Chapter 1 – A Lonely Lamer

Bored. That's how Hayner had felt for the past 5 weeks of the summer holidays, there was one week left and he thought he was about to kill himself out of boredom.

Pence and Olette were away on a little sort of holiday together, as a couple, leaving Hayner to his own devices. Not that he was angry at his friends for leaving him, he could understand that they wanted time alone to do couple things, but Hayner couldn't help feeling a little left out.

Hayner couldn't remember the last time he had a serious relationship, with a boy or girl, as he had dated both throughout the past few years. But now they were eighteen and in their last year of college, university was looming over them and Hayner wanted to spent maximum time together before the inevitable split happened.

He was rapidly drawn from his thoughts when he realised that he had somehow managed to wander to the sandlot; sighing he sat on the now empty struggle stage that was set up there.

The struggle season was over, and he had only managed to beat Seifer once, but that was one more than last year. Lying back, he gazed at the few clouds that drifted above him, it was a beautiful day, and he was wasting it just because he was lonely. He tensed when he heard someone else approaching, but chose to not move, hoping that they would think he was asleep and leave him alone.

"Lamer" Well there goes his plan.

Hayner raised himself so he was propped up by his elbows, glowering at the beanie clad blonde approaching him. He glanced around, Fuu and Rai were nowhere to be seen… Odd.

"What do you want asshole?" Seifer simply smirked and stood so he was standing next to Hayner, his shadow cast over the boy in a menacing way.

"Is that any way to treat an old friend, Chickenwuss?" Hayner snarled and lay back down, closing his eyes, figuring that if he couldn't see Seifer, then he wouldn't have to deal with him. His plan backfired when Seifer moved to lie next to him, arms behind his head. "Where are your lamer friends?"

Hayner ground his teeth together, telling himself not to attack the older and stronger male, for he knew he would lose like always. "I should ask you the same thing".

There was a moment or two of awkward silence, before Seifer answered him, but it wasn't what he expected. "Rai is ill and Fuu has volunteered to look after him" His tone had changed slightly, but it didn't last long enough for Hayner to work out what it was.

Seifer sighed when Hayner didn't answer him, and glared at the smaller boy, he was about to punch him in the arm to get a reply when Hayner decided to answer, eyes opening to glare sceptically at the blonde next to him, he still found Seifer's actions suspicious. "They're on holiday, together" He wasn't about to sound like a lost puppy without them.

That led him to the thought that he and Seifer were actually having a civil conversation instead of their usual fist fights.

"Aw, is lamer lonely?" Seifer's tone was entirely mocking and he moved to stand up, obviously done with the conversation. But Hayner couldn't let a chance for some excitement to pass, so he lunged at the blonde, knocking them both to the floor of the stage.

"The fuck Chickenwuss?" Hayner swung at Seifer's head, but his fist was caught and they rolled around trying to hit the other in any way possible.

Seifer winced when a fist met his eye, no doubt he would have a black eye by the next day. Not one to lose, he pinned Hayner down, ignoring the persistent wiggling under him. "Get off me asshole!" Seifer snarled and before he could think about what he was doing, he leant down and latched onto Hayner's neck.

Hayner froze, and his spine tingled, his neck had always been overly sensitive and even though he shouldn't, he felt himself getting slightly aroused by the bite mark on his neck.

Seifer pulled back to admire his handiwork. "Now everyone will know that I will always dominate you" With that the blonde got up and left, refusing to poke at his sore eye until out of sight.

Gulping, Hayner's hand flew to the mark on his neck, there was no way he could hide it in this heat without passing out from heatstroke. There was also no way that Hayner had missed the double meaning behind Seifer's statement, what the hell was he thinking.

He frowned, it looked like Seifer had just found a new way to bully him. Hayner smirked at the thought of Seifer getting arrested for sexual harassment, it almost made Seifer's molesting worth it.

Woah, no, Seifer's molesting would never be worth it, and Hayner had definitely not just enjoyed the torture that his neck went under.

He darted up, hand still covering the red bruise that no doubt stood out from his skin like a sore thumb and briskly made his way back to his house, praying that his parents were out.

His prayers were answered when he got home to an empty house, and before even closing the door properly, he ran over to the large mirror in his hallway. He grimaced when he saw the damage that had been done, he had a bust lip, scraped arm and of course the hickey.

Hayner had always hated that word, it just sounded so dirty and it made his skin tingle. He glanced back to the mirror and jumped when he saw Seifer standing behind him smirking, spinning around he was ready to punch the smirk off his face, but there was nothing there.

"Great, now I'm seeing things" Shaking his head, he closed his front door and strolled out into his back garden, the sun was high in the sky and Hayner always felt more relaxed under the warming glow.

After about 10 minutes of blissful silence, his front door opened and he could hear his parents chattering away. He knew his mum would have a fit when he saw his state, she had always disapproved of Seifer and had tried to contact the elder's parents many a time. But from what Hayner could gather, they didn't seem to care.

It almost made him feel sorry for Seifer, at least his parents got distressed at his tussled state. "Hayner!" He sat up and turned to smile at his mother, and the look of horror crossed her face straight away.

"Oh god, Hayner, was it Seifer again? Should I call his parents? Are you ok?" The questions were fired at him like bullets, and his father just stood watching the exchange with a look of amusement.

"He's fine I'm sure, it's just a bit of friendly play fighting, right Hay?" Hayner was at a loss as to what he was going to say, it was certainly not friendly, but he did initiate it.

"Yes" The word left his mouth before he could think over the consequences, he had just told his parents that him and Seifer were friends that scrapped a bit. That was certainly not the case. His mother shot a defeated look at Hayner and was about to leave it when her eyes locked onto the mark on his neck, he gulped.

"Hayner, young man, is that a hickey on your neck?" He stuttered over his reply, his face heating slightly. His father laughed and retreated inside, leaving his son to face the wrath of his mother.

"Erm… no?" She screeched at him and stormed inside, no doubt about to ring Seifer's parents. Hayner shot his dad a pleading look, before pulling his shirt up in an attempt to cover the mark. He could hear his father trying to reason with the woman now trying to attack the buttons on the phone.

His parents knew he was gay, in fact his mother had just come out and asked him last year. Hayner let his head fall into his hands, she would surely think that Seifer was his abusive boyfriend.

"Fuck me" He took a deep breath and headed into the house.

"STOP SWEARING!" His father laughed at his expression, and Hayner stomped into his room, making sure to slam his door loudly so that his parents could hear. They got more ridiculous every year.