I walked beside Seijuro quietly while blushing.

We just got out of the restroom.

My mind was completely blank.

When he said, "Will you be mine?" it seemed like he forced himself to do it, but when he held me close to him and uttered, "Marry me or die," it definitely felt like he was really saying it to me.

"Sei...juro," I whispered softly.

Akashi gazed at me then looked away.

I bit my lower lip. I didn't want to be silent at the moment.

Thinking of a way to start a conversation with him, I decided to ask him, "Why did you go to the girls' bathroom with me? You could've just told me to remove my make-up."

"If I brought you to the boys' restroom, that would be awkward. The boys might even feast upon seeing you walk in. Besides, I do what I want to do. Nobody can order me around," he spoke.

I wanted to close our communication gap. I wanted to destroy the barrier that separated the two of us.

"You know..." he trailed off as he simply laced his fingers with mine.

I felt my heart abuse itself from beating so hard and fast.

My cheeks quickly reddened and became hot. I guess that's what love can do to a poor maiden like me.

"Your heart loses its normal beating pattern whenever I'm around. I can sense it. Your cheeks would quickly blush until its red color becomes the color of blood," he uttered. He knew that all along? Oh come on, if he did, why would he bring that up now? He needs to explain a lot of things to me.

"You need to explain a lot of details," I decided to say it bluntly.

I was curious and I couldn't deny that.

There's no such thing as a perfect relationship, right? Wait... Did I even have a relationship with Akashi?

"I wanted you to stop liking me because I already knew about your dad's plan which would concern Aizawa. I didn't want to be a hindrance. I didn't want to be tied up to those matters, but somehow, I fell. Winning is everything to me and I didn't want to lose you. I was never interested in romance, as you can tell. That's the main point as to why I cannot treat you well back then. I also didn't want to be a hindrance to your future," he simply said while looking at me for a very long time.

His grasp on my hand was so warm. Akashi was such a well-grown and decent man. He was heart-suffocating and mesmerizing. Everything about him was too much for me to handle.

"I love you," he whispered then I froze.

He stopped walking just to check up on me. What he said surprised me. I wasn't expecting him to say that. I wasn't expecting him to tell that to me.

My face went bright red while heat started to approach it. My heart was getting wild and I couldn't do a thing about it.

"I'm confident that I can still beat all those guys in otome games when it comes to your heart," he let out a smirk.

Due to too much romantic vibes, I couldn't think straight.

Suddenly, a guy harshly bumped at me and I fell on the floor in a sitting manner.

"Watch it!" the guy was mad as if I was such a huge pest.

"You're the one who bumped me," I complained. Really, Azuri? You're starting a fight right in front of the guy you love. Do you still have any dignity? No. You've lost it ever since you met the guy of your desires.

Stop talking to me, brain. I can do this. I can fix this, I was mentally arguing with myself.

"Look at where you're going! What are you? A blind person? Tsk," the guy fought back while I got up.

Just as I was about to argue with him once more, Akashi stepped in our scene. He stopped right in front of the guy who looked at him in a serious way.

"I apologize for the trouble she caused, but you don't have any right to get mad at her quickly," he stated as he bowed with a gentle smile.

"I-it was n-nothing!" the guy felt awkward.

Suddenly, Akashi's smile faded away and he became serious when he raised his head. He stepped closer to the man and looked at him in an intimidating manner. His eyes revealed power and supremacy. His expression was something to be feared of.

"Know your place," he uttered. He walked towards me and sighed.

The man shook due to being nervous. Akashi glanced at him while he retreated.

"You were scary yet cool at the same time," I admitted with a blush.

He looked at me with a smirk.

He stood up for me. He defended me. He protected me.

"Thank you," I whispered as I fiddled with my fingers.

"He shouldn't have done that to you and you should have just controlled your temper," he lectured me.

"Sorry," I told him.

He let out another sigh then pulled me close to him, making my head hit his chest. He patted me on my head as if I was a simple child.

I raised my head and he smiled at me. His eyes gleamed with the beam of honesty while his smile showed a life full of glee. The carved line upon his lips greeted me with warmth. Its light was brighter than the sun as if he wanted to be the cause of my blindness. His messy hair, though uncombed, was perfectly fixed and it was effortlessly attractive. His pale skin, oh God, complemented his features as if he had the face of a known chef'd oeuvre.

"I surrender," his smile changed into a smirk.

He laced his fingers with mine once more and we continued to walk.

The way he walked made me look. The way he breathed was like an addictive drug that delivered me to a temporary world of wonders. His dearest existence itself made me weak and grumble inside. He used to ignore me as if I was nothing but a shadow. Nonetheless, due to changes, I was falling for him way harder.

My love's strong, true and gentle; back then, it was considered as one-sided for me to settle. It was like the unseen air that has been around everyone. Every time he'd be around, I couldn't breathe well.

His knife of rejection disappeared.

Why were my feelings hard to accept back then? His ignorance in the past was such a pain. It hurts, it hurts - the blissful pain that's hard to utter, but his sweetness, however, made me overcome all those matters. My affection towards him was something I couldn't muster. I still love him and I'll love him forever.

He was such a sweet lie, a walking source of my desires. To have him was a fulfillment to my life's greatest wishes. He was so beautiful, he was dazzling, he was addicting and he was mesmerizing. He was such a breathtaking nightmare.

He blinked at me and smirked for another time.

"You're my empress for eternity."