My girlfriends are asleep. Gone with the dead, all I have is the sound of Joey and Chandler fighting in the background while I look at my sleeping girlfriends. To be fair, I did fall asleep for about half an hour and I don't enjoy sleeping but I was alone. In a town I know nothing about in an apartment I didn't know Ali owned. Apparently I didn't know many things anymore.

Trying to stand up wasn't easy, every time I moved Hanna held my legs tighter and Spencer's arm tightened around my waist. It's not as bad as Alison's tight grip but it's enough to stop me from getting a drink of water. I sighed out of frustration and put my hand over Spencer's slowly flipping her over so that she was hugging Alison, I then removed one leg from Hanna's grip, leaning down and moving Hanna to Aria's lonely body and smiled as I stood, walking quietly to the kitchen and getting a drink of water and sculling it down, getting another one I sat on the ground, leaning against the cabinet doors and sipping this glass instead. I looked at the girls sleeping and smiled, tilting my head back against the hard surface so I could look at the ceiling.

"Em?" Aria asked, I looked at her and put a finger to my lips. She shook her head and untangled herself from Hanna, letting Hanna hold onto Spencer's legs and came to sit next to me.

"Go back to sleep Aria." I whispered to her as she leaned against me and yawned.

"Last time you left us asleep to get a drink of water, you were taken. I'm not letting it happen again. Even if that means I come with you." I nodded, understanding how I would do the same if it were her in this case.

"Want me to make you some breakfast?" Aria asked, I looked at the clock on the wall and shook my head.

"It's seven pm." I told her, nodding towards the clock.

"So come lie down." I shook my head.

"I'm really not all that tired." I t her truthfully, stretching my legs out in front of me.

"What I really want to is go for a swim." I said after a minute of silence, feeling the need to get in the water.

"This place might have a bath." Aria suggested and I shook my head and stood.

"I want to have a look around this place." Aria nodded and took my hand as we walked to the first room, a single bed in a plain room.

"Fun" Aria muttered, I rolled my eyes and smiled slightly as we walked towards the next room, the bathroom. It did have a bath and shower connected to each other, a small mirror with a sink and cabinet in front of it and the toilet across from it all.

"This needs to be cleaned." I told Aria, referring to the dust that surrounded the room. We walked back out to the kitchen, still holding hands and towards the fridge where one bag sat. Aria let my hand go and pulled it out of the fridge. It contained boxed juice, a loaf of bread, a jar of jam, some plain biscuits and a bundle of apples. We put the bag back in the fridge and sat at the table, playing with each other's hands.

"Tell me something about you that I don't know already." Aria whispered to me, looking at me through her lashes. I blushed and looked away, thinking of something.

"I enjoy being alone at times. Especially when I'm swimming, just the quietness in the water, so when I go swimming, I don't pay attention to anything around me, I just, swim until I'm tired or hungry and I come home." I explained to her. Aria nodded and looked at me with a small smirk.

"I said something I didn't already know." I nodded and beginning to think again.

"You already know everything." I said and ran a hand through my slightly tangled hair.

"I like, uh, Supernatural." I told her, letting out my guilty pleasure.

"Of course you do." Aria said and placed a hand on my cheek.

"I love you Em."

"I love you to." I told her and kissed her softly.

"How are they still sleeping?" I asked, looking at them with slight jealousy.

"What do you think they're dreaming of?" Aria asked, ignoring my question. I looked at them, trying to figure out what they were dreaming of.

"Something good hopefully" I whispered and decided a change of topic was in need.

"I've been thinking, about Paige-"

"Paige? Why would you think of her?" Aria asked, her nose scrunching up slightly.

"Because, what if we put her in Radley? Or just tipped Radley off that Paige might need some assistance?" I explained, hoping it made as much sense to her as it did in my head. Aria seemed to be going over it in her head and I wished that they had thought to bring coffee with them.

"She's too smart to go with them." Aria said after a minute of progressing it all.

"Maybe she won't see it coming." I jumped and turned to look at Hanna as she sat on my lap I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her neck softly.

"Why are you up?" I asked her softly as Aria moved to the seat next to me and kissed Hanna good morning or night in this case.

"I felt lonely and cold." Hanna said, I smiled and felt Aria's lips on my cheek quickly.

"So how do we get her in there?" Hanna asked, turning in my lap to face us both. I looked at Aria, I hadn't got that far and it was only a thought.

"I'm not sure." I sighed out and we all went silent, trying to think of how to get in there. Well, they did, I was still sitting there, dreaming of coffee, or at home, wrapped in someone's arms.

"We could always go to her house, sneak in while she's away." Hanna suggested, as crazy as it sounded, it was also smart.

"We could go in there, find something that would help lock her away." I said backing her up, we looked at Aria who opened and closed her mouth as if she was going to say something before she nodded.

"Let's go now." Hanna said and stood, pulling on her shoes, I looked at the sleeping pair on the couch and then at Aria who seemed to be hesitating as well.

"Guys, they're not our parents, we don't need their permission to go out." Hanna told us, rolling her eyes and pulling her blonde hair into a ponytail. I got her point and followed her to the door, quickly grabbing my phone.

"What we're doing is incredibly stupid." Aria whispered as she quietly tried to unlock the door, the deadlocks creaking slightly. I saw Spencer stir from her sleep and look at us.

"What's going on?" Spencer asked groggily, standing and tripping before walking over to us. We shushed her and Hanna pulled her into her arms.

"We're going out, we'll be back soon." Aria whispered to her, Spencer seemed to snap out of her sleepy state and shook her head.

"No, you can't." She said putting a hand over Aria's as she worked on the lock.

"Spencer, we're big girls, we can go out." Hanna argued, stepping back and lowering her arms from around her.

"It's not safe, I'm not letting you." Spencer said I raised an eyebrow, slightly offended that she thought she could run our lives like that.

"Spence, you have no say on where we go, we should still be at home." Spencer shook her head again and I could feel the tension rising.

"Look we're leaving we will be back and if we're not you can call a search party." Aria said sharply and shook her hands off, opening the door completely, not caring about the noise and waking Alison up.

"What are you doing?" Alison asked, opening her eyes and looking at us from the couch, I could see she wasn't going to move unless she had to, her stare had me looking out the door, I doubt getting past Alison would be easy, but then again, I've been proven wrong before.

"Come on Em, let's go be adults." Hanna said, grabbing my hand, I looked at the door across from our apartment and felt slightly sorry for our neighbor, but I did agree with Hanna, so there wasn't any way I was staying, even if it was just walking down the street. I grabbed Aria's hand, in slight panic that she would stay and followed Hanna out of the building, we didn't get far before Spencer had grabbed Hanna's arm.

"This possessiveness, it has to stop. We are adults, grown people, and if we want to go somewhere we can." Hanna snapped at her.

"We moved here so we would be safe, leaving like this isn't safe. You are currently being childish." Spencer told us, Hanna shook her arm off and I saw Alison standing in the doorway and tilted my head before blinking a few times.

"You moved us here, we get the point of living here, but we're not putting our lives on hold for Paige McCullers." I told Spencer, looking into her eyes, we turned back around, walking down the stairs, and we didn't get halfway before I felt Alison's tight grip around my waist.

"Come back inside." Alison whispered into my ear, I felt my hands drop to my sides.

"No." I whispered, her arm tightening around my torso, it wasn't painful, but I could feel all stares on my head, waiting for me to cave.

"Emily, please come inside, we'll go out later." She whispered, moving my hair, which I had left out, to the side and kissing my neck softly, any other time, I would've said yes, I wanted to say yes. I could hear the plea in her voice, I wanted to turn around and embrace her, but I couldn't, I wouldn't let fear run my life. Alison won't always be there for me and if I want to get through life itself, there's no better time to start than now.

"Ali, I'm going." I whispered to her, bringing my hands to her arm and peeling her grip off. I took Hanna's hand again and didn't look back at Spencer of Ali as Aria, Hanna and I left the building.

"I think you broke her heart." Hanna said once we were walking down the street of Ravenswood.

"Not helping Hanna." Aria hissed and looked at me sympathetically.

"No, I did the right thing, I've always relied on Ali, to keep the bad away, and it's time I do some of this bad ass stuff by myself." I told them, trying to keep that in mind and not the way I had hurt Alison.

"Don't worry, they're probably following us." Hanna said and shrugged, I looked behind us but there was nothing.

"It's not like we broke up with them, a little time to be free and not under house arrest is all we wanted." Aria explained, trying to make sense to not only us but her.

"They don't know we're going to Paige's house that may be a valid reason to keep us at home." I pointed out, reminding them at seven-thirty pm we were trying to go back to Rosewood and sneak into the McCullers household.

"Perhaps we should save that for tomorrow when it's not so dark." Hanna suggested. Aria and I quickly agreed and ended up sitting down with the locals to watch a magic show. It was slightly creepy, especially when a mime, something I only thought you could see in France, tried to take Aria away in the box. We quickly disappointed him, which led to him taking a small girl up the front. By the time we started heading home it was ten thirty and we barely knew the way back. Walking up to our apartment, our neighbour had just walked in ahead of us, slamming her door as we knocked on ours. Spencer let us in, wrapping her arms around Hanna, who was the first to walk in.

"We were getting worried, you could have called." I bit my lip as Aria told her what we had done, leaving out the part about Paige and us going to her house tomorrow.


"The room with a single bed and white walls" Spencer said, cutting me off. I thanked her and walked to the room Aria and I had found earlier that night. I knocked softly and heard her soft come in. Entering I took the spot next to her on the small bed after kicking off my shoes, she wrapped her arms around me and we sat in an uncomfortable silence for ten minutes. I could feel my body drowsing off.

"I didn't mean to baby you." Alison whispered to me after another minute. I turned in her arms to look at her and shrugged.

"If I lost you, I would die, I couldn't breathe, so the thought of you going away, where I can't protect you scares me." She explained. It seemed like sappy Ali was making an appearance.

"I know this already, Hanna's the one that's pissed." I told her quietly and kissing her softly.

"I know, and I'll talk to her soon. But I need you to know that it will only get worse. I will never let you get hurt." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes, flattered by her concern but I don't see myself getting hurt anytime soon.

"I'm not mad, apart from the fact that you tried to seduce me to get me inside." I added as an afterthought.

"It was the one thing I could think off that didn't involve me dragging you inside and holding you down." Alison explained, holding one of my hands.

"Talk to Hanna, she's more pissed than me."

"I will, but just promise me you'll at least tell me when you're going out, or call so I know you're okay."

I only kissed her as a reply.


Emily returned, her face flushed and sat on the couch next to Spencer, looking at me she nodded towards the bedroom but I shook my head, going to the suitcase with my name.

"I'm having a shower." I stated, also grabbing a towel and walked to the bathroom, stripping and turning the hot water on before standing under it and enjoying the feeling. I reached for a bottle of soap I had grabbed with towel and began to slowly wash myself, taking my time and not exactly wanting to face Alison at this moment.

I want to go out and have fun; being cooped up to stay safe all the time isn't me.

"Penny for your thoughts?" I jumped, almost dropping the soap bottle and turned to look at Alison who was sitting in the counted, her head tilted so her blonde hair hanged to one side.

"How about you leave the penny and get out?" I suggested, still pissed off and began washing myself, ignoring her obvious stare.

"Hanna, I'm sorry." She said, I shrugged, rubbing an invisible bit of dirt on my leg before I moved to the next one.

"Apparently I can't even shower without being surrounded by people." I pointed out, glaring at her as I hobbled on one foot and cleaned the bottom of my other foot, determined not to get out of the hot spray.

"You like showering with Emily." I nodded, only because she's the only one willing to shower with me because she doesn't try to steal the water.

"Hanna, I would do it again. Move us all away to keep you safe, I want to move further but we go back for our last year of high school soon." Alison said and swung her legs on the counter. Part of me hoped she could fall into the sink, but the other part of me understood.

"I'm angry that you seem as though you can't trust us. All these secret IOU's from Mr Fitz and all that, we don't know about that. And this apartment, you're hiding things from us and that's not how a healthy relationship works." I looked her in the eyes as I said this and she sighed, getting off the counter and starting to strip her clothes.

"What are you doing?" I asked her, just because I ranted to her without yelling, doesn't mean I'm not upset.

"Washing your back, turn around." Alison said, holding my arm gently and turning me around, taking the soap bottle with her.

"I just don't get why you won't let us be us. I'm sick of being with you guys behind closed doors, I'm sick of running away from Paige and I'm sick of being sick of everything." I explained as she slowly rubbed my back, my anger dispersing.

"I only want to look after you, we hide behind doors because people aren't accepting and they'll separate us if they find out. We're running from Paige because she would rather kill everyone than move on. Like I said to Emily, I'll only become worse. I will only try and protect you more and I will only become more possessive because I love you." She explained, rubbing my right shoulder with soap. I rolled her words over in my head and nodded after a minute, realizing her hands had left my back and she was turning me around.

"Look, I will always be this way, and so will Spencer, just know that if you hating me is what it takes to keep you safe. Then I will make sure I'm your worst enemy." She whispered to me, kissing me softly and getting out of the shower and walking naked to the living room, leaving me alone to my turned to my thoughts. I turned off the hot water and got out, drying myself slowly.

Alison had a point, in a sense I would try to do the same as she was doing, I am trying, but being hidden away, it worries me that well be hiding forever.

I pulled on my clothes and walked out to the living room where I saw Aria frozen in front of the door, looking out the peep hole. I walked over to her slowly and stood next to her.

"What are we looking at?" I asked her quietly, she turned to me and raised a finger to her lips before stepping back and pulling me forward to have a look, I laid a hand on the door and looked out, getting a look of Paige McCullers kicking at her door, fumbling with her keys and a suitcase.

"This is shit." I heard a whisper, which was Paige from the tone as she dropped everything and slowly went through her keys, trying to find the right one. I looked behind me at Alison, who was looking at us weirdly and I waved a hand over; before Paige left I wanted her to see proof. When she got to where we were standing I moved so she could see, watching as every muscle in her body froze

"Couch." Alison mumbled after a minute, Paige must have left or gone inside when the door slammed, I pulled Aria away from the door and looked at Spencer and Emily as they were curled into each other on the lounge.

"What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost." Spencer joked, nudging Emily. I shook my head and saw their facial expressions change.

"What's happened?" Emily asked, Aria sat beside Emily and shook slightly.

"Guys you're scaring us, what's going on." I shook my head at Spencer and sat on the floor, staring at the floorboards. She found us.

"Paige, she's living next door." Alison whispered the tension in the room rose and I looked up at Spencer and Emily who sat up looking confused.

"No, she can't be." Emily mumbled.

"She is I saw her." Aria said quietly, we all sat together quietly.

"She hasn't realized we're living here yet. If she had she would've already come to get you." Ali explained quietly, I nodded, not feeling like speaking.

"So we stay here, we can sneak in while she's away. As long as she thinks we are hiding out in Rosewood, we have the upper hand." Aria whispered, I looked at her and nodded. I looked at the door, the room was silent I couldn't hear anything. I rubbed my hands over my face and stared at the door. At any time Paige could barge through the doors and try something. At any second our small bit of happiness, very small at this moment, could be ripped away. But Aria did say we have the upper hand.

"Shifts, we should take shifts so we know Paige's schedule." Spencer said, standing and moving to the kitchen to put the chair in front of the door before walking back to us.

"She's out looking for us during the day, if we stay hidden at night, we should be fine to look through her apartment while she's gone and hopefully finds something to lock her away." Emily said.

"Without getting ourselves locked up for breaking and entering? We'll have to tip the police off." Aria said, falling into conversation with her.

"We'll also have to leave no evidence that we've been there." I told them, jumping into our previous conversation about Paige.

"Gloves latex." Emily suggested I nodded.

"Masks, for all we know she's got cameras watching the place." Aria put in.

"Where are you three coming up with this? It's like you have planned this." Spencer said, cutting our conversation to a halt, we all shrugged, I looked at her and rolled my eyes. I didn't like lying to them, especially them since they could read us like a book but-

"Don't get any ideas, as soon as we're in the apartment we find enough to call the cops and leave." Alison said, looking at all of us as if we would go against her, but I just didn't have the energy, to fight. Tomorrow is another story.

"I'll take first shift." Aria said and stood, Emily handed her a blanket as she stood.

"I'll go with her." Alison said, I guess she planned to talk to Aria then, at least Aria will have clothes on.

Alison went to get another chair, and then sat down next to Aria; I could hear their voices talking softly. I tuned out, instead taking the seat in between Emily and Spencer.

"So, has Ali ever tried that on you before?" I asked Emily, referring to their scene earlier, looking at her curiously.

"Yes, and before you ask, yes it has worked, I just didn't want it to work this time." Emily explained, I smirked, looking at Spencer who was listening intently.

"So you almost gave in?" I asked, scooting slightly closer, I mirrored Spencer's movements, lacing a hand on Emily's inner thigh, leaving it there.

"Yes?" Emily whispered squirming slightly and beginning to stand up, I place a hand on her shoulder and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"Settle Em, we're only talking." I whispered, Spencer dipper her head down and kissed along her neck, making Emily bite her lip.

"Unless you want Paige to find us a lot quicker than expected, I suggest you tone it down. Keep your pants on." Alison called, I grinned and nodded.

"Who's to say you need your pants off to have a bit of fun, right Em?" I asked, her, kissing her cheek but pulling away, what I have in mind would bring all the neighbours here questioning.


I sat with Alison playing with her fingers; Hanna had just gotten off Emily, which was a relief. I could still see Spencer's hand on Emily's thigh but as long as it didn't move, I was fine to sit here.

"I love you." Alison whispered to me. I smiled and kissed her cheek softly, tugging on her hand.

"I love you too." I told her and heard a door slam from the outside. Alison put a hand over my mouth and stood up silently, leaning against the door as she looked through the small peep hole.

"She's just left." Alison said, moving my chair once I stood, it seems as though we were going inside a little earlier than expected.

Spencer, Emily and Hanna made their way over as Alison opened the door, I watched her as she looked outside, then as Spencer ran across the hall, stealing one of the bobby pins from Alison's hair to open the door. I watched her, running with the rest of my girlfriends as we went across the hall, waiting till Spencer had come inside before slamming it shut.

When I looked around I felt sick, my stomach drop. I stared at the place we were in. The red walls, black and white furniture, nothing seemed off, apart from the gun sitting on the couch. That was a little frightening, and worrying that she kept something like that around us, even if she didn't know we were here.

"In here." Spencer called I walked towards a bedroom, just as Hanna met me there.

"There are no cameras, I checked." Hanna told me as we, as in all of us, walked into a bedroom with a large bed, cages in the corner, ties attached to the bed, the windows were locked and sprayed over. I felt my stomach churn and I grabbed Hanna's hand tightly.

"I say we trash it." Spencer suggested, coming to stand in front of us, thankfully blocking the view.

"Not yet." Alison said and walked to another room, we all followed, safe to say that leaving that room was probably meant to rape people. Not reassuring, considering we lived across the hall.

We walked into a study next, a desk, a pool table, photo albums with our names on it-

"What the hell?" I whispered walking towards them; each one had a name on them. I picked up my album first, wanting to know what it held. Inside were pictures of me, my family and I, private moments that I shared with my girlfriends, such as our third anniversary at the beach. I saw photos that my mom had lost of me when I was a baby, photos of me in class. I shut the album when I felt Emily's hand on my shoulder and watched as she grabbed her own.

"I'm taking mine with me." She told me, taking Spencer's. I grabbed Hanna's and handed it to her before going to sit in the chair at the desk, looking at four framed photos of Spencer, Hanna, Emily and I. School ID card photos. I picked up mine, Spencer coming over and grabbing hers as well, a minute later the rest of my girlfriends wandered over, grabbing their photos. I moved the chair over as Alison came over to my side of the desk and opened the draws to the dark brown wooden desk. I took a contact book out of her hands, which was unfortunately, empty.

"Can we leave before she gets back? Please?" Hanna pleaded; I looked at her and saw them, herself and Emily, stood in front of the desk, looking through their photo albums. I was about to answer them when Alison brought a safe out from under a floorboard she must have been working on while I was looking at Hanna and Emily.

"We'll take this back to our place." Alison stated picking it up, it seemed like a normal, heavy, safe. It was completely black, a number lock on the front. It was about the size of a cake box in width and length.

"Now can we go?" Hanna asked, Alison nodded, we all walked back to our apartment, and it was plainly obvious that we or at least someone had been here. Spencer shut and locked Paige's door before we returned to ours. I looked through my thick photo album.

"She's a devoted stalker. Stalkers like Paige don't stop until they get what they want. And if they can't get what they want they usually kill their obsession and themselves." Spencer explained, I'm not sure if that was supposed to make us feel better or what.

"Thanks for that Spence." Emily said, I looked at her and shrugged, Spencer will always be Spencer.

"Open the safe." I said as we sat in a circle around the safe. I sat in between Alison and Hanna, Emily on Alison's other side and Spencer sitting next to Hanna.

"I don't know the lock." Alison stated, I realized how stupid my statement first sounded.

"Pass it here." Spencer said, looking at the lock and trying a few combinations. Hanna stood up, mumbling something about getting some water. I nodded and watched as Spencer tried combinations, seeing her brow furrow as she got frustrated.

"I've tried everything, nothing came up. All of birthdays, the first letters of our names changed to numbers-"

"Let me try." Hanna said, sitting back down, taking the safe and banging at the front of it with a wrench? Okay not that I'm great full that she's helping but where was Alison keeping a wrench?

"I found it under the bathroom bench when we first got here." Hanna said with a shrug as the metal of the safe finally caved, the door swinging open. I looked at Alison as she smiled.

"The front door didn't shut properly when I bought this place, I stole Jason's tool box and kept it here just in case." She explained, her smiled not leaving her face. We all scooted closer as video tapes were pulled out from the safe along with USB's, cd and a photo album of the rosewood high school with Emily, Hanna, Spencer, Alison and myself on the first day, but instead of Alison's face, there was a picture of Paige's head.

"This bitch is annoying me." Alison muttered, peeling of Paige's face so we could see hers. We put it to the side, looking at all of the videos.

"They're numbered, so I guess we start at one." I said, picking it up. We made our way over to the couch, getting there I put the video into the VCR and looked at the couch and then at my girlfriends.

"How about we move the bed's mattress out here? The lounge folds out into a bed." Alison suggested, walking away with Spencer to grab the mattress before myself or anyone could answer.

"Now we really are under house arrest. Hanna mumbled to us. I nodded, and looked at Emily.

"Let's take couch before they get back." I told her, they both quickly agreed as we folded out the couch and lay comfortably along it, Hanna lying in the middle of us both.

"Looks like we got floor Spence." Alison said to her as they set the mattress down slightly away from the couch so we wouldn't step on them when we got up.

"We'll probably end up with them sometime during the night." Spencer told her, passing us each a thick duvet. What she said was true, we would all probably end up sleeping with each other, lying across each other or something. It tended to happen quite a lot.

Alison had the remote, pressing play, I swallowed whatever seemed to be stuck in my throat, we were in for a long night.


"I would like to introduce myself before anything else happens on these videos. My name is Paige McCullers and I'm filming these to show my future girlfriends and children the story of how we got together and that I would do anything for them."

"Turn it off." Hanna said I looked back at her as Alison put it on pause.

"I think we should keep it on." Aria spoke up next to Hanna, I nodded.

"Han, if we can figure out what her plan is, we can become to steps in front of her, live happily." I told her quietly. Hanna huffed and nodded before Alison pressed play.

"Okay, well, my girls, wait, I'll get a shot of them."

Paige turned the camera and pointed it to Alison's window were we sat watching some music video. It was a Keith Urban guy from Australia? His video, I remember that day.

"Okay so this should be easy to explain. The girl with the red jeans, leaning on the headboard is Alison, she's not mine, and she's just looking after them till I get there. The blonde girl leaning on her left shoulder is Hanna Marin, the girl sitting in between her legs, the short one is Aria Montgomery, the tanner brunette is Emily Fields and the pale brunette is Spencer Hastings."

The camera turned back to her face, a wide smile covered it, almost making me sick.

"Well, I have to go, but Aria, Hanna and I are going shopping soon, then I leave early because Emily and I have swim practice and later on I'm studying with Spencer."

The camera went black and fuzzy, Alison pressed pause before anything could start again.

"We are about to watch as every happy memory we've ever had together gets ruined." I blurted out and looked back.

"I can't watch this." Aria said after a minute.

"I won't." Hanna continued.

"I don't want to think back, on the times of us, and only see her." Emily explained and looked at me before all eyes were on Alison.

"I agree." I, or we I suppose, looked at her in shock.

"We'll rip out the tape, take them to the woods and burn them." Alison concluded before anyone could say anything. It stayed silent until Alison's phone began to ring.

"Do you think she figured out we were in her house?" I asked quietly.

"No, I know she's figured out. I just want to rile her up a little." Alison said, picking up the phone and answering before hanging up.

"Do you think that's good idea?" Hanna asked timidly.

"No, but I'm sick of her so it's the only thing stopping me from killing her while you are all still here." Alison said with a sigh as she answered the phone once it began to ring again.


"I can smell you all, everywhere you have touched, and I can see what you did. I want my videos and my girls now." I stared at the phone in shock. Paige would make a great sniffer dog. I looked behind me at my three girlfriends, my instincts took over and before anyone knew it I was seated behind Emily, running my hands through Hanna's hair and tickling Aria's foot with my toe softly. I motioned for Alison to move onto the bed but she didn't.

"What videos? Pigskin, I think you're losing it."

"Alison, don't do this. I'm going to kill you."

"You can try McCullers but you will never succeed."

"Try me, I already know you're in Ravenswood, a little birdy tipped me off. Now I just have to figure out where."

"Come find us then."

"Trust me it won't be too long before either I or him finds you."

"What? Can't find us yourself so you hired a cop?"

"Two heads are better than one. Especially when it's my head in between by girl's legs making them scream, forgetting where they are and who they are. By the time I'm done, they won't want to know you."

Alison didn't answer and Paige went on, I felt my stomach flip and had to lean my head against the closest shoulder to stop myself from making a noise.

"It's never going to happen McCullers." Alison growled and hung up. Everything stayed quiet, I couldn't breathe.

Paige knows we are in Ravenswood.

Alison slowly made her way to the bed and lay down in behind Aria.


"Please, just sleep." Alison mumbled, I pulled Emily and Hanna down so that they were lying down.

"Do you think it's our fault? That Paige knows. I mean, we went out." I heard Aria ask softly.

"Yes." Emily said, I shook my head, unable to form words as a placed my forehead against her cheek, feeling a soft stream of tears.


"Don't bother Spencer we did the stupid mistake of getting found." Hanna muttered.

"Let's just sleep." Alison said, the tension in the room rose and I felt my body begin to go weak as I started to drowse off. Paige is going to find us.

When I woke up, Alison was out of bed, Emily was building a house of cards that she must have found, cheating and using sticky tape she also must have found, Hanna and Aria still lay in bed next to me, awake, I sat up and looked around.

"Where's Ali?" I asked.

"Planning on how to get out of here, spare room." Emily mumbled, looking at me, the dark circles under her eyes indicated she had no sleep, I looked at Hanna and Aria, and they were quite obvious as well.

"What are we?" Hanna asked suddenly. I looked at her.

"Human I hope." I told her.

"Relationship wise." She stated.

"You're my girlfriends, why?"

"What happens when we go to college?" Emily asked.

"Where is all this coming from?" I asked them, looking around.

"Look, we all got to different colleges, we all suck at long distance relationships and if that doesn't happen then Paige gets us and we're ruined." Aria explained.

"No, no that's not going to happen." I said, looking into her eyes.

"Legally we can't be together." Hanna pointed out.

"Legally Paige can't do what she's trying to do." I retorted.

"Spencer, we're just scared that once the Paige stuff is over, that we all go to college and then sticking together was all for nothing." Emily said softly, coming over to sit on the bed next to me.

"I promise, nothing between any of us will change. Ever."

"Well, that settles it then." Hanna said, a wide smile covering her face.

"I think we have to get back on Ali's good side for that to happen." Aria pointed out. I sighed, knowing it wasn't going to be easy, until I realized, I didn't have to. I'm not the one that left.

"Have fun with that." I said, standing to get a drink.

"I'll go first." I heard Emily say as she left the room, a small smile spreading to my lips. She's truly a saint, they all are.

"Spence, I need some help." Hanna said, coming up behind me.

"What's up?" I asked, slightly concerned.

"I need to pick my grades up a bit more. I mean, they're already great, but we're going into our last year of high school and I want to do the best and you guys are going to get scholarships easy and I just don't want to be left out." Hanna stumbled out.

"We can start as soon as we get back to school." I kissed her softly, a smile spreading across my lips as I let her go.


"She has already found us. What am I supposed to do?" I asked Emily, tapping my foot and rubbing my head.

"You can start by not shutting us out. Then you can fill us in before we go anywhere." Emily argued. I bit my lip and looked away, taking deep breathes.

"She knows we're here Emily. I wouldn't be surprised if she knew that we're staying here."

"But this time Ali, we're all together, and I know you're mad but we'll get out of this."
"How can you know that? She's going to win because I can't protect all of you!" My voice has risen louder and my hands began to shake.

"I don't know anything. I'm just as scared as you are but I'm not willing to give up just because you can't protect me." I was surprised by how level her voice had stayed.

"I don't expect you to protect me and I don't expect us to not stop running, but Ali, if we begin to panic, we're the ones that are going to be found instead of staying safe."

I let out a huff of breathe and pulled her close.

"Damn it Emily." I muttered as she slowly wrapped her arms around me.

"Why do you have to be right?" I asked, kissing her quickly.

"I'm right sometimes." Aria said from the doorway. I pulled her into our embrace, kissing her forehead.

"I think, we should head to Texas, you have a house there and knowing our luck, we have about an hour before Paige figures out this is where we are living."

"I think she might have figured it out already." Spencer said from the doorway with Hanna.

"How?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She's usually slamming doors, yelling and leaving, it' completely quiet." Spencer explained, I was still slightly mad about them leaving, and it leading to this but I had bigger issues at the moment, I looked around the room we were in.

"Spencer, Emily, push everything heavy you can in front of the door, going in and out of that door isn't an option. Aria, I need you to grab a bag, get everything electronic that could be tracked, put it into the bag and dump it in the toilet, Hanna, follow me." The plan swirled around my head, making me feel slightly dizzy.

"Alison, what's going on?" Hanna asked worriedly, following me out to the lounge room and to the mattress on the floor.

"We're heading back to Rosewood, grab a car and head to Texas." I explained as she helped me lift the mattress.

"And we're taking the bed with us?"

"We need something to land on when we jump out a window, the one in the bedroom."

"You've finally gone around the loop." Hanna said but helped me move in to the bedroom, I ran to get the tool box and Hanna helped me remove the frame, Aria coming inside to help a minute later as we worked to get the mattress out the window.

"Are you crazy?" Spencer asked me as she walked into the room with Emily.

"No, I'm trying to save our arses Spence."

"I'll go first." Emily offered.

"You've been through enough windows for the week Em, I'll go." Aria said and at on the window sill.

"She's so tiny, what if she breaks on the way down?" Hanna asked, her question went ignored as I jumped out after Aria had got off the mattress, her arm slightly scratched. Spencer jumped next, after a bit of obvious hesitation, Emily shortly after and Hanna last. We moved the mattress, in case Paige got into the apartment and made a run for the bus station.

"Typical." I heard from behind me, the click on a gun. I turned to look at her, raising an eyebrow, trying to keep a cool appearance.

"McCullers took you long enough. What brings you to this invite only gathering?" The gun was raised at my chest.

"Oh come on now Ali, I knew you weren't going to take the front door, and Ian was posted out front, he didn't see you leave with my shit, which I would like back, along with what's also mine."

"You're right, I just figured, if I ran into you, it would give me a chance to beat your arse."

"I'm not fighting you. Either give them to me willingly or I will kill you."

I was running out of options, so I did the only thing I could think of, kicked my foot, my shoe flying into her face and turning to run, the gun fired a couple of times as we pulled into an alley and hid behind a dumpster bin.

"Oh shit." I heard someone whisper, looking to my girls, the blood polling on the floor from her leg.

If a liar was to lose a leg which one would you rather be? I have someone in mind. Sorry Alison's POV is so short, I wanted to round this up and post it, sorry Emily's POV is so long, I just get carried away at the start of the chapter with so many ideas and I lose track of switching. Can I have your opinions?

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