Morning practice was over, so the swim team dispersed to the locker rooms of their respective gender.

Edd stood in front of his locker and gently swung his arm across his chest in a tricep stretch. After a few moments, he released and stretched the other arm. His black swim cap was replaced by a standard black beanie. Methodologically peeling off his practice jammers, he pulled on his jeans and slipped his lithe body into a button-up shirt. Like most days, he also wore a skinny tie (a habit he had begun in middle school) and comfortable sneakers.

Though he enjoyed scholastic extra curricular activities or even just pursuing studies like entomology on his own, Edd was happy that he decided to join the swim team upon entering high school – this would be his third year. Over the summer break between 8th grade and high school, he had begun to research colleges as well as their admission processes and decided it was in his best interest to be well rounded in academics, athletics, volunteerism, and whatever else there was. He has always liked swimming, anyway. The chlorine made him feel hygienic.

A duet of "Hey, Edd," greeted him as soon as he exited the locker room to one of the school corridors. Both Ed and Eddy were waiting for him, one beaming and the other smirking a little more deviously.

While the trio now had separate hobbies and almost completely different class schedules, they were still best friends. "Why, good morning, Ed and Eddy," and he joined them on a walk to first period, a mandatory study hall that they managed to synchronize having in the same block. Ed and Eddy entered the library first, and just as Edd was about to turn the corner, a "Yo," accompanied by a hand on his shoulder, stopped him.

Still obsessed with cleanliness, the idea of anyone's squalid hands on his neatly pressed shirt drove him to compulsively swat the offender away. "Y-yes?!" he stuttered out of disgust, not nerves.

"Jeez, sorry, Double Dork." And it was Kevin of all people, sarcastically apologizing. "I just wanted to congratulate you."

"Indeed! I assume you mean getting my paper published or my victory at the robotics competition? Perhaps you mean to congratulate me on both? My thanks, Kevin," Edd smiled cordially.

Kevin cocked a brow. "Whatever," he rolled his eyes to punctuate how much he totally did not care, "I'm talking about becoming team captain."

"Why, yes, you are team captain of the football team and baseball team. Did you just become team captain for the basketball team as well?"

"No, you. Next year. Swim team captain. Didn't they tell you this morning?" Kevin's face was back to its expressionless state. "I heard you were good even back in freshman year, but I'm still proud of you, Dork," and he had already begun to pivot, saluting to Edd. Edd watched as Kevin curiously quirked his lips into an ephemeral smile. There was a smoldering of something else that Edd just couldn't place. "Well, see you around. I have chem next." He disappeared into the sea of upperclassman which dominated this wing in the mornings.

"God speed, Kevin! And thank you, although I have not the slightest idea of what you speak of," Edd trailed off. The bell would ring any moment now, he realized, stepping into the library, and all the science classes were on the complete opposite side of the school.