Chapter 7

"Greetings! Looks like most of you have made it here in one piece." Robert exclaims.

"Hey! I remember you - you were the one who suggested we head over here after we escaped the muggers in the alley." Troy says, realizing their first meeting was intentional.

"You guys were mugged in the alley?" Annie asks, concerned.

"Yes we were, but then Shirley did some neat blasts from her hands that got us out of there." Abed informs them.

"I still don't know what that was." Shirley states with a confused look on her.

Annie brushes it off for now and focuses back on the man in the metallic looking suit in front of them. "Anyways, what do you mean by us 'making it here'?"

"Let me introduce myself. I go by the alias Incendiary, which is also the reason why I wear this suit. However you guys can just call me Robert. You guys have been wondering about this all day, I expect. Wanting to know how you all got here and what you're doing here…" Robert says to them.

"I'm sure you're going to tell us the answer." Jeff replies.

"That's right," Robert confirms. "I brought you all here."

"Brought us here? For what reason?" Britta demands.

"You Greendale fellas already know 007 and Judge Dredd here are characters from movies, don't you? Well in my world, that's true too - except you guys are also fictional characters as well," Robert explains. "From a TV series called Community to be exact."

"Ooh that's quite the M. Night Shyamalan twist," Abed comments.

"All of this sounds crazy." Dredd states.

"If in doubt, let your partner Anderson probe my mind and let's see what she says. Go right ahead Cassandra." Robert says, pointing to his head.

Cassandra steps forward and places her hand on Robert's head. "Tell them what you see." Robert instructs.

Many images flash through Cassandra's mind. "He's telling the truth. Right before arriving here, he saw our guests here heading towards an area with a tall hedge and staring at a portal. He has many more memories of them - like when they were inside a building fighting for their lives against... zombies?"

"Zombies?" Troy says curiously.

"It was during a Halloween party. She," Cassandra points towards Britta, "wore a green dinosaur suit. Then both her and a man in a banana costume thought they were special after getting bitten by the zombies, but they both became zombies after you guys barricaded yourselves in with them." Cassandra explains. She then points to Jeff. "He then told the man in the banana costume how he hates him less as a zombie than he does as his normal self. Annie was Red Riding Hood and Troy over here said what big fists Annie has in her face, right before punching her."

"Troy?!" Annie says to Troy in a disappointed tone.

"Oh so that's what really happened to us… that we can't remember." Britta comments.

"There's many more. He has memories of you and me, Dredd, in Peachtree last night, right down to the most meticulous detail. Even some of the stuff we said word for word."

"What's it gonna be, kids? Body bags or juve cubes? Makes no difference to me," Roberts says to Dredd in a gruff voice then flashes him a smile.

Cassandra sees the memories from Coruscant and Darth Malgus's attack on the Jedi temple. "I see massive cities with a dark cloaked figure fighting with a red laser sword, aided by two women; a humanoid blue alien and a red haired woman." Cassandra tells them, as she sees images of Eleena Daru and Shae Vizla. "I'm getting something else… memories of his life when he first saw our movies."

"Okay, that's enough." Robert tells her.

The images go completely black. She's been blocked off. Robert walks away from Cassandra. "Convincing enough for you, Dredd?" Robert asks. "Anyways you guys are here because – well, you see these view screens and this camera?" The camera Crash gave Robert and a view screen open next to Robert, both floating in the air.

"Whoa, that's neat!" Troy says, surprised.

"All you guys are going to be in my special little movie and I'm going to be watching and recording it as you guys do a simple task."

"What's that?" James asks.

"Stay alive." Robert answers.

"An action movie?" Dredd asks in a calm manner.

"You guessed right." Robert confirms.

"But we can't fight." Troy tells him.

"Oh, I think you guys, and I'm talking about you Greendale folks, might be surprised at what you're capable of." Robert responds.

"What does that mean? Does that have anything to do with what I did in the alley?" Shirley asks.

"I'm sure you guys will figure it out in good time." he answers.

"Care to give us any details who or what we're supposed to be fighting?" says Jeff.

"Let's just say that, like any other action movie, it's only exciting if the odds are stacked up against the main heroes, and you guys get to be the heroes." Robert starts to explain. "Though I won't say who they are, I want it to be a surprise. I will tell you that not everyone whom you guys meet that I brought here from now on is going to be an enemy. Some are what I like to call wild cards. They're neutral and not assigned to either a hero or bad guy role, but that doesn't mean they can't join a side."

"So that's it? You just brought us here for your sick, twisted entertainment? We don't even get anything for our troubles?" Britta asserts in a rather panicked tone.

"You do have a point. I guess it's only fair that if you guys can survive through my movie you get a prize for your troubles," Robert acknowledges. "How's, oh, say a hundred thousand dollars? For each of you? I think that's fair."

"We don't all have the same currency," James tells him.

"You can get the prize money in any form you want." Robert then pulls out United Kingdom money from his pockets. "You can have it in pounds," He flicks his wrist like he's doing a magic trick and turns the money into other things as he announces them. "Gold, precious gems like diamonds or rubies, or would you prefer some fancy spy car, 007?"

"M16 already gets me those." James retorts.

Robert looks at Dredd. "Dredd, I have something you want."

"I don't want your money." Dredd tells him.

"I wasn't planning on offering you money," Robert replies. "What was it you told Anderson when you two were heading out to Peachtree? That you judges can only respond to six percent of crime in this city? Well what if I told you for your prize, Dredd, that if you can survive through my movie, six percent of the criminals out there will wake up and all of a sudden feel like cleaning up their act and become good citizens for the city? You and your fellow judges no longer will ever have to worry about them."

"I say I would like to see you do that." Dredd answers curiously.

"Noticed the empty city?" Robert does a small spin with his arms apart, displaying the missing people. "Why do you think my assigned bad guys are trying to kill you fellas?" he prompts. "They're not doing it out of their own free will. You could say I reprogrammed them, so that now they all have a nagging feeling in them that they need to kill all you guys. It's their ultimate goal in life."

"But we're not killers!" Pelton adds in a distraught and panicked manner.

"Then you die, it's as simple as that." he responds. Annie and the rest of the Greendale characters are now really questioning themselves. "Getting back to you, Dredd..."

Robert teleports all of them out of there and, in a flash of blinding light, they find themselves in the middle of a neighbourhood street. The city is populated again and to the sides of them are rival gangs duelling it out. The newly assigned heroes are startled by the sudden location change.

"Everyone get down!" Dredd calls out as everyone scatters for cover.

Robert, on the other hand, stays where he is and is perfectly calm. The others look at him curiously. He strolls towards the heart of the action as people are continuously opening fire on one another. "Everybody here, let's stop this fighting," Robert announces.

Everyone fighting on the streets do as they're told and lower their weapons. It suddenly becomes quiet. "Now, I have guests here, two of which whom are officers of the law. So how about we put away our weapons and make them feel welcome, shall we?"

The people on the streets happily oblige and start tossing their weapons down on the ground. Robert turns to look over to Dredd, "Still in doubt now, Dredd?"

"Okay that is pretty convincing," Dean Pelton acknowledges in his normal tone of voice.

"Come on guys! No need for hiding anymore. Let them see your faces." Robert signals them over.

The assigned heroes start to stand up and step out from where they were taking cover from. They walk up to where Robert is, and are speechless. Robert looks over at Cassandra. "Oh, I haven't told you about what you're getting, Anderson." Robert bends down to pick up a rock off the ground. It begins to turn lime green upon his touch.

"Go on Anderson, take it," Robert says, offering up the rock to her. Cassandra takes the newly green rock in her hand, not sure what to expect. Suddenly the rock begins sprouting grass and vines. The plants on the rock rapidly grow like a flower blooming in the span of a few seconds.

"That's amazing, it just sprouted life." Anderson comments, calmed yet surprised.

"Not as amazing as what's in store for you. I'm sure in this post nuclear world, life like that must be hard to come by," Robert tells her. "So I figure for your prize Anderson, you'll be getting a large patch of land exactly the same colour as that rock. It will be fifteen miles wide just out of the city's gates. It can only be activated by you in the same way the rock was. Once touched, a magnificent forest filled with all sorts of plants, fruits, vegetables and even animal life will flourish there. It doesn't matter how contaminated the area is or how many bombs will fall on the area. Life will continue to grow, and it will always be a safe haven from the brutality plaguing the rest of the world. At least in that fifteen mile area, life will always live on. You became a judge 'cause you wanted to make a difference and better the world? Well now you and Dredd can."

Something comes to Abed's mind as he looks on at the mysterious man in front of him. "There's something I have to ask you," he says.

"What's that?"

"Before you transported us here, Troy and I were in an animated world. It looked like a merge of Marvel and DC comics, but all the superpower-endowed characters were dead. There was a large memorial for the Earthbound characters and a wall in space with the head of cosmic beings. Any idea what that was?"

"Oh that, I heard my colleagues talk about it, but I never read the stories myself." Robert answers.

"So what is it?"

"That's currently the Marvel and DC universes and a few others," Robert answers. "Well, the comic counterparts anyways."

"Wait - that's really them?" Troy asks. "What happened?"

"From what I heard, a short while back, several people, mostly entertainers, entered those worlds," Robert begins. "They had too much fun abusing their powers. I believe I was told the characters ultimately died because some of them were creators and brought their characters into those universes, gave their characters a lot of power and let them run amok. An interesting part was that other people actually brought in video game characters and one guy created a Chuck Norris off his internet parodies to help combat the original creators laying waste to those universes. However it backfired and the additional characters ended up killing the rest of the population there. It sounded pretty funny actually. Well, not if you're among the characters from those universes, obviously, but otherwise... whole thing shows what happens when people from my world really let power get to their heads. They all made it out fine, but many fictional characters got killed in the process."

Abed begins to go into shock. "Don't worry guys, it's comics." Jeff tells them. "I'm sure they'll all be back alive in no time. Those companies aren't going to let their characters stay dead from someone else's doing."

"You'd be surprised, actually," Robert comments.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Abed questions.

"My colleagues also told me the companies Marvel and DC actually had a huge jump in sales during that story due to it being a big unintentional crossover. They also thought that, rather than just bringing back their characters, it would be more commercially viable to expand on it, especially since they're working with other companies on those stories. Like for example, they have stories chronicling characters' final days before the inevitable event - I think the new series is called Memories. Apparently they also follow the lives of the few that survived and how things have been. Plus ever since Disney bought Marvel, they've been more preoccupied with movies and TV series. So they're going to be dead for a while."

"So they're... really dead." Abed goes silent.

"Come on guys, they're just drawings on a piece of paper, we've got bigger things to worry about, like staying alive for this movie he placed us in." Jeff reminds them.

"Wait, hold on," Cassandra speaks up. "From what we've seen and been told, you and the people from your world can literally change things in our worlds according to your desires. However, instead of using your powers to fix things for the better, you're instead continuing on the carnage by putting us and other people you've abducted to kill each other for your entertainment."

"Yeah, what kind of person will know what you do and still have us fight for our lives?" Britta blurts out protesting.

"I should tell you more about me and my colleagues, Britta," Robert begins. "In my world, my colleagues and I are well known terrorists, so moral lessons aren't exactly our strong point."

"Oh..." Britta responds a bit frozen in surprise.

"I think I've explained enough. Time for things to play out now." Robert says, brightly, and then disappears in a bright flash.

"Alright. So we're going to be attacked by people this psycho has assigned to be our enemies." Dredd assesses the situation expertly. "The first thing we need is some sort of an idea who they are. Anderson, when you read his mind, you told us you saw many images. Any ideas if he brought any of those people here?"

"Before he blocked me off, besides what I described to you guys, most of the other images were brief." she tells him.

"Well let's start with the ones you told us about." Dredd begins. "You already told us about these people's adventures with zombies." He paused, thinking. "What about the memories of that large city?"

"Before you begin," Annie interrupts. "You said it had a cloaked figure with a red laser sword and a blue humanoid alien - by any chance did the laser sword make a whooshing sound when it came out, was able to deflect lasers off of it and were there other people with laser swords too, possibly in the colour of either green or blue?"

"That's right," Cassandra verifies. "Know who they might be?"

"Star Wars." Annie tells her.

"If it's Star Wars, who did this guy bring in?" Jeff asks.

"The only one I saw disappearing in that flash of light like us was the red haired woman helping the cloak and the blue alien woman." Cassandra informs them.

"I don't remember any scenes like that from Star Wars." Shirley says, confused.

"It's Star Wars alright, but not from the movies." Abed tells her. "It's likely from one of the video games. Can you give us more descriptions of the red haired woman who might have been brought into this world too?"

"She wore metallic battle gear, and had a helmet that covered her whole head. Her gear included a jet pack and she had weapons on her like a laser gun, missiles and flamethrowers."

"Did this take place in a large temple looking building and a ship crashed into it before they had a large laser sword battle?" Abed queries with a good idea what Star Wars game this is as he's seen the commercial.

"That's what I saw." Cassandra replies, plainly.

"Star Wars: The Old Republic," Abed concludes.

"What's that?" Shirley asks.

"An online video game. The red haired woman Anderson is talking about is likely bounty hunter Shae Vizla."

"Never heard of her." Annie says.

"That's because she's a new character created for the game. She's kind of like the mascot for the bounty hunter class."

"Besides this Star Wars gal, have you got any good descriptions for any of those other people?" James questions.

"There was a bald man in a metallic suit who could shoot energy beams out of his hands. I also briefly saw three people in masks and capes fighting men with guns with just hand to hand combat." Cassandra starts answers. "They moved a lot with grappling hooks. Their costumes were dark - looked very solid and the musculature was extremely defined."

"Did one of them have a yellow utility belt and a round symbol in the middle of their chest with a bat sign?" Abed asks with a clear idea who this was.

"I think so."

"Batman." Abed comments says, definitively. "At least one version of him still lives and he's in this city somewhere as well."

"Only other image I got was Robert with all these people he had, in the sky above the city. I think he mentioned something about them having superpowers," Cassandra finishes.

"Did these people by any chance have black leather biker suits with Xs across the chests?" Troy asks.

"No, they were all in regular clothes." Cassandra tells him, shaking her head confidently.

"Okay, it's not the X-men." Troy announces out loud.

"There's also one more thing I remember, though it seems a bit weird," Cassandra says. "When I saw Robert watching our movie and James's movie for the first time, he was excited and it was a similar feeling I briefly felt in him before he stopped me."

"Well don't see what's so strange about this guy being excited to see action and destruction with people he sees as fictional live in front of him." James comments.

"The weird part is that it's not that kind of feeling. This one felt more like he was rooting for us," Cassandra replies thoughtfully.

The others ponder that for a moment. "Alright! Something I need to know is this: what the hell's the plan when these people, whoever they may be, come for us?" Britta says, speaking boldly up.

"He didn't say they were all enemies, though, mentioned some allies and neutral folks." Dredd reminds them. "And at the moment all I can think of plan-wise is to stay by us. Hopefully it's nothing we can't handle."

"If Batman, Robin and Batgirl are here, they'll make great allies too." Abed interjects. Finally all his comic book knowledge is coming into its own.

"Well, those names are something we can go off of for now." Dredd responds. "The best thing to do at the moment is to head back to the Hall of Justice to get the description down for those people, Anderson. Then it's best to stay in the Hall of Justice until we can find some of them, and we'll decide what happens from there."

Anderson looks around the area. "How do we get back? Our vehicles aren't here."

Dredd speaks into his wrist communicators. "Control, this is Judge Dredd. Requesting pick up over on Providence at the corner of 112th Street."

"We'll help you guys out." one of the gang members says unexpectedly.

Dredd pauses for a moment just to take in what he's seeing in front of him. "Control, cancel the pickup."

Vehicles drive up to the front of the Hall of Justice with the group stepping out of them. "Thanks for that." Annie says jovially as she waves back to them.

Dredd steps off a van and looks back at the gang members inside it. "Now, what are you going to do once you get home?"

"Try and make our neighbourhood more peaceful." the driver tells him, as if it's going to be his solemn duty from now on.

"That's right." Dredd confirms.

Anderson is sitting down with an artist compositing the images of the individuals she saw. Abed and Troy are there with her to help as the images become more recognisable.

A digital screen is in front of Anderson as an artist is trying to make a 3D rendering. The image in front of them is that of Batman. Abed is more than doing his share of helping out with the picture.

"Now did he have his underwear over his pants?" Abed asks.

"No, something like that would have been hard not to remember." Cassandra answers.

"So it's not comic Batman. Chris Nolan's Batman never had the yellow bat symbol on his chest, which means this is movie Batman from the 90s. And the pieces of the jigsaw begin to fit together." Abed analyses.

Not far away Britta is sitting on a couch next to Shirley and Annie. "Talk about wild days. First the Dean tells us about this neat portal, then all of a sudden we're being told by some godlike person we're television characters in his world and he selected us to fight for our lives against an enemy, and we don't even know what they look like. Just saying it out loud sounds crazy." Britta says in a rather panicked manner.

"Yeah! I did it!" Pierce says out loud in a proud voice.

Jeff goes over to see what the commotion is about. "Did what?"

"I lit this match on fire with my mind." Pierce has a smile on his face as he shows them the flaming match in his fingers.

"You sure you lit it with your mind Pierce and that you didn't just accidentally scratch the top?" Jeff remarks.

"Of course I am. I wouldn't be making this up, Jeff. " Pierce replies defensively.

Jeff just shrugs. Between Pierce's old age and Jeff easily tricking Pierce into thinking he might've been a wizard for his Buddhist church a few years ago, Jeff doesn't even know what the proper response is to this. The other Greendale people get up and gather around to see if this can be real.

Jeff rips off another matchstick from the pack on the desk. "Alright Pierce, why don't you show us it by doing it again." Jeff says, humouring Pierce.

"I don't know, Jeff, I did some weird magic thing earlier." Shirley reminds him, still confused about the incident. "And both Abed and Troy can confirm it too."

"Don't forget that dude in the metal suit even told us there might be something more to us than we know," Pierce adds. "It's the reason I even attempted to try and light this match with my mind. Maybe he did something to all of us and gave us powers."

"Okay I guess it's possible," Jeff admits. "Alright let's see your little fire trick, Pierce."

Pierce takes the matchstick and starts concentrating. He makes a cringe face with sounds along with it. After a while, there's still nothing. "I was able to do it last time," Pierce says disappointedly.

Jeff just shrugs it off, unimpressed.

Over in another room not too far away, Judge Dredd is talking to the Chief Judge. James Bond happens to be in the same room.

"That's one hell of a story." the Chief Judge remarks. "I wouldn't even believe it if it wasn't for the fact it's coming from two of my judges with half a dozen people who say the same thing. Or if we hadn't just received confirmation that a neighbourhood area known to have gang wars out on the streets has all of a sudden reformed."

"I'm sure we're all feeling the same thing," Dredd replies.

"If you don't mind me asking, is there any way for me to be lent a car from you people?" James asks. "It's going to be inconvenient for me to get around this large city without some sort of transportation. I can't exactly pay with the money I have on me, but if I can get back to my world, I'll see to it MI6 repays you with something that's a rare commodity in this world."

"Well if you're telling the truth about being some special spy who stops violent organizations around the world Mr. Bond, I guess I could see this as a favour from one peace keeper to another." the Chief Judge answers.

"Thank you."

"However," the Chief Judge continues. "If you are as good as you say, I would appreciate it if you help out any of our judges whenever you see them, especially since, by the sounds of it, the same people coming after you are also coming after Dredd and Anderson. They're going to need every help they can get."

One of the officers escorts Shirley into a room with a couch in it. "Here you go ma'am."

"Thank you officer," Shirley replies back. "I think maybe a little rest is what I need to clear my head and sort through all of this."

"Let me know if you need anything," the officer leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

Pelton sees James and Dredd steeping out and walking back to where he and the rest of the Greendale people are. He approaches them. "So what's the plan, boys?"

"Just stay here, Anderson and Bond will watch you guys if trouble arrives." Dredd replies.

"And what are you planning to do?" Craig asks.

"Well, I'm a judge, and there're a lot of crime reports out there."

"You're not worried?" Britta says as she approaches them.

"If anything comes up, control will let me know." Dredd says before continuing on his way.

"Now I've got to say, that's real devotion for you." Craig comments.

"And I was just given keys to a car, so I'm going to check that out." James says, just to let them know.

"You don't mind if I come and check out this car with you as well?" Britta asks, trying to be sly about getting to spend some time with James Bond.

James looks at her and can already see in her face she has other intentions, though he assumes it's harmless. "Sure."

James then begins heading to the elevator with Britta following behind.

Elsewhere, Troy spots Anderson and Abed finally stepping out of the artist room. He gets off up from his seat. "Take it you guys got all the people she saw down?"

"Indeed." Abed confirms.

"So who were the people with superpowers above the city that she saw?" Troy asks.

"The cast of Heroes," Abed tells him. "And the bald man in the metallic suit is Lex Luthor. Looks to be Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor to be precise."

"They made a sequel to Superman Returns? Why don't we have the movie?"

"Maybe it's new and it hasn't been established in our universe yet." Abed suggests.

"Excuse me, where's the rest of the group? Some people aren't here." Cassandra says curiously to Troy.

Troy looks back to see who's not there. "Well, your partner went back on duty. I believe Britta went with James Bond to check out his new car, and Shirley is sleeping in a nearby room."

"Alright I'll just check to see how your friend is doing." Cassandra tells them.

Cassandra uses her telepathic powers to find which officer it was that escorted Shirley. She finds the officer and approaches him. "Hey Wilson, which room did you put Shirley Bennett in? I'm just going to check on her."

"Sure thing, I'll show you to her." Wilson responds.

Wilson begins leading Cassandra across the hall to the room he last left Shirley. He opens the door, however the two of them don't see anyone on the couch. "Huh, I could've sworn she was sleeping here." The two of them begin walking into the room to inspect it.

"Well someone was sleeping here." Cassandra observes as she see both a pillow and blanket on the couch.

"Maybe she just went for a walk or to the washroom." Wilson suggests.

"I'm going to see if I can find her, then." Cassandra tells him.

Shirley continues to sleep. She begins waking up when she feels hard concrete underneath her. She opens her eyes to see what's going on and to her surprise finds herself in a large room to a building that didn't look to be the Hall of Justice. "This can't be good…" Shirley says to herself.