I sat on the sofa beside my daughter, who had dark red hair and raven eyes, inside the living room. She was watching me play otome games.

I had just finished doing household chores and attending to some paperwork. After that accomplishment, I decided to play.

My son, who inherited the red hair color and eyes of his dad, looked at me in an odd way while I squealed in delight at the sight of otome bishies.

"Oh my gosh," I reacted.

My daughter was hugging a pillow while having a smile on her face.

"Mom, you're weird," my son told me.

I glared at him and stuck my tongue out then got back to playing my game. My daughter looked at her brother and did the same thing.

"I don't get it. How did an awesome and strict person like dad actually like you? No offense, mom."

"That's because she managed to burn her dignity into ashes whenever I was around," a deep and calm voice greeted our ears.

I heard the front door of the house close and it only meant one thing - my husband was home.

I decided to save the game and pause it. Akashi greeted us and I smiled at him.

"How was your day?"

"Good enough," he told me.

"Why?" our children asked.

"It's all about business. I don't lose to anyone. I'd rather keep that record of mine," Akashi stated.

"Cool," my son said.

I giggled and Akashi decided to play Shogi with our son. I managed to continue playing my game.

My daughter and I kept on blushing at the good-looking male characters while Akashi and our son just played quietly.

"There they go again," our son said.

Akashi smirked and said, "I can see that someone will inherit your fangirl side, Azuri."

"I can't help it. She enjoys the sight of bishies," I responded.

"Besides, your playmate is most likely going to inherit your way of thinking," I added.

I continued playing for quite some time.

Finally, I completed the game.

With a victorious smile, I saved my progress and stood up then ejected the disk from the playstation. I sighed.

Akashi suddenly appeared at my back.

He turned to our children and said, "It's late already. Go to sleep."

Our son followed him quickly while our daughter remained at her place.

"Dear, you should follow your dad," I told her.

"Why don't you?" she questioned.

My sweat dropped at her interrogation.

"That's because mommy is allowed to since I'm dad's wife. Besides, I suffered too much when I disobeyed him back then," I told our daughter.

She giggled and left us.

I faced Akashi and he was staring at me.

"I can see the future of our son, as well as our daughter's."

"What?" I asked.

Akashi scoffed then messed my hair.

"Years from now, our son might be the head of a company," Akashi explained. I may be his wife but, believe me, I have never gotten tired of looking at his face. He's too beautiful, goodlooking and such.

"You're blushing," he uttered.

"I am not!" I quickly replied in denial.

"If that were the case, I wouldn't get curious about the future heartaches of his future woman," I finished with a soft laugh.

"He would be a great man someday," Akashi contrasted. He was serious.

We sat on the sofa.

My head tilted and rested itself by Akashi's right shoulder.

"He would give women troublesome heartaches just like how you did," I quickly retorted.

"Are you starting an argument that concerns my personality?" Akashi glared at me.

I held my hands on the air as a sign of surrender.

"Don't worry, our daughter is most likely to inherit all of your odd habits and doings," Akashi stated.

"S-shut up!" the blush on my face got worse.

I was about to cover my ears, but he stopped me.

"Such as fantasizing over the guy she loves, getting caught in confusion, fangirling over the poor guy, playing otome games, buying posters of fictional men, fangirling over her future husband, squealing every time she's happy and so on," Akashi enumerated.

My face got red.

It was embarrassing.

"Why are you so mean?" I questioned in a childish manner.

"I feel sorry for our daughter's dignity," Akashi added.

"Hey!" I reacted quickly until Akashi held me close.

"Have I told you before that you look perfectly cute when you blush?"

I froze.

His words melted me.

I buried my face to his chest.

"Three... Two... One..." Akashi counted off and it was just in time for me to squeal. He knew me very well.

After squealing, I asked him, "How did you know the exact timing?"

"I know everything. Being your husband for years made me know all of your reactions and such," Akashi said as he held me closer.

I realized that I was the only one who wasn't a redhead inside our house. Still, I was very happy with our family.

"Seijuro," I called out.

"What?" he asked.

"You are absolutely absolute. I'm glad that I'm yours," I told him and hugged him.

He patted me by the back and smirked.

"You're mine, only mine. Anyone who opposes and tries to break our family shall suffer under my wrath," he simply stated.

We fell asleep at the living room.

No more heartaches, no more tears.

We had a family, we had everything.

I was the empress, he was the emperor and we had our children.

The sight of red didn't mean blood, wrath or anger to me anymore. What it meant to me was my family.

Akashi's godlike existence was my weakness. His presence was my prison in his godly world. I'd take that any day.

I started out with nothing but the existence of a fangirl.