Chapter 1

"They spun a web for me…"

My voice echoes throughout our large estate as I sing and play piano to "Trouble" by Coldplay. I always play music when I feel emotional…usually I'm sad or stressed or somethin'. Which, these times are usually everyday. Practice makes perfect, I guess. I'm alone, since I don't like attention. As I'm about to begin to play another song, Sami, my legal guardian, walks in startling me as her footsteps click across the floor.

"Hey, Kat." She says, patting my head, making my hair stand up due to the static electricity.

"Uh, hi." I respond, attempting to flatten out my hair, only making it worse. I frown.

"Playing music, huh?" She asks as her fingers slide across the piano keys.

"Yep." I say, beginning to get irritated. God, why won't she just go away?

"What's this?" Sami asks as she rummages through my CDs and takes out the latest Linkin Park album.

"It's good music." I murmur under my breath.

"Linkin Park? Ew! Why do you like this crap? How 'bout Taylor Swift?" She says with a huge, whitened smile plastered on her face.

"Taylor sucks. I don't like her music; I told you hundreds of times." I say, then mutter unpleasant words.

"Kat?" Sami's shrill, girly voice makes me wince.

"Yes?" I reply.

"You're never gonna fit in." She giggles.

"Thanks for reminding me…" I whisper sarcastically.

"No prob." Sami struts out of the room, hand on hip.

When she's gone, I stick up my middle finger and say "fuck you". Then, I turn back to the piano and continue to play music.