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Monster of Ember Island

Under the glowing sunlight of a beautiful day, Ember Island was a bustle of fun for whoever attended the beach. What with bonfires every evening and an almost limitless amount of activities, anyone who came would leave with a smile on their face. Most travelers were unaware of a single cursed teen living on the island...until today.

Four Fire Nation royals were sitting on the beach, three of them girls while a single boy sat with them. The boy had red trunks on and shaggy black hair, parted to the left to cover a nasty burn over his eye and face; he chose to sit under an umbrella, glaring at the many boys that approached his group and deterring a good portion of them from their underlying motives. The girl on his immediate right had long black hair, but was dressed less appropriately, what with wearing a black single piece suit underneath a black shirt donated by the boy to her left. On the boy's left was a girl that looked similar to him, save for the scarring on his face, and she was dressed in a red bikini, bathing in the sun with sunglasses on her face while her black hair was pulled up into a ponytail. On the red bikini girl's left was a girl in a bright blue bikini, long brown hair pulled into a French braid as she bathed in the sun like her friend.

"This is the life!" sighed out the braided girl as she enjoyed the sun's warmth, "Don't you think so, Azula? Mai?"

"Yeah, whatever Ty Lee," the girl in the singlet and tee said as she turned a page in the book she was reading, "Fun in the sun and all that jazz..."

"Aw, you're no fun, Mai!" Ty Lee pouted as she rolled onto her side and looked at her before grinning, "You should be happy! You and Zuko are here together, but me and Azula haven't got anyone!"

"Tch," the girl bathing in the rays on Ty Lee's immediate right scoffed. The boy, Zuko, smirked slightly and looked at Azula.

"Jealous I have someone to enjoy this with, dear sister?" Zuko asked in an attempt to fluster her. Azula barked a mocking laugh out before lifting her sunglasses and looking at the scarred boy.

"No, dear brother," she replied with a smirk, "I'm just aware that I am not in immediate need of a man...but now that I think about it, I wonder why my dear friend Mai is sitting with you under that umbrella?"

"You little..." Zuko started to retort, only for Mai to grab her boyfriend's arm and sigh.

Ty Lee frowned, "Don't start guys! We're on vacation! No Avatar, no war, just us and a beach all to ourselves!"

"I hate it," Zuko grumbled as he flopped onto his back, "The Avatar is dead. I'm stuck here with one of my least and most favorite people in the world and I can't enjoy it."

"You keep complaining and you're aura will start staining your skin," Ty Lee pouted at him before smiling, "Get up then! Let's go play volleyball!"

"No," was the unanimous reply. This didn't deter the hyper girl from her attempts to cheer her friends up. She offered swimming, met by dual angered 'no's' from the Prince and Princess of the Fire Nation. Ty Lee tried to offer fishing, but that earned her a look questioning her sanity. She even suggested for them to hit the bar, only to be laughed at by Azula and snickered at by Zuko. Mai wasn't even bothering to reply other than rolling her eyes at her energetic friend's suggestion.

"Ugh, you guys are so boring!" Ty Lee whined loudly when she ran out of ideas, making the three she was with scowl at the noise. Luckily for them, a brown haired teen with an impressive build rushed over to them at her exclamation. He wore simple green trunks and had a grin on his face.

"Hi! I'm Rye," he said, earning a giggle from the brunette of the four, "Heard you were sick of sunbathing but couldn't get anyone to join you in fun. Wanna come see something with me?"

"Oh?" Ty Lee asked before looking the boy over and faintly blushing. Rye grinned and nodded.

"Yeah! It's really cool, but top secret," he whispered, making the others roll their eyes in annoyance as Ty Lee's eyes grew. She knew he was just trying to get some, but it was in her nature to be a tease. It was too fun! Ty Lee stood and smiled, latching onto the boy's arm, before looking at Azula. The Princess sighed and laid back down, her sunglasses hiding her eyes as she had a blank face.

"Be back before midnight," Azula said with disinterest, not really caring what the girl did so long as she returned.

"Okay! Let's go, Rye!" Ty Lee giggled out as the boy led her away. Five minutes after the energetic girl left, Zuko and Mai left to be alone for the first time in a long time. Azula's upper lip curled in a sneer as she watched her brother lead her friend away.

And he wonders why Father considers him weak, she thought before shaking her head and standing. She stretched for a moment before walking back to their room for a shower and then to hit a diner for food. Her thoughts briefly went to Ty Lee, but were suddenly cast aside with a simple shake of her head.

"So where are we going, Rye?" Ty Lee asked as Rye led her past other boys on the beach, many feeling their jaws drop, and a few of them being smacked by their respective dates. Ty Lee giggled to herself quietly. Teasing boys was a favorite pastime of hers ever since she was given the talk by her aunt, even during her time in the circus she teased boys she came across, using her flexibility to her advantage.

"Well, about thirteen years ago, a monster was brought to Ember Island," Rye said with utter seriousness. Ty Lee didn't buy it, but she let the boy continue, "He looked like us normal kids, but he was weird. He was covered in red tattoos, kinda like how the Avatar's tattoos were supposed to look, but they were red. His hair was as bright as the sun and his eyes were cold like icicles from the Northern Tribe. Not to mention the black scars on his face."

Ty Lee thought the image up of a young boy looking like Aang, the last Airbender and the Avatar, only with blonde hair, red arrows, blue eyes, black scars, and blue eyes. What she imagined made her giggle girlishly, the thought being more along the lines of cute than scary. Rye noticed this and smirked.

"The girls thought the same thirteen years ago," he said, earning the girl's attention, "But then he did it."

"Did what?" Ty Lee asked curiously. Rye stopped on the outside of a cave on the beach and looked around. When he figured the coast was clear, Rye cupped Ty Lee's ear and answered her.

"He killed his whole neighborhood," Rye whispered, making Ty Lee's eyes go wide. He backed away and smirked as the girl looked at him in disbelief. Rye looked at the cave and continued, "The rest of the Islanders, when they discovered he did it, captured him and locked him away in this cave. My father brings food for him, but one day I followed him...and I saw him get attacked! I rushed in and saved him, cutting the monster on the face."

Ty Lee blinked before looking into the cave, taking a hesitant step back from it. The cave's walls were lined with red aura, but further in there was a deep blue aura. Ty Lee felt curiosity get the best of her and she started to walk into the cave when a hand wrapped around her wrist. Ty Lee looked over at Rye and prepared to strike him, but stopped when he spoke.

"Allow me to go first," Rye said, as he walked past her, "I've managed to hurt the monster before, so you'd best stay behind me so I can protect you."

Rye walked into the cave, lighting a match as he did so, and led Ty Lee towards the blue aura. The red aura made her feel sick, scared, and downright uneasy. When they passed it, Rye tossed the match over to his left, a large fire grew and a groan echoed in the room. Ty Lee blinked at the sudden increase of light and her eyes widened when she saw what lied within the cave's blue aura.

Curled up on the ground, a dirty metal tray in front of a small campfire smoking as it died; laid a blonde teen nearly her age. He wore torn black pants and his body was thin, but she could make out slight lines of a toned stomach. His face had three marks on either cheek, making her think of a Fox spirit she had heard of as a child, as well as a scar across his nose, connecting the two top whisker marks. From the faint light, she could make out even more scarring and dark bruises, making Ty Lee question just why Rye had brought her here.

"Oi! Monster! Get up!" said teen suddenly exclaimed. 'Monster' groaned and turned over, bluntly ignoring the teen yelling at him.

"Don't ignore me you bastard!" Rye snarled, lifting a rock up and throwing it at the blonde. It connected with his shoulder and the boy released another grunt as his hand went to his shoulder. Rye smirked before grinning back at Ty Lee, but frowned when he saw a horrified look on her face. Thinking that her look was one of annoyance and boredom, Rye went over to the small fire, grabbed a flaming log, and chucked it at the boy.

"GET UP!" Rye yelled as the blonde was hit in the knee and he cried out this time, his hand went from his shoulder to his knee. 'Monster's breathing had increased tremendously and he moved to sit up, scooting himself back from the brown haired teens and into a wall of the cave. Ty Lee frowned at the sight, but it only made things worse as Rye interpreted it as disappointment in the 'Monster's lack of rage.

"You stupid bastard," Rye growled, reaching into his back pocket and pulling a knife from a sheath that was attached to the back of his trunks, "Do you really wanna make me mad, again?"

"J...J-Just l-l-leave m-me alone..." 'Monster' whispered out, pain and what Ty Lee assumed to be fear in his voice, "Please...?"

"...Tch, fine, whatever," Rye scoffed, placing his knife back where it once rested. He turned to Ty Lee and smirked, "See? He's so damn scared of me. Sorry I couldn't show you what he could do-OW!"

He was interrupted by a smack to the face and rubbed his cheek, wondering why that happened. Rage grew as he looked at Ty Lee, who was glaring at him, before he lifted his hand to strike back. Ty Lee caught his hand and twisted his wrist, snapping it. Rye dropped to his knee, crying out in pain.

"Gah! You bitch!" he yelled, cradling his broken wrist carefully, "What'd ya do that for?"

Ty Lee didn't bother answering, instead turning her attention to the confused blonde holding his burnt knee and walking towards him. He held his breath as she approached and turned into the cave wall, recoiling from her and holding his left hand out.

"P-please, just leave me alone..." he quietly begged. Ty Lee smiled softly and gently put her hands on the blonde's hand, taking note of the red arrow going up the backside of his arm, starting on the back of his hand, similar to the Avatar's markings. He looked up at her and Ty Lee froze as she looked into his eyes. They were a dark blue, sadness, fear, and other depressing emotions circling around the pitch black pupils in the center of his eyes.

"Are you ok?" she asked quietly, making him widen his eyes in shock. Rye's eye twitched in annoyance.

"What the fuck? You're asking that bastard if he's ok after you broke my wrist?" the teen yelled with irritation. He stood and started to move towards her, his left hand raised in preparation to attack. Ty Lee scowled and faced the cute boy she harmed not more than five seconds ago. With the quick agility she was graced with, Ty Lee leapt up and kicked the boy away, her foot colliding with the rough edge of his jaw. Rye landed with a skid near the mouth of the cave and fell unconscious.

"...Y-you didn't have to do that," the blonde said as Ty Lee walked back over to him. She frowned, his aura being a dark blue with red flickers edging it made her uneasy but sad at the same time. Ty Lee attempted to touch his knee but he pushed her hand away.

"Don't," he said, before standing, a wince crossing his face as he did so, and walking to the fireplace that was no more than ash and burnt kindling. He looked at the fire to his right and took a deep breath before lifting a hand and directing the fire to the pit he had before, a bright red flame burning. Ty Lee wasn't shocked by the fact he was a Firebender, she was shocked when he hadn't used a single stance to control it though.

"How'd you do that?" she asked curiously as she relocated to his left side, looking at him with wide eyes, "I mean, Azula and Zuko are Firebenders too, but they have to use dances! You did it with a small wave! That's amazing!"

"No...It's a curse," the blonde sighed as he wrapped his arms around his legs and stared into the pit. A moment of silence came, and Ty Lee waited patiently for him to explain. When he made no sign of doing so, she frowned.

A smile crossed her face as she decided to befriend the boy and she spoke, "My name's Ty Lee!"

"..." no response came back. Ty Lee frowned, not expecting that before grinning again and poking his side. His eyes looked at her, but his head didn't follow, and she rolled onto her stomach, rolling her feet to meet her shoulders, as well as placing her chin on her crossed arms.

"Probably wondering how I do this, right?" she asked, quietly hoping he would speak. She frowned when he simply looked back at the fire. Ty Lee was many things, but if there was one thing that really irked her, it was being ignored. She had enough of that growing up with five other sisters that looked just like her. She pouted and spoke again, "Don't you wanna talk?"

"No." he softly said, "I just wanna be left alone."

"Well that's lame..." Ty Lee groaned, unrolling herself and sitting in a cross-legged position, "Why do you want to be alone?"

"I could ask you why you want to be acknowledged," the blonde countered, his eyes looking at her. It was like he was looking past her and into the wall of the cave behind her. Ty Lee frowned again.

"That's none of your business," Ty Lee quietly said. A small upturn of the blonde's lips was seen and she blinked in confusion.

"Exactly my point."

Ty Lee frowned, crossing her arms under her bust, and stared hard at the blonde. She didn't know what he was thinking, but she could tell his aura wasn't changing at all.

"You should open up," she suddenly said with a grin, making him eye her again in curiosity, "Your aura will scar you if you don't."

He hardened his eyes and Ty Lee flinched under the gaze. The blue eyes cut off all emotion save for one, and all she saw was anger. Pure, misguided, but pure anger at her suggestion. He looked back at the flame, which was turning white as his anger grew, before he replied.

"Like I care."

Ty Lee frowned and stood, putting her hands on her hips, "Well fine! I'm going back to my friends then!"

"..." he remained quiet, staring at the flame as it turned back to the orange-red mixture of dismissal. Ty Lee shivered at the sight of his aura, which lightened slightly, before she left the cave, stepping on top of the unconscious Rye as she did so. As much as she tried to stop, her mind kept drifting back to the slight shimmer of happiness that came from him as he was left alone.

"Ty Lee," Azula greeted as the girl walked into the room with a smirk, "How was that thing Rye showed you?"

When she received no cheerful response or the feigned sorrow of denying the teen sexual pleasures, the Fire Princess looked at her friend. Truly, looked at her. Azula blinked when she saw Ty Lee had nothing but a small frown on her face.

Being the girl she was, normally she would just brush it off her shoulder. If it didn't affect her directly, then it didn't matter was her manner of thinking. However, considering they were alone, and that she was feeling fairly generous at the moment, Azula sighed before asking with feigned curiosity, "What's wrong?"

"That guy..." Ty Lee whispered, sitting on the cushion to Azula's left. Azula blinked before looking at her friend with genuine curiosity. Something happened with that Rye guy, Azula realized, and if it bugged Ty Lee this much, she could ruin our mission. The Mission Azula was referring to was that that had belonged to her brother during his banishment; capturing the Avatar. Only a few hours ago did she receive a hawk from her father, telling her to double check the Earth Kingdom for signs of the Avatar. Apparently rumors had been spreading that he still lived. Rumors were the beginning of hope, and hope was the fuel for resistance.

It was Azula's job to destroy that hope.

"Rye? Ty Lee, did he...did he rape you?" Azula asked. Ty Lee whipped her head to look at the princess before blinking. A second later, a giggle came from her and Azula sighed in relief. A Firebender she may not be, but Ty Lee was a hell of a fighter and if she lost her edge, Azula would have to replace her...something that made the princess feel uneasy.

"Rape me? No way, ew!" Ty Lee giggled out before sighing and smiling at her friend, focusing on the positive of her experience, "He took me to a cave where a monster was."

"Oh really?" Azula asked with feigned interest as she began planning for their leave back to the Earth Kingdom, "What monster was that?"

"Some boy," Ty Lee said, her cheerfulness returning with a vengeance, "He was my age, maybe Zuko's, and a Firebender!"

"...Really?" Azula asked with genuine shock. Most Firebenders were retired advisors to the Fire Lord, or soldiers in the Fire Kingdom's army. Not a single Firebender, aside from those in a school or noblemen's children, were unlisted in the service roster of the Fire Kingdom.

"Yeah! And he didn't have to use your dances either! It was cool!" Azula furrowed her brow at this. Whatever this monster was, he sounded incredibly gifted with his bending abilities. If she could reel him in and take him to her father...A smile crossed the Fire Princess' lips before she turned to her energetic friend, who was muttering about bad auras.

"Ty Lee," Azula spoke, making the girl look at her, "Can you...take me to this boy?"

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