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"You guys I just need a brake, and I really think that by going to Edora will help me out a lot"

"Colonel do you really have that much on your mind right now"

"Well. Sam we do have 3 months down time and Jacks right it would be good for him, he's got a lot on him mind right now"

"What are you saying Daniel"

"Well that if you got away you would be able to relax. You know without the thought that any second a Goa'uld will come charging though the gate with a promise to destroy the Earth"

"See Carter even Daniel somewhat sees it the way I do. If you guys really need me just call or come and see me ok"

"Well all right. Have fun out their sir"

"Will do Captain, Daniel, Teal'c have fun kids"

With that Colonel Jack O'Neill picked up his bag and walked through the stargate.

Present day 2 months and 25 days later

"Incoming Traveller"

"We don't have any teams off world do we??" General Hammond Questioned.

"A no sir we don't, that is the planet that jacks on though" Carter explained

"See Sam I told you he couldn't stay away from you the entire 3 months," Daniel Jokingly suggested

The next thing any of them knew the Colonel O'Neill came through the gate Back word's followed by dust and debris from the other planet. When he landed he looked around the room across from him was a small bundle of blankets. Upon seeing this Jack ran over to the blankets. When he opened it he looked in when he saw nothing was damaged he picked it up and held it close. About 5 seconds later General Hammond and the rest of SG-1 and Dr. Fraiser came in.

"Colonel you came back early why?"

"Well Captain we had little run in with the Goa'uld and decided it best to come back. You see the have this theory that I would make the ultimate snakehead," O'Neill sarcastically stated.

"Um Jack what do you mean be we??"

"Relax Daniel I don't have a Goa'uld in me or anything. By we I meant myself and my little Pipper here". At that he opened the blanket to revile and 6-month-old Baby. The little girl and thin blond hair, and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle when she looked at you.

"Is.is.is she your sir" Carter asked unable to speak without a stutter for her fear of the answer.

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