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"Do you think Bing still cares about Jane?", Lizzie asked Darcy with genuine curiosity. Darcy took off the newsie hat, insinuating that costume theater was over, and told Lizzie, "I think… you should ask him…" while looking deep into her eyes. Lizzie was mesmerized by his penetrating stare until she looked away.

He left shortly afterwards and Lizzie was left to ponder what the hell that last bit was all about. She felt something stir within her that had nothing to do with Bing or Jane. She quickly turned off the camera and decided to put the conversation out of her mind for the time being. It was already weird enough when they were together, she didn't want to think about these strange, mixed feelings while he wasn't around.

On her commute to her temporary abode (the house that she was sitting for Dr. Gardiner's relative), she thought long and hard about telling Jane that she saw Bing. She really wanted to, but she was afraid that it might hurt her more than help her. "No," Lizzie thought, "I'm not going to tell her. Bing needs to man up and find out if Jane still has feelings for him. Oh, who am I kidding, of course she does! And they would be so perfect for each other… Maybe not. New Jane might not put up with Bing's inability to make up his own mind… Ugh. Nope. I'm not going to meddle!"

The next day Lizzie was in her office during lunch, when she heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" , she said as she looked up to find Darcy walking in and shutting the door behind him.

"Good afternoon, Lizzie. How are you doing?", Darcy asked, while gazing at her eyes with that enchanting look of his. Lizzie was at a loss for words. She really wasn't expecting to see him again so soon. Usually it's every couple of days that she runs into him somehow (Gigi and Fitz have let them off the hook a little with their scheming).

She finally responded, "Oh, hey. I'm… uh great. Just eating lunch here. Gotta finish typing up some notes for my report. Did you need something?". He gestured towards the bench in front of her desk, asking for permission to sit. She nodded while cleaning up some her food and waited for him to begin speaking.

"I told Bing that I may not have been fully informed in my suggestion concerning Jane's affections towards him. I told him that he should try to contact her while he is in L.A. I also acquired her email and sent a very lengthy explanation of my intentions. Bing really hasn't been the same since we left Netherfield and well, I figured I would own up to my mistakes.", said Darcy really fast, all in one breath.

Lizzie stared at him and thought to herself, "Well guess that cat's outta the bag. I don't have to meddle after all." Before she can reply to Darcy's confession, Lizzie's phone starts vibrating and her screen lights up to show Jane's picture. "Looks like your work has not gone unnoticed.", she said to Darcy with a slight smirk.

Darcy replied, "I'll leave you to your phone call. Have a nice day, Lizzie.", and exited the room.

"Was she smiling at me just now? Did she agree that I did the right thing? Hopefully whatever Jane has to say isn't too bad. I kind of got the feeling that Lizzie was starting to despise me less, or at least tolerate my company more or less.", Darcy thought to himself on the way back to his office.

Meanwhile, Jane gushed to Lizzie about Bing's phone call in the middle of the night last night (Of course Jane was too polite to wake Lizzie up. She decided to wait for a time when she knew Lizzie was available). Jane told Lizzie about how Bing cried and how he told her how much he missed her. And how guilty he felt. He asked if he could see her in person and apologize to her. Jane agreed only because she wanted to yell at him (in a Jane Bennet way of course).

He showed up at her apartment and was practically begging at her feet. He looked like a lost puppy that had finally been found when she let him in. They talked for hours like they used to and he looked so genuinely sorry that Jane decided to start over with him. She was in a new city, she had a new job and she had grown since they last saw each other, so they needed to start from scratch.

Jane told Lizzie they spent the night catching up and remembering what they missed about each other. Jane was a very happy camper, to say the least. "But Bing and I have decided to take this very slow. I'm busy with my job and he's going back to med school shortly, so we aren't going to be seeing a lot of each other. What do you think, Lizzie? Is this a good idea?", Jane asked with uncertainty in her voice.

Lizzie answered with a sigh, "Do what makes you happy Jane. I believe Bing's a good guy and you deserve to be happy. If he does that for you then by all means go for it." She could practically hear Jane's smile over the phone.

"Thanks Lizzie... Oh, I almost forgot. I received a very long email from Darcy. He seems really sorry, too. If you see him around, Lizzie, don't be too hard on him. Things happen for a reason.", said Jane with forgiveness practically dripping through the phone.

"Yeah, yeah.", said Lizzie. She was glad at least one of the Bennet women were happy now.

She hadn't spoken to Lydia since their fight and forgot to ask Jane about her. Lydia told her not to watch her videos and Lizzie was expertly avoiding Lydia on all social media. She couldn't bear to watch Lydia be so reckless. She really did have the best intentions. This, paired with conflicting feelings about Darcy and graduating from college with no idea what she was going to do afterward, really didn't place her in a happy spot either.

Lizzie decided to give Darcy a pat on the back. She was happy that Jane was happy again. Not that Bing was the sole source of Jane's joy, but he had become a significant portion of it. Darcy mended his mistakes. Proving to Lizzie once again that she may have been wrong about him. May. "It just doesn't add up. He's nice, generous, considerate, everybody here at Pemberley Digital loves him… I don't understand how this can be the same man that insulted me…" , Lizzie thought to herself while she walked to Darcy's office.

She knocked softly; suddenly intimidated by the big door separating them and by the fact that she was here to pay him a compliment, of all things.

"You may enter.", said Darcy absent-mindedly, while typing away at his computer and taking a sip of the gourmet coffee from his favorite Pemberley Digital mug. He did a double take as Lizzie entered his office. He was definitely not expecting her. He thought she'd be angry with him for not letting her be the one to speak to Bing. He looked at her and absorbed her image for as long as he could before she addressed him.

She looked amazing as always. She was wearing fitted black slacks with a dark blue button-up shirt. "She looks shorter than she did yesterday…", Darcy noticed as he looked down to her feet . "Ahh no heels today." She had her hair down today as well. "How I long to feel those strands between my fingers… Her hair must be as soft as it looks…", Darcy's thoughts trailed off.

"Hey Darcy, I uh... wanted to say thanks for telling Bing about Jane…" Lizzie said, followed by about 30 seconds of awkward silence. Darcy gazed at her incredulously. He honestly thought she would curse him out or declare her leave of Pemberley or something.

"It was nothing to warrant thanks. It was my duty. I was part of the problem…" Darcy finally responded. Lizzie stepped forward unconsciously as if being pulled in, towards Darcy's eyes.

Darcy's door just burst open, without so much as a courtesy knock, and in entered Gigi. She was all smiles as soon as she saw Lizzie standing there.

"Lizzie! How great that you're here! Will and I had a late lunch date and you should so join us! It'll be fun. We haven't hung out in a while! Come onnn!" , Gigi rambled and grabbed Lizzie's arm. "Come on, Will! I'm starving.", she said exasperatedly at her older brother.

He looked at Lizzie to gauge her reaction to Gigi's impromptu lunch invitation. Lizzie looked at Darcy and shrugged. Not like she had much of a choice anyway.

They didn't go anywhere too fancy; just a local pizza parlor a few blocks away from Pemberley's main building. Lizzie liked the short walk. She was in between Darcy and Gigi and she was very conscious of the fact Darcy's right hand would sometimes brush against her left hand while walking. They sat in a booth; the girls on one side and Darcy on the other. Gigi sat on the edge, locking Lizzie in, with no escape. She was facing Darcy who was kind of smiling.

"For someone who once said smiling contorts the face, he does do it quite attractively", noted Lizzie to herself.

Gigi ordered a large supreme pizza and a big bowl of salad for the three of them. "I already ate, I'm really not that hungry guys.", announced Lizzie after Gigi ordered.

"I saw what you had for lunch and if I had consumed only a cup of coffee and a couple of biscottis for lunch I'd be starving by now.", declared Darcy with a smirk. Lizzie blushed a little at the fact that he noticed and remembered what she had eaten when he went to tell her about Bing.

Gigi said, "That settles it! The pizza here is great. Your mouth will be watering by the time it arrives."

Lizzie didn't know what to say so she just smiled. Gigi remained at the table for a good five minutes debating whether or not they should have gotten thin crust instead of regular, when her phone rang and she said it was "Super important." Both Lizzie and Darcy chuckled, blushed a little, and then locked eyes simultaneously.

Darcy cleared his throat and said, "So… I take it Jane was happy with my actions? I received a short email from her. Bing also called me and sounded very much like the old Bing."

Lizzie said, "Yeah. Thanks again." An awkward break in the conversation and Lizzie felt it was her turn to say something. "So... do you and Gigi come here often?", she asked Darcy, who was staring at her again.

"Every once in a while. It's nice and quiet. The food is good. I don't eat junk food often but when I do I make sure it's top notch.", he said laughing a little at the end.

Lizzie scoffed, "You think pizza is junk food? We're going to wait 20 minutes for a pizza made with fresh, quality ingredients. How in the world is it junk food, Darcy?" They were discussing the definition of junk foods and their effects on the body when Gigi returned. She was not very happy with the topic of conversation so she tried her best to shift it in the right direction.

"So, Lizzie. Don't you get bored at your place? You're, like, all alone over there! You should definitely come over this weekend and sleep over with me!", Gigi suggested.

"Oh no. No way. Gigi is definitely up to something…", Lizzie thought as she tried to find a way to turn Gigi down nicely.

"Not really. I get home pretty tired. And after dinner and Skype-ing everyone and getting ready for bed, I'm pretty beat. I don't have time to be bored.", Lizzie joked.

Gigi pouted. "Well, I get bored! Come on! You can sleep over Saturday night and we can stay up watching period romances and eating chocolate! I'm not plotting anything, I swear. Apart from dinner that night and breakfast and lunch the next day, you probably won't even see William. It'll be a girl's weekend! Pleaseeeeee!", Gigi begged.

"Hmmm… I do get pretty bored. And I haven't had movie night since before I stopped talking to Lyd-", she stopped her train of thought. "Oh, what the heck. As long as you and Fitz are not trying to put Darcy and I in another awkward situation (she shared a knowing look with Darcy as she said that), I'm down. Haven't had a girl's night in forever.", Lizzie smiled as she agreed to stay over Gigi's house.

"We are going to have so much fun! I'll pick out the movies tonight and I'll pick you up on Saturday night for dinner at our house! Anddd we can play tennis on Sunday after breakfast! Oh this is going to be so much fun!", Gigi jumped up and down in her seat. Lizzie and Darcy both rolled their eyes and chuckled. Little did they know, Gigi was plotting... just a little. She couldn't let this golden opportunity pass her by.

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