A/N: This is just a quick little one-chapter story. I wrote it in my Literature class for my test on this book. Yeah, I had to write fanfiction for a test. I just wanted someone other than my teacher to be able to read it, so I put it up before I turned it in. (It's due on Tuesday.) I think I'm the only one who even really got the ball rolling on this assignment, since I'm the only one who constantly writes fanfictions.

I'm actually surprised that this turned out as well as it did, considering I didn't particularly like Flipped, but, oh well. Hope y'all like it.

IMPORTANT NOTE Oct. 31, 2016: This is a oneshot that I wrote years ago. I have no interest whatsoever in continuing it, revising it, or editing it in any way. I understand that people like this oneshot, but I didn't like Flipped and I still don't. I'm incredibly sorry, but I simply don't have the time or patience to revise or continue this story as I'd not only have to read the book again to get a feel for it, but I'd also have to take time from a packed schedule to rewrite and plan out a storyline for a oneshot written about a book that I don't even like. And that would be silly and cruel, because the continuation would lack the so-called 'zing' of the story and I would hardly put effort into it - and if the author has no interest in putting effort into a story, the story's going to be crap. So, again, sorry, but there will not be a continuation of this oneshot. This is it. To those who may have gotten their hopes up when I edited this - oops. Sorry for that too.

Flipped 2


I can't believe it's been four years. I'm a senior in high school now, Bryce and I both are. The sycamore tree he planted for me way back in eighth grade is getting huge, maybe I'll be able to climb it soon with Bryce.

Bryce. Bryce Loski, my childhood crush, my next door neighbor. I really didn't know him before, but in four years of hanging out, I've learned so much about him. The day after he planted the tree, I went over to his house.

"Hello, Mrs. Loski, is Bryce home?"I asked.

"Why, hello Julianna. Yes, Bryce is in his room."

Mrs. Loski had looked so surprised to see me, but she must've known why I was there, because she led me straight to his room, smiled, and walked away. I knocked on the door and called, "Bryce? It's me, Juli. Can I come in?"

There wasn't an answer for a second, but then I heard, "Yeah, come on in."

I opened the door and stepped in, letting the door shut behind me. And there he was, sitting on the bed, giving me a sheepish smile. For a second we just looked at each other. But then he scooted over a bit and patted the spot next to him. I sat down.

We talked for a while, through about what, I don't quite remeber. Just random stuff, I'm sure. Both of us rambled about stuff at times, the other listening. We were skittering around the subject he know I wanted to talk about. The kiss.

Finally, after what was most likely a couple hours, I brought it up in our conversation.

"So, Bryce, why did you try to kiss me?"I asked.

It was a simple question, but he didn't say anything for a moment. He looked embarrassed, scared, and thoughtful all at the same time.

"Well, I tried to kiss you because...well...because I, uh...like you." And then he started babbling, "I never noticed it before, but you're like the nicest person ever, and you're smart, and pretty, and you're always so determined, and I like that. And I'm sorry about never hanging out with you, and avoiding you, and—."

I stopped him by putting my hand over his mouth, smiling. "It's okay, that's all I needed to know." I smiled again and he smiled back.

We've been good friends since that day, and we started going out in 10th. We still haven't kissed, but we're both fine with that. We're not all mushy like other couples, we just hang out and comfort each other when we need it, like when Bryce's mom and dad got a divorce.

I still haven't forgotten that, he was just so upset. He stayed the night with me, and he cried himself to sleep! It made me feel bad, seeing that, but we've managed to make it into a happy memory, full of cuddling and pillow-talk.

It's been a long four years, for sure, but I hope Bryce and I will always be like this—close.