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Chapter 2

"You know what kind of wu that I would create if given the chance? I would create a wu that grants you whatever you want, one that gives you an infinite amount of wishes!"

"Honestly Rai, I don't think even a wu would be capable of keeping up with your endless demands." Kimiko said while rolling her eyes at her leader.

"Kimiko has a point there partner. 'Sides having everything you want at the snap of your fingers don't make you happy." Clay piped up.

Raimundo grinned at his friends, "I know that. But you got to admit it would be totally awesome to wish for just about anything."

The monks have flying through the air for some time, waiting until they had made it to their destination. To pass the time, the monks had come up with a little game by telling each other ideas for new Shen-gone-wu. Many of the ideas they had come up with were mostly pointless but their game was the only way to save them from boredom.

Dojo flew towards an area that held towering mountains in its wake. Near the base of one particular smaller mountain was a village that was secluded from the rest of the world. It appeared that the village had been abandoned many years ago. Not a soul could be seen throughout the entire village. The houses of the village were run down, most barely standing and others had completely crumbled from years of neglect. Dojo landed in the village center.

"Alright kids, that wu is definitely close by here. I can already feel a rash coming on." Dojo said, decreasing in size and hopping onto Clay's shoulder.

Raimundo nodded and looked around. From what he could see there wasn't any indication as to where the wu was hidden. He, along with the others, started to search. Since the village itself was small they all decided to search in a group rather than split up too far from each other. Kimiko and Omi explored the buildings while Raimundo and Clay rummaged about through some of the rubble. The monks moved through the village, checking for the wu in any spot they could think of.

While the Xiaolin monks were busy with their particular tasks, Jack Spicer flew closer to the abandoned village via heli-pack. His Jack-bots followed close behind him. A few yards before reaching the village Jack casually surveyed the area. Sheesh this place seen better days, Jack thought, it must have been a pretty long time since anyone ever lived here. Most likely abandoned when it was deemed unfit for human civilization…

It just makes everything all the more easier for me to snag that Shen-gone-wu before those Xiaolin losers find it!

Turning his eyes away from the village, Jack focused his eyes onto the side of the mountain. He paused in midair when he noticed something was off about the towering rock wall. Jack raised an eyebrow, flying closer to the mountain to examine the strange 'indentions'. Upon further inspection Jack discovered that the indentions actually resembled stairs. The 'stairs' were in bad shape as well, cracked and broken to the point where no one would even notice the stairs were there unless someone spotted them. Jack followed the path of the stairway with his eyes. The stairs were in a zigzag way up the rock wall; the slope was just enough to lead the path up and over along the mountain wall itself. The stairs lead right to the mouth of a cave about twenty feet up.

"Huh? I wonder what's up there," Jack mused, placing his right hand against his chin in a contemplating state. Suddenly his eyes grew wide, an excited grin plastered onto his face, "I bet the Shen-gone-wu is up in that cave! This is perfect! Without any of those losers in my way, there is nothing stopping me from taking the wu for myself. Oh yeah baby! Jack Spicer, evil boy genius, has this one in the bag!"

Jack flew straight up towards the cave with his Jack-bots right behind. He deactivated his heli-pack once his landed in the opening of the cave. Inside the cave, aside from the light illuminating from the opening of the cave just a couple of feet, all Jack could see was a deep pit of darkness out before him. He pulled out a small flashlight from his pocket and clicked it on. Jack could now see a path that lead deeper into the mountain. Jack shuttered at how narrow the tunnel itself was.

"Oh man… why did it have to be in a freaking cave…?" Jack shook his head to dispel his fear. I can do this, he thought; all I need to do is find the wu and get the hell out of here as fast as I can. I…can do this. I have to…

"You guys find it yet?" Raimundo asked shoving another rock to the side of the pile of rubble.

"Not yet." Kimiko replayed from the doorway of an intact house.

"I tell you what, this dang wu is harder to find then my grand pappy's dentures in the middle of-"

"Guys look!" Raimundo called out, pointing in the direction on the outskirts of the village. Everyone turned to where he was pointing to see Jack Spicer off in the distance. The monks watched as the red-head disappeared into a cave located in the mountain wall along with a few of his robots.

"Where do you reckon that no good varmint is off to?"

"I bet you anything the wu is in that cave!" Kimiko claimed as she took a step in that direction. Omi raced ahead of the others. He turned back to his friends.

"Quickly, my friends, time is small! We shall not allow Jack Spicer to obtain the Tome of Creation!" with that said he ran off, determined to stop Jack from claiming the wu as his own.

"Hey Omi, wait up! And it's 'time is short' you chrome dome!"

Jack had only been walking through passage for about a minute before his flashlight suddenly flickered off, leaving him in complete darkness. He smacked the small device in hope of sparking some sort of energy to bring the light back to life. Other than a couple a flickers of light Jack was left in the shadows. Jack's whole body began to shake from the deep gut, wrenching terror that had over taken his body. His claustrophobia, as well as his fear of the dark, held a tight grip over his heart. In a moment of panic, the red-headed genius took off in the same direction he was walking in. His Jack-bots (which Jack had forgotten that he had installed with night vision) flew after their creator as he continued to run down the path blindly.

"WAAAHHHHHH! WHERE IS THE END OF THIS TUNNEL!?" Jack screeched running through the passageway with all his might, his voice and footsteps echoing throughout the entire cave. He hoped that he would be able to get in, get the wu, and get out, all in a snap. What he was not expecting was to be inside a seemly never ending tunnel, completely shrouded in darkness, which made him feel as if he was completely confined. That was the last thing he had been expecting.

Oh my God there is no way out of here I'm never getting out the walls are all around me closing in on me everywhere oh god I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die…

In his terrified state Jack failed to notice a dim light up ahead. The light became brighter and brighter, shining its light from a distance as he came closer. Before he knew it, Jack had run into a different area. Upon his entering he had tripped over a large rock that sent him tumbling.

"Ouch!" He yelled out as he landed face first into the dirt. The sudden pain snapped him out of his panic. Jack coughed up some dust then slowly sat up. He looked around. Jack could see that he was now inside some sort of large chamber. The room was in the shape of an oval, stalactites hanging from the ceiling in various sizes. To the far right, an enormous crevice had opened up in the ceiling and was allowing the sunlight to shine throughout the entire room. Down at the other end of the chamber was what looked like a pedestal of some sort.

"Wait…is that..?" Jack ran over towards the pedestal. On the pedestal was an object wrapped in tattered cloth, years' worth of dirt and dust caked onto it. He gently removed the cloth from around the object to find that the object was in fact a book untouched by the destructive force such was time. The book was inbound in a leather cover, the symbol of a dragon engraved onto its front. The books pages glowed with a soft golden color from the magic that emitted from within it.

"This is the Tome of Creation? Well, beggars can't be choosers. Heh, guess I win this round. Now that I have the damn thing I need to get out of here before-"

"Leaving so soon Jack?" Jack let out a girly scream that sudden voice sounded from nowhere. He whipped around to find both Chase Young and Wuya smirking at him from behind.

"How did-? I thought that- Where did you two come from!?"

"Does it really matter how we got here? We have only just arrived, Spicer. I must say I am surprised you have managed to figure out the location of the Shen-gone-wu before the monks could take it for themselves. It's relieving to know that you are not a complete waste of space. "Chase stated, to which Wuya cackled. Both the comment and that laugh struck a nerve inside of Jack. He gritted his teeth as dark thoughts began to rise up inside of his head.

Waste of space… I'm a… waste of space? No, I not just that. Moron…Idiot…foolish…pathetic…weak... all of these things are what I am to them… Never a good word…always threats…always…heartless…

Wuya held her hand out toward the red-head, "Now then Jack are you going to hand over the Tome of Creation or are we going to have to take it by force? Either way, you and I both know whose going to walk out of here with that book." Jack felt a rage flare up inside of him.

I am a joke to you… you never believed me…. you heartless witch…

Jack glared at the Heylin witch, his blood red eyes ablaze with anger that Wuya had never seen before. She blinked in shock at the intense gaze fixed upon her. What..?


Jack's robots flew into action; both Chase and Wuya defended themselves against the machines. While they were distracted by his robots, Jack used the time he had to escape. He activated his heli-pack and flew up towards the opening in the ceiling. Just before he could reach the opening he had the sudden urge to look behind him. Jack turned his head to glance back. The second he did a boulder crashed into his back. A shriek of intense agony echoed throughout the entire cave.

The monks finally made it to the mouth of the cave just in time to hear the distant sound of Jack's voice issuing an attack.

"Sounds like Spicer ain't the only one in this here cave." Clay stated as the monks raced through the passage. All around them the sound of fighting echoed, prompting them to run faster. Omi continued to race ahead, the six dots that appeared on his forehead illuminated just enough light for them to see where it was they were heading. The light from the chamber they had yet to reach started to glow brighter the closer they got. Finally, the sound of fighting slowly started to die down.

All of a sudden the sound of a scream, which echoed louder than the fighting, reached their ears. That sound sent shivers down each of their spines. The pain filled scream sounded just like it came from Jack...

"We must hurry! I fear that Jack may be in trouble!" Omi stated, running faster in hopes of saving his 'friend'. Raimundo rolled his eyes.

"Dude, who cares about that spineless idiot! We can't let him, Chase, or Wuya get their hands on that book! Right now, all we need to worry about is grabbing the book before either one of those guys leave with it." Both Clay and Kimiko nodded in agreement with their leader. All at once, the monks entered through the opening into the chamber.

"-insolent BRAT!" Wuya's voice reached the monks ears, followed by Jack rolling into their line of vision. They all let out a gasp as the red-head slid to a stop with his back facing toward the monks. Jack's heli-pack looked as if it had been completely smash in. The blades of his pack were destroyed as well, most either now missing or bent beyond repair. Yet, what made the monks cringe the most was the blood oozing from the deep wound in his right shoulder. A soft whine emitted from the genius. Jack placed a hand over his injured shoulder; either out of pain or wanting to stop the bleeding the monks did not know which.

Omi sprinted over towards the injured boy. He knelt down by the prone body of the other.

"Jack, are you okay?" He asked now that he had a better view of the injured one's face. With a pain grimace, Jack glared at the smaller boy.

"Do I… look okay?" Jack snapped out through gritted teeth. Omi frowned as he checked Jack for any other additional wounds. His eyes flickered ahead of Jack for only a moment to catch a glance the Tome of Creation just inches away. While he did want to help the other boy he also did not want to lose this particular wu to the Heylin side. HE reached out to take the book. The exact moment that his fingers brushed against the leather bound book two other hands touched the book as well. One hand belonged to a certain Xiaolin monk turned evil…

"Chase Young!" Chase smirked at the small monk. He was about to make a comment when he noticed the third hand upon the book. A bloodied, pale white hand…

"Spicer, may I ask why it is I find your hand on the Tome of Creation as well?" Omi stare switched from the evil dragon lord to the red-headed genius. Jack held a slight evil smirk of his own, his crimson eyes fixed onto his 'idol'. While he couldn't place it, Omi sensed that something was wrong Jack. He could see deep loathing swirling within the depths of those crimson pools...

"Isn't… it obvious Chase? I challenge… you both to a Xiaolin Showdown!"

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