Anne POV

I sighed as I looked at Max and Angel in my rear-view mirror. Angel and Max's twin looks disappeared when they both turned thirteen. They're in sophomore year now.

Max was pointing her unseeing gaze out of the car. She wasn't happy about the move. I understand how hard it must be.

Angel is totally happy about it. She can't wait to meet Nudge who lives next door. Her mom tells me she talks... a lot. Good match for Angel.

Max and Fang might get along well. I'm sure they will.

Max let out a frustrated sigh."What is it sweetie?"

"Why do we have to move Mom? I'll have to get used to an all new house" Max complained, sweeping her long blonde hair over her shoulder. I'd have to have someone cut that soon.

"Max, you lived in one of the busiest cities in the United States for most of your life. I hardly think a small Colorado town will be a challenge for you" I said.

"No, but new people and an entire new school might" she countered.

"Angel will help you get through the school part. For the new people part, well, you've never been one to enjoy being social" I pointed out.

"Yeah, but Jesse and Rachel are in New York" she said.

"You'll make new friends" I insisted.

"Jesse was my boyfriend, Mom. Not just a friend. I really liked him. He made me feel normal for once" Max said.

"You are normal" I replied.

"No. I'm not. Normal people can see" she said.

"Just because you're blind doesn't mean you're not normal. You can read, talk, walk... Max, you are a normal teenage girl" I said for the millionth time, and just in that week too.

"Whatever" she finally decided, reaching for her iPod and turning on a song by, and I'm only guessing because of the T-Shirt she's wearing, Escape the Fate.

She and Angel had different tastes in music too. Angel loves One Direction, and you know what Max likes.

We pulled up to our new house and parked. Max had her door open and was out in seconds stretching her muscles.

I guess it's a good thing I came here and got the house ready already. Max obviously wasn't in the mood to stumble around her room and unpack.

"We're going to our neighbors for dinner girls. Get ready" I said, walking through the door.

"Seriously" Max hissed. "You couldn't have asked me first?"

"It's the polite thing to do when they ask, Maxine" I said.

"So, the first name card? My name isn't even Maxine anymore. I had it legally changed to Maximum" she pointed out.

"Go get ready. Now Max" I ordered. She didn't move. "Why aren't you going?"

"Uh, I don't know where my room is or how to get there" she reminded me.

"Right, Angel?"

"Yeah Mom" she asked.

"Can you help Max find her room. Oh, and pick something presentable out for her" I added the last part quickly.

"Yes ma'am" she replied, grabbing Max's arm and leading her up the stairs. I watched Max run her fingers along the wall. I wonder how one can map out a house by just using touch.