Due to the lovely response/welcome 'Denial' received, I have decided to turn this into a series of one-shots that will encompass canon moments from every season of TVD as well as moments (such as the one below) from the distant and not-so-distant future...

The below is in response to a suggestion a fellow Bamon Brigader made a few hours ago on Tumblr...

Suggestion: Damon coming across Bonnie in a towel while looking for her roommate, Elena...



"Get OUT, Damon!"

"SO touchy, witch. Nothing I haven't seen before, TRUST me."

"I don't care how many people you've seen naked before, Damon. You're not adding me to the list." Bonnie hurled her tv remote control in the Salvatore brother's direction, fury eminating from every inch of her petite frame. Frustratingly, Damon's only reaction was a neat side-step and a quirked brow.

"When does Elena get back?" he asked once more, opening her bedside drawer and rooting through it.

"I don't know," Bonnie bit back, forgetting that she was clad in only a small white towel and storming over to push him away from her belongings. There were some days she truly regretted agreeing to be roommates with Caroline and Elena, and today was one of them. Damon had no sense of propriety.

"Nice outfit, Bon Bon." Damon leered, blue eyes aglow with a quality Bonnie didn't care to identify, even as she stiffened at his sleazy use of her nickname. Batting away his wandering hand, she glared up at him.

"Get out, Damon," she repeated. "Elena isn't here and I am this close to burning you alive. Or dead, if we're being more accurate." Amusement curled a smirk across her full lips, bringing Damon's unwilling attention to them.

"If you haven't done so by now..." Damon trailed off, bring up a hand to trace gentle fingers across where the fluffy white towel contrasted with Bonnie's caramel skin. For reasons unbeknownst to him, he couldn't quite tear his eyes away from her. As droplets of water continued to slip down her arched neck, the small veins around his eyes tightened. A tiny voice at the back of his mind shouted a warning, but he paid it no heed.

Bonnie stood almost frozen as Damon's long, pale, calloused fingers finally crossed the boundary of her towel and inched their way across her skin. She could hear her blood racing through her ears as she wondered just why she hadn't moved to stop this... this imposition. Damon shouldn't be touching her like this - No. He shouldn't be touching her, period. Not only was he Elena's, but he and Bonnie only shared the most tenuous of truces. They operated on a 'we work together now and again, but only for the benefit of our mutual friends' basis, and it had worked beautifully thus far.

No sense in getting things confused now.

No sense in-

At that moment, Damon stepped even closer - so close that Bonnie could feel the slight heat radiating from his body, a benefit of the stolen blood it contained. For his part, Damon seemed almost entranced by what he was doing, which didn't make any sense. All the teasing he'd done in the past had never gone this far. This dangerously far.

Someone should stop this.

Bonnie should stop this.

But Damon was edging closer and closer, those sapphire eyes of his now having darted up to fixate on Bonnie's own. His full pink lips parted as if to say something... do something...

Oh, God...

"Bonnie?" Sweet relief came with the bell-like sound of her best friend's voice, breaking the subtle spell Damon had woven over the last few minutes. Almost guiltily, he and Bonnie took hurried steps back - Damon stalking towards her bedroom door, while Bonnie practically ran to the bathroom.

But just before both crossed their respective thresholds, they turned back and glanced at one another. And for a moment -just for a moment - something passed between them that, while not quite love, was too fervent to be hatred.

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