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Les Miserables - "what can I do? It pays a debt."

Pitch Perfect - "Everybody be cool, it's just a normal day."

I reference Pitch Perfect in everyday life. If a movie could be a spirit animal, it would be mine.

I think I'm going to put a movie reference/quote in each chapter. Try to guess the one in this one too!

I sort of just stare at his hand for a while and try to unsee what cannot be unseen.

After a couple awkward moments with my mouth opening and closing for the words I can't find, I finally shake his hand. It's tough with callouses, but it's not so bad. It feels like my father's hands.

"Uh, thanks…" I look back at the sassiest twelve-year-old on the planet, and she is literally face palming. And it is really quiet. Jack's just standing there in a towel looking at me like I should say something, but what do I say in a situation like this? Judy Blume didn't prepare me for this.

Okay. I've decided that this awkwardness needs to stop. I can't take it, its far too painful. So I don't know why I put my foot in my mouth to make it worse.

"Well that was a lovely little introduction."

And you know what that guy does? He looks down at his crotch, a horrified expression on his face. It takes me a moment to get why.

"Wait, no! I didn't mean tha—I mean it's just—not that I didn't think… I don't—!" The blush is back, and I duck my head. "Um, I'm just going to go inside now."

His eyes follow me as I shuffle into the spacious apartment. "Your room is down the hallway to the left! Across from Emma's."

Rolling my small black bag across their wooden floor makes a hollow sound. The living room is really big, about a third of their apartment I'd guess. A large, square rug the color of grass spreads out on the right side under a complete set of red angular furniture and a wide screen TV on the wall. The walls have a yellow and dull gold pattern on them, some sort of frenchy looking wallpaper, and it glows with the light shining through the windows on the left. There are two regular windows accompanied by red curtains, but strangely a stained glass window as well. I only begin to wonder about it when I notice the boxes in the corner.

"My boxes came in?" I ask, twirling around. Apparently Jack and Emma had gotten into a heated whisper while my back was turned. She was pointing her unforgiving finger at him and he honestly looked chastised. Incredible.

He looks up at me, happy to have a reprieve from his accusatory sister. "Oh, yeah! They came in a couple hours ago. The moving guys wanted to bring them up but I didn't know if the stuff was breakable or not, and those guys were kinda creepy. I started to put them in your room, but I knew you'd be here soon, and I didn't want to be sweaty when we first met, though I guess that doesn't matter now..." He scratches his ear nervously. "Anyway, I brought them in. Is that okay?"

I nod, surprised at his kind act. I wouldn't have asked him to carry them up here; that's what moving guys are for. But I was touched by the sentiment. "Yeah, thanks…"

I get cut off from saying anything else when something rubs against my legs.

"EEE!" I jump fifty feet in the air (not really) and drop the handle of my suit case. It clatters on the ground and scares the cat away.

"Aw, you scared her! Come here, baby, its okay." Jack crouches down to the floor, tightening his towel, and reaches under the couch while making soft clicking noises.

"Yeah, that's it, girl. You don't have to be afraid. She's a friend." He coaxes the white cat out and takes her in his arms. She's absolutely gorgeous, completely white and full grown, with a patch of gray fur around her right eye shaped like a heart. She snuggles into Jack's arms with a low purr.

"She's so cute," I say, reaching out to pet her. I hesitate, not sure if she'll freak again, but Jack nods and I rub her head between her ears. "What's her name?"

"Snowflake." He smiles at me, then lifts Snowflake up by the crook of her front legs and gives her a serious look. "Snowflake, this is Toothiana. She's going to be living with us for a while." He faces her towards me quickly then turns her back. "You have to be nice to her, okay? And she'll be nice to you. Do not, under any circumstances, tear up her sweaters. Do you understand, young cat-awan?" He makes her head nod with one of his fingers and smiles, cuddling her to his bare chest.

"Come on! I guess since you've completed your initiation of getting past the guard cat, I'll show you your room." He walks past me down the hall adjacent to the front door. It's really long; how big is this place, anyway?

There are two doors in the hallway, one in the left and one on the right. The left is closed, but when we pass the right one, I peek inside curiously. An unmade futon bed sits low to the ground surrounded by a controlled chaos of clothes, comics, video games, books, and... Legos? The walls have a swirling pattern painted on them, like clouds or wind, and are littered randomly with drawings and paintings. A round thing with a star on it and a mini fridge are next to the bed. Above the bed is a portrait of a huge mountain covered in snow. It's one of those rooms that you know belongs to someone else so incredibly that you could never call it your own if they left, yet you'd feel sound being in a room so loved by another person.

"Is that your room?" I ask.

"Yep!" he says, smiling back at me. "And the door on the left is the hall closet. We don't use it for much besides coats and the vacuum. Emma's gotten too smart for me to put Christmas presents in there." He winks.

The end of the hall splits into two each way. Jack turns left where the most doors are. He gestures to the one at the end of the hall, saying it's the laundry room, then to the only one on the left as Emma's room. He stops at the door across from hers.

"And this," he says, turning the knob, "is your room."

I walk in, taking in the warm, sunlit room. Three windows are situated equally against the far wall, one over the bed and on each side. The bed is made up with green sheets and a purple flowery comforter and matching pillows. A white dresser and mirrored armoire nestle against the right wall. The armoire has bulbs all around it and a red velvet cushion seat like the ones in the movies. A bookshelf keeps my boxes company on the other wall, waiting to be used, next to another door.

"Is that the closet?" I ask and walk over to it.

"No, that's your bathroom. The closet is inside, though."

My jaw drops when I push the door open. It is huge. The whole apartment is big as far as apartments go, but I have never had such a huge bathroom all to myself.

And I love it.

"This... is mine?" I whisper.

"Of course... Why?"

"Ah! Oh my gosh! I - This is my bathroom! AHH!" I run to the faucet and turn it on and off, then into the closet and twirl around to look at the big space. "This is perfect!"

I walk out and look at myself in the wall mirror above the sink, then over to the toilet in its own closed off area.

"Look! It has its own little room! How cute!"

"You've seriously never had your own bathroom?" Jack asks, surprised.

I'm about to say of course I haven't, when I remember that Jack has lived in a wealthy family all his life. He doesn't know what it's like to share two small bathrooms in a family of four.

I smile at him. "No. Its not that my family's poor or anything, but we don't have a whole lot of money. Mostly everything I own I've earned myself."

His eyes are wide. I guess he doesn't know what that's like either. I don't know what to think of that.

I sigh and look around the bathroom again. It's painted in shades of pearl and sky blue with a porcelain jet tub to boot. I will definitely be using that soon.

"Well, I want to start unpacking," I say, letting him take a hint so I can have a moment to myself.

"Oh... right! Yeah. I'll bring the rest of the boxes in for you." He smiles again. He seems like a very happy person.

I'm about to say he doesn't have to do that, I'll get them myself, but I enjoy his kindness. "Thanks," I say and follow him out the bathroom door. Before he can leave the room, I call to him again. "Jack?"

"Mmhmm?" He turns back to me, petting his cat. Her purring is the loudest thing in the room.

"Before you bring the rest of my boxes, could you put your clothes on please?"

He looks back down at his toweled self, once again forgetting his state of undress. "Oh. Oh! Yeah, yeah... Sorry. About earlier, again. Uh, sorry. Okay... Bye." He shuffles back down the hallway and I laugh.

I turn to my boxes, then to my shelves and drawers, and sigh. I have a lot of unpacking to do.

I start on my books. It's the two heaviest boxes closest to the book shelf, luckily. I start towards the door to go find some scissors when I notice a pair already laying on one of the boxes.

I pick them up and examine the little snowflakes printed on them. Jack must have brought them in. How unexpectedly thoughtful.

I cut open the tape and start stacking. Most people place their books by author, or randomly, or favorite to least favorite. I stack mine by color. The top is red, then pink, orange, and all the way down to black and white at the bottom. It's difficult to place the colors correctly so that they blend into the next color, but I've had the Toothie Decimal System down since ninth grade, and I packed them in order so it'd be easier when I got here. Since all I have to do is stack and not organize them, my mind starts to wander.

It wanders to Jack. He is not what I expected. Mr. Frost is a great man, so I never expected his son to be a spoiled trust fund baby, but I didn't expect him to be... I'm not sure what to call it. I would call it effervescence, but that didn't seem right. He seems more... free spirited. And blunt. And clueless. But also kind and thoughtful and wide eyed. I have no idea what to think about the son of Overland Incorporated's CEO.

I'm working on the blues when I see a figure standing in the doorway.

I jevitate (jump levitate) off the floor before I realize its Emma. She's leaning on the door jam with her arms crossed, still in sass mode.

We stare at each other for a second, and I realize how incredibly alike they both look to Mr. Frost.

Her mouth unpuckers to speak to me. "Jack was really excited when Dad told us you'd be moving in. I don't know why, since you seem rather unremarkable."

Well then.

I clutch the book in my hand tighter and don't reply to her, so she just keeps speaking. "I think it's weird that he sent his receptionist or assistant or whatever instead of just yelling at him to get a job like I do. But that never works, so..." Her lips pucker again and she shrugs. I slowly turn back to my books.

I hear her purple socked feet shuffle into my room. She stands silently next to me as I stack, rubbing her feet back and forth. I figure out what she's doing too late when she touches my hand and shocks me. I jump again.

"Ow!" I rub my hand. "Dude that hurt."

"You're kinda jumpy. Like a bird. Are you nervous?"

I look at her, sure that she's making fun of me, but her expression is serious. "No, just tired, but I want my books up before I take a nap." I run my fingers over the middle shelf. "It won't feel like my room until my books are up."

I look back at her to make sure she won't call me a nerd or anything, but she's not looking at me. She's looking at my green section. She points to one at the beginning, one of the shortest and smallest of all my books. It sits between two thick dentistry books, dwarfed by them and barely noticeable.

"I like this book."

I lift my eyebrows at her. "You've read it? Isn't it kind of grown up for you?"

"Nah, I can handle it."

"Okay... Who's your favorite character?"

She thinks for a moment. "I don't know. Maybe Charlie, but the gay brother is really funny." She looks back at me. "I like the ending. I asked Jack if we could do the same thing in the Lincoln tunnel, but he said no. Douche bag."

I jerk and my eyes go wide. "Uh, are you allowed to say that word?" Saying curse words, reading books with rape and drugs in it, knowing what gay is. This kid is really surprising me.

"What Jack doesn't know won't hurt him, and I know you won't tell him." She's right, and that makes me uneasy. She points to the light blue book in my hand. "That's one of my favorites too."

"Oh, mine too." I pull the book against my chest and grin. "The guy is just perfect. I hate when everything starts getting sad, though. It's like, the author makes you think in the beginning that the girl's going to die, but it ends up being him. It's terrible."

"Yeah, well we all go eventually." She shrugs as if saying death is so whatever. "I guess we're all just waiting for our inevitable end."

I give her a peculiar look. "You're kind of jaded for a twelve year old, you know that?"

She squares her shoulders and squints her eyes at me. "You're kind of serious for someone with colors in their hair."

"What? What does that...? I am the perfect amount of serious a girl my age should be."

"Then I guess we don't know much about each other. Why are your eyelashes pink?"

"Why are your bangs so choppy?"

Her eyes narrow further and her mouth closes so tight I can't see her lips. She stares me down too long for comfort, and I start to back away when a slow smile spreads on her face.

"Fine. I like you. Don't mess it up." She twirls away to retreat to the hallway, then disappears into her bedroom.

I blow out a breath, happy to have gotten past the guard cat and guard little sister.

I put the book I'm holding away just as Jack walks in. He glances at Emma's door then back to me with a raised eyebrow. "Did she say something to you?" he asks while putting the boxes in his arms down next to others.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, did she say something rude to you?" He stands straight and gives me a pleading look. "If so, I'm sorry, she doesn't take too kindly to new people." He runs a hand through his pointy brown hair, making it flop back in his face, and takes a deep breath. The movement of his chest makes me notice his black T-shirt and dark blue sweats that bunch at his feet. The dark fabric accentuates his light skin and hugs his toned form admirably. Attractive men are usually described as the clichéd "tall, dark, and handsome," but something tells me that Jack wouldn't be able to pull that off. He looks good the way he does. I don't know him very well, but I think this comfort-at-home look expressed him the most.

"No, of course not! She's small, and a little intimidating," I laugh, tucking a yellow lock behind my ear, "but she didn't say anything to hurt my feelings. I think we're cool." I smile at him.

He puffs his cheeks and blows out a breath. "Good! That was what freaked me out the most. She's my little sister, but she can be scary sometimes." He walks over to my bed and sits on the edge, facing me. "So, do you like your room? I already know you like the bathroom." He chuckles. "But I didn't know what to get for the bed. Is this okay?" He pats the purple comforter.

"Oh, yes! It's wonderful! And the bedding is perfect, thank you." I abandon my books just as I reach the blacks and sit next to him.

This close to him, I finally notice his eyes. They're a strange blue; unlike a natural eye color and look slightly a hue off. He notices me staring. "What?"

I ask the stupid question I despise and get all the time. "Are you wearing colored contacts?"

"Uh, yeah." He fake coughs into his fist. I know it's fake because his eyes shift around the room as if looking for a lie.

"What for?"

"I just like the color blue. Are you wearing colored contacts?"

"No, this is my natural eye color. Cool, huh?" I flutter my eyelashes and smile up at him.

"Wow, cool! How did that work? Some genetic mishap or something? Awesome!" He stares in my eyes, his own wide with interest, but I can't look away from his and he takes so long to examine mine that I start to feel uncomfortable. It's that really weird, other worldly feeling you get from staring into someone else's eyes for too long.

"Um, possibly? We never really bothered to check." I look away to my bare white walls, and a thought occurs to me. "Hey, if it's just you and Emma here, what was this room used for?"

Luckily, he's done staring at my eyes and glances around the room. "It was a guest room for these two kids I babysit. They live downstairs with their mom. I guess they'll just sleep in Emma's room now, but that's okay. They usually end up in there anyway."

He chuckles and shakes his head. I can see how nice his smile is, and thus see how a-freakin-mazing his teeth are. Like, just damn! Look at those pearly whites!

"Whoa, dude, you… You have incredible teeth!" I say, lifting a hand as if to touch them, but snap it back before he sees.

He raises his eyebrows. "Really? Well, thanks! I don't think I've ever noticed." He rubs his front tooth and I am suddenly jealous of his hand. Not like you-stole-my-boyfriend-you-bitch jealous, but dang I really want to do a monthly check up on those babies.

He drops his hand and looks pensively at my bookshelf, then gets up and walks towards my boxes. He lifts the last of the books out and puts them away on the bottom shelf, then stacks the empty boxes on top of each other and stands back to survey our work with his hands on his hips. He glances at me over his shoulder and grins. "I have my books organized the same way."

I blink, surprised. I've never met anyone else who did.

He turns back to the books and his lips purse up to the side. He looks thoughtful, but serious. Jack hasn't looked serious a second since I met him.

Suddenly, he breaks the silence. "I know why my dad asked you to live with us. But I just want to tell you that it's my life, and no matter how much money he bribes you with, I'm not going to decide against what I want for myself." He faces me and drops his arms. "I'm happy to have you living with us, but don't think you can just change my life. Dad will probably give you what you want whether what he asked for happens or not, so no need to get crazy if I don't fulfill his expectations of me. I love my dad, but he needs to know it is my life."

And without my knowledge or forewarning, Jack Frost has rendered me speechless. I blink incoherently at him, before I utter out a quiet, "Okay."

"…Okay? That's all? You're not going to argue with me or yell at me or whatever? I mean, I think I basically just accused you of being a money sucking charlatan, but I didn't mean to."

"No, no, that's alright! I agree! Of course I can't take away your free will. I mean, getting the money for college would be nice, and earning it would be better than getting it out of consolation, but like you said, it's your life." I nod as a final point on the topic.

"Right! Thank you! Wow, glad I got that out of the way." His serious expression drops and he looks relieved. "Thinking about having this conversation made me anxious all day, which is probably why I forgot clothes when you came to the door." He rubs his red ear, an embarrassed smile on his lips.

"It's okay, that was actually kind of funny. Traumatizing but funny." I laugh. "Thanks for putting the rest of my books up. They really light up the room."

He grins at me. "Exactly. That's why I have mine the same way."

He walks backwards towards the door. "So I'm about to start cooking. We're having breakfast for lunch. Banana pancakes, Emma's favorite. I'll just knock when they're done, 'kay?"

I nod and he slips out the door, still grinning.

I take a deep breath and flop back on my bed, arms spread wide. I grapple blindly for a pillow and pull it to my chest, curling around it. It's only before I slip off into unconsciousness that I remember I forgot to call Bunny when I landed. Oh well, I'll call him before lunch.

Jack sure is not what I expected.

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