I am sad to say that this is the final chapter of this story. There are several time jumps in this chapter as we look into their future lives.

Chapter 44

Thursday, July 4, 2013


We have been in Forks for a little over a month now and I had to be honest that it was a drastic and strange change from the pace of New York City. We usually woke up to birds chirping outside our window or the sounds of rain pattering against our windows. Unfortunately the rain happened more than the birds chirping. I personally thought that the kids loved the freedom that living out here gave them.

Since moving to Forks we had been celebrating like crazy. We had the little girls turning 5, which was a big celebration. My birthday was a little more subdued, but ended amazingly because I had a wonderful wife who knew what she was doing. Our anniversary had been a big shocker because the whole family volunteered to watch our kids so that we could go out of town for a few days. We didn't go back to Isle Esme but instead went to Seattle for three days of uninterrupted adult time.

We had also celebrated the babies three month mark, which was a huge deal for our family. With all of my children, I had taken plaster foot prints and hand prints on their 3 month mark and these babies were no different. We now had them all hanging above our stone fireplace that took up most of one wall in our living room. As the babies grew and developed we were seeing who they were looking more like. Baby Aaralyn and Ryelyn both had dark brown hair with bright green eyes while Caiyden and Brayden both had dark auburn hair with dark brown eyes. They were the perfect mixture of the two of us.

Bella and I had talked and she decided that she wanted to teach with PeyPey at the High School since the English teacher was also retiring this year. She was really excited about it too; it was something she had never really thought about doing until she got to talking to Peyton over the holidays and it just spiraled from there.

"Babe, are you ready?" Bella called from the patio.

I snatched up the keys to the four wheeler and headed out the front door to where she stood on the deck. "I'm ready. Are all the kids loaded onto the trailer?" I asked her as I slid the door shut behind me.

She nodded and pointed to the four wheeler and trailer that Emmett and Jasper had fashioned for us so that we could get to each other's houses without having to load onto the mini bus. We had made paths to each house along the rivers' edge and each had four wheelers to traverse the paths. "They are waiting very impatiently." She said as she held the huge bag of fireworks that we would be shooting off after dinner with the family.

We were all meeting up at Mom and Dad's for our first Fourth of July dinner in our new homes and it was going to be a huge blowout because she had invited half the town.


Friday, September 13, 2013

I could remember hating going to school on my birthdays and I could honestly say that I still hated it. But, now I hated it even more because my babies were all at home with their Papa. Well the quads were at home with Edward while the rest of them were here at school with me even though they were all scattered out. The one good thing about New York is that I got to celebrate my birthday playing with little kids but now I got to enjoy it by teaching older kids.

So far I haven't had to make a trip back to New York because I had Angela watching over both of the daycares and she said that they were doing wonderfully. We planned to make a trip up there soon, just a weekend trip for everyone.

I hoped the kids didn't start hating their birthday just because they had to go to school on it. The boys had been fine because their birthday had fallen on a Saturday this year. It was hard to believe that all of our kids were in school besides the little babies. It was hard to believe that the babies would be six months old at the end of the month.

A knock on the door interrupted my musings as I was waiting for my free period to be over with. I jerked my head in that direction and smiled when I saw Peyton standing there with her hands clasped around her little baby bulge. She had surprised us on the 4th of July by saying that she and her boyfriend of three years were expecting their first baby.

"What's up PeyPey?" I asked her as I waved her over to my desk.

She shook her head and smiled at me as she walked over. "Nothing much, just wandering what you guys were going to do for your birthday." She said as she propped up on the corner of my desk.

"Probably just have a family dinner with all the kids." I told her honestly because I had begged off the huge party and told them to save all their efforts for all of the kids' parties.

She nodded with a smirk on her face. "That sounds quite boring actually Bella. Why don't you let Mark and I watch the kids tonight so Edward can take you out for a nice dinner?" She suggested excitedly.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair. "I will have to text Edward and ask him about it, PeyPey. Are you sure you guys can handle all of the kids? They know they don't have an early bedtime tonight because it's Friday." I warned her.

She nodded. "Mark is with Edward, Em, and Jazz right now taking the babies to the park." She said just as my phone dinged from my desk drawer.

I pulled my phone out and saw a text from Edward that caused me to laugh out loud.

Guess we have been set up on a date tonight beautiful. You game? – Edward

"Seems like Edward is all for it. What time are you and Mark going to take over the kiddos?" I asked as I sent a quick reply back to Edward.

Sounds like a plan, babe. See you soon. – Bella

"We will be there at 5 since you guys have reservations at Bella Italia tonight for 7." Peyton said as she bounced out of the room.

I just sat in my chair in shock because I had a feeling that this had all been planned for weeks now behind my back.

My students walking in knocked me out of my shocked state when they all called 'Hey Mrs. B' to me as they walked past my desk.


Saturday, March 31, 2018

I couldn't believe that my babies were turning five years old today. It seemed like just yesterday that Madison was turning five and now she had just turned fifteen back in January and was in high school with a boyfriend.

"Papa?" Ryelynn called from the countertop where she and Aaralyn were sitting.

I turned around and smiled at them. "Yes, my princesses?" I asked them as I pulled the cupcakes for their party out of the refrigerator where they had been stored since I had finished them last night.

"Why can't we go to school with Mama, bubba, and sissy?" She asked as she scooped out some M&M's from the candy dish that sat on the counter for anybody to grab.

"You will get to go in August. You guys will all be starting kindergarten with Carmen and Alex." I told them as I put together the green cupcakes on the board so that they resembled large caterpillars.

"Oh okay. What are you going to do Papa?" Aaralyn asked as she handed me a cupcake carefully.

I just laughed at her silly question. I had practiced law ever since we had moved to Forks but I had always watched them, too. Every time I had to go to court or have a serious client meeting I always set up a play date for the kids or took them to the daycare to 'play' for a little bit. They never knew I was working the entire time, but I was. "I'm going to open a new law firm in town, princess." I told her as I drew legs on the caterpillar and we placed gumdrops on the red cupcake for the eyes.

"Oh." They both said as they watched me pull the various shade of pink cupcakes from the fridge so I could begin on their flowers that would go around the caterpillars for Brayden and Caiyden.

"Are you guys ready for your party?" I asked them as I assembled their flowers and drew the stems on the board.

They cheered eagerly. "Yes, Papa!" They said eagerly.

"Boys!" I called out to Brayden and Caiyden since we were the only ones home because Bella and the girls had run to the airport to pick up Renee and Phil while the twins had gone with Emmett and Jasper down to the river to 'be manly' or so Emmett had said.

Brayden and Caiyden skidded to a halt just inside the kitchen with sheepish looks on their faces. "Yes, Papa?"

I shook my head. "I don't even want to know what you guys were up to, but I need you to go upstairs and get ready for your party. Your clothes are laid out on your beds." I told them as I helped the girls off the counter.

"Okay, Papa!" They all screamed over their shoulders as they ran up the stairs.

Two years ago we had decided that we needed more bedrooms so we added a kids' wing upstairs last year so now every child has their own bedroom. I think we are the only ones in Forks with a twelve bedroom house. We had a guest room for whenever Phil and Renee visited which was actually quite often.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

I wiped my eyes as I watched Madison descend the stairs in her beautiful dress. Today was the day that she was graduating high school. She was the first of our children to graduate and it was a huge deal in our family. "Maddy…" I whispered as she came to stand in front of me. She looked absolutely beautiful in her knee length turquoise blue strapless dress.

"Mama, please don't cry." She whispered as she pulled me into a hug.

I sniffled and nodded into her shoulder. "This is a really big day for all of us, baby girl." I whispered into her ear.

"I know, Mama." She whispered back just as the doorbell sounded. "That must me Drew." She said giddily as she bounced to the front door.

I smiled because I knew that this was the boy that Madison would marry eventually. They have been dating since they were both fourteen years old and were both going to London for the summer to get acquainted with the city since they were both accepted to Oxford University in the fall. "Mama, you okay?" Emerson asked as she walked down the stairs in her pretty summer dress.

I nodded and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "I'm fine, sweetheart. Are you ready to cheer loudly for your sister tonight?" I asked her as I guided us into the living room where most of everybody else was waiting.

"Yes, ma'am. Just think Avery and Landon are next, and then it's Vannah, Addy and me." She said as she giggled lightly.

I groaned. "Ugh…don't remind me Emmie." I told her as I settled on the couch beside Edward who had a tissue clamped in his hand to wipe his eyes.


Sunday, August 18, 2024

"Adrianna Layne, what in the hell do you mean you are pregnant?!" I said loudly to my beautiful precious scared little girl.

It was just me, her, Bella, and Adam, her boyfriend in the room. "I'm sorry, Papa. I'm so sorry." She sobbed as she hid her head in Bella's shoulder and clasped Adams hand tightly in his own.

I shook my head and continued pacing the floor tugging on my hair. "Edward Anthony. You need to calm down. We have to be rational about this situation. She is only 16 years old, still in high school, and expecting a baby in about five months." Bella said in a tight voice which just caused Addy to sob even more.

I squatted down in front of her and tugged her hands to clasp them in my own. "I just don't understand why you waited so long to say anything to us, Addy." I told her softly.

She nodded and launched herself into my arms wrapping her arms tightly around my neck. "I was scared, Papa." She whispered into my shoulder.

"What do you want to do, Addy?" I asked her quietly as I tugged her into my lap.

"I want my baby, Papa, but I'm scared." She whispered as she cradled her small stomach.

I nodded in understanding. It seemed like Tanya was still haunting us even though we haven't heard from her in over twelve years. "Mama and I will be here to help you through it all, Addy. If you want to keep the baby and raise it, you can still live here and we will help you but you have to finish school." I told her as I looked at Bella for confirmation.

Bella nodded and smiled at me as she rubbed Adrianna's back soothingly. "Thank you, Papa." She whispered quietly. "What about Adam?" She asked nervously.

I sighed in mild irritation. "He will not live in this house with you but he can come to help out with the baby. We will discuss that later." I told her. "I have to talk to you mother first."

"Okay, Papa." She whispered as she curled up in my lap like she did when she was a little girl.

I sighed and held my hand out for Bella to clasp.


Sunday, June 28, 2037

"I just want to wish my parents congratulations on reaching 25 years of happiness together. In just a few days they will celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary and none of us could be more proud of the love that they still have for not only one another but all of us kids and even the grandkids. They are the best parents and grandparents that anybody could ask for. I remember when Papa first met Mama, she told us that we were all special because she chose to be our mother instead of having to do it out of obligation. She has never made us feel any less special than the quads, we are all her children in her eyes. I am doubly special because not only did Mama choose me but Papa did, too. Congratulations!" Madison said before stepping off the podium and passing the microphone to Avery who was stepping up next.

Drew wrapped his arms around Madison's expanding waist as they stood to the side of the rest of our children. The rest of the kids told of a memory they had with us over the past 25 years.

I settled against Edward's side as we watched and listened as our children and grandchildren spoke fondly of us. "Happy, love?" Edward whispered in my ear.

I smiled and nodded as I patted Paxton's padded butt. Paxton was Aaralyn and Stephen's youngest baby and was our youngest grandchild to date, even though we had two more on the way. In our 25 years of marriage, we had accumulated ten children and twenty-six grandchildren. Adrianna had given us our first grandchild, Christian, when she was just sixteen years old, followed by Madison's first one just a few months later. There has been a steady stream of them since the first one, not that we were complaining.

"Pop?" Came a quiet voice from beside us.

Edward looked over and saw quiet sweet little Andalyn standing there with her teddy bear and sippy cup. "What's up, pumpkin?" He asked her as he picked up her slight frame and settled her against his chest.

"I sweepy, Pop." She said quietly as she settled against his chest.

I just chuckled as I continued to pat Paxton's diapered bottom. "Brings back memories, huh?" I whispered to Edward quietly.

He nodded and we settled down with two of our grandchildren as we listened to everybody else tell tales of our life together.

I groaned when Emmett stood up and spoke loudly over everyone. "I can't say anything bad about Baby Bell because if it wasn't for her, I would have never met my amazing Rosie. A lot of people thought we were crazy when we decided to carry the quads for them but that just brought us closer together as a couple and as a family. Edward and I go way back to when we were children and I came to live with them and have done many crazy things over the years that I won't even get into tonight. I wish you guys the best of luck in the next 25 years together. Congratulations!" Edward said and held his glass up high in a toast.

I looked at Edward in shock at Emmett's sincerity and mouthed 'Wow' to him before turning back to the podium just as Rose stepped up there. She looked amazing after giving birth to our four youngest and also three of her own. "Sissy, you know that I love you and will until the day that we join Charlie in another realm. Bella and I have been through so much over the years it's not even funny. I just thought that we had been through a lot before meeting the Cullen Clan but those years are nothing compared to the last 25. I hope the next 25 years are as excitable and enjoyable as the last 25. Congratulations Eddie and Sissy." She said before quickly stepping down and passing on the microphone.

Alice was next. "Bubba, you and I used to be inseparable as children until Jazz came along. I know you felt out of sorts for years because Em was always off doing his thing and I had Jazzy but you found your niche in life. You were always the nurturer and calm one out of the two of us, so the idea of you becoming a father was not so far out of the norm for you. You also found your perfect partner in raising those children in Bella. Both of you have been not only amazing parents but also an amazing aunt and uncle to all of our children. I remember when we lost Mom a few years ago, you were the ones that we all went to for comfort. Even Dad came to you for comfort. They were the perfect example of soul mates. I remember sitting around talking about how Dad seemed lost without Mom. It was really no surprise that he passed only six months after she did. I am just grateful that they both got to stick around long enough to enjoy life with all of us." Alice said with a sad little smile on her face as we all remembered the ones who brought us to where we were but were no longer with us. "All the couples in the world could only hope to have a love like theirs but I think they blessed all of us because it seems like we have all found our soul mates just like they did. Congrats you guys, I love you!" She said quickly as Jasper dashed her off the stage.

The next one up on stage was a big surprise for us. Christian. "I just want to say a quick congratulations to Pop and Meme. They helped my Mama raise me while she finished school and even while she went to college. They were there for me and my Mama when my first dad died. I have so many fond memories of both of you guys growing up. Congratulations Pop and Meme on your first 25 years, I can only hope to have a love like yours one day." He said before taking a bow and walking off stage into Addy's arms.

All of our kids and grandkids stood on the stage and shouted a huge 'Congratulations' to us both as they pushed a button and fireworks began exploding over the Bogachiel river.

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