A warm, gentle breeze rippled through the grasslands of Aaa like tiny waves across a giant sea of emerald-green, and the long, tender blades of grass brushed softly against the calves of a young, blonde bunny eared adventuress who had traveled through this familiar sea of grass countless times in her seventeen years of life. Fionna paused for a moment to remove her hat; the feeling of the bright midday summer sun beating down upon her head was making her hotter than usual, so she let her long, wavy golden locks tumble down her back. It was one of those rare moments that Fionna ever let her hair down, as she felt it got in the way of her adventuring, however she hadn't had the heart to cut it in some time. She sighed in relief as she felt the breeze in her hair, cooling down her face and neck as she continued her journey across the grasslands toward the misshapen green and brown dot in the distance… The tree house.

Awhile later, Fionna trotted up the wooden steps of her arboreal abode and pushed open the front door which creaked in protest; she was greeted with the familiar sound and smell of Cake humming her bacon song as she prepared Bacon Pancakes atop the kitchen stove.

"Cake, I'm home." Fionna announced as she made her way into the kitchen. Cake's ears perked up at the sound of her sister's voice and turned to give her a welcoming smile.

"Baby Cakes! I was wondering when you'd get home. How was that mission you did for Gumball?"

At the very mention of his name Fionna groaned as she sat down at the kitchen table and laid her head against its surface.

"Tea leaves, Cake…" She mumbled into the wooden surface.

"What?" Cake asked in surprised, turning off the flame of the stove.

"Freakin' tea leaves dude!' Fionna threw her hands up in exasperation, "Last week it was a special magical pink flower guarded by trolls, and the week before that I had to pick a butt load of these rare strawberries from a giant's garden… That was easy, but keeping them from Marshall was a different story."

Cake shook her head, "What does he need all that stuff for?"

"It's all for pastries and tea he's making for a royal tea party in a few weeks… From what I know, his father thinks it's time for him to find a wife."

"…You okay baby?" Cake asked softly, setting a plate of bacon pancakes in front of Fionna; to Cake's surprise, Fionna nodded.

"Actually, I'm perfectly fine… I've done so many lame missions for him, and rescued him so many times I'm just kinda… done… ya know? I mean, he's totally math as a friend, but seriously Cake if we ever dated I'd have to rescue my boyfriend from Ice Queen or some other funk in Aaa almost every week!"

Cake patted Fionna's hand lovingly, "I understand girl, and listen when the time is right you'll find the perfect person that just completes you. You're the heroine of Aaa, you need someone who won't hold you back, someone who can keep up with your awesomeness." The cat winked, making Fionna smile as she leaned down to hug her.

"Thanks Cake, you're the best."

Awhile later, Fionna had finished her lunch and headed upstairs to take a shower. Just as she was about to head into the bathroom, she noticed a note lying on her bed next to the open window on the other side of the room. Upon closer investigation, she realized that it was Marshall's wispy handwriting.


I know you've been tired these past few weeks but we need to hang out tonight, it's been too long.

I'll come for you at sunset, so try to stay awake for me.


Fionna smiled at the little strawberries and bats he had doodled on the page before folding it up and placing it back on her night stand. She wasn't even sure what they would get to do that evening but Fionna knew that whatever it was it would be fun and a nice change from the errand running she had been doing for PG for weeks on end, and truthfully she always had fun when she was with Marshall, he knew what kept her entertained… like adventuring in new, unexplored parts of Aaa, checking out dungeons and kicking monster butt, or even just rough housing after a jam session in the wee hours of the morning. Gumball's idea of fun, like tea parties and long drawn out science experiments generally put her to sleep although some of the unexpected results of his experiments were rather entertaining to watch. Like the whole zombie incident, while it was scary for a time, it got Fionna's adrenaline pumping and gave her yet another adventure. In a way she was glad that she had finally gotten over her crush, she'd known for some time that Gumball simply wasn't the right kind of guy for her; she didn't picture herself with a damsel in distress and as nice of a guy that Gumball could be, he made a very good damsel. Plus the whole royalty aspect of him made him completely unattainable to begin with.

After taking a long hot shower and scrubbing away the sweat and grime from her travels earlier that morning, Fionna dried and brushed her long golden lock and pulled them back into a ponytail that fell thick and wavy to the middle of her back. She pulled on a light blue tank top and a pair of black shorts and sneakers before plopping down on her bed to wait for a certain fanged friend of hers. The sun wouldn't set for a few more hours, so she might as well get a bit of rest before her moon lit adventure in the evening. Just as her eyes began to drift shut, she heard Cake call from downstairs that she would be staying the weekend with Lord M. and with a quick exchange of "I love you" between the two sisters, Fionna heard the front door close and she was left alone in the tree house. Lying in her bed for a few more minutes, and feeling the gentle summer breeze carrying the scent of grass and sunshine into her room, it wasn't long after that she began to drift away into the embrace of sleep.