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It was a rush.

It really was, especially since he was breaking the rules all over again. Only this time it could land him in Azkaban for a long time.

But he was a naturally born rule-breaker and nothing could deter that, not even the threat of being thrown in prison. Besides, the chances of actually being caught were slim for two reasons.

He, like his twin, told only a minuscule amount of people and he knew they would never betray them.

And his animal form was a very common species and he had no distinguishing marks in his Animagus form.

So, every once in a while, he dashed around Diagon Alley, darting between the legs of people and simply being mischievous in the name of fun. He didn't envy his twin at this time, who stayed behind to manage their joke shop.

Only a quick pair of hands caught him this time around and he felt a flicker of animalistic fear when he found himself looking into luminous blue eyes.

"Onii-san, look what I caught!" His ears perked forward when she began to speak in a foreign language and he assumed it was either Chinese, Japanese, or Korean because of her Asian features, "It's so cute!"

"I'm aware of its presence, Miko," A deep voice responded and even he could detect the disdain in the tone, "I can smell its stench from miles away. Speak in English for practise. We are in England." He also demanded at the end.

He had no idea what they were saying, but certainly didn't care at the moment when the woman holding him was suddenly holding him against her ample chest and to his relief, began to speak in English, "Come on! You can't tell me it smells like Shippou-chan!" The woman's face twitched suddenly, "I doubt its cuddling up to every attractive person it sees."

'You're certainly enough for me, Dove.' He thought smugly, easily able to see her highly attractive features from his position.

"Do you think it has an owner? Or it's a wild one?" The woman asked her male companion, who seemed annoyed, despite his impassive expression, "I know you can tell, Big Brother," She huffed, giving him a scratch between the ears, to which he melted into, "So, tell me!"

"It has the odour of a human mixed into its fur," The man finally answered and he completely disregarded the fact that the man could smell him well enough to sniff out his human smell, "It is not a field fox."

"Awww," The woman pouted, stroking him down the spine, which induced the good kind of shivers, "Too bad, but Kirara might get jealous if I decided to keep you!" She kissed him on the nose and she giggled when he managed to lick hers, "Run along, then." She put him down after another quick scratch behind the ears.

"There are thousands of those creatures within the country. Do not get attached, Miko." The man said coldly and he bristled lightly at being called 'creature' and only vaguely wondered what miko meant after he rubbed himself affectionately against the woman's legs before darting off in the crowd.

He had a lot to report to his twin that day.