It was Saturday morning, and Scully called me up saying she needed me. Now, Scully rarely needs me. She rarely, if ever, admits that she needs me. So, I immediately jumped in the car and made it to Scully's apartment within twenty minutes-record time. I was nervous to say the least. So many things had ran through my mind. Was she sick? Is she okay? Did something happen? So, while in the car, I prepared myself for the worst. I gave myself a locker room pep talk. I got out of the car and made my way to her front door.

At her door, I heard the television blaring. It sounded like she was watching cartoons. That's not plausible. I knocked on the door. Within a few seconds, a little girl answered the door. I checked the door to make sure that I had the right apartment. I did. I look past the little girl and see Scully towel drying her hair. She looks a little flustered.

"Hey, Mulder. Good morning. I am glad you could make it!" She smells delicious and I am taking in the Sans-Make up Scully. I realize I have been staring. "Oh, yeah. Well, you said you needed me, so here I am." I throw my hands out presenting myself. She laughs a little. "Have you two been acquainted with one another?" The little girl shakes her head vigorously. Scully looks at me and I realize I have to make the first move.

"My name is Fox Mulder. I go by Mulder, though. What is your name?" I say with my 'child' voice. The little girl surprises me. "Hello, my name is Cecilia. My friends call me Cc. So, you can call me Cc." She says this so professional like. She even holds out her hand. I am completely speechless. I look at Scully and she looks proud, as she should. This little girl is a Einstein. She may even be a Scully clone. The little girl runs back over to the television and finishes the movie she was once watching. I think it is Beauty and the Beast- don't quote me.

I look at the girl. She looks to be about eight. She has long, chocolate brown hair, blue eyes, a cute little nose, ivory skin tone, and perfect red lips. She looked just like Scully, only brown hair. She even had that little mole Scully conceals above her lip. "Scully, is there something you aren't telling me?" She raises her eyebrow. We have a staring match for a couple seconds. She eventually gives and says, "no, what are you talking about, Mulder?" Is she serious? "Oh, I don't know. How about who that child is. Is that your daughter in there?" She laughs. She looks at me and gauges me reaction. "Oh, your serious, aren't you, Mulder?" I nod my head. "Mulder, that is not my child. Where on Earth did you get that idea from?" I scoff. I look back and forth between the girls.

Cecilia- I mean, Cc- walks into the kitchen with her cereal bowl and drops it in the sink. She looks at me with a toothless smile and runs back onto the couch. "Scully, in a few years, she could be your twin!" I catch Scully looking at Cc. "Yeah, you're right, Mulder. But, she is not my child. She is Charlie and Bethany's child. So relax. I just have her for the night. Beth had a family emergency and they couldn't take Cc. So, they left me in charge." She walks over to the coffee pot and pours us both coffee. "That is why I called you. We are going to go hang out today, and I was hoping you could 'escort' us, " she says using air quotes. She doesn't need an escort. She wants help with a child. "Oh, I see where you are going with this. You need help baby sitting. Hey, does this remind you of high school? You know, when you would baby sit and sneak your boyfriend over?" I poke her in the side and get a little smile out of her. "I wouldn't know, Mulder. I never had a boyfriend in high school, " she says with obvious sadness. I quickly crack a joke to lighten the mood. "Well, Scully, I wouldn't mind fulfilling that fantasy for you." I wiggle my eyebrows a little and watch her blush.

Cc walks in carrying her backpack. She is dressed in sparkling leggings, a blue t-shirt, and black boots that go to her mid calf. She looked adorable and I knew that, given time, boys were going to be chasing her. "I am ready to start the day Aunt Dana." I don't have any idea what were are doing, but I suppose I would be up for the ride. "Ok, baby. Let me go change into my clothes and we can head out. Give me five minutes. Clean up your mess." The little girl pouts but she obeys Scully. Five minutes later, as promised, Scully comes out in a blue t-shirt, dark jeans, and black boots. She dressed just like Cc, except in jeans . I look at Scully and smile. "We have to wear matching outfits, Mulder. I didn't have the exact outfit, but pretty close, right?" Yes, pretty close indeed. They looked like mother and daughter.

"Aunt Dana, you look beautiful. Thank you for matching my outfit! Can we go now?" The little girl had an impressive whine. Scully laughed, "yes, we can go." I stand there awkwardly. "Fox, are you going to come?" I realize Cc is staring at me. "Do you want me to come?" I ask her. I don't want to ruin her time with 'Aunt Dana.' She gives it some thought. I almost think she is going to say no, but I realized the little girl is scheming something. I can't figure it out yet, but I know she is up to no good. I've seen that look before. "Only if you promise to push me on the swing!" Scully giggles. If that is what it takes to make Scully smile, I would be up for her little games. "Alright. I suppose I can do that." She jumped in the air, yelled a yes, and grabbed my hand. Soon we were out the door for an adventure.