Standing in the sun, the world seemed okay. Really it was, as okay as the world could be at any given time. Tye supposed that was good enough, as it always has been before. And who was he to question that?

So he had lost faith in the people who decided what was okay and what wasn't. He might have lost the will to care about any of it, if not for Asami.

Maybe it was bad to leave all his hope in the care of one person, all his plans and futures. But even though he was young, he was no longer naive, he knew the world in a way few do. He had seen what teamwork could truly accomplish, just how much lies could destroy, how life could go in just a matter of seconds...

He had learned a lot, and maybe that meant that he had grown up "too fast". But it had also meant that he had found her at all, the one who made him believe in the cheap cliche of the "better half'. Because, man, if she was anything in relation to him, that is what she was.

And so as she made her was to him in that same sunlight, she looked more than okay. His lips betrayed him as they slipped into the smile he was slowly growing accustomed too. Reaching out his hand as soon as she was close, her's met and twined in that easy, perfect way.

They walked home from school, seemingly too perfectly normal teenager in love and out of school for the day.