Title: Revealing Ink

Chapter One: Platform 9 ¾ Harry POV

Ships: HP/DG/(HG?) NL/TD

Rating: M (For later chapters)

Warnings: Slightly Sappy

Key: "Speech" 'Thoughts' {Foreign Language} ~Parseltongue~ SPELLS

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Thursday September 1, 1994

Harry Potter, 14 year old raven haired, emerald eyed 'Boy-Who-Lived', walked onto Platform 9 ¾. A few people would raise an eyebrow at Harry, not recognizing him and wondering who the new student was. Harry had a busy summer and now at 5'10" was taller and broader then he was when he left school in June.

Dressed in baggy blue denim jeans, black combat boots with steel caps on the toes, you could not see his new chiseled legs. He was wearing a skin tight black long sleeve shirt with a loose white t-shirt with what looked like bloody claw marks on the front and back. His broad shoulders and muscular forearms were obvious to those who look, the loose t-shirt covered his muscular chest, biceps and 6 pack.

Harry wore his raven hair up and spiked with the ice white tips and a white bandana around his forehead covering his trademark lightning bolt scar. He wore a white gold ring covered with tribal designs on each index finger. A black Hungarian Horntail dragon hide wand holster was up his right sleeve ready to eject his Holly and Phoenix wand into his hand with a flick of his wrist.

Harry wove his way through the crowd and onto the train; he quickly found an empty compartment toward the middle of the train. Harry settled into his seat with his legs raised onto the bench ready to relax. He pulled out the latest issue of The Quibbler that he had folded in his back pocket. After a few minutes of flipping through the pages to settle on an article to read, Harry noticed the looks that he was getting through the window in his compartment door. Getting irritated with the looks and whispering outside his door, he flicked his left hand at the window and the shade fell covering the window. Harry thought for a second before waving his right hand at the door hearing the sound of the door wedging into place as his COLLOPORTUS took effect.

Harry nodded to himself as he heard the noise level had decreased, he settled back down as he finished the article in The Quibbler that he had started. Harry pulled out a small book on advanced Runes and a couple protein bars to hold him over for the trip that usually lasted for several hours. As he opened his book his mind wondered to thinking about what his friends' reactions were going to be when he saw them in the Great Hall. 'Hell I might send a memory strand of this to Sirius, he would love to see a school wide prank worthy of the Marauder's heir', Harry laughed to himself.

Within moments a sad look veiled his eyes, he would really miss the girl he met over the summer, Karla. They had hung out and gotten involved since the beginning of August, but both knew nothing could come of it. She had thought he was a university student leaving campus for the summer. She was a beautiful muggle girl who was visiting her family for the summer. Next summer maybe they could try again and have almost three months together...that would be great.

Karla was 5 feet tall with wavy blonde hair that had deep purple streaks running through its mid-back length. She had the most dazzling blue eyes what these luscious long lashes that she would bat and he would feel the bottom drop from his stomach. She also had an amazing rack and an arse to die for, but that was just her physical appeal. She was also mature, easy to talk to and had a personality that made you want to know her. In short she was the entire package, beautiful on the outside and especially, and most importantly, on the inside. They had spent the last four weeks together; at first she was flirty when she met him at his place of work. They immediately hit it off and started meeting for coffee, that led to doing random things together including going to a couple movies and even a concert together. It felt good to not be Harry "The-Boy-Who-Lived" Potter and just enjoy a date without having to worry if she liked him or just his legend.

They only went as far as some snogging and some light groping but his Gryffindor nature would not allow him to take advantage of the girl. He was too busy enjoying the feeling of having his first girlfriend, even if it was only a summer romance. The little chaste kisses here and there, holding hands, and hugging; who would have known that a hug could be soft and not crushing/suffocating.

Harry was debating on if he should attempt to find a girlfriend this year or just wait till next summer and try getting back with Karla if she came around again. He did have much more confidence this year thanks to the summer workouts. He spent most mornings working out from dawn to about noon, followed by homework until it was time to go to work. They working out really paid off, now he could maintain a steady jog for over 10 miles, a good paced run for around 7 miles or a full blown sprint for about ¾ of a mile.

He had also started eating and snacking right, no junk food, no extra sugar. He now snacked on protein bars and enjoyed protein shakes and smoothies with and between meals. He now had an entire year's worth of protein products and several months' worth of food under stasis charms in case he needed them, all of which was stored in his multi-compartment truck. It was a 7 compartment trunk that was custom made to look like his old trunk and had several security features that he either had added or that he modified to suit his needs.

Harry still remembered how this had all started last summer with meeting his account manager Brainsmasher.


Harry had 1 week till he had to go back to school and had to refill his money bag for the year. Harry had decided to also go around and pick up some Owl-Order catalogs in case he needed to order anything. His uncle Vernon, the fat lump, had not signed his Hogsmeade form, but he had hoped that he could either get Dumbledore or maybe McGonagall to sign it for him. If not then he could always get Ron or more likely Hermione, she was less likely to get upset when he handed her the money…and more likely to give him his change back, to buy him anything that he needed that he couldn't Owl-Order.

As he walked into Gringotts, he was approached by a goblin who bowed to him and informed him that he was needed for a meeting. The goblin turned around and commanded "Follow me" walking into a hall without waiting to see if Harry was following. Harry gulped and started to follow, lest he lose the goblin and get into more trouble. They went down the hallway until they came to a door with Brainsmasher on the window in gold. The goblin stood before the door and clapped his hands twice, the door opened and he motioned Harry into the office.

There sitting behind a large desk was a large goblin wearing trousers and a purple and silver vest. He was writing in a ledger and looked up at Harry with narrowed eyes. Harry swallowed and figured that he would finally find out what he did to get himself into trouble.

Brainsmasher turned to the other goblin and started grunting and clicking at him, the other goblin bowed and took off at a run down the hall. Brainsmasher turned back to Harry, "Mr. Potter…"

Harry interrupted, "I'm sorry for whatever it is that I have done to disrespect or anger you and your people. Inform me on what I can..."

Brainsmasher waved Harry down, "Mr. Potter, you are in no trouble I assure you. Please take a seat until the paperwork that is needed shows up, it shouldn't be…" A double clap could be heard and Brainsmasher waved his hand at the door and the door swung open. The other goblin walked up to Brainsmasher and handed him a folder then bowed and exited the office closing the door behind him.

Brainsmasher bit his finger causing his blood to start dripping and flicked some blood at the door causing the door to shine silver for a moment. He then smeared some blood on the folder causing the folder to shine silver before the blood disappeared and the folder opened. He then blew on his finger causing it to stop bleeding and heal.

Harry watched all this with a wide eyed look never seeing such magic. Brainsmasher saw the gawking youth and chuckled, "Goblin blood magic, we are all taught it for security measures. Sorry but I don't think it is something that can be taught to your species." He took the folder and started pulling out parchment; he also reached into his desk and pulled out a box about half the size of a shoe box.

"Ok now Mr. Potter these…"

Harry interrupted, "I'm sorry Master Brainsmasher, but could you please just call me Harry. Being called Mr. Potter makes me feel like I'm in trouble" Harry smiled sheepishly

Brainsmasher chuckled, normally he would be getting quite upset at being interrupted, but he liked the young Potter. He reminded him of the Former Lord Potter, Harry's father, and the Lord before, Harry's grandfather. "Ok, but you will need to stop calling me Master Brainsmasher; if you want me to forgo formality then you must call me Dice. It is a name that I was known by in the mines in my youth"

Harry smiled, "Ok"

Brainsmasher chuckled again, "As I was saying these documents are from the Potter accounts, they include their will, the emancipation paperwork, account summery, and books that will help you understand your place in society. There is also a set of books that are to help you control your ability that you will learn of shortly. We will now begin"


Harry thought back to all he had gained that day, he had found that he had two blocks placed on him for his safety. An ability block of his Animorphmagus ability and a power block that had reduced him to 10% of his normal magical power. When he asked why they would do this he was told that it was normal for parents to bind their children's power until they were older so that they would not injure or kill themselves with accidental magic. The block was usually gradually removed as they grew and learned to control it so that they grew into their power. The ability block was usually placed if the family lived near muggles, as they would not want him to change his appearance in front of a muggle. The block was usually removed around the age of 5 to 7 so that they could learn to start using their morphing ability. Dice had removed the blocks and given Harry the books on morphing.

Harry had found that there were three levels to the morphing ability, Minor known as Metamagus who could change little things like hair length, color and eye color. Major known as Metamorphmagus who could change their entire appearance at will, including height, weight, body shape and features. And Master known as Animorphmagus who could do everything that the Major could do as well as change into any animal. They could also interchange human and animal parts and use the morphing ability while in animal form. Over the past year of experimenting he had found that his favorite form was to change into a Jaguar the size of a bear with a hide similar to the basilisk while increasing the size of his fangs and shrinking the tail down to a bob. The most fun form he used was a cute little white bunny, well cute until you noticed its red eyes and fangs. It was fun and extremely fast, he had gotten the idea from an old comedy movie.

He had also used the ability to change his eyes to those of a hawk while changing the color to match his original color. With his new eyes his vision was unbelievable and he no longer needed those old glasses. At night he would switch to feline eyes and could read with almost no light and no strain. It had taken most of the last year to learn to control it so that he didn't have to concentrate at keep his form.

He was also now Lord Potter and was wearing the Potter Family Ring. He had kept the ring disillusioned as to not broadcast the fact that he was Lord Potter. Being Lord Potter had not changed much about him; he still looked and acted the same for the most part. Only now because he had accepted the lordship he was now considered an adult in the wizarding world, plus he had access to the family vaults. The Potter family was old, very old; they could be tracked back all the way back to the time of Merlin. Plus they were practically Hufflepuffs; each generation had a tendency to spend money, lots of money, but they also refused to live off their vaults and were known to work hard to earn their money. Everyone had worked and added to the vaults; thus with a steady flow of income for more than a millennium, the account balance was well above what is commonly known as filthy, stinking rich.

Harry also found that the Potter family specialized in Runic Magic, Warding and Curse-Breaking. He had found several bookshelves in his vaults, as well as the Family Spellbook. The Family Spellbook was self-updating; any new books added to the Potter Family Library were automatically added to the book's index. Just tap the title that you wanted with your wand and the book showed for you to read; tap the cover and it reverted back to the Family Spellbook. Harry was careful about when he would read the spellbook, if Hermione ever saw it then he would have to stun her to keep her from hurting herself. The book did not take kindly to non-Potters trying to read it, it had warned that they would feel an electrical pulse as a warning and if they did not heed the warning then they would be hit with a pulse of magic that could potentially maim or kill them. Needless to say Harry kept the book hidden at all times except when he was alone in bed.

Harry looked around from his musing to notice that he still had three to four hours prior to arrival at Hogsmeade. Harry looked back to his new Runes book, The Magic Book of Runic Magic; if the book hadn't been a Runemaster level book then he would have never bought a book with such a stupid title. He had found out after asking Hermione about Ancient Runes, that 3rd years were studying nothing more than translation. They would learn simple runic compounds 4th year, basic runic arrays 5th year, intermediate level arrays 6th year and basic warding/advanced level arrays 7th year. If they wanted to learn true Runic Magic they had to go through curse-breaking training then try to obtain their Mastery in Runes.

Harry figured that at the rate he was going that he could challenge the O.W.L.s at the end of this year, N.E.W.T.s next year and try for Mastery by the time he graduates. It would be hard, especially keeping it quiet, but he thought he could do it.

Harry leaned back with his book and started to doze. Slipping into the land of dreams he found himself thinking about his summer job, all the fun he had with the guys there and especially about Karla. Losing himself he started to imagine what would happen the next time he saw her, a lot could change in 9 months but hopefully she would still be single and they could pick up where they left off. With that last thought Happy fell asleep with a smile on his lips and a lighter heart.

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