bloody arms. "Then Feraligatr finished that one off, and I was headed towards the Center so fast I didn't think about anything else 'til I got here." There was a short pause before the girl spoke to Cathy again. "Sorry about my Pokémon. I was in a bit of a hurry to hand them over to the Nurse. My Noctowl was tired after we flew to Cinnawood City, to see if there was anything there... chaos, to say the least, but we pulled through. Anyway, Feraligatr was worn out from walking with me and the whole Ursaring thing. My Teddiursa and Hoppip were some-what tired too, and I figured it'd be best to rest them sooner rather than later."

"Don't worry about it. I have to tend to Bolt myself, and Whiny and T.Y. will be okay for a bit longer," Cathy replied as she sat down beside the injured lady.

The girl finished wrapping her left arm, and then began to unwrap her right one. "If you, um, don't want to look at this, I understand," she said, flinching slightly as the bandage got stuck to her arm, the dry blood making it a bit hard to remove. "I don't even like looking at this."

Cathy shook her head. "I've seen worse," Her tone was flat and emotionless.

It was a bit disgusting, sure, but both girls knew if she let the bandages sit on her wounds for too long, it would be a breeding ground for bacteria, which would lead to an infection nobody could afford to get these days. As she slowly unwrapped her arm, she winced slightly, which didn't go unnoticed by Cathy. "You might want to try putting some water on it. You know, to loosen the dry blood?" She suggested. "Then don't forget to clean it; you never know what else they had their claws in." Cathy pulled her small pack from her waist and riffled through it to get some sort of antibiotic and a bottle of water only filled half-way. She didn't have that much, but she could certainly spare a little for something like this. The girl was about to protest, but Cathy interrupted her. "I insist that you let me help you."

Cathy set her pack down while holding the cleanser in her hands. "I can treat most anything." She gave a dry smile. "There are some things you need to know while working on a ranch." Cathy carefully knelt down close by and held out her hand for the girl's arm so she could look at it closer.

The girl sighed, but complied regardless with a reluctant nod. "I did wash it out earlier, thanks to Feraligatr. He's always watching out for me."

With a swift tug, the bandage fell off completely, and the blood-stained cloth drifted slowly to the ground, landing in a crumpled pile. The girl held the new bandages in one hand, allowing Cathy to clean the wound. Then, Nurse Joy walked out with Hoppip in her arms, flanked by Teddiursa, Feraligatr, and Noctowl. As if she had completely forgotten what Cathy was doing for her, the injured girl stood up, her bag falling to the ground and Cathy stopping dead in her tracks, forced to let go of the fellow trainer's arm. Cathy sighed a bit, shaking her head at Bolt who nickered in reply, then turned back to face the Nurse and situated herself standing side-by-side with the injured girl.

"Here are your Pokémon," Nurse Joy said with a smile, handing off the injured girl's four Pokéballs. The injured girl put the empty capsules on her waist and took Hoppip in her arms.

"Hoppip! Hoppip!" the pink Pokémon exclaimed happily. With a bright grin, the girl embraced her small companion.

"I'm glad to see you, too, Hoppip," She laughed. Teddiursa scurried over and hugged her leg tightly, almost causing her to fall. Luckily, Feraligatr steadied her and scolded the small cub Pokémon. Noctowl approached his trainer happily as well, and she was glad to see he too looked much more energized. "Thank you very much, Nurse Joy," she said, a heavy weight clearly having been lifted off her shoulders. She obviously had been worried about her team.

While the Nurse and the injured girl exchanged a few words, Cathy had been admiring the sight of the Feraligatr and Hoppip the girl had – it wasn't often anymore that grass and water Pokémon were even alive, let alone healthy, and it was downright amazing to see one of each at the same time. Cathy just couldn't help but envy the girl a little bit, but she also felt bad for the girl's situation. Sure, she had rare Pokémon in a state of health many couldn't compete with in these times, but it must have been a hefty price to pay to keep them as well as they were. It all had to balance out somehow. No wonder she was so quick to get them back here, Cathy thought.

Nurse Joy still smiled as the girl now faced Cathy again. "I think she'll be able to take your Pokémon now."

Cathy nodded in reply, reaching down and removing two Pokéballs from her belt to give to the nurse. Taking the Pokéballs in each hand, Nurse Joy peered down at Bolt. "What about this one?"

"I'll take care of him myself," Cathy said quietly. Nurse Joy just smiled some more and told the girls she'd be right back before going on her way.

Cathy turned back to the injured woman as she sat down with her Hoppip on her lap, her Teddiursa climbing up to lie on her as well. She returned Noctowl to his Pokéball and was about to do the same with Feraligatr, but he laid down by the girl's feet, quickly falling asleep. His trainer chuckled softly at this, and ultimately she decided to let him be.

Cathy turned back to the girl, holding up the clean bandage. "We should finish that up before you do much else." Cathy fell silent again, kneeling down and got back to tending to the girl's wound. Even with the joyful scene before her of the girl with all her cute Pokémon, Cathy was unable to smile, her worries about her family consistently clouding her thoughts.

Unwrapping the new bandage a bit, Cathy made sure she she had thoroughly cleaned the injury before wrapping it up again. All the while she was being most careful not to disturb the small grass Pokemon in the girl's lap, nor the bear, or alligator on the floor. Bolt was rather silent, just watching intently as Cathy worked. He was surprisingly calm at the moment and oddly seemed genuinely interested.

Cathy finished up by tying a knot at the end of the tightly wrap injury. "There," Cathy said as she pushed herself back up. 'That should do it. It wasn't as bad as it looked. You should heal just fine."

The injured girl smiled appreciatively. "Thanks a lot. I usually can take better care of my wounds, but I guess I was a little shaken up from the attack; those damn Ursaring came out of no where." Bandages freshly wrapped, the girl returned the Pokémon in her lap then patted Feraligatr on the head. This startled the light sleeper awake, but after noticing it was merely his trainer he was able to get comfortable again easily.

Meanwhile, Cathy looked back at Bolt, patting his nose, and then began to check him over. She started by inspecting each hoof, then his flank, his mane and tail, and really anything else that came to mind. She sifted through her pack for a fairly large bottle of lotion that her grandfather had given her specifically for Bolt. She still had plenty after all these years, but she didn't use it often and didn't use much when she did. She turned back to Bolt, giving him another general inspection, then rubbed some cream on whatever scratches or cuts he had. When she was satisfied, she closed the bottle, rubbing her fingers off on her sleeve, and put it back where it belonged. Now all she needed to was wait for T.Y. and Whiny.

The injured girl gave Cathy time to tend to her Pokémon, but as Cathy sat down on the bench beside her, finished with her necessities, the girl began to speak. "I think I'm going to go head down to the Dance Hall. If you want, I can wait for your Pokémon to be healed and we can go down there together?" She paused, outstretching a hand as sort of a formal introduction. "I'm Lily, by the way."

Garrett smiled up at Mismagius, who was hovering above his head as he walked from the Center toward the Dance Hall, where his Xatu was still perched up on the roof. In the distance, he could hear the gates of the city being shut, as they always did when darkness fell. He likely wouldn't be on duty tonight considering how much he had already done earlier, and if anything happened he was doubtless that Mismagius would let him know.

As he approached his destination, Garrett called up to the bird. "Hoy, Xatu. Get down here, it's time for you to rest." The bird Pokémon cocked its head; it obviously didn't want to go anywhere. It complied, though, and was withdrawn without protest.

With that, Garrett stepped into the Dance Hall. Just like in the pre-Change world, light music was playing and tea was being served copiously. Zuki, who was closest to the door, nodded to Garrett in greeting, her Umbreon at her heels. Garrett smiled and nodded back, not speaking; he didn't want to divert their attention from any clients. Instead, he made his way to his usual spot in the corner of the room and sat down. Sayo poured him some tea, which he gratefully took. He didn't want to do anything else today. Hopefully, nothing would go wrong tonight, so he could get some proper rest.

Garrett comfortably sipped his tea, watching Mismagius float around in the rafters on the ceiling when he heard the bells tied above the door tinkle softly, signaling someone had entered. His gaze shifted lazily towards the door, but he became more alert as he noticed exactly who had walked in.

The guardsman sat up straighter, attempting to get a better look at the man. He had an average face, nothing really special, but the way he was acting was... slightly off. Garrett couldn't really figure out what bothered him about this guy, specifically, but something definitely bothered him. As Kimono Girl Naoko approached the stranger with her Flareon trailing behind, the man almost seemed to flinch, as if expecting confrontation. He was extremely on edge, Garrett could see that much, and apparently, Naoko could as well. As she directed him to one of the most central and comfortable seats of the dance hall, she didn't seem particularly suspicious, merely interested in doing her job and trying to putting him at ease.

With that, the man's back was now facing Garrett, so he could no longer see the man's face. This made it far more difficult to read his body language, but Garrett had lost interest anyway. This guy had probably been robbed on the way over, or attacked by some feral Pokémon; it wasn't the first time he had seen someone enter the Dance Hall in a negative state of mind.

Still, the girls always made an effort to attend to their customers. It was with this thought in mind that Miki came by and re-filled Garrett's tea cup. Surely someone with sketchy intentions wouldn't choose the Dance Hall as a target, not with the proprietors being well-known and particularly skilled trainers. Garrett sat back, relaxed again, and pushed his suspicions away.

An aging man stood just outside the Dance Hall, analyzing it. He took the building in, considering his options. He couldn't simply charge in after the target, but the target could easily flee upon seeing him. While it was easily within the man's power to apprehend the target, that would simply draw too much attention. The man took it as a good sign since direct confrontation wasn't his specialty.

The man took a Pokéball from his belt, and released the Gengar from within. Immediately upon release, the Gengar gazed at the building, seemingly sensing what his Trainer wanted him to do.

"Go after him, Gengar," the man said, "but try not to draw any attention."

The man hadn't finished speaking when the Gengar sank into the shadows.

"Cathy," the rancher girl replied, shaking Lily's hand then turned back towards her Zebstrika, checking him over a third time.

Feraligatr stared at Cathy cautiously, not sure if he should trust her. Granted, Lily seemed to be friendly towards the stranger, which was a big surprise to him and could only mean good things, so he relaxed slightly. The rancher girl didn't seem to be threatening, after all. Though the aggressive Pokémon next to her still made him slightly edgy. He hadn't seen any Pokémon like it before. It was also very strong, or at least appeared to be, and seemed quite protective of the strange girl, which Feraligatr didn't like. Protectiveness was often associated with sketchiness. Feraligatr stood and edged closer to Lily, his seven-foot-seven frame towering over his trainer's five-foot-eight structure.

Bolt looked the water Pokémon over suspiciously as ever, parting his legs and staring, unblinking, into the Feraligatr's eyes. "Would you stop that already?" Cathy scolded her Pokémon impatiently. "We can't afford another fight." She patted his neck, then turned back to Lily once more.

"The Dance Hall huh?" She took a second to think about this. The guardsman had suggested she drop by too, so since she was here she might as well...but first she needed to see if the information she came for was available.

"Yeah, okay," Cathy said in her monotonous voice. "I have to find something out here first, but it shouldn't take long." She stood and headed for the desk just as Nurse Joy was coming back out. Gratefully, Cathy took the balls back, then immediately let Whiny and T.Y. back out. T.Y. stretched while Whiny excitedly pranced around for a moment, then nosed Cathy in greeting.

Cathy pat her friend's snout absently as she fished two pictures out of her back pocket and showed them to Nurse Joy. "Do you happen to have any information on these two? Perhaps they've stopped by before, or...?" Cathy trailed of as Nurse Joy shook her head, apologizing. Cathy sighed, but wasn't all that surprised. Whiny looked at her trainer with a bit of melancholy, as did T.Y. and Bolt, but the zebra only let it show for a moment before tossing his head and nosing her. Cathy nodded to her Pokémon, fondly looking upon them all, then headed back towards Lily.

"If you're ready, I am too." Lily nodded to Cathy, standing and waiting for the rancher girl to catch up with her. As Cathy now stood by Lily's side, Whiny got excited all over again at the sight of new people, potentially new friends. The Ponyta pranced around Feraligatr and Lily, more curious about the blue alligator than the human. T.Y. gave a sort of respectful partial-bow in greeting to the opposite element, but over all didn't do much. Feraligatr wasn't very comfortable with so many new Pokémon around, so he stood much closer to Lily than usual.

Lily patted Feraligatr in a failed attempt to make him act less shy, then turned back to Cathy. "I'm ready," she said with a soft smile.

The crew nonchalantly exited the Center, their Pokémon walking close behind them. As they strode through the door and outside again, Lily absentmindedly pulled a Pokéball off her belt and tossed it in the air — there was a familiar red flash and then, standing on the ground was Hoppip.

Lily quickly picked up the small Pokémon just as a breeze started up, holding him carefully to avoid letting him flying off in the wind. "So what brings you to Ekruteak City?" She then realized small talk didn't always end well and quickly added, "...if you don't mind me asking, of course." Some people were very difficult — one could never tell if someone was going to flip out on them or not when casual questioning began. So far though, Cathy seemed to be a pretty chill girl.
Pushing her hair back, Cathy reached into her back pocket and showed Lily the same pictures she'd shown Nurse Joy earlier. The photos were a bit old and faded, but in relatively good shape. They were of Cathy's parents, a photo for each one.

Cathy took a moment to reminisce, then held them out for Lily to examine. "I'm looking for these two," she said, purposely remaining vague; she didn't want sympathy right now, she just wanted answers.

Lily glanced at the photos, noticing a bit of resemblance between Cathy and the man and woman in the pictures. She almost asked Cathy if they were somehow related, but caught herself just before the inquiry slipped out. Ever since the Change, sometimes family was a touchy subject; it was for Lily...

Once Lily had gotten a good look, Cathy put the photos back into her pocket. T.Y. caught a glance as Cathy did so and let out a small sigh. With a hazy look in his eyes, he looked to Bolt who only shook his head with an abrupt snort.

The two kept walking with their Pokémon, eventually making it to the Dance Hall. Lily had visited a couple times while traveling throughout the Johto region, but Cathy had never been. The place had a reputation as one of few, if not the only, relaxing post-Change place in the region, one you could go to and genuinely just enjoy some tea without constantly worrying about the rest of the world.

Hoppip recognized the Dance Hall immediately and began cheering happily. "Hoppip! Hoppip! Hoppip!" she repeated over and over again as they stepped into the Dance Hall. Cathy followed silently, slow to enter out of cautious habit. She turned around to make sure her three Pokémon were following close behind, only turning back towards Lily to continue following when all seemed fine.

Lily waved to one of the Kimono Girls, then sat down at a nearby empty table with Feraligatr close behind her. After getting comfortable she casually looked around the Dance Hall, trying to see who all was there. She saw the man she had pushed passed earlier while going into the Pokemon Center, and she was hit with a twinge of guilt, feeling bad about being so rude. She shook the thoughts out of her head and peered around at the others sitting in the Dance Hall and saw a man wearing a black cloak. He looked a bit tense, but that was nothing out of the ordinary nowadays, what with the world now full of robbers, thieves, and feral Pokémon.

Cathy followed suit, sitting down across the table from Lily, letting her Pokémon situate themselves. As Lily stared at someone she recognized, Cathy curiously glanced that way too, noting the man who had shown her to the center was here. After establishing that everything was ok, Cathy looked down at the table before her, not completely sure what was expected of her. "So this is the Dance Hall..." she murmured.

"Mmhmm," Lily hummed happily, getting settled in on the cushion and a bit more comfortable. As she did so, she noticed Feraligatr had already laid down behind her and began sleeping. This wasn't uncommon for him to do this in the Dance Hall, nor was it for other Pokémon either. Lily smiled, glad to see he wasn't on guard, and allowed herself to put her defenses down as well. Finally they could just relax for the first time in a while.

Cathy saw how Lily practically put her guard down, and did her best to mimic her fellow trainer, but just couldn't manage; she'd become too accustomed to her paranoia. She even jumped as the door opened again, the hunter from earlier letting himself in, a light limp in his step but a merry expression nonetheless. If an injured man can casually stroll in without a care in the world, I don't see why I can't just loosen up myself for once... Cathy let her shoulders droop a bit, relaxing her muscles for the first time since she could remember, and slowly but surely got into the swing of things. Her party, however, was already adjusted.

Whiny was wandering around, curious and happy about the building and everyone in it. T.Y. settled down next to his trainer much like Feraligatr, his eyes half-closed as he struggled with the decision to sleep or keep a look out. Bolt didn't feel there even was a decision worth debating, and thus folded his legs, laying down and watching Whiny for the fun of it. Glad that Bolt seemed to be settled, Cathy leaned back and rested her eyes for an elongated moment.

For the most part the small whispers and chatter Cathy listened to were far off and distant, like a white noise machine. It made it ever easier to unwind, even if it was only for a short time. Letting out a small sigh, Cathy opened her eyes again in response to T.Y.'s shifting. As he looked down at her, she stared back up at him as if to silently say, "Nothing's wrong. Just relax." She lifted a hand and pet him slowly, which calmed him down enough and assured him this place was alright. As she pet him, Cathy closed her eyes once more, letting the repetition in her motion relax her just as much as the atmosphere of the room itself. She'd nearly fallen asleep even, and Lily decided to let her be; Cathy probably needed the rest.

Hoppip was sitting on Lily's lap comfortably, only moving when she noticed someone coming their way. The berry Pokémon simply observed as one of the Kimono Girls brought over some tea for the duo, placing the cups in front of them on the table.

"Good evening, Tamao," Lily said cheerfully. "Hello, Umbreon."

Tamao smiled softly at Lily as she poured the tea. "Hello, Lily. I haven't seen you around here in a while. Has everything been okay?"

"Yes, they've been perfect," she said, reaching out for the teacup. Tamao caught sight of Lily's bandaged arms and gazed expectantly over at Lily, who smiled sheepishly and said, "Me and Feraligatr were attacked by some Ursaring today, and I just got some scratches. I'm okay though."

Tamao knew Lily well enough to know that when Lily said she got "some scratches" it usually meant she was pretty badly injured. Still, the Kimono Girl just shook her head and said, "Well, those 'scratches' may not seem bad to you, but the blood seeping through those bandages says otherwise."

Lily put the tea down gently on the small table and glanced at her arms. Sure enough, blood was beginning to redden the bandages Cathy had been so nice as to apply. Lily muttered something under her breath in a frustrated and guilty fashion, then smiled lightly up at the Kimono Girl. "Well, that's nothing to worry about," she assured Tamao. "I'll be perfectly fine."

Tamao nodded and left, Umbreon flanking her. As Lily looked around and noticed that there weren't that many patrons in the Dance Hall today, she decided now was as good a time as any to let the rest of her Pokémon roam while they could. She pried the Pokéballs off her belt and soon after, Noctowl and Teddiursa were free. Noctowl took a moment to take in his surroundings, pleased to see that they were in the Dance Hall. Teddiursa happily climbed onto Lily's lap and huddled close to Hoppip, wanting to share Lily's attention. Feraligatr heard the quiet noise of Teddiursa and Noctowl, raising his large head off the floor to gaze over at them. Lily laughed lightly at Feraligatr, patting him on the head reassuringly. She then went back to silently sipping her tea, her four Pokémon huddled close to her. For the first time in a very long time, Lily was actually reposeful. She forgot about her scars; she forgot about her wounds from the Ursaring; and, for a moment, she even forgot about her brother. But only for a moment.

As Lily drank her tea and the two smaller Pokémon cuddled and slept in her lap, Feraligatr, though at ease, glanced somewhat anxiously around the Dance Hall. Noctowl, on the other hand, was distracted by a Mismagius meandering around the ceiling. Lily glanced over at Cathy, smiling lightly at her. She was very tempted to wake the girl and start a conversation, namely one about the people in the photographs, but Lily didn't want Cathy to feel irritated or upset about anything in a place meant for just the opposite. Instead she continued to focus on her tea, observing the room again. She looked down at her bandages and was a bit annoyed to see that more blood had seeped through. So, quite grudgingly, she slowly unwrapped her arms, this time with much more ease, and began to bandage them again, this time making them tighter in hopes that it would stop the bleeding faster.

As she finished bandaging herself up for the third time that day, Lily couldn't help but feel like something was wrong. She turned, noticing the cause of the ill feeling as it occurred: The tense man in the back had just reached for his tea when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye - a Gengar was suddenly right next to him.

He only had a second to react - the man just managed to leap to his feet and kick his small tea table over before, blocking the Gengar's Hypnosis before it hit. The table went right through the Gengar, but it still distracted it long enough for the man to pull something from his belt and throw four Pokéballs. Out of one appeared a Nidoking, the others producing multiple Electrode.

"Back off," the man growled, "Come any closer and these Electrode go boom. And in such a small building, I don't think I have to tell you how that will turn out. That goes for the rest of you, too!" the man said to the other patrons of the Dance Hall, "Anyone gets near me and we all die!"

Everything happened so fast, everyone barely had time to react. There was a Gengar out of nowhere, then a table being kicked down, and then suddenly, Electrodes - Electrodes everywhere.

Someone screamed, and Garrett jumped up, reaching for his rifle instinctively, but stopped short as the man shouted out his threats. If it wasn't for those exploding Pokemon, he would have gladly shot the man in the head, but the Electrodes would undoubtedly explode then, and he wasn't willing to risk the lives of others. Instead, his hand made its way to his pocket for his other Pokéballs – not planning to let them out yet, but wanting to be prepared regardless - as his eyes searched for Mismagius. Garrett found her easily, still floating in the rafters, watching the scene below.

Cathy had been happily dozing off when bang, crash, clink! Cathy and all her Pokémon jerked up instantly and turned to the source of the commotion. The rancher girl slowly stood, holding her hand out to keep Bolt from moving, but she needn't have worried... he was stalk still, glaring at the man with fire in his eyes, not daring to move after hearing his threats. Her Typhlosion was in a similar position, towering at his full height, alert and tense. Him and Cathy both turned to look at Whiny in worry; the fire pony had planted on her rump in the middle of the room, where she'd been wandering around before this whole situation occurred. She was trembling in fright, terrified of what might happen if she so much as blinked. Facing the man again, Cathy weighed her options, trying to come up with some sort of plan and doing her best to not off-set the delicacy of their situation. After a good pause for thought, she turned to glance at Lily for a moment, seeing if the other trainer perhaps had a plan in motion that Cathy could contribute to somehow.

Releasing Pokémon would have been taken as a threat, but after the flamboyant hunter returned his Kakuna safely almost as a sign of surrender, it was clear that the threatening man cared little to none about returning them, and Lily took advantage of that fact. She quickly returned all her Pokémon to their Pokéballs, except Feraligatr, who refused. He put himself in front of Lily, glaring at the suicidal man in the building. Feraligatr wanted nothing more than to attack him, but he knew that with those Electrode ready to explode, he would just be putting Lily, and everyone else, in more danger than they were already in. His trainer, however, was more concerned for the rest of the patrons. There had to be some way they could talk this man out of blowing them and himself sky high - but how? She laid a hand gently on Feraligatr, who glanced over at his trainer, and she said, "Steady, Feraligatr - don't provoke him." Feraligatr nodded but didn't move away from Lily.

Pokemon were being withdrawn or held back, and everyone in the Hall was staring fearfully at the man. Garrett counted three Electrodes - they were the real problem – though the Nidoking could be taken out normally. What could he do? Garrett looked up at Mismagius, considering his options. She was speedy, which could be were Electrodes... but maybe there was a way to avoid dealing with them completely.

Mismagius surreptitiously floated next to her trainer, and Garrett promptly whispered to her, "Use hypnosis on the man. Make sure it hits, and don't let yourself be seen. This is important!" His Pokémon nodded and floated away, up to a more advantageous angle. He watched anxiously to see if this would work, or if this would be the reason the Dance Hall blew up.

Lily noticed the Mismagius and the exchange of words she couldn't make out between the ghost and the man she'd passed by at the Center earlier. Lowly, Lily turned to whisper to her own Pokémon, "Feraligatr, I want you to cover that Mismagius - if the crazy guy notices it, make sure you distract him. I think it may belong to that man over there," she faced to the hardly familiar trainer, fearing that pointing would just draw attention their way, "and he could quite possibly have a plan. Got it?" Feraligatr was still for a long time, thinking his trainer's words over carefully. He didn't know the Mismagius floating above them, and therefore he didn't really care for it, but if Lily wanted him to protect it, then he would. So, Feraligatr gave a slight nod - it was practically unnoticeable. Lily smirked and said, "Good. Now be careful."

Mismagius drifted into action, blending into the shadows so she wasn't noticeable right above where the man was standing, the only aspect visible being her glowing red eyes. In order for hypnosis to work, the victim needed to lock eyes with the instigator, and it was really pure luck that the man looked up at that moment. Perhaps he noticed the red glow, but it didn't matter because that glance was all it took: the man staggered and fell to his knees.

It worked! Garrett thought in celebration. But then he needed to consider the man's party now. The Pokémon were facing away from him, facing the crowd instead, but they would notice soon. Shit, Garrett mentally cursed, I didn't thought this far ahead. It's not like the Pokémon can't act autonomously! He was starting to worry the Electrode would see what happened and explode anyway, but swallowed his panic before it truly set in. Think, Garrett, think... He went over the moves his party knew in his mind quick as he could. If he could just release Xatu and Miltank, they could all use Protect at the same time, Mismagius included. Could that do it? It was worth a shot, considering the situation wasn't going to improve on its own. Garrett prepared himself, Time to act! His Pokémon emerged with a flash of light. The Nidoking noticed and charged, but Garrett had no time to deal with it; it wasn't the main threat. "Go!" Garret shouted, "Go! Surround and Protect! Go!"

"T.Y. get Whiny!" Cathy snapped as Garrett shouted. Giving a brief nod the larger Pokemon moved quickly, skidding in front of the younger fire Pokémon. "Bolt!" The striped Pokemon leapt foreword next to her. "Protect!" she ordered, turning towards Lily to make sure the other trainer was ok.

Garrett's Pokémon rushed to circle the Electrodes, and prepared to use Protect. Lily saw the Nidoking charge at the other male trainer and looked to Feraligatr, who was standing protectively in front of her. She straightened up, excited to finally have a battle, and yelled, "Feraligatr! Stop that Nidoking! Hydropump!" Feraligatr immediately turned his head and shot out a powerful Hydropump that sent the Nidoking crashing into the wall, dazing it for a few moments. Garrett was shocked, someone was helping him? He recovered quickly and pulled out his rifle.

The Nidoking wasn't knocked out for long, but it was long enough for Lily's other Pokémon to leap into action as well. "Noctowl! Use Hypnosis, quick! Hoppip, no slacking this time; I want you to use sleep powder! Teddiursa, in case this doesn't work, use Protect!" There was a certain bite in her voice that made her Pokémon jump into action without hesitation. Noctowl flew over the Electrode and stared daggers into it's enemies eyes, hypnotizing the electric Pokémon into drowsiness. Hoppip, who had jumped onto Noctowl's back, shook seeds out of its leaves, watching triumphantly as the seeds exploded into puffs of sleep powder on their foes and sealed the deal. The Electrode had no choice but to close their eyes and fall asleep, now posing no threat. Garrett's pokemon and Teddiursa still formed a protective bubble around all the pokemon and stood guard over the trio as a safety net should any of them wake up and decide to Self-Destruct.

Just as Lily and Garrett were starting to feel triumphant, they heard a loud grunt of pain. They turned towards the source, watching as Feraligatr was tackled down by the Nidoking. Lily cried out his name in worry, and her other three Pokémon jumped into action to help their comrade. Teddiursa immediately left his post, his protective and shimmering rainbow-bubble of a shield fizzling behind him, Garrett's Miltank picking up the slack. Teddiursa then attacked the Nidoking with a series of Slash attacks until the poison beast had no choice but to stumble off of Feraligatr. Hoppip used stun spore, paralyzing the enemy Pokémon, providing the perfect opening for Noctowl to swoop in and do its own share of damage. The owl came at the Nidoking with an Aerial Ace attack, knocking the poison beast to the ground. Feraligatr finally was able to stand up, a decent gash on his arm from the Nidoking's horn, but he was un-phased by it. Knowing he wanted to be the one to finish off the Nidoking, Lily ordered, "Feraligatr, you know what to do - Hydropump, one more time!" Feraligatr wasted no time and opened his maw, a heavily pressured gush of water coming forth and sending the Nidoking barreling into the wall, pinned and drowning. Everyone and everything in the Dance Hall save the three sleeping Electrodes simultaneously flinched as Garrett aimed and fired for the Nidoking's skull. Then, silence fell, making the thud of the Nidoking's body to the floor all the louder.

Lily stood there, gazing at the after math of the quick yet insane moment of violence and then looked to Cathy and Garrett. "Are you two okay?" she asked them.

Cathy nodded as Bolt hoofed the ground, annoyed that he had proven useless to the turn of events. In the background, T.Y. Comforted Whiny who was still rather rattled by the whole thing, though unharmed.

Garrett looked around in amazement. They had averted that crisis so easily? The Gengar that had started this all was gone, probably slipped away in the commotion. He decided not to draw attention to it, and turned back to the girls in front of him. "Yup, fine. Thanks to your Pokemon's help, that is. Thank you." He smirked, trying to be charming, before turning back to where the man and his Pokémon were previously standing. He withdrew Miltank, then issued commands to his other Pokemon. "Mismagius, Xatu, use Dream Eater and Nightmare on all of them. Make sure they stay down." Though they would probably have to be dealt with the same way as the Nidoking, he would prefer to do so outside of the Hall, and now that they were asleep it was feasible. "Sayo," he addressed the nearest Kimono Girl, who still looked in a state of shock, "do you have any rope? Someone should tie this guy up."

"Someone?" she replied. While visibly shaken, her voice was still calm, "Will you not be the one to do this, Garrett?"

He smiled, not because there was anything really worth smiling at, but because he was trying to keep the situation composed. "Nope, sorry. That Gengar… Well, I don't think it belonged to anyone here right now, but it was what set this guy off," he gestured to the now-unconscious man on the floor. "I'd like to find out who it belonged to." He stepped closer to her, and spoke more quietly, "Can you make sure everyone is alright in here? I mean, this guy didn't blow the place up, sure, but… Well, you know…" He glanced up at his Pokemon, checking on their process of slowly draining the unconscious of their energy. Once they were finished, he would need to decide how to proceed.

"I'll do it," Cathy came forward and intervened in their conversation. "I'll tie 'em up with nothing better then a regular old ranch knot and he won't be getting out any time soon after." She shrugged. "I just need some rope."

The flamboyant hunter raised his hand to gather the attention of the crew as he said, "I have some rope in my pack." He took a moment to grab his bag and search it.

Garrett nodded. "Thanks guys, it's appreciated." Then he turned back to Sayo, saying "Would it be okay if we stuck him in one of the storage rooms for now? We can withdraw his Pokemon, take care of them later." He glanced over at the man and his Pokemon. They looked thoroughly knocked out now.

"I suppose it's our only option." The Kimono Girl confirmed with a sigh, and the group all turned as the hunter began to limp back their way, coil of rope in hand. He handed it off to Cathy, whom thanked the hunter, then made her way towards the unconscious man, Bolt tailing her closely. She wasted no time tying him up, and proceeded to wrap the rope around his wrists first.

Lily returned Teddiursa, Hoppip, and Noctowl. As she walked over to Feraligatr, her hands already digging through her bag, she looked over her shoulder at the guardsman and said, "If you need any help tracking down that Gengar's trainer, let me know. I have a feeling Feraligatr is up for another battle," she chuckled lightly as she pulled out a potion and a roll of bandages. Lily turned her attention back to her Pokémon. "Careful, Feraligatr - this'll sting a bit," she warned. Feraligatr nodded and braced himself as Lily sprayed the potion on his wound. He grimaced as the solution sunk in, but he immediately felt the pain lessen and seemed pleased. Lily wrapped the bandage around his arm and said, "There - good as new, right?" Feraligatr gave a firm nod and then looked at the stranger he;d been protecting earlier - there was something in Feraligatr's eyes that clearly showed he wanted to help track down the Gengar's trainer. Lily turned towards Cathy, taking note of her progress, and then looked back to Garrett and said, "My name is Lily, by the way. Nice thinking with your Mismagius earlier - we probably would've been blown away by now if it weren't for you and your Pokémon."

Garrett shook hands with the injured girl cordially. "Lily, good meeting you. I'm Garrett. And yeah, well, it was the only thing I could think of at the time, I'm just thankful it actually worked." The two cut their small talk short and headed for the door as they simultaneously called out to their Pokémon to follow. By the time they actually exited the building, however, there was no trace of the Gengar, or the trainer. Though they weren't particularly optimistic at this realization, the two still searched the immediate vicinity for any clues before calling it quits. At this point, there was nothing to be done but take care of the situation within the Dance Hall.

Little did they all know the man who had released the Gengar was still standing just outside their field of view, waiting.

His frowning Gengar suddenly appeared before him, disappointed in itself.

"Is anyone hurt?" the man asked. Gengar shook its head.

The man let out a sigh, a mixture of relief and frustration. Even if the target was still alive, it would be difficult to get to him. The man highly doubted that the civilians would just let him waltz in and take the man who just started a commotion on good graces. The only thing left was to wait until the target was unguarded, and take him then. Waiting. That seemed to be the only thing he could do these days, and this bugged him.

The man looked over at his still frowning Gengar. "Don't worry about it, Gengar," the man said with a smile, "We'll still make this work." Gengar's frown didn't completely disappear, but it did seem pleased by this sentiment as it was recalled.

The man took one final glance at the Dance Hall, then sprinted away into the night, disappearing just as quietly as he had appeared.

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