Hey guys! I'm back! I hope you guys missed me! I've been fretting over what I was gonna write next after I finished Forgotten Memories and A Changed Man but I came up with more ideas:) A lot of these ideas where some that I couldn't fit into anything or put in a story:) I really hope you guys like my new ideas:)

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Chapter 1: Eyebrows

"Stay away, Stevie Rae!" Rephaim shouted, capturing her slim wrist in his giant hand.

She was holding something small and silver in her hands. At first it had seemed harmless to Rephaim. Now, it was a twisted death machine.

"It ain't gonna kill you for me to get that one." Stevie Rae scolded him. "You are actin' like a baby."

Rephaim wrinkled his nose at her. "I am not a baby. Why not go do this to Zoey or Damien, or anyone else for that matter?"

"Because, Rephaim," she said in irritation. "Zoey keeps her eyebrows all nice and pretty and so does Damien. I just want to get that one, last, little itty-bitty hair."

Her arm shot forwards, squeezing the pain-causing contraption between her fingers, aiming for his face. It was a good thing he had lived with his unpredictable father, or else he would have been done for.

Rephaim flung her arm away from him and hopped off the bed. "You are evil, Stevie Rae! How dare you wish to cause me so much agony!"

Stevie Rae rolled over on the bed and stood. She was shaking her head furiously, her blonde curls bouncing side to side. "You are such a drama queen. I'm gonna get that last hair if it kills me." She started to chase him around their room.

Rephaim was quick, but Stevie Rae was quicker. He tried knocking stuff over to block her path but she just jumped over it easily.

"You are makin' a mess!" She cried, staring around the room in horror.

"Well, none of this would have happened if you had left me alone," Rephaim spat at her, shooting the tiny, silver pinchers a death glare.

"Just let me get it and we'll be done!"

"No! Just stay away!" Rephaim screamed in fear as she started to follow him again.

This time he ducked through the checkered blanket of their room and ran frantically down the tunnel. He dashed passed and through fledglings, ignoring their werid looks and surprised shouts. He just had to get away from her!

Aphrodite had just stepped around the corner, talking excitedly with Darius. Neither one of them was watching as Rephaim and Stevie Rae were flying down the tunnel.

"Move!" Rephaim warned, his arms out in front of him, his palms facing outwards.

"Darius, stop him!" Stevie Rae hollared at the Son of Erebus Warrior.

Rephaim slipped under Darius' late snatch at him, forcing his legs to go even faster. Traitor, he thought irritated.

With a yell, Stevie Rae dove after him, catching him perfectly. He fell face first, bringing her down with him as they rolled head over heel. To her advantage, Stevie Rae landed on top of him. He was struggling to get free, wiggling uselessly. He held his arms down with her knees.

"Let me go!"

"You are bein' absolutely ridiculous. Just-stay still!" With one hand, Stevie Rae held his forehead, pressing his head into the tiles of the tunnel floor.

Unfortunately, she didn't have three hands. His head was still shaking back and forth in panic. Rephaim was strong and he was slowly getting loose from her hold on him. How was she gonna keep him still?

An idea clicked in her head. With a triumphant smile, Stevie Rae brought her lips down on his and kissed him roughly. When she pulled back, he was blinking, his eyes dazed.

Now is my chance! she thought excitedly. Her hand swooped down on him, squeezing the tweezers with her forefinger and thumb, and captured the single, curly hair. With a flick of her wrist, it was out and Rephaim was screaming his head off.

Satisfied, Stevie Rae stood, helping him up as he rubbed his face raw. Rephaim glared at her, his face red with anger.

"You are an awful person, Stevie Rae," he muttered.

"It wasn't that bad, trust me. At least you never have to do wax. That stuff hurts." She shuddered, covering her own eyebrows in fear.

Haha:) I love how stubborn both of them are:) They are my absolute favorite couple ever to write for! Well, I guess ya know what to do:) Read and review, my fellow earthlings:) (I used the song Tip Toes by Jayme Dee as an inspiration!)