"DAMN IT KOVU WE FORGOT!" Kovu was surprised he shot a look at Simba and questioned him, "Forgot what?" Simba slapped Kovu upside the head, "OWWW WHAT WAS THAT…" "WE FORGOT WHAY KIARA AND NALA SAID!" Kovu nodded and after thinking he became conserved, "OH MY GOD WE FORGOT, THEY…" Simba cut him off mid-sentence, "THEY TOLD US THAT WE HAD TO BE AT THE GOD DAMN MEETING TODAY…THEY'RE GOING TO KILL US! HOW DID WE FORGET, THEY SAID IF WE DIDN'T SHOW WE WOULD *Simba leaned in and whispered into Kovu's ear*" Kovu's eyes grew to the size of dinner platters, he screeched in his throat and then he started to rant, "WE HAVE TO GO, NOW WE GOT TO GO, GOTTA GO, GOTTA GO, HURRY UP SIMBA, COME ON, WE HAVE TO GO HOME AND DRY OFF, AND RUN TO THE METTING AND THEN…THEN WHAT, WHAT THE HELL DO WE…*UMPF*" Simba punched Kovu in the stomach and yelled into his ear, "STOP IT WE'RE GOING NOW WE'LL HEAD HOME AND DRY OFF THEN GET READY AND GO, JUST CALM THE HELL DOWN! AS LONG AS WE HURRY WE MIGHT BE JUST A MINUTE LATE AND NALA WILL JUST TELL US TO HURRY NEXT TIME! WE'LL BE FINE! COME ON LET'S GO!"

Simba and Kovu darted across the Pridelands; they appeared as two bolts; a faster bolt of red and gold, and a bolt that lagged behind made of obsidian and brown. As they approached Pride Rock they stopped dead in their tracks to regain their composure, and catch their breaths. They stood silently and began to ascend Pride Rock. They were to calmly walk past the lionesses dry off and get….dressed; yes dressed.

Simba and Kovu gracefully glided down the aisle leading to Priderock, Kovu shuddered; his mind filled with doubts and regrets; he leaned into Simba for a feeling of warmth and reassurance. When the light golden glow of the lionesses fur showed; Simba pushed Kovu away; he blushed, and let out a soft sly laugh; he yelled at Kovu in a strong, muffled voice, "KOVU BACK OFF, THESE PEOPLE ALREADY THINK WE'RE GAY!"

Kovu stumbled backwards, as he regained his balance he began to roar in defense at Simba, "WHAT THE FUCK, YOU COULD HAVE JUST ASKED KING CUNT!" Simba snapped back at Kovu, his words slashed Kovu like a razor, "HEY CALM DOWN THE HELL DOWN IT WAS A TINY PUSH YOU..."

Kovu nudged Simba and slyly winked at him, Simba paused and realized what was happening; he spoke in a quiet mildly-shocked voice, "OH! Oh okay I see what we're doing," Simba grinned and his voice transformed into a cocky tone, "Keeping up appearances, I see...okay we're close enough for them to hear us; FAG I HOPE YOU DIE WHY THE HELL DID YOU MARRY MY DAUGHTER IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO FUCK MASHOGA TWICE A DAY AND CALL IT "SEX" THERAPY?! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU CAN JUST GO AND..." Kovu took great offense and snapped back,*blushing* "THAT'S NOT WHAT WE...OKAY MAYBE IT IS BUT IT'S FOR A GOOD REASON IT'S NOT GAY! BESIDES YOU WISH YOU COULD GET IN ON IT, CUNT! I HOPE YOU DIE; YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO LEAVE, AND YOU'RE THE GAY ONE TOO!"

The lionesses stood above giggling, Lionesses 1, she blushed and whispered to the others, "I wish I could have some "therapy" with King Simba he's so...so dreamy!" All the other lionesses nodded and giggled in agreement; Lioness 2, she let out a loud laugh and was barely able to get out her statement, "Yeah Simba sure is, but Kovu looks like he was dropped off of Priderock and landed on his face" The lionesses broke out in laughter, Lioness 3 snorted out a remark, "Yeah, and after that he must have fallen into the gorge and got trampled by Wildebeests!" The forth one broke out, "OH SO THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS DICK!" The lionesses roared in laughter; and one roared out, "I THOUGHT HE WAS BORN WITHOUT ONE!", they broke out again, after a few minutes they turned red from a lack of air and collapsed. '

Kovu was steaming at his ears; his insides boiled with anger, through gritted teeth and clenched paws he roared to Simba, "THOSE BITCHES; I SHOULD EXILE THEM FOR SUCH TALK; ESPECIALLY BECAUSE IT'S ALL LIES!" Simba was hold back laughter and tears began to roll down his eyes; through muffled laughs and gasps for air Simba spoke, "Well they are telling the truth you can't punish them for that; actually I think they're holding back a lot; they and I have a lot worse things to say about you!"

Kovu sprinted towards Simba and attempted to slash at him, but at the last possible second Simba dived out of harm's way and sent Kovu flying off of Priderock's edge. Kovu screeched from the foot of the rock, "WHAT THE HELL, AGAIN WITH THE SEA LEVEL THING, AHHHH! I'M GOING TO TAKE THIS UP WITH AHADI!" Simba rolled around laughing his face was crimson red. He paused for a second rolled on his stomach and looked down the edge; he roared down at Kovu, "YOU TRY THAT; YOU JUST NEED TO REMEMBER, NEVER TRY TO ATTACK ME ON PRIDEROCK, YOU CAN ATTEMPT TO ATTACK ME OFF OF THE ROCK; EVEN THOUGH YOU'LL FAIL, BUT YOU KNOW!"

Simba walked over to the crimson red faced lionesses that were short of breath from laughing. As soon as they noticed Simba out of the corner of their eyes, they instantly stopped laughing and stood at attention. All the lionesses spoke loudly in perfect unison, "GOOD MORNING KING SIMBA!" Simba rolled his eyes and chuckled at them, "You guys know not to do that, you don't have to call me KING SIMBA JUST CALL ME SIMBA! Besides I heard you guys laughing and joking around, and you guys ARE WRONG!" The lionesses looked very worried and cringed at his voice.

Simba roared in their faces, "YOU ARE WRONG ABOUT KOVU HE DIDN'T LAND ON HIS FACE...THE 1ST TIME HE LANDED ON IT THE 2ND TIME, AND ANOTHER THING HE IS NOT A WOMAN HE HAS A...YOU KNOW AND TWO...YOU KNOWS; THEY WEREN'T RIPPED OFF BY THE STAMPED THEY'RE JUST MICROSCOPIC, DAMN IT YOU GUYS NEED TO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!" Simba used his signature smile on them and their looks turned from looks of concern to rather humorous and then they broke out in laughter. Simba walked off and left the lionesses roaring in laughter.

Simba descended from Pride Rock and approached Kovu; he stood above him and laughed in his face; in a cocky tone he spoke loudly into Kovu's ear, "I CLEARED EVERYTHING UP AND I SET THEM STRAIGHT, *muttering to himself* unlike you...you sure as hell weren't set straight." Kovu's bones creaked as he stood, "I CAN HEAR YOU; JUST FUCK YOU!" Simba cockily walked around Kovu and laughed, he spoke again, "I KNOW YOU'D LIKE THAT!" Kovu ran off and roared behind him, "SCREW YOU, JUST SCREW YOU SIMBA!"

Simba saw Mashoga out of the corner of his eye; Simba was angry at Mashoga for the little prank he pulled last week, *muttering to himself* "That fag because of him I couldn't sit for a week!" A/N: OH YOU HAD SOME FUN THERE EH SIMBA; DID HE LET YOU HAVE A REACH AROUND AFTERWARDS! Simba roared up into the air, "FUCK YOU, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT HE PUT A TACK IN THE SPOT WHERE I READ AT NIGHT!" A/N: I KNOW I'M JUST MESSING WITH YOU...fag. Simba looked up, he had missed the last word, "What was that?" A/N: NOTHING...fag. Simba knew how he could keep Mashoga away from Kovu and him; Simba strained, but was able to pull off a gay sexual voice, "LOVE YOU TOO BABY!" Mashoga heard this and ran angry and crying back to the den. Mashoga speaking through sobs, "KOVU LOVES SIMBA AND...NOT ME! WAAAAA!" Simba laughed, "What a little b..." Kovu roared back, "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY!?" Simba thought quickly and responded, "Nothing I was just yelling at Mashoga about the tack." Kovu turned back around, "OH OKAY... OH AND YEAH, SCREW YOU!"