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Merlin Series Two Revisited

Chapter 1 The Curse of Cornelius Sigan

A thumping could be heard in the distance as Arthur tried to sleep.

"Oh," he groans. Why had his father, the King, ordered the men to keep working into the night? "Merlin." The boy sleeping next to him did not move. "Merlin!"

"What? Aw!" Merlin looks up at Arthur after being pushed off the bed. "Yes, Sire?" he asks.

"Are you deaf?" Arthur wonders. Arthur gives Merlin time to hear the loud noise for himself. "I want you to go down there and tell them to stop."

"But they're working under the King's orders," Merlin says.

"Yeah. And you're working under mine," Arthur tells him.

Merlin sighs and leaves. Had it really been two months since the night they had confessed their feelings for one another? Merlin could hardly believe it as he approached the sight. However, something was not right. The men started running past him. He enters the tomb to find one of the workers dead.


Arthur is waiting by his horse for Merlin for another hunting trip.

"Hurry up, Merlin," he calls as Merlin comes running down the front steps.

"Sorry," he apologizes; not noticing a man is sitting down, watching this.

"Come on, then," Arthur says.

"Must I?" Merlin asks.

Merlin groans as Arthur nods and he bends down on all fours. Arthur steps on Merlin's back to get on his horse, but falls.

"Merlin," Arthur yells.

"I don't understand. I did that girth up myself," he says.

The man watching them brings back the horse.

"The girth should fit properly now, Sire," the man says.

"Thank you, "Arthur replies.

"It's an honor to be of service to the Prince," the man tells him.

"An honor. Do you hear that, Merlin?" Arthur asks.

Merlin gives a forced smile.

"I'd like to think I honor you every day. Sire," he replies in a whisper, adding the last bit as he bites the inside of his cheek.

"What's your name?" Arthur asks as he turns back to the man.

"Cedric," he replies.


Gaius had figured out that the tomb belonged to Cornelius Sigan, a very power sorcerer during his time.

"Sigan couldn't bear the thought that his wealth and power would die with him, so he became obsessed with finding a way to defeat death itself," Gaius had told Merlin.

"You think he might have succeeded?" Merlin asked.

"Let's hope not. For all our sakes," Gaius replied.

Merlin's eyes shot open as he felt someone waking him up. He took in the sight of Arthur.

"Sire," Merlin gasps.

He quickly stands, finding himself in the stables.

"What are you doing?" Arthur asks.

"I wasn't sleeping," Merlin assures him.

"One mistake I can understand. Everybody has a bad day now and then, but this is one thing after another," Arthur tells him.

"Perhaps he's just tired," Cedric suggests, walking into the stables. "I'm more than willing to take over his duties tonight."

"No, I don't want the evening off," Merlin says.

He knew something was not right. He had not tired at all. How could he have fallen asleep so suddenly? It did not make sense.

"Shut up, Merlin. Cedric, wait for me outside," Arthur replies.

Cedric nods and walks out.

"He's trying to get rid of me and if you weren't such a clot-pole you'd see that," Merlin angrily whispers.

"A clot-pole?" Arthur asks. Merlin opens his mouth, but nothing comes out. The word had just come out. "Maybe you should sleep in your own bed tonight. These past couple of months I'm sure have…"

"I just don't trust him," Merlin says.

"I'm a big boy, Merlin. I think I can take care of myself," Arthur replies. "Let's get you cleaned up."


Merlin walks into Gaius chambers with his head down.

"What happened?" Gaius asks, but Merlin doesn't answer.

He goes up to his room. Gaius follows him.

"I want Arthur to trust me. And to see me for who I really am. Everything I do is for him, and he just thinks I'm an idiot," Merlin says into his pillow.

"Merlin, I believe that you and Arthur are destined for greatness, and that your calling is to serve and protect him," Gaius replies as Merlin turns on his back.

"He isn't making it easy," he says.

"I've translated an inscription on the tomb. It claims that whoever breaks the heart completes his work," Gaius replies. "I believe that the stone on the tomb is Sigan's soul."


The next morning, the stone is found on the floor. Melrin knows who did it and runs into Arthur's chambers.

"Cedric is possessed by an evil spirit. He tried to steal the jewel. But it's the soul of an ancient sorcerer, Sigan."

When Cedric walks in Merlin attacks him. Arthur, thinking Merlin has been on the cider and needs to clear his mind, throws him in the dungeon.

"It's for your own good," Arthur says.

Later that night, Sigan, controlling Cedric's body, attacks the city. Merlin breaks out. After talking to Gaius, he finds out he knows about the Great Dragon.

"You knew, then, that I used to visit him?" Merlin asks.

"Yes, Merlin, of course I knew," Gaius says. He then stops for a moment to think. "Used to? Where have you been going these past months in the middle of the night?"

"That doesn't matter," Merlin answers defensibly.

Gaius decides to ask anymore.

"For Arthur's sake you must to go to dragon," he says.

Knowing Gaius was right, Merlin foes to the cave.

"Help," he yells out. "I need your help!"

"You told me I would not see you again," the Great Dragon says, coming into view.

"I'm not here for myself. I'm here for Arthur," Merlin replies.

"To defeat Sigan, you will need a spell more powerful than anything you know," the dragon tells Merlin. "In return, I need a promise that one day you will free me."

Merlin was reluctant at first. He still did not fully trust it dragon. But he had to save Arthur.

"I promise," he says.

Merlin closes his eyes as the dragon gifts him with the magic he needs.


Merlin runs to the Square and cast a spell and destroys the stone creature. He finds Arthur on the floor unconscious. Sigan, in Cedric's body, walks up to him.

"Who would have believed it?" he asks with an evil laugh. "You, a sorcerer. And a powerful one."

Merlin steps in front of Arthur.

"I won't let you hurt him," he says.

"And you're going to stop me?" Sigan asks. "He does not deserve your loyalty. He treats you like a slave." If only he knew the truth. "He cast you aside without a moment's thought."

"That doesn't matter," Merlin answers. "That's the way it has to be."

"No, it doesn't. You have yet to discover your true power. Think, Merlin, to have the world appreciate your greatness. To have Arthur know you for what you are," Sigan says.

"Arthur can never know. No matter how much I wish it," Merlin replies, tears threatening to come out.

"Together we can rule over this land. Arthur will tremble at your voice," Sigan says. Merlin could not help but think how he could already make Arthur tremble with his voice. "He will kneel at your feet." Yeah, he has done that, too, Merlin thought.

"I want him to love me for me. Not for him to be scared of me," Merlin replies. "I'd rather serve a good man than rule with an evil one."

"So be it. If you will join me, I will become you and your power will be harnessed to my will. The future you have planned with Arthur will be but a memory."

Merlin's eyes grow as Cedric's body falls down dead. Sigan's soul makes its way to Merlin.

"No, please. No," Merlin yells.

He closes he eyes and begins chanting. Merlin falls to the ground. Arthur begins to wake.

"Merlin?" Arthur asks, shaking the boy. He does not wake. "Merlin!"

Merlin starts to shudder. His eyes open, but they are pitch black.

"Run," Merlin yells.

Arthur stands up, but he stands his ground.

"No, I won't leave you. Fight this," Arthur says.

He takes Merlin in his arms, giving him deep kiss. Merlin gives an evil smirk.

"So, the prince and his manservant?" Merlin asks, but Arthur knows it is not Merlin and pushes him away.

Merlin looks back up, and his eyes are blue again.

"Arthur, get away from me! I'll kill you," he cries.

"What can I do?" Arthur asks.

"Get Gaius," Merlin says. He watches Arthur run to find Gaius. Taking a deep breath, Merlin looks at the ground. "You're not going to hurt him."

And he begins chanting again, tightly holding onto the stone. Again, Merlin falls to the ground.

"Merlin?" Gaius asks.

Merlin stands up, Gaius keeping a safe distance. Merlin walks up to him smiles, revealing the stone with Sigan's soul inside.


"You know, you won't get any thanks, Merlin," Gaius says as there is a knock at the door.

They glance at each other, wondering who it could be. Gaius opens the door to reveal Arthur.

"I've come to see Merlin," he says. Gaius nods and leaves. "I've not forgotten about your lazy, insolent ways, or the fact that you called me a clot-pole… but I do have to admit that there was some truth in your accusations against Cedric."

"Does this mean you're admitting that on this occasion I was actually right?" Merlin asks.

"It means that I have a knighthood to bestow first thing tomorrow and no-one to clean my armor," Arthur says, dumping it on the floor.

"All that?" Merlin asks.

Arthur walks up to him and pushes Merlin to sit. He places a hand on Merlin's upper thigh, making a gasp escape Merlin's lips.

"Yep! And come to my chambers when you're done," Arthur says.

He throws the bag that had held the armor in Merlin's face.