Jack is Bunny's dead pooka lover/mate/spouse reincarnated into a human body.
How this happened I don't know. Maybe Manny has something to do with it, Mother Nature, Father Time, someone. Maybe it was caused by timey-wimey temporal what-has-its. Who knows. Up to anon I guess. Either way Jack (who maybe had a different name before when he was still a Pooka) was reincarnated into a human boy, a human boy who died and then became a Guardian. Too bad Jack doesn't know ANY of this. He doesn't know he was reincarnated, he has no idea about his and Bunny's past life together, and he has no human memories to boot. Bunny on the other hand can either: 1) Know that his lover was reincarnated and know that Jack is them 2) Bunny can know his mate was reincarnated and not know it's Jack or 3) Bunny can know as much as Jack, which is jack shit. He thinks his mate is still dead and he hates this boy that has so many similar mannerisms and sense of humor and just everything about this fucking annoying human brat remind him of his mate! Even those damned blue eyes and white hair and shit-eating-grin remind him of his dearly deceased mate! *crosses fingers for 3* So the movie happens, and maybe Jack and Bunny eventually get together, or don't (because Bunny can't get together with this human who reminds him so much of his mate that it aches and stings and tastes like betrayal, Jack can't understand why Bunny feels so familiar and right and stays away from him like he has the plague) but eventually they find out someway somehow, and then all hell breaks loose.
+ After they find out they discover that Jack can revert to his old Pooka form, the first time Jack does it Bunny sees and it feels like a punch right to the solar plexus.
- If Jack's Pooka form is (and always has been) white furred and blue eyed and this is a rarity among Pookas.
- If sometimes he changed his fur and eye color to brown to blend in better, possibly to play pranks, (shape-shifters) and that's why he had brown eyes and hair as a human.
+ If going the route where Bunny knows Jack is his mate, and doesn't know that Jack doesn't remember, then Bunny figures that Jack must not want him anymore, and that's why he's so spiteful to him.
++ If after a time after finding out Jack's memories of his previous life slowly return, the good and the bad. (He remembers his Pooka parents, his siblings, EVERYTHING)
- Maybe it's a bit of an overload at first, and it possibly gives him headaches.
+++ Jack has night terrors/nightmares of how he died. Bunny is the only one who can comfort him through these, thought the other Guardians try. Jack also develops severe insomnia from this, and is deeply afraid to go to sleep. (Jack is even too afraid to fall asleep under Sandy's dreamsand)
++++ If Jack was of a different clan than Bunny, and has different markings to prove it.
++++ Pitch finds out, and taunts Jack about how he killed the Pookas, one by one, how he killed Jack (about how he did it slowly, how he drew it out), and left Bunny all alone.
++++++ Jack and Bunny possibly either had kits or were thinking of having kits, Pitch taunts him about this too, how he slaughtered every last Pooka, even the children.
++++++++++ If one of them was pregnant when the genocide happened, and either lost the kit when they died (Jack) or lost it from a combination of stress/injuries/grief/etc. (Bunny) Or both were pregnant, and this happened.
++++++++++++ Bunny finds out about Pitch taunting Jack and goes absolutely POSTAL and beats the shit out of him, threatens to kill him, and the Guardians have to hold him back from actually carrying it out. Jack is the only one who can convince him it's not worth it.
+++++++++++++++++ If eventually strains of the original Kozmotis Pitchiner leak out/Kozmotis breaks free of the hold the fearlings have over him and he is horrified about all he's done and said, total Blue Screen of Death. The Guardians try to help him out and work him through it though, one helping most of all. (Would love very much if that was Sandy, love the BlackSand; Cavity and BlackChristmas may also apply! ;D Can just be very good friendship though)
+++++++++++++++++++ Pitch is still the Boogieman/Fear but is possibly made a Guardian/a herald of something else. (Possibly courage/morality/love)
+++++++++++++++++++++ All of the slowbuild JackRabbit! (other pairs welcomed and encouraged!)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++ If you include the story of how they first met, fell in love, and mated/got the Pooka equivalent of married!
My heart and soul if they eventually decide to try start for a family (possibly again), and take turns bottoming to see who will get pregnant first.
My first born child if they both end up pregnant! 3
This got super-angsty really fast dear MiM
Don't have to hit all the bonuses, but would love some of them at least pretty pretty please! :D


There was something about the cold little brat that set his blood on fire, yet ripped his already damaged heart to shreds. Aster absentmindedly bounced his foot, laying in the clover in the Warren while he watched the clouds, hoping to accomplish some serious soul searching.

However, his mind, heart and soul seemed determined to throw him for a loop.

Jack Frost. Jack Bloody Frost. He knew he wasn't doing it on purpose, no, Jack wasn't that cruel. Winter might be, but Jack was all quote-on-quote snowballs and fun times, and this kind of torture was only something Pitch would intentionally concoct.

But why, why did Jack have to be so much like Silvian?! If his mate were alive today, no doubt they would have gotten along famously. Both were pranksters at heart, fun-loving, somewhat childish at times, loved and adored children…MiM how he missed him, what could have been. They were only newly mated, so much left to do, Silvian already beginning to dig burrows out for their kits, even if it took hours to get all the dirt and grime from his silky, snow white fur, those pretty blue eyes filled with laughter and happiness when they discovered their first litter was on the way.

Those same blue eyes filled with agony as Pitch ripped into his flesh, tearing open his stomach and throat while he fought he nightmares, trying to reach him while Pooka were slaughtered left and right, the nightmares sparing not even the tiniest kit or the frailest elder, the dying screams of life long friends and family ringing in his ears as they were ripped apart and trampled by the bogeyman, all the blood... He knew that the kits were lost, not even MiM able to save the barely developing lives inside his mate with such severe injuries to the abdomen, but there was still hope for Silvian. Hope that shriveled and died as the snap of bone left his still struggling mate still, his blue eyes dull and unseeing, red matting his fur as more gushed out his mouth.

Aster still wasn't sure if MiM saving him was a blessing or divine punishment for being unable to save the Pooka, unable to save his beloved mate. Then it had only been Sandy. North hadn't even been born yet, let alone made into the Guardian of Wonder, Tooth in the same boat. It had been Sandy who had kept him from drowning in his grief, Sandy who silently stood by while he mourned his beautiful mate, and Sandy who had performed last rites for Silvian and their unborn kits at their grave.

But over the centuries, that pain had dulled into a small sting, so much so visiting their grave became bearable. And everything was fine, beautiful. He fulfilled his duties as the Easter Bunny, Guardian of Hope. Easter came and went, believers swelled and diminished, but never outright ceased to exist, and of course pounding Pitch into the dirt had been maybe a bit too much fun in the dark ages.

Then came the Blizzard of '68.

Chaos. It was total and utter chaos. The snow was so deep, it was near impossible for him, standing at seven feet tall with VERY powerful legs, to trudge through, on Easter, his bloody holiday! Oooh, whoever was responsible was getting a taste of his boomerang, that was damn certain.

But a sound made him stop in his tracks.

Laughter, like bells pealing through the wind, clear and full of joy, rang out loud in the snow. Laughter like Silvian's. Before he could recover, remind himself that he would never hear that sound again, the source of both his woe came barreling through the air, and strait into him.

He saw white, and felt a terrible sense of déjà-vu. Wasn't this exactly how he met Silvian, the reckless beauty careening into him as he raced his younger siblings across the hills?

"What the Bloody-" suddenly the weight was gone, and he got a good look at his attacker. It was a boy, probably about seventeen or eighteen in appearance, floating in the air with a wooden shepherd's crook. His white hair, the same shade of Silvian's fur had been, was wild like the child, his blue eyes full of mirth.

He should have known he was done for then and there. It wasn't much later until, about three years later, he found out the little brat's name; Jack Frost, and soon that name had become taboo to the Pooka. The little brat had done anything and everything to become the bane of his existence, and at the root of it was the searing pain he brought back with a vengeance. Deep down, he knew the kid didn't know he did this too him, but his irritating little pranks pulled at things long buried, that MiM forsaken nickname the same! But, he could handle it. It's not like he saw the bloody show pony on a regular basis, right?

Oh, if only he knew just how wrong he'd be in a short few decades. MiM made the drongo a Guardian. Jack Bloody Frost, a GUARDIAN OF CHILDHOOD! At the time he wondered just what the Hell he could possibly have done to deserve this. It was almost like MiM was determined to make him face the brat, like he took some sick pleasure in watching him crash and burn in his own memories, or for some reason he wanted them to at least tolerate each other. And it almost worked, until Easter. Now he knew, now he knew that Pitch had tricked him, but then…he almost hit him, he wanted to, to release it all, every last ounce of pain he brought back from losing Silvian, the agony of being walked through, bringing him back to this helpless, hopeless feeling.

But he couldn't. No mater how hard he tried, those eyes, that hair…no matter how hard he thought about that moment, he could only see Silvian staring back at him with those hurt, betrayed and frightened eyes.

Silvian's eyes as he battled for his life and their kits' against the man who used to be a friend, General Kozmotis Pitchner, now Pitch Black and tainted by the Fearlings.

And it only broke his heart further.

But he came back. Jack kept the faith in the guardians in a single child, though he couldn't be seen, and the rip more than repaired. It may have been then that he noticed it, cornered in the ally with the kid, Jamie, and the Guardians, Jack the only one left with any power.

"We're going to have a little fun instead." The same words. The same words Silvian always used to comfort his siblings. A small theory, a small, impossible, too beautifully hopeful to be a reality theory took root, and now that tiny, perfect seedling of hope swam once again, five years after Pitch's attack, at the front of the Pooka's mind.

Reincarnation. He knew it was possible, hell, MiM raised the DEAD on occasion, but it was also VERY unlikely he was right. There were generations upon generations between Jack's birth and Silvian's death. It was possible that they have very similar personalities. Besides, Jack's hair was BROWN in his mortal life. But, Silvian used to change his fur color to brown for the good of a prank, normally against his loving grey mate. And if MiM decided to reincarnate Silvian, why not give him his REAL name, his Pooka name? Why not show him back to Aster? But, hadn't he been doing it all along? He couldn't just bring it up. Jack had finally wormed his way into the position of friend, and Jack being a friend meant less heinous pranks on his precious Warren, and light dustings of snow, if any, on Easter that was really a light dusting unless the natural cycle demanded it. He couldn't just out and ask him. The poor boy might take it the wrong way, and thank you Aster preferred having 'Daddy' North happy and NOT trying to flay him for being insensitive or worse with Jack.

"Damn it Aster, get yer head in the game." He huffed, rolling over and to his feet. He needed to investigate, and sadly, the only option in that was to visit the icicle himself. Which, by extension, meant either breaking and entering the Bennett house at two AM, or trudging through the snow to the boy's frozen pond, a detour to North's, or all of the above. He REALLY hoped he wouldn't have to chase the ruddy show pony.

"…Just a quick visit." He said to himself, strapping on his bandolier and arm braces. "In, chat, maybe look into some body language, then I'm out of there. Just a friendly visit. Jack don't need to know about this." With a final sigh, he solidified his resolve and opened up a tunnel. Just because it was impossible, didn't mean it wasn't worth looking into.

He'd already had his heart crushed to dust. Disappointment was nothing.


Jack sighed, looking up at the moon.

"You're a jerk, you know that?" he huffed. "Why? You KNOW he hates me. Do you just like making me suffer? Huh?" As usual, the Moon remained silent. Jack snorted and jumped down from the branch, landing on the ground with perfect grace.

"I only make him hurt…" he sniffed. "And I don't know why. Why did you make me love him?!" Again, the moon remained silent. Jack deflated, crouching low.

"Please, just…at least make him love me too…" The moon showed no change. Jack dejectedly slipped to his cave above the pond.

Maybe with a little help from Sandy's dream sand, he could stand a chance of surviving the next day.


It wasn't Jack's sweet, minty scent (So like Silvian's…) that brought Bunny running to the Winter spirit's icy cave.

It was the sound of blood curdling screams. Aster clawed his way up the icy slope, boomerangs drawn, ready to attack. No hordes of nightmares, no Pitch met his gaze.

Just Jack, curled up in a pile of snow, twigs, feathers and blankets (Aster swore to MiM it looked like his nest at home, minus the snow), screaming as if in pain, eyes shut with his arms wrapped tightly around his stomach.

"Oi, Jacky!" growled Aster, shaking his shoulder roughly, only to have Jack claw angrily at his paw, screaming. It took a moment before the shrill screams registered as words.


'Them?" wondered Aster. "Jack! Wake up! We're the only ones here!"

"NO! STOP KOZ!" Aster froze, partially due to the pained scream coming from Jack, and partially due to the familiar screech. The same words, Silvian's last words.

Before Aster could register his actions, he was already nuzzling Jack's downy head, the writhing spirit stopping at the touches. Gently, Aster ran a paw over the small of Jack's back, half delighted and half nervous that the spirit almost purred, his breath calming and figure relaxing. It was almost like the nights Silvian had night terrors, dreams of his tribe being destroyed by the Fearlings, only he and two sisters surviving the massacre. How he had calmed him, held him tight until he could sleep well again, Silvian nuzzling into his fur like a kit.

Just like Jack was doing to his paw. Aster's eyes narrowed, seeing small flecks of black sand on the nest.

"Pitch…" he growled. Not again. Silvian was dead, gone and done for. But Jack, Jack was alive, here and had so much life left to live, and this time, he would NOT let the light Silvian had possessed, the little spark of infectious joy that was Jack's center, vanish again. If Pitch thought for a minute he was going to take Jack too…

Well, there's a reason the Pooka had been feared by all militaries in the galaxy, and it wasn't because they made a mean vegan spread.