Wrought-Iron Cross

By Bubbajack

Disclaimer: I don't own FSN or Campione!

Ch.2: Apotheosis...

"Big brother, it's time to get up for school or you're going to be late!" Shizuka said marching into his room.

"Hmm, five more minutes..."Archer said bleary eyed as he sleepily stared at Shizuka in her school girl sailor uniform.

"Big brother, if you don't get up breakfast is going to be cold and you're going to be late for class!" She said shaking a finger at him scolding.

"Alright I'm up, just stop being so Moe so early in the morning, I don't think I can take it." Archer grumbled.

"Oh, you think I look cute in this?" Shizuka asked spinning around once for him to see.

"Your adorable, now get out so I can get dressed please." Archer requested.

"Well fine, if that's how you want to be brother." Shizuka said obviously faking anger and marching to the door before slamming it closed.

'Maybe it's because I'm tired from staying up all night tracing, but I could've sworn Shizuka's cheeks were flushed.' Archer thought as he got dressed into his school uniform.

"I just hope that wasn't the case. Ah, who am I kidding, things like that only happen in eroges right?" he said as he finished getting ready for school and headed downstairs.

As our hero made his way into the kitchen he found gramps and Shizuka already eating breakfast. Taking a seat at the table he said "Good morning you two." he then began to eat his meal in silence.

"Morning Godou, sleep well?" Ichirou asked as he thumbed through the daily newspaper.

"Yeah it's good to be back in my own bed I suppose." He said lying through his teeth with a smile for Shizuka's sake.

"Yes, I suppose so. Anyway, the two of you had best get going to school." Ichirou said to his grandchildren.

"Yeah, guess so. Later gramps! C'mon Shizuka, let's get going before we're late." Archer said grabbing her by the hand and dragging her out the door...

"Big brother I know it's been awhile since you came to school but you almost got us lost on the way here!" Shizuka complained, as the two of them rushed towards the school, which functioned as both the elementary and middle school.

"I make one wrong turn after being gone for two months..." Archer began only for Shizuka to give him a glare and say "You took a left instead of a right when leaving our house brother."

"Right, like I said one wrong turn." Archer replied cheekily.

"Uh whatever, but if I'm late for class and ruin my perfect attendance, you're gonna pay! Brother or not!" she threatened.

"It's fine we're here already see?" he said pointing out the fact that they indeed had arrived at the school gates with time to spare.

"Phew, for a minute there I thought we weren't gonna make it." Shizuka said relieved.

"You almost didn't you know?" Said a quiet yet serene sounding voice. Archer immediately locked onto the source while moving in front of Shizuka out of reflex.

Standing in front of them was a girl in a middleschooler's sailor uniform with long chestnut colored braids framing her heart shaped face and the rest of her hair cascading down her back like a waterfall, and stopping at the small of her back. Not sensing any killing intent he quickly stepped forward with a smile asking "We aren't late then?"

"No you- oh hello there Shizuka-chan!" the older girl greeted politely.

"Oh, Mariya-sempai it's you!" Shizuka said happily.

'Huh Mariya-sempai, did I miss something here?' Archer thought to himself.

"Eh-hem, not to interrupt but who are you again?" Godou asked sounding confused.

"Oh, I forgot that the accident caused amnesia! Sorry big brother, this is Yuri Mariya the most idolized middleschooler on campus and according to some, a true Yamato Nadeshiko*. She is also my sempai in the tea ceremony club and in all of your classes so treat her nicely or else!" Shizuka threatened comically by raising a fist.

"Oh is that right? Well since she is in all my classes, maybe she can help me get around today? Seeing as I don't remember what any of my classes are, let alone where the building was?" he asked her as he walked towards the school without waiting for an answer his voice as usual tinged with sarcasm.

"Yes of course Kusanagi-san! But just so you know, you're heading towards the elementary school; the middle school is over there!" Mariya called pointing to the slightly larger building off to Emiya's right.

"Right well then, have a nice day Shizuka. I'll see you after school unless you have club activities?" he asked turning to her.

"I have club today big brother, you should come too!" Shizuka said enthusiastically.

"I dunno about that tea serving really isn't my thing, I might try the kendo or archery club though."

"Kendo or archery, ah well then, if you're sure. I'll seeya later big brother!" Shizuka said sounding a bit down before giving him a wave goodbye.

"Well Yuri-san it seems I will be in your care for the foreseeable future. Please take good care of me." Archer said with a small bow.

"It's no problem; please take good care of me also." Mariya asked returning the bow before she and Godou rushed off to class...

'This place would almost be pointless for me if it wasn't on the verge of breaking down.' Emiya thought as he repaired yet another broken appliance using Structural Grasping to figure out what was wrong with it, as he ate lunch on the school roof. Suddenly the door opened and out popped Mariya Yuri.

"Ah here you are Kusanagi-san...Kusanagi-san what are you doing?" She asked curiously.

"Besides eating lunch, I'm attempting to fix this VCR player for our social studies teacher." He replied not looking up from either his lunch or his current project.

"Oh, that's very kind of you." Mariya said.

"In all honesty, I'm not doing this out of kindness I'm doing it out of boredom." He told her bluntly.

"Ah, I see. So you find the classes boring then?" She asked sitting down beside him.

"Yeah pretty much, I'm better with my hands then remembering mostly useless facts and equations anyway." He told her as he finished fixing the VCR and putting its casing back on before screwing it in.

"Mostly useless facts and equations? What do you mean Kusanagi-san?" She asked.

"Well yeah think about it, Japan is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. Where the best jobs are given to those with the best grades...or that's what they want you to think. The truth of the matter is, a good forty percent of what you learn in school is unnecessary unless you are going into a specific field of study." Godou told her remorselessly.

"What, but then why would they try and force us to learn so much? Some people have actually died over not getting into a good college!" Mariya said shocked and disbelieving.

"Well are you sure you wanna know? You seem pretty riled up already." Godou said calmly pointing out her emotional state.

"Your right, I apologize." She said beginning to bow until she saw Godou raise his hand signaling her to stop.

"Don't worry about it, though I am curious what will you do with the information if I give it to you?" he asked regarding her coolly.

"I suppose, depending on the information, I would use it to help me decide what my future should be." She said hesitantly.

"Hmm, good enough for me then, it's quite simple really, prestige." Godou told her.

"Prestige, what do you mean?" she asked confused.

Godou sighed before saying "Well think about it like this, the governments are like snide bragging parents and all the kids that do well on tests are their kids. On an international level Japan is tied with Finland when it comes to science, but is primarily behind Hong Kong China, Finland, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Liechtenstein in both reading and math. So basically, what it comes down to is since we have a better national average than most countries we are often contracted to do more work since we have better education than most." He explained.

"But then why do so many people choose to study abroad and go to America?" the quiet girl asked inquisitively.

"Likely because it is easier to get scholarships over there as they have lower standards then over here."

"Would people really do such a thing for prestige though?" Mariya asked skeptically.

"Of course prestige isn't the only reason remember when I said since we get higher test scores we often get contracted to do more work, how much money do you think that brings in?" Godou asked.

"A lot of money I expect." Mariya said.

"Trillions of yen a year, no doubt a decent portion of which is used to line people's pockets so they can be reelected next term or keep living in their fancy house or driving their new car." Godou said coldly.

"Kusanagi-san, you're making it sound like all politicians are corrupt!" Mariya accused.

Suddenly the bell rang signaling the end of the lunch break. Before Godou left the roof however he said one more thing "Do you know how a politician is lying Mariya?"

The unknown school idol shook her head negatively.

"His lips will be moving." Godou said before he made his way back to class...

'Well that was a dull first day.' Archer thought as he slowly made his way home without Shizuka.

"I suppose I should really get to practicing on my self-reinforcement for now. That's the problem with being stuck in a new body; it has a different structure compared to my old one which means I need to learn self-reinforcement all over again. But hopefully

it shouldn't take too long a couple of months at least." He said muttering to himself as he walked.

"Excuse me." He suddenly heard an elegant yet rather bubbly sounding female voice ask.

"Can I...help you miss?" He asked turning around to find to his surprise a young Middle Eastern girl around his age wearing a long flowing deep purple dress and sandals with her hair in a long ponytail and a shawl that covered head, yet framed her very pretty face. She had a rounded face, tanned skin, almond shaped brown eyes, with pencil thin black eyebrows smiling at him kindly.

"Possibly, you see I am looking for my father and I was wondering if you had seen him? He is a tall man about six feet tall, long dark hair, and a rather large dark beard wearing traditional Persian clothing." She said.

"No I haven't seen anyone like that around here. Would you like some help looking for him?" Archer offered.

"That would be splendid mr..." She said trailing off.

"Kusanagi Godou, and you are?" he inquired.

"My name is Azi Dahaka, pleasure to make your acquaintance Godou-san" she said giving a polite bow.

"No need to bother with formalities Dahaka-san. So, shall we go and look for your father?" Godou asked.

"Alright." She agreed.

And thus for the next four hours Archer assisted the young woman in her fruitless search for her father cumulating in the park. Both sat on a bench and watched as the sun began to dip below the horizon.

"So we didn't find him afterall, Do you need a place to stay for the night?" Archer offered.

"No, no I'll be fine. Perhaphs, I shall have more luck tomorrow."

"Perhaphs, good luck in finding your father Dahaka-san." Archer said before walking off.

Over the next few days, after school he would run into the woman again and he would help her search for her father and ask her a bit about herself.

It was no the fifth consecutive day of not finding anyhing, he sat down on the bench in the park and commented "Your father is a hard man to find,not that I actually expected to come across the Angra Mainyu or anything." Archer said conversationally.

"Oh my, so you know who I am then?" Azi asked covering her mouth to hide her smile.

"Indeed I do; you are Azi Dahaka, The Serpent, otherwise known as the daughter of All the Worlds Evils. In other words, you're a Heretic Goddess." Archer said standing up and facing her.

"Oh very good Godou-san, very good indeed! I never expected to be found out so quickly bravo!" She replied cheerfully.

"You know, for a goddess who symbolizes darkness you seem awfully nice and upbeat." Archer commented.

"Oh, you think? Well thank you...But isn't this the part where we fight to the death?" she asked him, her eyes turning completely black, before he narrowly avoided having his head cut off.

"You know what, never mind you're just as evil as I thought you would be." Archer deadpanned after he turned to see what had attacked him from behind only to find a small army of horse-mounted soldiers made out of some kind of semi-physical substantial black mist, their rusted and jagged weapons all drawn and ready for combat. More of them seemed to be forming...out of pure darkness?

'There must be at least a thousand of them. Well so much for testing her abilities. Looks like I need to get serious right out of the gate. Trace On.' Archer thought firing up his circuits as traced Kanshou and Bakuya and threw them both into the crowd of ethereal beings slicing off the arms and legs of several horses and riders before tracing a second set of blades and charging into the throng.

He parried, deflected, and riposted several blows; showing no mercy to his spectral enemies and receiving none in turn. After about five minutes but what felt like an eternity, Archer noticed something peculiar.

'Their numbers they aren't dropping there is still the exact same number of soldiers her since the fight started minutes ago.' He thought as he ducked under a sword thrust and cleaved off yet another head only for the entire body to dissipate.

'Hmm, no bodies are left behind either so there's no chance of keeping track that way. I think it's time to try something else.' The former counter guardian thought before he ducked, dodged, slashed and parried his way out of the murderous crowd, and made a break for the trees.

"My, my Godou-san you're getting bored already with our current game? Why didn't you just say so? Fine, we can play hide and seek if you really want to. I guess I'm it huh?" Azi said into the trees where Godou ran off before sending her army into the trees...

Archer thought of quickly tracing his black bow, but then he realized that without reinforcement he wouldn't be able to pull it back. So thninking quickly, Archer waited till a decent amount of the girls' forces had entered the trees before making his next move. Focusing, he quietly called forth one of his most dependable ranged weapons.

"Fly across the crimson plains, Red Hound." he said calling forth the mighty Hrunting the sword of Beowulf. He then twisted its shape to become more corkscrew-like and aerodynamic except instead of and arrow he turned this Hrunting into an throwable Lance. Finally he flooded it with prana, breaking it.

It was now a Broken Phantasm, a crystalized weapon of a hero flooded with enough energy to the point of breaking on contact. Archer took a breath, and then took careful aim at his target. Repeating the mantra of the weapon one more time, he let the sword turned projectile weapon fly and watched as it turned into a speeding crimson bullet.

Its target, a large group of shadow warriors were completely unprepared for the sudden explosion that happened in their midst. Several seconds later, another group was taken out, and then another. Within the span of a minute, all three thousand riders fell dead. Then Archer watched and waited from the trees.

"My, my Godou-san, if you wanted to play tag all you had to do was say something. Instead you go and kill half of my playmates. That's not very nice you know." She said rather childishly while still somehow sounding elegant.

"Sorry about that, but I tend to take offence when someone tries to kill me for some odd reason." Archer said sarcastically, emerging from the trees.

"Oh, are you done hiding now?" Dahaka asked happily.

"I have a question actually." He responded.

"Oh, well your in luck! I'm in the mood to grant last requests at the moment so go on ask your question." she said becoming inquisitive.

"Why did you come here in the first place?" Archer asked.

"Awe, is that all you're curious about? Well then it's faint; but you still have some of father's power clinging to you. Given another week or so and I wouldn't have sensed anything at all. But I detected it and I thought I'd see what father was up to in Japan of all places only to find you instead."

"I see, well I feel the need for a long hot bath with plenty of soap now, thanks to this little chat. But regardless, just why are you attacking me?" he asked.

"Well I thought I'd find father here and instead I find you. I'm a bit miffed you made me waste my time coming here you know? So I think it's only fair that you die in order to repay me for wasting my time." She said.

'What the hell kind of twisted logic is that?' he thought.

"I don't suppose offering to treat you to dinner and a movie would suffice?" He asked sarcastically.

"WAH?! Your-you're asking me out on a date?! But this is so sudden, and I don't have anything to wear!" she said suddenly blushing fiercely, putting her hands on her cheeks, and quivering with excitement.

'Must... Not...Facepalm. Will not facepalm.' He thought with every bit of his self-control.

"I was being sarcastic." He told her bluntly.

Suddenly, Azi Dahaka stopped her shaking, blinked in surprise and asked "Being sarcastic?"

"Yeah, you didn't actually think I would take someone who's trying to kill me out on a date do you?" Archer asked.

Azi started quivering again this time it was not because of excitement however, no now she was pissed!

"No, no of course not! I mean why on earth would you right? You were just being sarcastic, right?! DIE KUSANAGI GODOU!" she screamed flying into a demonic rage, summoning her remaining forces from the shadows around her as two anaconda sized snakes made of darkness sprouted from her shoulders with gigantic menacing sets of teeth.

'Fuck me, and fuck yandere's.' Was all Archer could think as he retraced Kanshou and Bakuya and fought his way back into the trees, surveying the situation.

So far Azi had used her serpents to tear the bench they were sitting on earlier in half, turning it into so many toothpicks. Then she began raging at her troops to find him and cut him into little tiny pieces.

"I reiterate fuck yandere's, but especially this one." Archer said under his breath as he created yet another lance out of a Broken Phantasm.

"I am the bone of my sword, Caladbolg II." Archer said before letting the fake spiral sword fly straight towards Azi, its speed creating a funnel and ripping apart all in its path.

He certainly didn't expect her to use the snakes on her shoulders to try and stop the attack, but try she did, as each bound serpent's jaw somehow managed to clamp down on the rapidly spinning projectile that was Caladbolg II and, to his complete and utter shock she was actually holding it back! The viselike jaws of the beasts clamped down on the sword turned arrow, and though they lost teeth, and blood and gore sprayed from their mouths, they did not let go.

'I do believe we are about to find out what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immoveable object.' Archer thought to himself.

Sure enough, Caladbolg soon exploded in the grip of the twin serpents taking out the rest of the shadow warriors with them in the fiery blast. Archer cautiously walked out of the trees, surveying the destruction the Heretic Goddess had caused and watching for any signs of movement.

'Well I helped.' Archer conceded.

"A shame she's dead, she was kinda cute when she wasn't being all psychotic and out for my blood." Archer said giving her half a compliment.

Suddenly, out of the flames came a giant black serpent which Archer narrowly avoided by rolling to the side.

"Damn, she's still alive afterall. Stubborn woman I'll give her that." He said begrudging letting his respect for her increase as he retraced Kanshou and Bakuya yet again.

As she made he was out of the flames it was clear that she did not escape unscathed, as her entire right arm including the shoulder was now destroyed as well as that side of her face which looks as if it had been pressed against a flat iron grill it was burnt so badly. Part of her nose was torn off, her lips were peeled back giving her this odd half grin half grimace of pain. Her dress was for the most part in tatters and it was only Archers' highly trained senses of self-preservation and years of combat experience that kept his eyes on his on his opponents' body language rather than his opponents body itself.

'One of these days I really need to get laid.' He thought to himself as he watched the Heretic Goddess for any sudden movement and promptly ignoring her heaving well-proportioned bosom as she gasped for breath.

"Let's finish this." He said quietly yet the goddess nodded in acquaintance anyway.

With that the two charged each other. Archer threw both of his projected blades at Azi while chanting -

"Spirit and technique, flawless and firm."

The two blades were blocked by the serpent however but that was just what he had planned. Tracing another set of the married twin swords he rushed the snake and intoned-

"Our strength rips the mountains, Our swords split the water"

All the while delivering several slashes to its body until the first set of blades he threw earlier impaled it in the head rendering it useless for the moment.

"Our names reach the imperial villa, The two of us cannot hold heavens together." Archer said as he traced one final pair and filled them with prana and reinforced them to the point that they grew to more than two times their size splintered to have featherlike protrusions.

"Two great men, sharing a life! Crane Wing Three Realm!" Archer yelled out as he brought the "Overedge" blades down, causing a massive explosion. When the dust finally cleared, Azi Dahaka was shown lying on the ground with an X pattern carved into her chest cutting her from shoulder to hip on each side.

"Well, I guess I lost huh?" Azi asked weakly.

"Yeah it seems like it." The victor replied emotionlessly. He didn't feel much of anything towards her, not hate or anger or fear just apathy.

Now that he thought about it he couldn't feel much of anything at all. Not his Arms or legs, his breathing was becoming more difficult and his vision was starting to swim.

"Poison?" he stated more than asked as he hit his knees.

"Oh my, it seems one of my Shadow Basilisks managed to knick your shoulder earlier. Don't worry though, I can tell that whatever you have inside you won't let you die though you may pass out for a bit." She said as her breathing became labored.

"How do you know about that?" Archer asked crawling over to her intent on getting some answers.

"It would...be rather difficult... not to recognize the scabbard of the Strongest of Steel when*Cough* it is so close by. It's rather unique you know?" Azi said in a strained tone.

"The Strongest of Steel, what do you-"Archer was silenced by Azi Dahaka gently putting her finger to his lips saying "Shh, don't worry about it for now. Soon I will fade from this world and return to my myth; however before I do I have a request if I may?" she asked.

Archer was silent for a moment before he nodded saying "Sure, if it is within my currently extremely limited power to grant, consider it done."

"I was wondering if you could do me two things actually, the first of which is if you run into the Angra Mainyu after you become Campione kill him without mercy, as he cost me everything in life. He cost me my true father, my throne, my sanity, everything. And now I am forced to bear the title of his daughter." She said spitefully.

"Consider it done, and the other thing?" Archer asked.

"I was wondering if you could kiss me. Just this once, I'd like to be kissed and nothing bad to happen from it, please Godou-kun?" she practically begged shyly.

"Alright, but I'm having trouble seeing so you're gonna have to help me a bit." He said.

"Ok then give me your hand." She said taking one of his hands and leading it to her face.

With his hands in the right place and ignoring the smell of burning flesh and blood Archer leaned down and planted a firm kiss upon the dying deities' lips, releasing when he had need for oxygen.

"Thank you that was, that was magical Godou-kun." She breathed out.

"You're welcome, and call me Emiya." He said beginning to feel rather drowsy and lightheaded.

"Emiya but why-you know what, it doesn't matter. Thank you Emiya-kun for letting me have one moment of peace."

"Ya, shure no prablems." He said slurring his words slightly.

"Ne Emiya-kun do you think if we meet again you might consider going out with me, and possibly marrying me?" Azi asked hopefully.

At this point Emiya could barely stay awake and could only slowly bob his head up and down as he tried to stay conscious.

A certain goddess however took this as a yes to her question and despite currently dying, squealed happily in glee before shouting "Oh thank you Emiya-kun! I'll be the best bride ever you'll see I promise! Until then wait for me, my immortal beloved." She finished softly placing a small kiss upon his brow before disbursing into millions of particles of light which then flowed into Archer who had already passed out...

Somewhere else with Archer

"Oh my aching head." Archer moaned as he began to open up his eyes...to find himself staring into a pair of deep green eyes belonging to a woman with fair skin, a heart shaped face, and long purple hair.

'Sakura?' he thought before he got a better look at her from where he was laying which happened to be in her lap and realized no, this was not in fact his childhood friend.

Instead of freaking out he simply compartmentalized the pain as he had done before and asked "So who are you and where am I exactly?" he asked calmly.

"Oh finally awake are you?" She asked as bubbly as Azi had been when he first met her.

"Yeah now do you mind telling where I am miss?" Archer asked doing his best to remain polite with all of his mounting confusion.

"Oh, well you are in a place that exists between worlds and is neither here nor there yet in between." She said ominously.

"That space where all the loose change goes missing in between couch cushions?" Archer asked dryly.

The girl was silent for a moment before she burst out in full blown laughter for a full minute straight. "That...was a good one." she managed to get out in between breaths for air.

"Thanks I try, but seriously Where. Am. I?" He asked biting off the last three words sharply.

"Ok, ok calm down jeesh. For the record you are currently in the netherworld the realm between the living and the dead and I am Pandora the Greek Demigoddess and overseer of the Campione system." She said with a flourish.

"Seriously? Ok now I know the Root is fucking with me if an adorable teenage elven girl is supposed to represent Pandora in this place." He said disbelievingly.

"Hey now that's not very-wait did you just call me adorable?" she asked.

"You're delusional." Was Emiya's taciturn response.

"Wahaha! Why do you have to be so mean!? She cried.

"Alright, alright settle down brat. Say hypothetically I believe you are in fact Pandora why am I here again? I heard you mention something called the Campione system, what is that?"

"Well since you asked so nicely, I'll tell you." She said adding some sarcasm of her own before continuing.

"The Campione System was something me and my ex-husband put into place to combat all of the calamity that was let out of the box when we opened it the Campione system is the Hope of the human race."

"Which means that all the Heretic Gods are..."Archer said his eyes widening slightly.

"Yes all the Heretic Gods are the sins and plagues and demons I let loose unto the worlds which were eventually given shape by human reverence in the form of gods of many pantheons. I have existed long before Greece; they were simply the ones to record my tale." She said solemnly.

"I see that makes sense then. So I'm a Campione then?" he asked standing up.

"Yep that's right!" she said instantly cheering up and standing as well.

It was then he realized just how small Pandora was as she barely reached his chest in height.

"Wow, the deity in charge of the Hope of humanity is a midget." Archer remarked smirking down on her.

"Oi, I'm not a midget! You're just freakishly tall in soul form for some reason!" She shot back while she puffed out her cheeks in anger.

"Huh?" Archer then looked down and noticed he was back to his original height from when he killed his past self, meaning he was just over six foot at the moment.

"Ah, so it seems." He stated simply.

"Well?" Pandora asked tapping her foot impatiently.

"Well what?" he asked.

"Aren't going to apologize for calling me a midget?" She asked.

"I wasn't planning on it." He responded with a smirk.

"WHY YOU! Pandora said before she stared banging her tiny fists against his armor ineffectively.

After a minute, Archer put his arm around her gradually calming her down. Once she was calm he spoke "You may be a midget, but I'd hate to see what would happen if you really got riled up, you've got some steel in you girl." He said with a dry chuckle.

"Thanks. Hey do you think you could answer a question for me?" She asked.

"Oh, the all-knowing deity doesn't know something and asks me for help? I should feel honored!" Archer mocked.

"Hey seriously now, I need to ask you something!" said Pandora pouting afterwards.

"Alright ask away then...all-knowing my ass." He said under his breath earning him a glare from the goddess before she asked "Why is your soul body so different from your regular body? They should be absolutely identical and yet couldn't be further apart, and when I try to find information in the Memories of the Void I come up empty, which should be impossible." She stated with absolute certainty.

"Well apparently a higher power doesn't want you knowing this information. I think it's best if you just leave sleeping dogs lie for now brat." Archer told her.

"You don't trust me." It was a statement not a question.

"No, no I do not seeing as I hardly know you." Archer told her bluntly.

"Fair enough. She said nodding before asking "Is there any way I can earn your trust?" she asked her myth old curiosity being stirred once again.

"Not unless you want to start attending my school and showing up at my house for tea and rice crackers on the weekends, no." he told her in a sarcasm heavy voice.

A light bulb suddenly went off over Pandora's head and she said "Then that's exactly what I'll do!" She said determinedly.

"Eh, what?" Archer said bewildered.

"Yeah, I'll go to your school, become your classmate, we'll become the best of friends, and then you'll want to tell me what I want to know, it's perfect!" she said aloud more to herself than Archer who was right next to her.

"Uh I don't think that's a good idea." Archer told her.

"Awwe, why not?! She whined.

"Besides the fact that you are a millennium old goddess and have no parents, or records of birth, nationality, education, or even a visa to be in the country, and likely lack all knowledge of social norms these days, I just don't think you attending school out of the blue is a good idea." Archer told her bluntly.

"Alright fine then, be like that! But I'm still coming over on the weekends for tea!" She declared pointing an accusing finger at him.

"That's fine; actually, I think you and Shizuka will get along quite well." Archer commented with his hand on his chin.

"Shizuka?" the bubbly goddess asked curiously.

"My little sister." He commented offhandedly. "She makes pretty good tea though not as good as mine if I do say so myself."

"Oh wow a man who can cook, how interesting." Pandora said in awe.

"Anyway kiddo, are we done here yet?" Archer asked eager to leave.

She sighed and said sadly "Eager to get rid of me already huh? Alright hold still ahem- By the power vested in me as the overseer of the Campione System and true god of this world, I bid thee rise and become something more than mortal yet less than divine! Shed thine mortality and take up the mantle of a godslayer! Become...Campione!" Pandora intoned in a voice that was ancient and full of authority and power, causing Archer's body to briefly glow a golden yellow.

"Pandora..." Archer said quietly, awed by that brief display of power.

Pandora just snapped her fingers causing a door to appear out of nowhere. "There you go through that door and you'll wake up back in your body shortly afterwards." She said dejectedly.

Archer walked to the door and pulled it open to see a swirling vortex of bluish-white light inside.

Maybe it was the fact that she appeared to be all alone in this place. Maybe it was because she looked like a kicked puppy, maybe it was because he was reminded so much of Sakura when he looked at her. Either way Archer looked back to see a purple haired little elf with pigtails sulking and he just couldn't take it.

'Damn it all, I'm probably going to regret this but she looks so damn pitiful.'

"Oi brat!" He called out to her.

"Huh?" She said looking at him with a dower look on her face.

"Show up at my place on Friday afternoon by six o clock and don't be late you hear, because I'm cooking dinner."

The next thing Archer knew, he was tackled by a purple haired rocket which kept saying "thank you" over and over and over again and was squeezing him as hard as she could.

"I think you just cracked a rib." Archer managed to get out getting her to let go.

"Sorry." She said.

"Don't worry about it, its fine." Archer said holding his side as he limped towards the still open door.

"By my invocation be healed." She intoned again in that same voice strong as before.

Archer nodded his thanks to her and then made his way to the door and into the light...all the while praying he didn't let his old ideals just make him do something he'll regret...

Chapter End

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