Paige Kidnaps Emily, her girlfriends Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Alison aren't very happy. They turn furious when Aria and Hanna are taken as well, and then Spencer, what's Alison to do when Paige McCullers has kidnapped HER girls?

Possessive Alison, Stalker Paige, Kidnaped Emily/Aria/Hanna/Spencer



My head hit the floor as we turned a sharp corner, my hands and feet tied, I could feel the tears rushing down my face. I have no idea where I am or who took me. I remember waking up in Spencer's barn where the five of us live together as 'friends' according to our parents.


I crawled out of Ali's arms and watched her turn over, pulling Aria in as victim. It took about twenty minutes but I had done it. I had gotten out of Alison D's death grip, with great difficulty.

I walked into the kitchen Toby had built and got a glass of water, looking at the time, two thirty am. What am I doing up at this hour?

"Em?" I heard Hanna call. I looked at her.

"Just getting water, go back to bed." Hanna nodded and trudged back to bed. I shook my head and finished my water, turning off all the lights I had turned on to get here. The dark creeps me out, ever since the whole 'A' thing we decided living together would keep us together.

The front door opened suddenly, and I couldn't kid with myself, it's not the wind.

"Spencer! Ali! Aria! Han!" I started calling out as I ran back to Ali's room where we all slept. I felt myself get pulled backwards, I twisted and screamed.

"Emily?!" I heard Hanna yell out. I tried to scream out I had already been picked up and my head hitting something hard.

My head still hurts, my heart is pounding, and I swear I'm going to puke.

"If you don't stop this car I swear I will puke everywhere!" I yelled, still crying.

"I want to go home! Let me go! I won't tell anyone! I won't tell Alison or Hanna, or Aria or Spencer! Not even my dad! Please!" I pleaded. I started sobbing. The car stopped and my door opened, leaned out and vomited, no, retched. I saw my breakfast, lunch and dinner sitting on the side of the road. I kept going until there was nothing left.

"Shh, it's going to be ok." I jerked at the sound of the voice.



"EMILY!" I screamed as I saw the car take off down the road.

"Ali! We have to call the police! The army! The Navy! The Air force! The-"

"Hanna! Shush I'm thinking." Alison said. Her hand rose as a silence signal. That was a relief, I had run out of important people to say.

"Hey guys, this was on the door." Spencer said, showing us the note. I reached out for it but Ali had snatched it before any of us could read it. I understood why she was acting like this. She acted like this with Aria and Meredith, and when we were locked in the basement. She acted like this when Spencer went missing with Mona. It was often scary but it was only expected. Alison is possessive; it can be a little too much sometimes but in cases like this it's what needs to happen. Alison dropped the note; I grabbed it before it hit the floor.

I told you. I got Emily, guess who's next?

You can't stop me this time Alison, I deserve them, I will have them.

I have Emily, sweet Emily. I can tell you whose next or I can let you suffer trying to keep everyone safe.

You go to the police and I will make you watch as I kill all of them.

I'll be seeing you soon Alison, send my love to Hanna, Spencer and Aria. I will have them soon, and you can't stop me.


I looked at Spencer who looked back at me; we then looked at Aria who had finally grabbed the note.

"Get inside! We have to figure out how to get Emily back." Alison ordered, we ran inside.

"Alison, we need to figure this out rationally." Aria said.

"She's right." Spencer added.

"I just want Emily back." I said. I felt guilty; I should have stayed with her when I realized she was awake.

"Ok this is how it's going to work, I'm going to call my brother, he can stay here and look after you guys while Ce Ce can help me get Emily back and we will get so far away."

"Alison you're not going alone or with Ce Ce, we will go." I told her

"No! I will not allow it!" She argued.

"You're not doing this alone!" Spencer argued.

"I will not let Paige McCullers steal anymore of what's mine!"

"We do not belong to you Alison! We are helping you get Emily back!" Spencer argued.

"Just let them yell it out, one of them will snap and kiss the other, they can't stand each other." I nodded at what Aria had said. We both had tears running down our faces. Our sweet Emily, the only one who has come out, the only one who has been taken so far, and we would soon be joining her.

I heard the ringing of the Skype that we have on our computer. Emily, she used it for her dad. I clicked answer, praying it wasn't Mr Fields that popped up and asked where his only daughter was and why we were crying, but then again, he knew the time difference, why was he calling at three am?

But the image that popped up wasn't Mr Fields.

It was Emily.

"Guys!" Aria yelled. They looked at us and came barging over. She sat on the bed, her wrists and ankles tied with duct tape; she seemed to be working on getting whatever was over her mouth off.

"Emily! Can you hear me?"




The last one was me; it was my nickname for her since she was such a great swimmer.

"Ok, one at a time." Aria said and looked at the screen.

"Em, I need you to calm down and breathe, just breathe." Aria said. Calming Emily down, Emily gave one last tug of whatever was over her mouth.

"Hanna, she's coming for Hanna next." All eyes trained on me.

"Tell us everything you can before she comes back." Spencer said.

"Uh, ok, she's not coming back, she coming for her now! This whole thing is a distraction, I don't know where I am, she knows what Ali's like, she knows Alison won't like this and, and my head hurts and I feel sick from being sick! You have to find me! I can't be here Spencer!" Her focus stayed on one person, which was probably best so that she didn't freak out.

"You were sick?" Aria asked.

"She's coming back." Alison said. I looked Emily in the eyes, I could hear music.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens;

Brown paper packages tied up with strings;

These are a few of my favourite things.

Emily's favourite song as a child.

"Emily, I will find you ok?" Alison said. Emily nodded; she wasn't that far from the camera lenses.

"Hanna, you need to get Hanna out of here now." Emily said.

"I, no, no Emily, you need help." She looked pale and sick.

"Hanna, 'm fine jus, what's that smell..." Emily trailed off; gas could be seen entering the room through a vent.

"Emily!" We all yelled out but it was no good, she was out like a light.

"Go pack your stuff, we'll go to my parents' house and figure it out there." We all ran to our individual rooms and started packing.

"Hanna." I froze and turned around.



I looked out my window and saw the same car that had taken Emily screech down the road.


"SHE'S GOT HANNA!" I yelled through the barn running outside and after the car.

"Quick grab her before Paige grabs her as well." Alison yelled. Arms circled around my waist.

"NO! SHE'S GOT TWO OF OUR GIRLS! OUR TWO GIRLFRIENDS WHO ARE WITH HER!" I yelled and sobbed. Spencer picked me up and carried me inside.

"Emily was right." Alison said, leading us through the barn and to her car.

"Where are we going?" Spencer asked, tears running down her face. Alison's face stayed dry, she didn't cry, she seemed calm, the usual Ali type face, but inside I knew she was dying. We lost two girlfriends in one night. Our two girlfriends. Hanna was working on coming out so that she could be Emily's girlfriend and other girls would stop hitting on her.

"I didn't protect them well enough." Alison said as she drove a little faster to, actually, where are we going?

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Jason's, he's the only one that can help at the moment." I nodded, although they never got along Alison and Jason stuck together when a family or friend was in need.

When we arrived we stood on the front porch, Jason opened the door.

"Ali? What's wrong? Where are Hanna and Emily?" We went inside and started explaining, well Spencer and Ali did, and I went to the bathroom to wash my face. I looked in the mirror. I then remembered the song playing in the background of Emily's Skype video. My Favourite Things, that song, it was Emily's favourite as a child, she only told us this in private when we were alone about two months ago when we moved in, it was the middle of the night; it was just something out of the blue that she told us. How could Paige know?

Paige has been stalking us for a lot longer than we first expected.

I started running from the upstairs bathroom, speeding down the stairs.

"Ali! Spence! Paige! She's been doing this for a while now! Stalking us! Like with Emily and her favourite song in the video."

"I wasn't paying attention to the music Aria." Alison said apologetically.

"How did it go again?" Spencer asked.

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens;

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens;

Brown paper packages tied up with strings;

These are a few of my favourite things." I sang lightly.

"Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels;

Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles;

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings;

These are a few of my favourite things." Spencer sang.

"I remember, I called her weird for liking such an old song and she pushed off the bed and told me she loves what she loves." I laughed.

"I told her that's why she loves us." Alison said softly. I hugged her tightly.

"So what's the plan?" Jason said coming out with hot drinks. I grabbed a tea and sat down.

"I'm going after Paige, the bitch has gone psycho." Alison said, sitting in between Spencer and I.

"You're not going without us." I said.

"Don't you two get it?" She asked, standing up and facing us, hand on her hip, eyebrows raised.

"She's after the four of you to have a relationship like we have. She's got Emily and Hanna and she'll come after the two of you next."

My phone started ringing, I answered it.


"Aria! Can you hear us?" Hanna asked quietly.

"Han! Are you ok?" I asked, flicking the phone to silent.

"Paige got me, I got her phone, Emily's asleep, she coming for you." I paled and looked at Ali.

"Hanna, just, just grab Emily and stay safe, I'll be there soon." Alison said.

"Ali, I'm so scared, wait, Emily's waking up." I sighed in relief.

"Hanna, make sure you two stay warm and safe, stay where you are we will come get you." Spencer ordered.

"Hell freaking no! I'm getting us out of here." Hanna said.

"Not so loud." We heard Emily mumble quietly.

"Sorry sleeping beauty, but we're getting out of here."

"What's with all the princess remarks?"

"I love you, it's my way of showing it."

"I love you too but I don't do princesses."

"Well I do."

"Guys, we love you heaps but we need you to figure out where you are." Spencer said, I looked at Jason who looked a little uncomfortable listening.

"Way to ruin a moment Spence, I'm trying to get this tape off Emily." Hanna huffed.

"I'm just going to wait out there while you talk." Jason said, walking away.

"Ow, not so rough."

"Sorry Babe but this is the first time I've had you tied up. I should enjoy it." I felt my eyes darken and my cheeks turn red, Spencer and Ali's eyes and cheeks heading the same way.

"Hanna, not the time." Emily moaned out.

"Fine, but you owe me." Hanna grumbled. The sound of tape ripping was loud, Hanna's apologizes and Emily's whimpers could be heard softly.

"Ok so make sure you got Aria safe, that's who she's going for next."

"Stay on the phone." Spencer replied to Hanna.

"We weren't going to hang up." Emily said.

"Where the hell are we?" They asked one another, trying to get out of where they were.

"Han, a door."

"Ew! Em that's the policeman that was interrogating Ali."

"Hanna what's going on?" Ali snapped.

"That detective that was following you everywhere is here guarding the door."

"Shit, get out of there!" Alison ordered.

"Ali we can't he's blocking the door." Emily said softly.

"I don't care! Find another way!"

"Hey, don't be so mean, they are scared and lost." I told her, hugging her. She held me tightly.

"They can't get the two of you, I will go mad. I'm going mad. I'm so angry and these two are lost with each other so they are screwed." Alison said, small tears forming.

"Hey we can hold our own, right boo?" Hanna commented.

"Since when was I your boo?" Emily countered.

"You've always been my boo."

"I thought I was your princess?"

"Your my everything, the same with Alison and Aria and Spencer."

"Ali this isn't your fault." Spencer said to Ali.


"Alison calm down." I knew it was no use. The only two who could calm her down weren't here.

"Alison sit down."

"Don't tell me what to do Spencer." She hissed out.

"Ali calm down." Emily pleaded through the phone.

"How can I calm down when you two are missing?"

"Ali, Aria and Spencer don't deserve this." Hanna told her softly.

Alison froze for a second.

"I'm sorry, it was-"

"Don't be, I understand, we all feel the same." Spencer commented. I picked up our cup, going to re-fill them with tea. I put the cups on the bench and turned the kettle on.


Everything went black.


I heard the thud of the door, Jason coming down the stairs.

"What's going on?"



"What's happening? Hanna asked.

"We need to go." I said, running to the backyard.

"No! Please don't hang up!" They started pleading.

"Aria's coming to you." I said, tears running down my face. They gasped.

"We need to get back to that room." Hanna said panicky.

"No way, I just got up, I'm getting out of here." Emily argued.

"Emily, Paige said we weren't to leave the room." Hanna commented.


"Emily she's coming back and if she finds us out here she said she'd do something to us that would really piss Alison off."

"Hanna! Emily!"

"Back to the room." They whispered.


Ali stood next to me, silently crying.

"You okay Aria?"

"Why wouldn't she be?" Paige asked. I wish I was there.

"I only need Spencer now." I grasped Ali's hand tightly.

"When I get back I'll deal with the two of you leaving the room." I froze.

"You won't break us Paige, Ali's looking for us she'll kill you for this." Aria said.

"Alison is a bitch she doesn't love you like I do."

"She's our girlfriend!" Emily told her. A loud slap was heard throughout the room.


"We love her, not you Paige." Hanna said, another slap.

"Shut up! You know nothing about love!"

"Paige I am going to find you, and kill you for laying a hand on MY girls." Alison raged through the phone.

"Really Alison? You see most your girls are with ME at the moment, I just have the very last one eagerly awaiting to return to me."

"Leave Spencer alone, leave Hanna alone, leave Aria alone and leave Emily alone because if you touch one of them again I will destroy you." Paige laughed.

"I can do whatever I like they're mine, I can kiss them, I can touch them, I can make them want me because you aren't here to manipulate them." Alison growled.

"Don't even think about it." Paige laughed through the phone.

"Which one first?" Paige asked.

"Come any closer and I'll whoop your ass." I heard Hanna say.

"Paige go away!"

"Paige stop!"

"Paige leave!"

I looked at the phone in despair.

"No Paige!" Aria, Hanna and Emily yelled. Screams and yells were heard, I held Ali's hand tightly, sobbing. Muffled screams and crying could be heard.

"Paige leave them alone." Alison ordered.

"Ali, get Spencer and run, run ok?" Aria said into the phone.

"No let me go!" Emily yelled.

"I don't want to be tied up." Hanna said.

"No, no, no!" Aria yelled.

"Aw, they look so cute, all tied up I can kiss all of them whenever I want." Paige mocked.

"Don't!" Alison yelled.

"Hmm, it wouldn't be fair to start without Spencer." Paige said.

"Let us go!"

"Alison! Please!"

"No Paige!"

"See you soon Spencer."

The line went dead.


I hugged Spencer tight, sobbing with her. I couldn't believe this was happening. This is my entire fault. I should've protected them better. Their cries for help, where are they?

"Do you think Paige really will do something to us?" Spencer asked me.

"No, I'll get her, I will do whatever I can. We have eleven weeks before school goes back, we will get them back." I told her, shaking out thoughts of Paige touch my girls.

"Jason!" I yelled, he came in.

"I heard, I'm sorry." He said, I cried harder.

"I need you to call Ce Ce, Toby, Shana and Ezra, tell them that, that favour they owe me, it's required." Jason nodded.

"Alison, she's going to get me." Spencer said quietly. I felt like telling her no, she wouldn't, but I had said that about Hanna and Aria. I had told myself I would never let anyone take away my girls and yet Paige McCullers had My Hanna, My Aria and My Emily, and now she's after My Spencer.

"Ce Ce's on her way." I nodded to Jason. My phone rang.




"I'm sorry."

"For what."

"Distracting you." I hung up, hugging Spencer tighter.

"She's in the house." I mumbled. Spencer froze.

"Where is that bitch?" Spencer asked, going to stand up.

"Spencer, she's after you, stay here." I told her, kissing her lips lightly, hopefully not for the last time and went looking for Paige McCullers.

"Jason! She's in the house!"

"Looking for her now!" Jason yelled back. Hopefully she'll make a mistake while trying to hide. I went and searched my room, opening the door and searching everywhere, not finding her. I turned around but my bedroom door shut, I tried to open it but something was jarring it.

"JASON! GET TO SPENCER!" I cried out. I heard the smash of something. Running to my window I saw Paige carrying a knocked out Spencer to her car and driving off. I fell to the floor and sobbed. She has taken away my very reasons for living.





I will find you all.