Snow White – Aqua Blue

Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything, hasn't it. Well, I should be working on a book or something, but since this plot bunny has been bugging me for a few months (possibly even years because of playing Terra's storyline in BBS), I decided to write it.

A warning for the faint of heart, this is not your Disney Snow White, it's actually a bit more like Snow White and the Huntsman (don't own it, just love it).

I've been obsessed with the Snow White fairytale since I saw 'Snow White and the Huntsman' last year as well as since playing Terra's story in BBS at the start of Dwarf Woodlands. As well as a new book series I've been reading called The Grimm Diaries, in which Snow White is a key character to the plot. (It's really good, I highly recommend reading it if you like fairytales or a good dark fantasy. But right now, only the prequels for the series are out. The first book in the series, Snow White Sorrow, won't be out until May 22. I'm excited to read it.

Anyway, I kept thinking, what if Aqua was Snow White… Then, this story came out.

Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Snow White.


Once upon a time, in a land far away (1), was a beautiful kingdom called Radiant Garden, ruled by a wise sage named Ansem. He ruled his kingdom with fairness and justice, but as great as he seemed to his people, he was very lonely. Ansem was growing rather old, and wanted an heir to pass the kingdom down to when he died.

As luck would have it, he met a beautiful lady who bore him a son. She was so beautiful that the people said she made Radiant Garden even more radiant. They named their son Terra and the kingdom rejoiced for Ansem's happiness with a new wife and son.

But within three years, Ansem passed away of an illness, leaving the kingdom in the hands of his wife, who then revealed her true colors.

She was as vain as she was beautiful. Nothing short of being absolutely flawless and beautiful pleased her. And she kept a deadly secret.

She'd once been a princess of the kingdom Hollow Bastion and exiled for using dark magic. But her father saw this to his advantage, he'd been bored of not being able to expand his kingdom and used her exile to send her to Ansem. Her feminine charms would do the rest. And once Ansem was dead, she'd allied the two kingdoms and they started to take whatever they wanted and pleased. She used dreadful army of Heartless, monsters born from the darkness of humans' hearts, to take the lives of anyone who opposed her and her father's will.

Radiant Garden was now a part of Hollow Bastion. And the once beautiful kingdom was now a barren wasteland. The Queen did not think this, though.

Darkness was beautiful, she was beautiful. She was so caught up in herself, she believed the world only needed darkness and her beauty to make the world beautiful.

And every day, she asked a magic mirror she kept in her possession a special question…

"Mirror, Mirror, on the wall…
Who is fairest of them all?"

And every day, the mirror answered…

"It is you, my Queen. You are the fairest, true…
But in time, there will come a day where there will be one fairer than you.
Beware, my Queen, for purest light,
Never gives up in the darkest of fights…"

The Queen had nothing to fear, so long as she heard the answer she wanted… She was the fair, beautiful, dark light. And that was all she needed, all the world needed, she thought.

Prince Terra was tired of his mother's pointless behavior. She was vain and selfish, she hardly even cared for him anymore. Terra spent so little time with her once he turned thirteen. He trained to be a knight, hoping to fight and be out in battle as much as possible, so he wouldn't have to be near his mother at all.

She often begged him to spend time with his 'beautiful' mother, but he didn't want it. Terra knew what she was. He saw nothing of fairness in his mother. All he saw was an old hag with an evil heart.

He was patient though. He'd spied on his mother and her magic mirror, wondering when the next 'fairest of them all' would rise. He swore to protect them at no matter the cost. And when that time came, he would abandon his mother.

'I swear… on my father's grave… I will protect whoever surpasses my mother…' Terra promised. 'No matter who that is. I will lend them my blade. And with their aide, I will topple her throne…'

But in a small village north of Radiant Garden, just along its boundaries, where the Queen's darkness barely touched was a young widow. Her husband had died in war rebelling against the Queen within months of Ansem the Wise's death, but he'd left her pregnant with a baby.

Her husband had come from a village by the sea. He'd told her tales of the beautiful blue color. He'd even had blue hair himself. The woman wished to see this beautiful blue before she died…

Anyway, one snowy day, the woman had gone out to gather firewood for her and her mother to warm their house in the deepest cold of winter. She'd cut herself on a sharp thorn and three drops of blood fell onto the snow.

And because the red seemed so alive against the white, she thought, 'If only I had a child as white as snow, lips as red as blood, hair and eyes as blue as the clearest sea. And her heart… her heart will shine. My daughter of the water…'

Within a month's time, in the deepest part of winter, her daughter was born, just as she'd wished. Her daughter of the water was born with lips red as blood, skin white as snow, and her hair and eyes were blue as the clearest ocean. A daughter of the water indeed.

The woman named her beautiful daughter Aqua Blue with her dying breath and left the child in the care of her grandmother. The baby cried without her mother there, but the grandmother comforted the sweet child and promised she would always care for this special baby.

And she was adored by everyone who met her. As much for her tender spirit as for her beauty.

Anyone who met Aqua Blue couldn't help but love her. In a time of darkness, she was the only light left in the world.

And as the days passed, Aqua Blue grew more and more beautiful from a child of water into a water maiden. Not an ounce of the Queen's darkness touched her. And her mere presence made everyone around her happy. She kept the village alive in the darkness. Many young men even asked her to marry them, but she politely turned them down. They left with complete understanding, but made it their personal responsibility to protect her, but she politely asked them to turn that attention to protecting the village. While her purity kept the Queen's darkness away, it didn't prevent invasion from the Heartless and the occasional bandits. At the water maiden's request, the men promptly took to defending their home and its precious light.

And for a time, things were peaceful…

But not all things were to stay peaceful for Aqua Blue…

For a great destiny was to unfold for her, come her sixteenth birthday…

(1)- Yes, I did the oh-so-cliché Once upon a time, in a land far away.

Alright, so there's the start. I hope I can keep you guys interested enough to keep going.

Yes, the script is a little similar to the prologue section of the fairytale and the movie, but I'm referencing it, so please just go with it.

Another note, I won't be able to post another chapter until later this week. I have finals in school. Hate it…

Please let me know what you think?

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