I have been itching for a while now to mess with that particular storyline, which was a favorite of mine. I remember crying out in frustration when Ross and Alex had showed up at Holly and Roger's hotel room, cutting up short what could have been the beginning of something real. It's not that I had something against Ross and Holly being together, in fact, I rather liked them together. But that she should end up with neither of them because of Alex's interference? I still think that it was not fair, so I decided to change a few thingsā€¦here and there. Hope that you will enjoy it!

p.s. For those who would need some background on Holly and Roger's history, message me and I will gladly provide it for you.


It could have worked.

Roger had been haunted by this idea ever since Holly and he had agreed upon it the night before. After tossing and turning on the lumpy couch of their shared hotel room for a few hours, he had finally risen at the crack of dawn and went for a walk to clear his head.

He was now standing before a cheerfully babbling little stream, lost in his thoughts as he stared at the crystal clear water. If they would not have been so immature and clueless, especially him, it could have worked between them all those years ago.

Strangely, he was not filled with regrets about what could have been. They had played their parts to the best of their ability. If they had failed, if he had failed her, maybe it was meant to be. Besides, the past could not be changed, however he wanted it to.

So he was not a miserable man that morning. In fact, he felt lighter than he had in years, because Holly had given him the most precious gift of all the night before: her forgiveness. He had told her how overwhelmingly sorry he had been for all these years about the unspeakable way in which he had hurt her, and she had forgiven him. She had been able somehow to see past his violence, past the anger, past the despair.

A part of him still could not believe that it was possible, but then he would remember that above all, she had done it for herself. She had needed to let go of the hate that was eating her alive.

Roger rolled the cuffs of his pants up to his knees and gingerly threaded into the stream. The cool water awakened his already-heightened senses even more. It was a glorious day; maybe it was the most beautiful day he had ever seen.

It could have worked. Which begged the question: could it still?

The week they had just spent together in Acapulco, and especially the night before, had been cathartic. It had opened a door for Roger, a door to a new future, a door which he now found impossible to close again.

When he had woken up that morning, it was with the realization that he was still desperately in love with his ex-wife. He was in love with Holly Lindsey, and the discovery of that undeniable truth had blown him away.

For years, he had felt so guilty about what he had done to her that he had buried that love deeply inside of him. He had smothered it with layers and layers of shame and sadness. He did not deserve to love her after what he had done to her, how could he? So he had kept his feelings at bay, but now they came rushing back, flooding his heart, his entire being. His love had changed; it had grown with him and embraced the woman that she had become. But it was still there.

Now he had to find out what was in her heart.

He walked out of the river and looked at his watch. It was almost noon. Their plane left at 11AM the next day.

Once they would be back to Springfield, she to Ross and he to Alex, he doubted that she would honestly answer if he were to ask her if she still had feelings for him. The real world would close in on them, and the opportunity would be lost, possibly forever.

That meant that he had less than twenty-four hours to convince her that they belonged together.