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Warm sunlight shone brightly upon the grounds of the Xiaolin Temple. A light, gentle breeze threaded through the branches of the trees, causing the leaves to rustle and sway. An occasional bird could be seen every once in a while. Each of the birds allowed their beautiful melodies to travel along with the wind, reaching the ears of any and all on lookers.

It is during this wonderful day the Xiaolin monks could be found training inside the courtyard of the temple. As of today, their training consisted of hand to hand combat without the use of any Shen-gone-wu or their elemental powers. While having the ability to use these things does help when they are in a tight pinch, they also need to be able to relay on their own strengths just as much. Raimundo had suggested the training method earlier that morning and being that he was the leader, everyone complied with the decision.

Huh, leader… never thought that I would end up becoming that, Raimundo thought as he watched Clay and Omi fight against each other. As it turns out, Raimundo had been named the Shoku warrior nearly three months ago. It was during this time that Raimundo had been taking his leadership position quite seriously. He wanted to continue to prove that he was cut out for the job as leader and so far everything has been going well. Aside from the fact that now everyone looked towards him for guidance not much else had changed.

Raimundo heard a slight 'oaf!' followed by the sound of someone hitting the ground. He looked away from the clear blue sky to find that Clay was lying on the ground while Omi had a look of triumph on his face.

"Ha-ha! You were no match for my fearsome warrior skills!" Omi called out as Clay pushed himself into a sitting position.

"I gotta say partner, you sure are becoming a tough little critter!" Clay said as he smiled at the boy. Kimiko walked over to help the blond up to his feet.

"Good job, Omi. Now it's mine and Raimundo's turn! Rai, are you ready?" Kimiko said to her leader. The Brazilian boy nodded and walked over to his team.

"Let's see what you got." He said to her. Both Omi and Clay moved to the side lines, giving Kimiko and Raimundo the room they needed to face against each other. Both monks prepared themselves, moving into fighting positions. Raimundo grinned at the girl. He made a motion with his hand in an indication for Kimiko to come at him. She grinned as well and ran right towards him. Just before she could land a hit on him Dojo came slithering into the courtyard.

"New Shen-gone-wu alert kiddos," He called, carrying the scroll over towards the monks, "and this one is quite a doozy!"

Raimundo and the others gathered around the small dragon as he opened up the scroll for everyone to see.

"'Tome of Creation'? What kind of Shen-gone-wu is that?" Kimiko asked watching the image of person holding up a book of some kind.

"Well, actually it's not really a Shen-gone-wu. You see, this baby right here has the information inside of it that shows the owner how to make actual Shen-gone-wu. As the name implies, it allows a person to gain knowledge on how to create different types of wu and their special abilities." At the end of his clarification, everyone had a look of pure shock written upon their faces.

"What? You didn't think ol' Dashi just pulled all those little goodies out of thin air, did ya?" From the stares he received, he figured that they actually did believe that.

"There is no questioning what Wuya and Chase Young will do with such knowledge in their grasp." Omi said once he got over his shock.

"Omi's right. I say we better get moving and try to find this thing before anyone on the Heylin side reaches it first." Raimundo stated as the others nodded in agreement. Dojo grew into his larger dragon form and allowed everyone to climb onto his back before he took off.

"THE TOME OF CREATION, WE MUST GO AFTER IT AT ONCE!" Wuya screeched into Chase's ear, who was not at all pleased with having to deal with such a racket as he meditated, especially with his heightened senses. Calmly, he landed onto his feet and scowled at the Heylin witch. While she was no longer a ghost she still had the ability to 'fly' about the room causing more of a ruckus than ever. This was causing Chase to completely lose his focus, not to mention a slight headache was starting to form because of her persistent actions.

"May I ask why?" He asked. She had an almost crazed look in her eyes when she finally noticed that she had his attention. She stalked over towards him.

"Do have any idea what that book is capable of!?"

"I am well aware of what abilities the Tome of Creation holds. I simply do not understand why I should waste any of my time chasing after something so trivial and useless to me." Wuya was practically seething at this point.

"With that kind of power we would no longer need to hunt for any other Shen-gone-wu that Dashi has hidden. We could simply create our own powerful wu and use their power to destroy this world! No longer would we have to concern ourselves about having to hunt for wu. We wouldn't even have to worry about stealing wu from the monks or from Jack Spicer.

"Think about it," Coolly, Wuya slipped around Chase, placing her hands onto his shoulders and leaning her head forward towards his ear, "with that type of power, you could easily have anyone to come join your side. Without any other way to defeat us, the monks will have no choice but to join our side or parish. Including little Omi."

Chase did give it some thought. Personally, he could care less about achieving the Tome of Creation and using it's abilities to create more Shen-gone-wu. Though, Wuya did have a point about leaving the monks with Shen-gone-wu that were as useless as mere trinkets.

Also, perhaps Wuya will finally allow for me to have peace and quiet within my own home, for once, he thought as he smirked at the witch.

"Very well, we shall go find your book." A cat-like grin spread across Wuya's features.

"I knew you would see things my way, Chase. My own concern now is that Jack will show up and mess everything up like he always does. Knowing my luck, he most likely will. I swear that weak little boy has been nothing more than a thorn in my side since day one. One of these days he is going to get himself killed, but that would only mean one less idiot to worry about." With that Wuya cackled loudly as she and Chase teleported away from his home.

Deep within the confines of his 'evil layer' Jack Spicer stared into the screen of his computer.

"I swear that weak little boy has been nothing more than a thorn in my side since day one. One of these days he is going to get himself killed, but that would only mean one less idiot to worry about."

Back some time ago, Jack had been able to plant little micro cameras in various areas of Chase's palace. They were motion activated so once anyone stepped into the camera's line of vision it would automatically switch on, record everything that happened, and send a live feed to Jack's main computer. He was honestly surprised that Chase didn't notice yet but he wasn't complaining. He figured that this would be a better way to keep tabs on his 'allies'. Though, at the moment he severely wished that he hadn't thought of it.

He watched as Wuya and Chase both teleported to who knows where. The video feed had cut off shortly after that. He curled his pale gloveless hands into fists, glaring at the glowing computer screen. In a swift motion, Jack pushed himself away from his computer.

"'One less idiot to worry about'? Is that what she thinks!? If it wasn't for me she would still trapped inside that stupid puzzle box!" Jack reached out to grab the thing closeted to him, which was a wrench, and chucked it across the room in a fit of anger. It was after he this did he realize his own tears threatening to spill over. He vigorously rubbed a hand over his eyes in hopes of stopping the tears. As he did this his eyeliner smeared across his hand but he didn't care. It hurt that she could care less that he lived or died. It hurt him to the core...

"Wuya should be thanking me for everything that I have done for her. Yeah, I have messed up on more than one occasion but I'm only human! Am I not allowed to mess up!?" He kicked the side of his table which caused him to hurt his foot since he still had yet to put on his boots. He cried out and cradled his throbbing foot all while hopping along on the other. Jack found his way back to his computer chair and sat back down.

Slowly, the pain subsided as he continued to 'rub it away'. All the while, Jack stared off into the distance. Once the pain had completely dissipated, Jack stared down at his hands, a look of sorrow etched into his features. I'm only human Wuya, he thought. He glared at his hands and clenched them into fists once more. He rose from his chair to fetch his gloves, boots, and his heli-pack.

"Jack bots," he called out to his faithful robots, "time to go on another Shen-gone-wu hunt!" a variety of Jack-bots flew into sight, waiting for their master's command. Jack smiled at his creations. I may not be as strong as the others but I do have my own strengths Wuya.

Just then, a thought suddenly hit him, "Oh yeah, I almost forgot!" He raced back over toward his computer, pulling up one particular screen that was loaded with numerous formulas and equations that he was checking over before that video had interrupted him. These formulas were a part of a personal 'project' that Jack had been working on for several months now. He was already on the finishing touches of said project but still he felt the need to go over every last bit of information before he deemed it worthy of completion.

"Everything must be perfect. Even if one number is out of place, my entire project could fail and then all the time I have put into this would have been for nothing. I may be just a screw up in Wuya's and Chase's eyes but this is the one thing I will not allow myself to mess up on." He said scanning over everything before he had placed an encryption code onto the file and closed out of it. Everything was as it should be, he was sure of it.

"Not much longer now," he said with a slight smile on his face. He rounded up his Jack-bots and proceeded towards the inevitable fight for the newly activated wu. Things would look up, he just knew they would. Jack Spicer would show them that he wasn't some idiot weakling. Things are going to change, you'll see!

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