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Monster of Ember Island

"Hold still, damn you!" The Kyoshi Warrior cried as she swung her fans into the ground before her, splintering the wood of the deck. Ty Lee smirked and bounded away with a back handspring. The brunette acrobat was having a blast infuriating the warrior that continuously tried to hit her with her bladed fans. She rolled out of the way of a stray fire blast Azula had flung at the water tribe member that was once in the spot Ty Lee was in.

"That'd be silly! Why would I let you cut me?" the acrobat asked as she leapt to the railing of the Fire Nation warship. She jumped over the attempted horizontal swipe the Kyoshi dished out and landed on her two hands, swinging her legs around to try and nail a kick in the head. The Kyoshi backed up, allowing Ty Lee to hop off the railing, and crossed her arms as Ty Lee tried to kick her in the ribs.

Ty Lee smirked and lifted her left leg in an attempt to deliver a roundhouse kick to the side of the Kyoshi's head. The crack echoing in the night air due to her foot's connecting with the Kyoshi Warrior's head made her wince. The Kyoshi stumbled backwards and bumped into Azula, knocking the princess of balance and causing her to shoot a barrel of gunpowder.

Mai, who was near the gunpowder, widened her eyes and covered her face with her arms as the sizzling sound hit her ears. The nearby Water Tribe warrior wasn't as lucky when the barrels exploded and sent him flying off the warship. Mai was caught in the blast as well, and released a cry of shock when she was suddenly sent flying overboard.

Ty Lee saw this and dashed past the upset Azula, who sent a lightning bolt at the Kyoshi that had stumbled into her, to rescue her friend. The brunette leapt up and hooked her feet onto the railing of the warship, throwing her arms out and catching one of Mai's flailing arms. The raven haired girl panted and tried to catch her breath as she hung nearly forty feet above the depths of the cold water below. Ty Lee grinned at her friend and cheekily said, "So...fancy a swim?"

"Pull me up, Ty Lee!" Mai cried back with a slight amount of anger in her voice. Normally, she'd have laughed at her friend's attempt of humor, by laughing she would have smirked, but hanging over cold water when you were a Fire Nation girl that couldn't swim that well tends to paralyze your funny bone. Ty Lee smiled sheepishly and looked over her shoulder.

"Azula! AZULA!" Ty Lee cried. She waited as the ship continued to move and her grip began to slip. Mai and Ty Lee gasped when Mai's arm slipped out of Ty Lee's hold and she began falling again. Ty Lee unhooked her feet and hooked onto the edge of the boat, beneath the railing, before grabbing her friend's arms once again.

"AZULA!" the two girls cried, "ZUKO! SOMEONE!"

Another Water Tribe member went flying over the edge, but the girls noted the burnt corpse that followed it was a Fire Nation soldier. Ty Lee felt someone grab onto her ankles tightly and pull her up. The brunette looked over her shoulder and gasped when she saw the blonde prisoner formally locked up was hoisting her and her friend back onto the boat single handedly.

"Didn't anyone tell you not to lean on the edge of a ship?" Naruto grunted with annoyance as he pulled Ty Lee back onto the deck before he helped the acrobat pull the weapon mistress up. The blonde teen looked back to the fight once Mai collapsed onto the floor and Ty Lee knelt at her side.

Azula was shocking and burning anyone in her way and Zuko was having difficulties with a few Waterbenders. Naruto cracked his neck before taking a deep breath and clenching his fists. Ty Lee looked around as the wind began picking up and Naruto's red markings began to flicker lightly.

"This ends now," the blonde snarled out, bringing his arms back before throwing them forward, sending two bright white streams of fire from his palms as his hands opened. Azula and Zuko looked over their shoulders before dropping to the ground. The Fire Nation soldiers and attempting resistance fighters that didn't drop to the ground were all burnt to a crisp, before being incinerated into two long black streaks going down either side of the ship's deck. The remaining resistance fighters stared in fear and awe as the blonde stopped the flames without a sweat evident on his face.

Naruto calmly walked to a remaining Kyoshi Warrior and grabbed the shocked girl by her collar, lifting her into the air and baring his teeth. The girl's eyes were wide and her make-up was melting due to the sweat on her face. Blood came from the corner of her mouth and she gripped his arm, struggling to get free.

"Now...Everyone not of the Fire Nation leave this ship!" Naruto barked to the few remaining warriors. Without haste, the three Water Tribe members and lone Waterbender exchanged a glance before rushing towards him. Naruto narrowed his eyes before lifting his left arm towards them.

"Bad call," the blonde growled before a large white fireball shot from his hand and enveloped the three tribe members. The lone Waterbender stopped running and looked back to his fallen kin before glaring heatedly at the blonde holding a struggling Kyoshi Warrior.

"You...You damned bastard!" the Waterbender cried before moving his arms to the left towards the water. He spun as a long tendril of water shot up to the sky before circling the Waterbender. The Waterbender smirked and threw his arms at Naruto, "Choke on this, Firebending scum!"

Naruto scowled and kept his arm extended towards the approaching water. He grit his teeth as he began heating the approaching spear of water. The blonde's eyes narrowed and his eyes began slitting as a small bead of sweat appeared on the side of his head. Just as the spear was about to touch his extended hand, it burst into steam that shot back at the Waterbender. Said Waterbender's eyes widened before he was covered in the steam and he screamed in agony. Naruto lifted the man enveloped in steam as he raised his arm before he flung his left arm out over the ocean. The screaming Waterbender went soaring through the air before finally landing in the water, his skin melted away in some places while third degree burns covered him in spots that had skin.

Naruto looked back at the horrified Kyoshi Warrior, who slowly looked back at him, before calmly speaking, "Who are you?"

"W-Wh-What are you?" she countered, her green eyes widened in horror. Naruto's blue eyes narrowed coldly and the girl cried out as he increased the heat radiating from his arm she was weakly clutching. The warmth growing in his hand threatened to ignite the Kyoshi's collar.

"Answer me!" Naruto demanded as he shook her once, "Who. Are. You?"

"J-Ju! My name is Ju!" the Kyoshi, now known as Ju, cried out, "Stop! Please!"

"Why are you here?" Naruto asked, ignoring her plea as he shook her in his arm, "Talk! Tell me why you're here!"

"W-We intercepted a message falcon! The Prince and Princess were returning to Ba Sing Se to speak with their father!" Ju said, tears strolling down her face. She panted before her eyes widened as she recalled something and she suddenly slammed her jaw shut. A small crack hit Naruto's ears and the slight motion of chewing in her jaw muscles made his eyes widen. He wrapped both hands around her neck and squeezed, but she smirked as she swallowed before he choked her.

"No-no-no, NO goddamn it! Spit it out! Spit it out!" Naruto snarled, his eyes narrowed in determination as he pressed on her throat, "Don't you dare! Just tell me what I need to know! You don't need to do this!"

"Y-You...Y-You'll get...nothing...from...me..." Ju spat before her mouth foamed over and her eyes rolled into her head. Naruto dropped the girl onto her back and stood up before taking a few steps back. He looked at the girl and sent a fireball her way to incinerate her body. The fireball stopped midair and Naruto looked to see Azula smirking his way. Her hand was extended in his fireball's direction, indicating it was her that had stopped him from cremating the forced-suicide girl.

"Now, now, now," She chided as she sent the fireball flying in another direction, hitting an innocent Fire Nation soldier and incinerating him on the spot, "We need all the information we can get."

Naruto bared his clenched teeth and growled, "She doesn't need to be dishonored further than she already is..."

"She may contain important information on her person," Azula said with a smirk. She walked towards the body only for Naruto to slam his hand into her stomach. Or at least he tried. Azula grabbed his wrist and twisted it behind his back. Naruto growled and kicked back into her thigh, causing Azula to release him. He faced her again and narrowed his eyes.

"I will cremate her body!" He snarled. Azula laughed and patted his head, strolling around him as he growled in irritation at her dismissal. Naruto spoke with a harsh tone in a last attempt to stop her, "No one should dishonor the dead. It's an act that not even the Fire Lord would commit."

"Silly boy," the princess smirked out as she knelt next to the dead body, "This is war. Honor means nothing...Zu-Zu can atone to that, right brother?"

Zuko merely growled back at her as he crossed his arms in displeasure at being reminded of his failures. Naruto scowled and walked back towards the doors, being blocked by two Firebenders. Naruto's eyes narrowed and he growled, "Get the fuck out of my way."

"You are still a prisoner of war," Azula chimed from her place searching the body; the blonde could hear the smug smile in her voice as she continued with, "Can't let you do what you want without a babysitter."

Naruto growled louder as he tried to brush past the two Firebenders. The two masked men pushed him back and went into starting stances, making the blonde's growl grow louder as he crouched into a ready defense, two balls of white light growing from his palms. Before flames could soar, Ty Lee walked to Naruto's side and said without hesitation, "I'll watch him!"

This earned Mai, Zuko, and Azula's attention. The former two blinked in surprise while the princess smirked and replied nonchalantly, "Fine. All I ask is that you remember to leave him pure in case Father decides for him to be mine, Ty Lee!"

"S-Shut up, Azula!" Ty Lee shot back, grabbing the irate blonde's right wrist and dragging him off the deck, keeping her face out of his line of sight, as well as everyone else's. The brunette acrobat had a flushed face, and it didn't help that Azula had to go and insinuate such a thing! Ty Lee shook the thoughts from her mind as she looked at the now calm Naruto, examining his dark blue aura as it lightened slightly.

"So...Why'd you break out?" Ty Lee asked him as they walked through the ship towards her quarters. She was trying hard not to stare at the blood covering his arm and torso, the thick liquid barely registering in her sight due to the dimmed red lighting. She rubbed her hand on the side of her pants, trying to clean it of blood.

"A rebel tried to free me," Naruto replied with no emotion as he shook his head, "Damned fool got himself killed from the effort. I cremated the bodies."

"Why'd he try to free you, Naruto?" Ty Lee asked, her brown eyes reflecting curiosity within them. She ignored the fact that he said 'bodies' rather than 'body', not wanting to believe he killed Fire Nation Soldiers.

The blonde snorted before replying, "He thought I was the Avatar."


"My thoughts exactly."

"So, they thought...Why'd you help us?"

"...I felt like it."

"That's it? You felt like it?"

"...Would you rather have had to swim back to this ship? I can still throw you out a window."

"Uh, no thanks...But still, why'd you save me and Mai? Well, I can understand Mai. Why'd you save me?"


Ty Lee sighed in defeat. Whatever was going through the blonde's mind would remain there until he said anything. She glanced at the blonde and noticed the steam coming from his body, blinking in surprise. Curious, she poked his arm, earning an annoyed glance from the taller teen, and was surprised to find his arm was not only firm (a fact that made her hormones cry out in glee) but it was literally hot. Her fingertip had relocated itself into her mouth as she tried to ease the pain from the small burn.

"There's a reason for that proverb," Naruto suddenly spoke as they walked, "Play with fire, and you're gonna get burned."

"How are you still alive? How am I still alive? If I had to guess you're body temperature has to be dangerously high!" Ty Lee exclaimed with worry, preparing to divert their destination to the medic's office.

Naruto scowled with annoyance, "I'm a Firebender. Our temperatures are always abnormal."

"Yeah, but not hot enough to burn someone's finger!" Ty Lee shot back, showing her fingertip to the blonde, who stared at it impassively, before she continued, "And I'm pretty sure Zuko and Azula don't give off steam after a fight!"

"The Princess and Zuko are not me," Naruto quickly snapped back, narrowing his eyes at the concerned looking girl, "I'm fine. Just take me back to my cell so I can sleep."

"You-you...You're so confusing!" Ty Lee screamed as he continued down their original path. She scowled at his back, freezing when her eyes inadvertently drifted down to look at a certain part of his anatomy, before shaking the feeling off and rushing back to his side. Once on his right again, Ty Lee looked at the blonde with a frown, "Why'd you come up to help us if you're just going to lock yourself back up?"

That made Naruto stop walking as he thought about her words before shaking his head and continuing. She needs not to know of my reasons...then again, they do concern-what the Hell am I thinking? Just because I do not wish to see her corrupted by the war, it does not mean I have to tell her so. Gods forbid, I actually give her a reason to smile at me.

Ty Lee sighed at his quietness before grinning up at him, aiming for a new tactic, before she said, "Azula may be right though...her father may try to force you two together."

"Skippity-fucking-do-dah for us," Naruto growled as he realized that fact for himself. Gods forbid that would actually happen. The blonde would rather lop his own head off than be bound to the she-devil that was Azula, and he'd rather do it with a rusty and dulled blade if he had to consummate with that horrid girl. Naruto grunted when Ty Lee elbowed him in the side.

"Hey, she may seem bad, but Azula's a nice girl...she warms onto you..." Her voice seemed to be hopeful. The taller teen smirked and shook his head. He had to admit, 'the girl with her head in the clouds' act was kind of cute, in an innocent way.

"So how long has she been 'warming' onto you?" Naruto shot back, his cerulean blue eyes locking on the girl walking with him. Ty Lee frowned up at him, feigning confusion, and he smirked knowingly. With a slightly amused tone in his voice, Naruto continued, "You really don't approve of her actions and all she seems to do is use you as a verbal punching-bag. If I had to guess, she indirectly forced you to join her 'squad' as a sort-of vent. Mai seems to have done it willingly, so she has more of a tolerance or resistance to the Princess' attitude, and Zuko...Hell, he's her fucking brother. Dishonored and demoted."

Ty Lee stopped walking and gaped up at the blonde's back, wondering how he got all that from her without talking to her. Had he really got all that just from observing her and analyzing the rest of her friends in a short amount of time?

"...I've changed my mind," Naruto suddenly said from a few feet ahead of her, not turning to look at her as he continued to walk, "I think I might get some food before returning to my cell. Come on. I can't go anywhere 'without a babysitter'."

The brunette shook herself from her thoughts and rushed after the blonde, redirecting him towards the cafeteria. This portion of the journey was done in silence as Ty Lee kept sneaking glances to the blonde boy next to her, and the blonde in question kept wondering how he would go about keeping Ty Lee 'pure'.

He had so much power it hurt. It was burning him up and he had to let loose!

It had to come out, had to be unleashed.

And unleashed it was.

Naruto sat up from his cot in his small room that had been set aside. After being begged by Ty Lee to not return to the hold, which he only listened to because it pained him to see the girl so desperately asking him for something. The fact that her little pout and pleading stance looked cute on her had nothing to do with it at all...or so he told himself. The blonde wiped a hand across the back of his head, clearing the drenching sweat that covered him after that nightmare. With a tired sigh, the blonde flopped back down onto the bed and squeezed his eyes shut.

Accept my offer...and the girl is yours.

Naruto's eyes snapped open again and he looked around. With a groan, he put his hands on his ears and shut his eyes again. That damned spirit of his was trying to get out again. He had to think of something, anything, else if he wanted to get some sleep. The image of Ty Lee in her bikini came to mind and the blonde felt his cheeks heat up before scowling and smacking himself across the face.

"Anything but that," he grumbled to himself as he rolled onto his stomach and closed his eyes again, thinking of the boat rocking back and forth when a new thought came to mind.

I wonder how long it will be until we reach Ba Sing Se?