Angel stood in the corner, her hair in sloppy pony-tails. Tears marked her face, leaving behind only tiny trails.

Max had been sick for a while, so it scared her when they'd called both her and their adoptive mom Anne to the hospital at one in the morning.

Anne was so kind to both Angel and Max. She'd had her own kid, but she had been killed when their home had been robbed, and Anne wasn't there to stop it.

Angel couldn't stop crying. Her sister was all she really had left. Her sister was only eleven. Too young to go, as she'd heard Anne say over the phone to someone.

In the past month, they'd moved to New York where they had better help for Max. Angel was never allowed to see Max. They only let her if Max got really sick. The only time she's been really sick was now.

She didn't understand what it meant for a heart to beat unevenly. They never told her that her sickness would kill Max if her heart couldn't pump enough blood.

Angel hates how weak Max looks. She hates how Anne seems to have given up the thought of Max getting better.

They've talked about a pacemaker. Angel didn't really know what that was, let alone how it would help.

When the doctors came for Max at three in the morning, Angel looked to Anne and asked, "Will they fix Max?"

"I hope so" Anne whispered, pulling Angel onto her lap. "I hope so."

Anne POV

Once Angel had fallen asleep, I had carried her over to the recliner and placed her gently down so I wouldn't wake her.

I just hope that with a pacemaker in, Max will be strong enough to endure the medicine needed to heal her.

Angel shifted and sat up. "Morning" I greeted.

"Morning" she said. "Is Maxie okay?"

I would've had to answer had they not picked that moment to wheel in a giggly Max. Her eyes were still closed.

"Ms. Sullivan, can I speak to you out in the hall for a moment" the doctor asked.

I followed silently. "Yeah?"

"Max has reacted well to the medicine. We started her on it an hour ago in recovery. She should wake up soon" he said.

"Thank-you so much" I said. "You don't know how much this means to both Angel and I."

"You're welcome ma'am" he said as I was walking back in.

Angel was sitting on the edge of Max's bed, seeing as Max's feet didn't need that much room. She looked up, smiling brightly.

"Maxie's gonna get better" she cheered.

"Maxie's gonna get better" I said, trying it out myself.

I accidentally yawned. "You're tired" she noted. "Get some sleep. I'll wake you if she needs you."

"Thanks" I said, sitting in the recliner and lying back.

Over an hour later, Max's horrified scream woke me up. I jumped up and looked to Angel. "Go stand outside the door" I ordered.

She complied. I turned back to Max, who was now trying to get up. When she reached for her IV, I raced over to her and grabbed her arms.

She screamed. "Max, sweetie, calm down. It's just me" I explained to the best of my abilities.


"Yes Max" I said, wrapping her in my arms."Tell me, what's got you frightened?"

"I can't see" she cried, looking in my direction, but a teensie bit past me.

"What" I asked, horrified of her answer.

"I'm blind."