Voldemort is no fool. He knows Harry will discover his Horcrux magic. So of course, he has a backup plan. Charlotte Rodgers is this backup plan.

Having been born to a woman just prior to her imprisonment in Azkaban, Charlotte has never known her parents. But she had been chosen by Voldemort to bear him a child in hopes that he can implement more of the Dark Arts to come back through this child. When Voldemort returns, Charlotte is sent to Hogwarts to be protected by none other than Severus Snape, the only Death Eater inside the castle walls, while awaiting the proper time to have the child.

But Charlotte doesn't want to do the bidding of the Dark Lord, and therefore resists him. It's not that she isn't honored; it's that she has fallen for another. Now she must find a way to escape her fate, but not without help.

*Harry, Hermione, and Ron will be mentioned, but it is mostly around my OC as she tries to escape Voldemort. Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, Snape, the Malfoys, Bellatrix, and Voldemort are the other main characters other than Charlotte. Takes place after year four and continues through the series (don't worry, I won't do the cliché "rewriting what J.K. Rowling wrote and adding my own character" It will not follow the Trio)*

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Even before I lost my wand and was captured by Lucius Malfoy and was thrown into a cellar where my powers cannot work, I was having a pretty rotten day. But before I get to that, let me tell you a little about myself. Well, I'll tell you what I know, which isn't much.

My name is Charlotte Rodgers. I was born to a woman just before she was sentenced to life in Azkaban. I was taken by her uncle and hidden away. I've never met my mother, nor have I met my father. From what I learned since leaving the care of my great-uncle, both of my parents think me to be dead. After a year of living with my mother's uncle, he lost the will to look after me, and I was sent away to an orphanage where I spent the next nine years. I am now fifteen, and have been on the run for five years, hiding anywhere I can and eating anything I can find. Up until today, I had been successful at evading my captors.

You see, as a baby, Voldemort chose me to bear his child so he could come back through it, just in case his other plan fell through. (I'm not sure what that other plan is, but it can't be good.) When I learned what I was to do, I bolted. Lucius Malfoy has been hunting me since then. Today, he found me.

I had been in a cave for two months and found myself wanting civilization, longing for a conversation that was not one-sided. So I went to London. That was my first mistake. Malfoy found me almost immediately. I was running straight up Durham Cathedral. I reached the top, being chased my Malfoy. He sent my wand over the edge and took me to his home. I could have gotten away had I just jumped. I've taught myself enough dark magic to know how to stop myself from being crushed onto the ground, but I panicked. That's definitely the worst sting of the entire ordeal: I could have escaped.

Anyways, back to the present: I am locked in some room that blocks my ability to use my powers. Malfoy says he has something planned for me. He says that Voldemort is coming to see me. I'm not sure how I feel about that. No, I do know. I hate it.

The cell door creaks. I look up. Narcissa Malfoy stands in the doorway. "Don't just sit there. Come on," she demands. I oblige. She takes me just up the stairs, and I find myself in a larger room, almost like a living room but without the cozy feel to it. I am in the home of the Malfoys. There is a man standing by the window, his back to me. My first thought is one of dread. Could this be the Dark Lord, the one who hopes to force me to have his child for his dark magic? Something tells me this is not he, and I am once again able to breathe. "Severus," Narcissa acknowledges him.

"Narcissa," he replies coldly. His eyes dart to me. "Is this the one?"

"Yes," Lucius Malfoy answers, walking into the room. The look in his eyes tells me that he has not yet forgiven me for trying to kill him earlier. Slowly, he makes his way behind me and shoves me toward this Severus person. "Be a nice child now. Tell the man who you are."

"I know who she is." Severus says. The black-haired man puts his hands behind his back. "What I don't know is why you have brought me here."

"Isn't it obvious, Severus?" Lucius questions. "The Dark Lord requires her safety, and the safest place for her would be Hogwarts. Until the time is right, of course. She will be under a watchful eye – your eye. She will not be able to escape as she has done so many times in the past."

"And I'm supposed to just bring a student into Hogwarts at the age of –" he stops and looks at me. "How old are you?"

"Fifteen," I say quietly.

"And you expect a new student at the age of fifteen to go unnoticed?" Severus asks.

"Of course not," Narcissa answers, "we expect you to convince Dumbledore to let it happen."

"You want me to convince him to endanger the other students?" he asks. It's quite obvious that this Severus Snape person does not want me at Hogwarts, whatever Hogwarts is. The word "students" gives me an idea of what Hogwarts is, but I don't like the thought of going to a school. I prefer to learn my magic independently.

"The Dark Lord demands her safety," Lucius interjects.

Severus raises an eyebrow. "I will attempt this, but I cannot predict what Dumbledore will decide."

"Succeed, Severus. Don't attempt," Lucius replies. "And take her with you," Malfoy points to me, contempt on his face, "I've had enough of her being in my home."

Lucius walks toward me. Instinctively, I take a step back. "Don't touch me!" I shout.

"You insolent girl!" Lucius yells. He flicks his wand, and in the next moment I find myself on the floor. "Disrespect me in my own home again, and –"

"Lucius, enough!" Narcissa commands. She comes to me and helps me up. "Go with Severus."

The man with the oddly styled black hair offers me his arm. He seems just as uncomfortable with this arrangement as I am. He no more wants me at Hogwarts than I want to go there. When my hand touches his arm, we vanish and reappear in a forest. I know what we are doing; we're Apparating. I've never Apparated with anybody, but I've Apparated many times before by myself. Being a Metamorphmagus has its advantage. Did I forget to mention that? Yeah, I'm a Metamorphmagus. I went into the Ministry and took lessons as some poor bloke that never knew what happened to him. I knocked him out and hid his body, took the Apparation Test, passed it, then disappeared again. That's also how I got out of the orphanage. I disguised myself as one of the maids and walked right out of the orphanage, never to return.

So anyways, I am in a forest with Severus Snape. There is a large castle up a hill. Torches are lit in the windows, making the castle seem inviting. I've never been inside something so large, and I find myself staring anxiously at it, so intent on taking in the sight that I do not realize Snape is already walking out of the forest. Quickly, I speed up to follow him, not wanting to be trapped in the woods by myself.

"Hurry," he snarls at me, not even giving the courtesy of a glance back at me.

"Where are we?" I ask him.

His eyes dart at me once then he says, "Hogwarts." He doesn't say another thing.

After a few seconds of debating on whether or not I should delve further into the subject, I decide against my better judgment and ask, "What exactly is Hogwarts?"

Snape sneers at me. "You've never heard of it before?" Heat rises in my cheeks, and I all I can do is hope that he doesn't notice. I don't think I could stand it if had another reason to look at me like I am a fool. "Hogwarts is the best school of Witchcraft and Wizardry in all of Britain. Though, I don't know why I am shocked you have not heard of it. After all the trouble you've given the Dark Lord and us – his faithful followers – it is no surprise that you should have no knowledge of the magical world, seeing that you so eagerly run from it at any chance."

I look away. How am I supposed to tell him that I have robbed many stores in a place called Diagon Alley and have taught myself much about the magical world in which I live? I consider myself very advanced, no matter how conceited that may seem. "Just because I was not raised by wizards does not mean that I am ignorant of magic, Mr. Snape," I say quietly.

"Professor," Snape replies. "It's Professor Snape to you, Rodgers."

"Only if I am forced to stay here at Hogwarts, Severus," I answer pointedly. I can't help but smile at the infuriated look on his face. The rest of our walk is awkwardly silent, Snape nearly six feet ahead of me from that point on. We walk into the large castle and make our way up seven flights of stairs, through countless corridors, and beyond hundreds of rooms. I don't know how long we are walking before Snape stops us, but it seems like a while. The looming silence is probably to blame. Either way, I don't understand why we stop in front of a gargoyle. My first thought is that Snape wants to kill me, but I soon realize that this is foolish. Had he wanted to kill me, he would have done it while we were alone in the woods, not inside a large castle. Still, I don't like being by myself with him.

"Acid Pops," Snape says to the gargoyle. Before I even have time to silently mock him, the gargoyle moves aside to reveal a spiral staircase. He starts his ascent. If I was not such a nosy person, I would have bolted away as soon as Snape turned his back on me, but I can't bring myself to do it. I want to know why there is a stairwell hidden by a gargoyle that requires a password to open.

We get to the top, and there is a door. Snape knocks. There is answer of "Enter," and I am shocked by the odd room I see once the door is opened. The room is circular with a claw-footed desk. Little noises flutter around the room. Before I even have a chance to take in this strange room and fully appreciate it for what it is, my eyes land on the man sitting in the desk. He has long white hair and a long white beard to match. "Severus?" The man has a rather jolly disposition about him.

"Albus, forgive me for this intrusion," Snape begins.

"Don't be ridiculous, Severus," the man called Albus says. "It is only an intrusion if there is no reason for the visit. And by the looks of that young girl standing next to you, I would say that you have a reason for coming to see me."

Snape nods. "This is Charlotte Rodgers. The Dark Lord has demanded her safety. He believes it best for her to be here, under my protection," there is a distinct harshness when he said those last three words. "She has been chosen to bear his child, so he can come back through…" he drifts off. He obviously doesn't want me to know something, or he doesn't know himself and expects Albus to know what he is hinting at. Maybe the older man knows what Voldemort is planning. "Rodgers, this is Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts."

The man smiles at me. "Pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise," I say, though I really don't know if it's a pleasure to meet him. I'm not sure if it's a good thing to be acquainted with this man. I prefer being independent, and having him know who I am makes me uncomfortable.

"How old are you, Miss Rodgers?" Dumbledore asks me.

"Fifteen," I say quietly.

"And your parents? Who are they?"

I look away, "Never met them."

Dumbledore locks eyes with Severus. "Why has she been brought here? A new student at the age of fifteen is not going to be overlooked."

"That was my point exactly," Snape agrees.

"Excuse me," I say, "but if it's not too much trouble, sirs, I would much rather one of you do your little magic thing," I would prefer them to have no knowledge of the magic I have taught myself, "and take me somewhere and leave me. I don't want to be here anymore than you want to watch after me. Just let me go."

Dumbledore walks to his desk and picks up a hat. "The Sorting Hat," he announces. "It will tell us which house you will be staying in."

Then it hits me: they're forcing me to stay. I sigh. "And I have no choice in the matter?"

"If the Dark Lord wants you for any reason, your choices are forfeited," Snape answers coldly. "So no, you have no choice in the matter."

I don't like this Severus Snape. Dumbledore hands me the hat. I put it on. "Hmm…" the hat says, frightening me to the bone and causing me to jump. I immediately cover my mouth to hold back a scream and hide some of the red that I suspect is inching its way across my face. Dumbledore smiles at me light-heartedly; Snape remains expressionless. "Cunning and ambitious," I see Snape clench his teeth together, "Slytherin!"

Dumbledore removes the hat. "Congratulations," he says. I look up at Snape, expecting him to congratulate me as well, but he only seems angry. Before I can ask what his problem is, Dumbledore tells me, "Professor Snape is head of the Slytherin house."

"And as House Leader I expect your full obedience," Snape adds, his monotone voice really beginning to annoy me.

"Severus, if you will please lead her to the Slytherin house." The man then turns to me. "The other students are not set to arrive for another fortnight. Your things are where exactly?"

I hadn't given it much thought honestly, but I don't want them know where I've been hiding. What if I need to go back there? "I haven't had 'things' since I was ten and left the orphanage."

Dumbledore seems puzzled but only for a second. "Severus, escort her to Diagon Alley," his voice drops to a hushed whisper, almost too quiet for me to hear, "stick close to her. Be inconspicuous. If Voldemort has indeed returned, you can bet that he has already gotten as many enemies as he does followers. Keep a watchful eye on her. If any of them find out about her, she will be in grave danger. They will gladly kill her without a second thought. To them, she will be no better than a Death Eater." Dumbledore flicks his wand, and a piece of parchment appears in the air. He hands it to Snape.

"You know I am willing to do anything for you, Albus, but I don't the babysitting was ever part of the deal…" Snape glares at me.

"I would take her myself, Severus, but I have to be at the Ministry of Magic early tomorrow morning for the hearing. I can't. I have to prepare for it. I wouldn't put it past the Wizengamot to twist things in their favor. I must be ready for anything."

Snape nods curtly, and I hear a distinct, resentful noise come out of his mouth that sounds a lot like "Potter." There is obviously no way of getting out of this now. I silently curse Lucius Malfoy. "This way, Rodgers," Snape commands. He leads me off the castle grounds so as to Apparate to Diagon Alley, having no idea that I have been to the place, have stolen from the place, and have hidden in the place when needed. We step off the castle grounds, and the too familiar feeling of being stuffed into a tube comes over me.

After just a moment, I open my eyes and behold, again, the wonders of Diagon Alley.

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