He wouldn't wish this on his worst enemy - and, no, that wouldn't be Klaus, much as the hybrid Original lived to flatter himself.

Damon Salvatore had tried everything to take his mind off the disgusting sight before him. It was one thing for her to have taken up with the late and not-so-great Jeremy Gilbert - the whelp had been a non-factor - but Matt Donovan? Friendly, caring, sweet (God, Damon could have spat) and built like a corn-fed country boy - only a blind man wouldn't have noticed the stares the idiot was receiving from half the crowd.

Damon gritted his teeth.

The loud chatter and hustle and bustle of the crowd barely reached Damon, so engrossed was he in watching the witch circle the dancefloor in the walking-dead-man's bulky arms. Is that what she liked? He glanced down at his own slightly slimmer physique. He'd never had complaints before.

Not that Damon cared what the witch thought.

At that moment, the Prom Queen tossed her head back and released peals of laughter. Damon's fingernails felt like claws, so sharply were they digging into his palms.

A faint voice at the back of Damon's mind gently reminded him that he should be worrying less about what the witch was up to and more about his girlfriend - you know, the one you've been chasing since Kingdom fucking come and only JUST managed to snare away from Stefan? However, Damon was too busy glancing over at the other half of the Salvatore Brothers to pay that voice much attention.

Beside him, Stefan watched the witch with brotherly pride, beaming smile firmly in place. Damon narrowed his eyes. Stefan seemed almost - happy about the couple still swaying to that god-awful song. Damon could have happily killed him.

Surely Stefan had bigger things to concern himself with, like say, Elena Batshit Insane Gilbert being off the human bandwagon and on the sauce? Silas running around town, impersonating people? The cure being in the Originals' possession? Yet the clown seemed happy to waste time at a high school prom, smiling at things he had no business smiling at.

Clearly, it was up to Damon to get shit done. But what else was new?

Choosing to court death, Matt's meaty fingers slipped a few centimetres down the witch's back and Damon started to step forward, fists clenched.

"Damon." A tap on his arm from one of the only people that could get away with it. Pausing mid-step, Damon turned to see his brother motioning him outside. He glanced back at the recently crowned couple and caught the witch whispering something in the blond idiot's overly-large ear. Damon's lip twisted in disgust. Surely she realised the fool she was making of herself carrying on this way in public?


"Damon," his irritating little brother called once again. Oh, for the days of peace and quiet. There were some days he seriously regretted returning to Mystic Falls.

Rolling his eyes, Damon turned from the revolting scene before him and followed his brother out of the hall.

Fuck Matt Donovan.

My first D/B (I've been writing HP fanfiction for almost seven years, now, and will continue to do so even as I write fics for D+B). It'll be interesting to see how this is received.

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