Secrets That We Keep

Chapter 3


Trina sat in her car in a stunned silence. Her audition was different then she could've ever imagined. She had to work with Robbie, which was just the world kicking her while she was down. So they preformed the scene and then it came to the kiss. She figured it would be horrible but she wasn't ready for what happened. When their lips touched it was like a bolt of lightning ripped through her. When they broke apart she was panting and she noticed that he was too. All she wanted to do was pull him into another kiss but the teacher was talking telling them it was a good scene and she would let them know. They walked out together, their arms brushing against each other. When they got into the hall she tried to speak to him but Robbie simply shook his head and walked away. That led her to where she was now. She could see his car and was waiting for him. It only took about ten more minutes before he came out. She pulled her car up so he couldn't move his and got out of her car.

"We need to talk." She said to him. He tired ignore her but she wouldn't let up. "Robbie talk to me!"

"Why? Why do we need to talk?" He asked looking at her. As she looked into his eyes she saw several things, fear, anger, and something else that she knew all too well lust. Trina knew that guys wanted her but normally it was just for a night. She understood that so she used it to her advantage. She figures that this was all she needed with Robbie. One night to give into to her lust and then she would be over it. So she put that plan in motion.

"Because I know that you felt something during that kiss." She said getting closer to him. Robbie tried to keep a hard look on his face but she could see his breathing quicken by her closeness. He tried to push past her but being a gentleman he put no real strength into it. He turned his head and tried a different tactic.

"It was just a stage kiss. I was acting."

"See I would believe that if it wasn't for how dialated your eyes were after the kiss. You were turned on more than you let on."

"Of course I was. I was kissing a beautiful girl." He said looking at her. Trina smiled at his words.

"So you think I am beautiful?" She asked coyly.

"Only on the outside." He answered with a completely straight face. Trina shrugged her shoulders to hide how much that statement hurt.

"Robbie I'll I'm asking for is a date. What do you have to lose?" She asked as her fingers trailed along his collar. She saw him swallow hard and she smiled. No matter what he said he still wanted her.

"I don't have time. Not with having to take care of Angel." He said sounding desprate.

"You have someone taking care of her now. Just leave her with them and we'll go get something to eat." She said as she ran her hands through his hair, which was softer then she would've thought. He closed his eyes and seemed to take in the feeling of her hands and her scent, wild roses, before he shook his head.

"I can't tonight."

"Ok we'll make plans for later." She said and she kissed him. Once again it was a kiss of passion and fire and almost animalistic need. Ron's hands found their way down to her backside and he gave it a squeeze. She moaned into his mouth and she felt the bludge in his pants that let her know that he was turned on. Someone honking their horn made them break apart but they both were breathing heavily and his hands were still on her butt and her's were still in his hair. She went to her car and with one last smile to him she left. He took a bit longer to get composed before he got in his car and headed for home.


Cat got to Robbie's house about twenty minutes before Angel got home. She was told the rules by Robbie and the first thing she did in her head was to figure which she could bend and which had to be listened to. Having figured that out she walked around his house and looked at the pictures of Angel as she grew up to the bright and happy four year old she is. It hurt her heart that there were no pictures of Angel with anyone other than her father.

As she looked she heard a horn honk and she ran out the door to see the bus drop off Angel. The little girl ran to Cat and smiled. Cat nodded in approval of her purple dress and little black shoes. Her hair was done in a fancy french braid and it suddenly hit Cat why Robbie seemed to know so much about makeup, hair, and fashion. She smiled and looked at Angel.

"Ok sweetie you need to go change into play clothes." Cat said. Angel nodded and took off. She came out in a pair of jeans and an oversized tshirt. She was now wearing sandles and Cat almost started laughing at her purple toenails.

"Can I have a snack Cat?" she asked as she shook out her braid and her hair curlied back up naturally.

"What would you like?" she asked beaming at the four year old.

"Goldfish!" She shouted and then she took off down the hall to the kitchen. Cat took off after her and scooped her up. Angel let out a giggle and she tired to reach the Goldfish box but Cat always pulled her back just before she did. After she gave Angel some crackers and she ate them, humming the Jaws theme. After that Angel dragged Cat into her room, decorated in soft purples and blues, and showed off her toys.

While she had many toys and dolls she only had three stuffed animals. A Bengal tiger on her bed, the much mentioned Boston. There was also a pink horse on her dresser and a gorilla on the night stand.

"So who are your friends?" Cat asked.

"Well this is Boston, that is Rush," She said pointing to the gorilla, "and this is Journey." She said going over and squeezing her horse. Cat greeted each one and then thought about their names.

"Why are they named after bands?"

"Because they are my favorite. Me and Daddy listen to them every morning." Angel explained as if it was simple. They played together and had a tea party until they heard the front door open. Then like a shot Angel was down the hall and leaping into Robbie's arms. Robbie must have known it was going to happen as he set down the pizza he was carrying. He scooped her up and gave her a hug and kiss. He smiled at Cat and soon it was the same nightly routine, dinner, bath, and then bed. Robbie once again sang her a lullabye but this time Cat joined him. Their voice blended perfectly and their harmony put Angel to sleep faster then normal. They walked out into the living room.

"So how was the audition?"

"It wasn't bad. I had to kiss someone for it." He said as he took a seat. She sat on the opposite end of the couch and looked at him. She tried to hide the sudden feeling that hit her and didn't worry about it right then.

"Oh and who was it?" She asked trying to sound normal.

"Just some girl at school." He said avoiding the question. Cat didn't let it drop.

"Which one?"

"trina." he mumbled. Cat got closer and leaned in very close to him.

"Who?" she asked coyly. He cleared his throat and looked down.


"Trina? Trina Vega? You kissed her?" Cat asked, well more liked shouted at, Robbie as she almost fell off of the couch.

"Yeah I did." He said motioning for her to quiet down.

"That must have been horrible for you." Cat said trying to comfort him.

"Actually it wasn't that bad."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat asked getting upset. Robbie just shook his head and looked out the window as he answered.

"That I liked it and so did she. She wants to go out on a date with me."

"Please all she wants to do is use you." Cat said starting to get mad.

"Of course she does. If I had to guess she either wants a one night stand or a chance to use Angel in her project. Now I'm not saying she will get either but at least I can understand where she is coming from." Robbie said as he looked at the now fuming Cat. "The real question is what do you want?" Cat's face suddenly changed to shock at that question.

"What's that supposed to mean?" She asked.

"Oh come on Cat. You are many things but stupid isn't one of them. You know what I mean." He said starting to get upset.

"No I don't." She insisted.

"Yes you do but if you want to continue to play stupid then leave. I don't have time for it. I need to finish my homework and then get some sleep. Please don't come back until Saturday." He said as he walked into the kitchen and began to clean up from dinner. There was hardly anything to clean but it gave him a chance to get away from the tears in Cat's chocolate eyes. She stormed out of the house but didn't go home. No she drove until she arrived at Jade's house. She had sent her a text and found out that Jade was at home. She got up and walked up. Before she could even knock the door opened and Jade motioned for her to come in. They walked in to her room and took a seat.

"What's up?" Jade asked completely bored. She really didn't care but Cat let her vent all the time so she decided to return the favor.

"I just came from Robbie's and he accused me of not being honest with why I was over there."

"Why were you over there?" Jade asked looking at her.

"I was helping him by watching Angel and that's all. I'm not like Trina who just wants him for her own selfish reasons."

"What does any of this have to do with Trina?" Jade asked starting to get interested.

"Robbie had to kiss her during an audition and she told him that she felt something in the kiss and now wants to take him on a date. She is just trying to use him." She said flopping on Jade's bed and almost growling out that last part.

"And why are you upset? I mean yeah it sucks that puppet boy wants the loser but why should that effect...Oh my god you like him!" Jade said harshly as she looks at her sometimes friend.

"What? No I...It isn't like that." She said very defensively.

"Sure it isn't. It explains everything. Why you got so mad when you found out about his daughter and why you are so upset now. God that is somewhat gross." She said turning a little green.

"And why is that? Is it because he is Robbie? Well believe me I think he is just as good if not better then Beck. At least if I was with Robbie I wouldn't have to worry about him doing things that he knows piss me off just for the reaction." Cat screams at Jade as she sits up. Jade looks at her pissed.

"Beck does that because we both find angry sex outstanding. And at least Beck has a backbone while Robbie is just a rug. I bet Trina will have him in bed in a week because she'll brow beat him into it." Jade said getting nose to nose with Cat. Cat looked into her blue eyes before suddenly breaking down into tears. She sat hard on the floor and just cried. Normally Jade wouldn't care but she saw that Cat did care for the nerd so she rubbed her back.

"It is all true. She'll get him and I'll just be the ditz that he doesn't want to be around. What am I going to do?" She asked Jade. Jade sighed and wondered why she let herself get pulled into this. God she was becoming like Vega.

"You'll try to win him first. But the first thing you need to do is be honest with yourself and admit why you are there. It isn't just to help out a friend." Jade said. She then held up her hand when Cat went to speak. "I don't want to hear it. Oh God do I not want to hear it. Also you will not come around here talking about what you two get up to if you start dating. We may be friends but there is only so much I'll take from you." Cat nodded and headed out feeling at least a little better. She now knew what she had to do. She had to win Robbie.

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