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(("Fullmetal Alchemist")) Normal Speech
(("Fullmetal Alchemist")) Normal Thoughts
(("Fullmetal Alchemist")) Demon, Demonic Speech
(("Fullmetal Alchemist")) Demon, Demonic Thoughts


"We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize their inside us"

Alchemy: the reason in understanding Reconstructing, Deconstructing matter. However, it is not an all powerful art, if one wishes to obtain something, something of equal value must be given, this is the law of "Equivalent Exchange" the basis of all Alchemy. In accordance with this law there is a Taboo amongst young alchemist, Human-Transmutation is strictly forbidden, for what could equal the value of a human soul?

This was the hardest thing for her to do. But she kept her smile up and she saw the bursting grin that her son had always held and jump in excitement.

He was happy and it made her happy somewhat. She just hoped it was right.

-|-Date: 1914. Location: Central City-|-

The day was calming.

The world through her eyes had become a passing blur of green and blue as she saw the wide plains of Amestris. Few trees could be seen with a majority of suburban homes being seen, along with cattle and horses. And only the sun was unfazed by the motion as it was still the entire time as it released its golden rays.

Izumi Curtis sat quietly within her seat as she gazed at the open plains. It was beautiful as she saw the passing homes and fields. Her dark colored eyes closed for a short minute, taking in the quietness of the passenger cart of the train she was within. She breathed in, then out.

It had been seven years since the event of her Human Transmutation. It had been long steady seven years since that say, and it meant everything to her as she and Sig were the parents that they were meant to be. A small smile formed upon her beautiful face as she felt her own heart thump from the love that she and Sig would give to their child and like the law known as Equivalent Exchange, they received back the love of their son.

But, all that happiness could not banish the one thought, the one fearful thing that worried her the most.

"I only wish that the days of your happiness would last forever as the day will come to where your happiness will become a sea of anguish".

Those were the words that her son said within the home of the Truth. His words could still echo within her mind.

Her jaw tightened as she felt unease. "The day will come where my happiness will become a sea of anguish" she thought to herself. She still could not understand and yet that alone was enough to make her afraid, not knowing the unknown was a frightening more than death itself. And so she kept herself close to her son, with Sig alongside her as they protected their son together.

They were one big happy family.

Then a shifting movement was felt, causing her to slowly open her darkly colored eyes. In a long stare she faced her husband Sig Curtis.

"We're almost there, Izumi" Sig said quietly as he sat within his seat.

"Huh?" she said, confused of what he meant.

Sig was a little surprised that Izumi had forgotten their trip.

"We're almost close of reaching Central City, Izumi" he said again, helping her recall. Then she remembered as she nodded. "Sorry dear, I was dozing off a bit" she chuckled, giving him her loving smile. He smiled in return.

In those steady seven years that they had left their old home and currently residing in Dublith, Sig and Izumi were gradually teaching their son, he was going to school; being given his education and helping them do some chores around their small meat shop and home. He was happy, proud even as he saw his son working in both education and manual-labor in helping them and loving them.

But then there were also the small little problems that they had that even they could not handle at some moments till Izumi was fired with her rage.

The small little rebellious side of their son, recalling one memory, he remembered of the time where Naruto had refused to eat his veggies that Izumi made. The rebellious son soon quivered in fear as Izumi gave off her monstrous aura that made the once rebellious son to quiver in fear and he force himself to eat the one vegetable that Izumi used first, the greatest natural evil that Naruto had claimed it to be, Broccoli.

But it didn't stop them from loving him, it made them love him even more as they would and could experience everything that he gave to them. "Most parents wouldn't want such troubles with their children" Sig thought, but Naruto wasn't some normal child that most parents that claim Naruto to be. It meant the world to him and to Izumi that they could experience everything from their son, no matter what it was.

"Hey, Sig" Izumi called silently as he shook his head from his thoughts and gazed upon his wife.

"Where's Naruto?" she asked.

Sig felt his eyes widen as he looked at her. "I thought he was with you" Sig replied as the look of worry now plagued him and Izumi.

Both now begun to search where Sig was once at, Izumi was panicking, their first trip to central and it starts out with their son not being watched, they broke their promise so quickly.

Feeling a hand upon her should, Izumi soon looked to see Sig pointing. Looking at the location of where he was pointing, they saw Naruto standing, staring at an older individual with golden blonde colored hair.

This was a strange feeling that overcame him.

It felt strange, irritating and it made him enraged inside of him as he stared at this person. He was a fairly tall, broad-shouldered gentleman. He revealed to be a middle-age. He possessed long golden blonde colored hair; his golden locks were strapped in a loose, shoulder-length ponytail with two or three loose strands of hair falling over his brow and sported a full Donegal-style beard. He was fair skin, and clear golden colored eyes. Spectacles were seen over his golden eyes, he wore a white dress shirt and tie under a black vest with matching slacks and a brown overcoat. He sat within his own passenger seat, his eyes hiding beneath his spectacles.

The light soon reflected upon the glass of his spectacles, blocking his golden eyes from the oceanic blue that this boy possessed.

Van Hohenheim felt the strange feeling too from this boy and it was a feeling that made him somewhat unease.

"Naruto" a call was heard, making him avert his gaze and looked upon a couple who walked toward them, the woman embraced the boy with the gentleman having his arm upon his shoulder. He was immediately taken back, the image of his own wife and his two sons came to his memory, making him distraught in the inside as he kept his steady gaze.

Looking at the boy, he noticed that he was unfazed, uncaring as he continued to look at him with that strange look.

Izumi noticed this look and it made her grimace as she looked at the man that caused her son to be unease. "Naruto, it's time to leave" she stated as she nudged at his shoulder lightly, however what she received made her shocked. He merely pushed her arm away, refusing, disobeying her even though she said so. This wasn't an act of rebellious or juvenile action, the way he swatter her arm away showed uncaring, something that wasn't in her son.

"Naruto" her voice was raised only slightly, this time gaining his attention. The look he held now became confused, worried and the feeling of unease was written that made him bring tears at the corner of his eyes. "Okāsan, Otōsan" he whimpered softly, Izumi quickly picked him as she hugged him tightly.

"Sig, take Naruto to our seat, I want to have a bit of word with him" there was a harsh tone in her voice as she placed her eyes on the blonde that dared make her son cry.

Sig nodded, having his own urge of his father instincts kick in. But he would let his wife deal with it, she knew what she was doing and right now his son needed him.

Taking him, Izumi and Hohenheim were left together.

There was tension building up.

"Care to explain why my son was acting strange" the look in her eye and that gleam in it made him shiver.

Darkness: an enveloping sea of blackness engulfing everything where no light could pierce this abyss, nor could it touch him.

In this sea of silence and drowning coldness, he'd come to realize that he knew this feeling. How was it that he knew this feeling when he himself had felt the warmth of light touch him in a friendly manner. If he knew any better, it was as if he was from this darkness, this void.

He could not see anything other than the blackness, yet he felt that there was something within it, something other than himself; something alive just as he was alive.

Something beyond human, it was all he could tell just from the feeling.

He felt bare, exposed by the abyss, a single fleck of diminutive life drifting within this sea.

No words, no motives, no purpose was here as he drifted.

But a single slit of light pierced through, bringing forth warmth. The sound of an infant crying was heard from the light. A singeing sensation washing over him as he felt his body burn with power far great for him to comprehend. Multiple streams of that light suddenly danced around him as it spiraled, giving off images of new things, new meanings, and a purpose to him.

His mind began to hurt, the crying becoming louder as he was hurdled toward the light. His eyes widening, his corneas burning, the light engulfing him as everything came to a halt.

Everything was darkened, shrouded with a faint light. Two new beings came to him; two presences that made him feel welcomed.

Warm droplets of liquid falling upon his face, showing a smiling face of beauty toward him, the other being a strong face showing a promise he had yet to know and showed as much strength that a day would come where he would be something more.

And it only came for him to realize that the crying was him.

He felt his eyelids slowly open, unveiling his clear gelatinous oceanic blue orbs.

Another dream, something that was the norm ever since he could remember the first dream, but it created a grimace upon his face as he slowly turned to his side. Naruto Curtis laid in his bedroom, draped by his darkly colored blankets as he awoken from another yet usual dream.

His eyes were narrowed as he tried to block out the remembrance of his dream but he couldn't. His mind kept replaying, him feeling everything what occurred just now. His eyes slowly scanned up as he saw the small frame family portrait of him and his family.

Izumi Curtis, his Okāsan, was a proud mother, a proud housewife who believed in him, gave him the love and the discipline of any mother. He loved her as much as she loved him, just as much as Sig Curtis, his Otōsan, loved him. She always said he was special to her, special to her and Sig, but for the first time since he'd come to realize, she, Izumi Curtis was wrong.

Nothing but shame washed over him to even think of such an idea that his mother, who always knew what was best for him, was wrong.

He wasn't special in any way, only to her, to her belief. Izumi Curtis believed it to herself, just as much as Sig believed.

But this was him. He wasn't special, he was something different.

"Something different" he thought tiredly, tossing once more as he faced the smooth surface of the ceiling. It was his parent's belief and he wasn't the one to change that. He kept it secret from them, something he knew that wasn't normal and it was something he wasn't proud for keeping it from his family.

The voices, it was the voices that he heard from within the ground and from within himself crying out to him, crying out in agony as he could feel their emotions lashing at him with each cries of men, women and children. This is what he kept secret; this is what he didn't feel proud of for hiding it. But if she didn't know, it wouldn't hurt her and most definitely not make her sad. Even if it went against what he did, he had to keep it a secret.

He slowly closed his eyes once more.

"It hurts"

"Help me"

"Help us"

"It hurts, it hurts"

These were the constant cries, all men, all women, and all children.

Opening his eyes once again he looked at his ceiling. Slowly, he brought his right are to extend, having his hand open in a grasp like form. Crimson electricity danced wildly upon his flesh as he gazed at the marvel vermillion power of the entire world at his palm. A red hue only enveloped a portion of his room as he looked on at the luminous streaks of red. And just like that, the voices were gone. And with the red illumination withering, the light was not vanquished, only replaced by the lavender light of the moon. His window was open, curtains being blown gently by the breeze as the drapes waved like water. His face was brushed by the cool air.

Dropping his arm down, he simple gazed at the smooth ceiling.

It was just a day now till they would leave and head up north. His introductory test was coming and he felt uncertain about this, but deep within him was striving for him to attempt his test. Closing his eyes again, he went back to sleep.

His eyes slowly open, taking in the light that passed through the window.

"Naruto, are you okay" a firm hand grasped his shoulder as he looked to his side, seeing his mother having a worried look upon her beautiful face.

He gulped "yeah, I just zoned out a bit" he replied with a faint smile. Her worried look didn't leave her.

It had been a week since they left Dublith, she, Sig, and Naruto were traveling up north where they would head toward their destination, The Briggs Mountains.

Izumi felt herself was unease but she bottled up her feelings and lightly smiled at her son. Seeing his own uneasiness, she rubbed his back "are you sure you're okay? Maybe we should stop somewhere here for a while. Maybe some fresh air will clear your head" she was trying to stall, wanting to be with him with as much effort as she could. She was trying to hold back, but she gave her word to Sig and to Naruto. Naruto knew she wanted to spend more time with him and he too wanted the same. Realizing it was only a few more days by train till they reach the Briggs Mountains, he wanted to make ever minute count for his mother.

"You're right; thinking about going to the Briggs Mountains is making me a bit nervous"

Ruffling his hair, Izumi smiled as she placed a small kiss on his forehead. "Okāsan, I'm too old now" he whined with a blushed from her embarrassing him in public. Izumi only laughed softly "so cute" she thought.

"Hey, Okāsan, where's Otōsan?" he asked, realizing his father wasn't anywhere to be found. Izumi paused as she heard her son's question.

It was odd, Sig hadn't returned. He said he needed to use the men's room. Grasping her chin in a thinking pose "I should look for him, I have to tell him that we're making an early stop" she said openly, her eyes trailing toward her blonde son, she smiled as she ruffled his spiky hair once more before she left.

Seeing her leave, he sighed softly "Okāsan" he thought softly.

Slumping down on his seat, he gazed at his reflection. Gazing past his features he soon saw the reflection of the passengers.

Suddenly, out of some odd feeling, the blonde felt a stride within his chest. Wincing from it, he pressed his own hand against his chest. It was weird, it came out of the blue and he didn't understand why he felt it. Slowly as one passenger moved, a familiar face was seen.

"Hohenheim?" he thought.

-|-Date: 1914, Location: East of Central City-|-

This day was different among all days that Izumi Curtis knew. Something that she dreaded so long ago, she hoped and prayed that this day wouldn't come.

She didn't know: she couldn't have known that the day had indeed come earlier than she thought.

It was too soon.

Fear stabbed at her like a knife through butter, beads of sweat dripped from forehead as she gulped silently. Sig was seen with her, fear easily written upon his face as both saw the horror, the evil that Izumi feared since the day their son had been resurrected. From a viewpoint, they saw their son become something else; something they knew was never human.

Naruto Curtis stood within a demolished field; the use of his own alchemy was seen. Spiked pillars of rock broke upon the smooth surface of the earth; it tore asunder the mass of grass covered bedrock to jut out dangerously.

The small boy she loved was replaced with a malevolent replica of himself, stand, facing the individual that she met not too long ago.

His entire body was draped in crimson, shrouded within an electrified vermillion coat of electricity dancing wildly upon his clothing and flesh.

His entire person was draped completely: he changed, becoming something more animalistic.

His entire demeanor and appearance had taken an alteration from this vilely potent electrifying aura. His entire being was in the resemblance of a daunting animal ready to be strike from its cage. His once beautiful hair had become a sickly pale blonde yellow coloration; it jutted out more violently.

His entire face had become greatly feral.

The contour of his eyes held dark rings: having his eyes to narrow menacingly with the inclusion of his lips as well. His own irises revealed to be pools of crimson where his round shaped pupils had changed into thin feline slit pupils. The three thin lines had become thick and darkly giving him a more wicked feral appearance. His teeth revealed to appear as fangs where his upper canines had jutted enough to an astounding length of animalistic teeth where they seemed dangerous enough to be used; his own nails had grown into ferocious claws.

His hands clenched even tighter as the color from his skin slowly turned white from his knuckles, more streams of electricity continued to grow.

Hohenheim gazed steadily toward the young blonde as he saw the violent force within him.

Seriousness was clearly written upon his face as saw this child.

His hands clenched as the image of a distinct memory came to life in his mind as he saw the image within this boy.

This energy he possessed was foreboding, resembling the being he still knew. And being observant as he was from over the long centuries he'd been alive, he could see that this boy, this Homunculus held the same rivaled power of the 25% of the souls he possessed in his Philosopher-Stone. But this energy was different, far more malevolent, almost as if it were a single soul, but was impossible.

The sudden energy spike created a debris cloud around them, closing them off from the world.

A sudden stride thrashed within him. His eyes had widened in surprise till he quickly retained his serious look.

"You can feel it can't you? The strange feeling inside of you" he said viciously as he gritted his fangs. Hohenheim felt his eyes widen in shock.

The boy could feel the same way as he did, but to him, he was reacting violently. His hands soon clamped upon his ears as agony plastered upon his face as he looked at him. "I can hear them; I can hear the voices screaming!" He thought painfully as he tried to block the uncontrollable screaming raging within the ground and his own head. Massive streams of crimson electricity soon shot beneath from his feet, shaking the ground underneath as Hohenheim was grasped by his ankle from an earth made hand and launched within the air. The ground rose quickly and spiked upward as Hohenheim was spiraled erratically through the air.

"What!?" Hohenheim thought before being slammed down onto the unexposed surface of earth. Crimson shot from the debris cloud that Hohenheim made before the constructed earth that submitted him was deconstructed, shattering into nothingness.

A twisted smile split from ear to ear as Naruto soon slammed his palms upon the surface of dirt, the earth spiked again, only this time the red electricity coated the earth again and reconstructed it into iron spears. Charging forward as Hohenheim slammed his own hands against the earth and created an equaled force of iron spears toward the blondes.

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