When Jack got to his room he saw that Sam was sleeping in HIS bed, he also noticed that she was wearing a pink tank top he couldn't see what else she had on due to her or rather his blankets lying across her lower body. Jack went to the side of the bed that Sam was on and knelt down so that he was eye level with her. He then took his hand and brushed away a stray piece of hair that was in her eyes "Sam, Sam walk up" Jack said softly.

"Huh oh Jack I'm sorry I didn't mean to fall asleep it's just become a habit of mine." Sam said in a tone that suggested that she wasn't really awake yet.

All Jack could do was flash her one of his million dollar smiles "Sam don't worry I'll take the other guest bedroom ok? I'll talk to you in the morning" With that Jack lent over and kissed Sam on the forehead. He got up and was about to leave when he felt Sam grab his arm.

"No don't go stay please," Sam asked

"Um alright just let me change into something that I can really sleep in ok" Sam nodded her head and sank back into her pillow.

After Jack changed into his track pant's he got into the bed beside Sam. She instantly rolled over and put her arm around his stomach with her head on his chest. "I missed you so much Jack. Promise me that you wont leave again"

"I missed you to Sam and I promise I wont leave again." With that he wrapped his arms around her tightly and they both fell asleep.

The next day Jack awoke to an empty bed. When he went to check on Piper she was also gone, "Huh where is everyone." Jack said to no one in particular. Jack went to the Kitchen where he found a note. From Sam obviously

Jack Piper and I went to the Park We would have woken you but you looked so tired we decided not to. When you get up if were not back you should come join us. Anyway Piper wants to go so I'll see you there,

Sam & Piper xoxo

"Well I guess I should get dressed then shouldn't I" Jack left for his room.

When Jack got to the park he saw Piper playing in the sand box with another little boy. She looked so cute with pigtails in her hair Jack couldn't help but smile. Until he saw Sam talking to some other guy she really looked like she didn't want to be there so he decided to help out. When he walked over to her he put his arms around her back and hugged her tightly "Hey Hun how's Piper doing?" Jack asked "Sam turned to face Jack and with a smile returned his hug all the while whispering in his ear. "Thank you thank you thank" she said "Pipers great she will be happy to see you here. Oh How rude of me Jack this is Andrew He's Dominique's Father."

"Hello Andrew nice to meet you." Jack held out his hand for Andrew. "Hey Jack nice to meet you as well." Andrew replied.

"So witch one's Dominique?" Jack asked

"Oh he's playing with Piper." Sam said

"You mean the one that's kicking sand at my Daughter?" Jack asked giving a death stare to Andrew.

The next thing any of them knew they were all running towards Piper and Dominique who was know taking all of the toys away from Piper and proceeding to push over Piper's sand castle. When they got there piper was covered in sand and in tears. "Dominique You say sorry right now young man" Said Andrew

"NO" was the only reply.

" Oh Piper sweetheart come here it's okay we'll build a new castle at home and it will be bigger ok?" Sam asked taking Piper in her arms

"Listen I'm really sorry about he's never done that before." Andrew said also holding Dominique in his arms.

"It's alright boy's will be boy's right Sam?"

"Yeah Jack can you take Piper I have to go get something for her?"

"Of course" Jack took the still crying Piper from Sam's arms and once again took his thumb and whipped her tears away telling her it was ok and she as always stopped crying but still held on to her dad from dear life. When Sam came back she had Pipers teddy bear that she loved. "Here you go sweetie," Sam said handing the bear to Piper.

"Tank you mommy" Piper said trying to sound strong but failing. Sam started to rub Pipers back while Jack held her close. "Do you want to go home now Piper?" Sam asked


"Well do you want to stay and play?"


"Then what do you wanna do?" Jack asked smiling "I wanna see gampa"

"Oh you want to see grandpa George?"

"No I wanna see gampa Jacob"

"Oh well lets go then" Sam said smiling

"Uh Sam have you taken her through the gate before?"

"Oh yeah she comes through the gate all the time but only if we know it's safe"

"Oh ok then"

When they got to the SGC the General was happy to let them through the gate to see the Tok'ra. When Sam Jack and Piper got through the gate. Jack put Piper down and let her run through the sandy planet to the entrance of the Tok'ra place. When Piper ran into Martouf. As soon as she saw him she started yelling for her dad. "I'm sorry young one but you father is dead do you not remember?" he asked her.

"Well hate to burst your bubble Martouf but I'm feeling SO much better." Said Jack when they saw Martouf and Piper. Jack of course had his arm around Sam and she was doing the same. "Come here Piper" Jack said kneeling down and smiling. Piper of course ran to her dad and jumped in to his arms.

"O'Neill it is a pleasure to see you." Martouf said bowing his head

"I'm sure" Jack said smiling as he put his arm around Sam's waist again.

"Martouf were here to see my father is he here?" Sam asked

"Yes please fallow me" Martouf lead them to Jacob's room and then left.

Sam went in the room first. "Hey dad how are you" she said as she hugged her father.

"Hey Sam I'm good where's Piper?" Just then Jack came into the room with Piper in his arms. "Jack you're.your alive."

"What is so wrong with that I mean really everyone has told me that today."

"Sorry Jack it's just what I was told and believed"

"Uh no problem anyway someone here wants to see you." He put Piper down and she slowly walked over to Jacob. When she got there she looked up at Jacob and smiled a very sly smile "I tol you daddy was alive"

"Ha, Ha yes you did" he picked her up and took her over to his desk where they started playing with some toys.

"Sam" Jack called

"Yeah Jack"

"I would like to tell you something"

"Okay, what is it?"

"Well I Love you Sam and I never want to leave you again"

"Well Jack I hate to have to tell you this but I'm in love with Martouf" Sam said with sadden eyes.

"Oh well then ok I...uh.um,"

"Jack I was kidding I Love you too" She said smiling

"Oh thank god PLEASE never do that to me again."

"Ha, ha ok I promise." With that Jack held her close to him and gently kissed her. Sam returned the favour by deepening the kiss. When they finally broke the kiss Jack and Sam's foreheads were touching when he did it "Sam will you marry me?"

"What did you just ask me?" Sam asked smiling

"Well I just asked you if you would marry me?"

"Oh I've waited so long for you to say that. Of course I will!" she then kissed Jack again and they just stood there embracing each other. All the while on the other side of the room Jacob heard the whole thing but instead of being mad at Jack he was happy that his daughter finally found someone that would love. So he turned to Piper and continued to play with her knowing that she now had both a mother and a father that were in love and would die for there daughter.

"You know Piper I do believe that you are now the luckiest girl alive" Said Jacob smiling at his granddaughter.

"I know gampa" Piper just smiled at her grandfather with that twinkle in her eye.

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