Chapter 1: Welcome to Orion Galaxy

Stargate Orion"Somewhere in Space"….

Anubis Ship, and the Asgard Ship, "Previously from the Movie Stargate Extinction Movie" Drop out of Hyperspace. We see Anubis Ship up close and then zoom in the command control center where we hear Anubis speak:

"Set a course for the planet, we shall start in here, send words for the other ships to start jumping"

Java: "As you command ".

We can see the Ship turning to a planet that seems to be surrounded by many asteroids and a beautiful belt of gas, a little Rocky with little water from space it looks". The ship started Heading for the planet slowly as the Asgard ship locked on another planet and gone to hyperspace. As we approach the planet we can see more and more a large city ruins slowly appearing and we get a view from the planet surface showing the ship landing in that city causing a lot of dust to fly away along with much strange monkey looking creatures. The camera now shows Anubis first out of the Ship and say:

"To work we need this up and running fast"

We see now two Java carrying a suitcase that look like it contain a ZPM and 2 others behind them that hold the same size case. A Goaoold stood next to Anubis, and then Anubis say:

"Welcome to Orion galaxy my Lord"

The camera now fades toward space and we see a beacon start flashing very, very slightly in some sort of device that orbit the planet.