The moment my eyes caught a glance of him, my heart felt something I barely felt towards others and I knew what it was - love. It was a love at first sight.

Everything started during summer when I was walking inside a convenience store. I was buying some food. Just as I was about to approach the counter, the entrance door opened and a redhead stepped in. My gaze fell unto the commoner and my eyes got enchanted of his.

"Miss? Miss? Miss?" the salesman disturbed me and my bubbling thoughts. I snapped out of my live fantasy and paid for everything.

Despite the fact that I was done buying my personal wants, I still haven't left the store. I moved a bit away from the counter and pretended to continue browsing and looking at other items. When he went to pay for what he wanted to purchase, I glanced at him and he saw me. I looked away and pretended like nothing happened.

My cheeks started to redden.

When he was about to leave, I saw him looking at me in a glaring manner. I didn't become afraid. I wasn't scared. He left and after that, I left too.

However, I saw him again and it was in school. I noticed that he was my batchmate. Despite that discovery, I still didn't know his name.

I became a little stalker, but I was not the obsessed kind of stalker. I admired him from afar. Okay. Screw that. I was an admirer. I didn't try to steal his attention or anything, but every time he would pass by our classroom, my eyes would get magnetized at him.

I found out that his name was Seijuro Akashi and that very time was the start of my downfall. It happened during lunch when a certain man asked for me. Meeting the person, I could feel the adrenaline rush through my veins, making me feel perturbed. He, for the first time, approached me.

"Azuri, give this to your adviser. She needs this," he said as he gave me a bunch of papers. I tried my best to look perfectly normal in front of him but I was still confused as to why I was the one he approached. I was not a class representative or an officer. I was just a plain student. Also, how did he even know my name?

I smiled at him politely then observed his features well. His hair was burning red just as how his eyes were. "Please stop it," his voice rang my ears again.

The smile on my face got erased as my eyes revealed confusion.

He was the most intimidating person I have ever encountered. His voice, his presence, his everything... When I first saw him, I didn't know that he was that intimidating.

"I'm sorry for staring," I bowed my head because of being embarrassed at what he had said.

"No, not that," his deep voice was the only one I could hear no matter how noisy students were. "Stop liking me," he turned his back away from me and left.

I haven't made a move yet! How dare he order me to stop my own emotions? Wasn't that kind of fast? Deep inside, I was hurt. Very hurt.

How did he find out?

A year after, we graduated. I tried not to look at him or form any contact even if my heart still wanted him. I still liked him, but I kept my feelings silent.

I then came to Rakuzan. Little did I know that Seijuro Akashi came here too. I didn't plan on following him here. I wanted to forget everything, but that wouldn't happen because, disappointingly enough, it was too late to leave.

What scared me even more was that he was also my classmate.