Chapter 10 – A Beach Break

I think this will be the last chapter, or there may be one more at the most.

It had been a few months since the party and Seifer had founds every moment possible to practically molest Hayner, though the younger boy wasn't complaining.

Hayner was sitting on his bed with him laptop, watching videos on YouTube when his phone rang. When he noticed it was Seifer he smiled and answered, usually Seifer preferred to talk to him in person, claiming he liked to watch his facial expressions. He made Hayner feel special, as sappy as that sounds.

"Hey Seifer, what's up?" He could practically feel Seifer's smirk through the phone and it made him roll his eyes.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach today, for a late night walk?" Hayner was surprised at that, was Seifer trying to be romantic?

"Who killed Seifer and put Mr. Romantic on the phone?" Seifer snorted and made a snarky comment, before just telling him that he would pick him up at 4. He hung up and left Hayner sitting with his phone, glaring at the now beeping machine.


Hayner smiled as his mom practically squeezed Seifer to death as he appeared at the door to pick Hayner up for their date; he was lucky enough to have accepting parents, especially after the way that Seifer used to treat him. He was surprised his mother hadn't called the police the first time they told her.

"Hayner dear, Seifer's here to pick you up" He bounced down the stairs to Seifer's side before bidding his parents farewell and walking out into the street with the elder blonde. Seifer smirked down at him and grasped his hand, leading him to the train station in a comfortable silence. Hayner looking up at the nearly setting sun, no matter the time of year, it always set early – casting a beautiful orange glow over everyone who was still out.

"Don't even bother trying to pay Hayner" Hayner pouted and put his money back away, watching as Seifer bought two tickets and practically dragged him onto the train. The train was practically empty, it was a bit of an awkward time to be going to the beach, so they had a whole cart to themselves.

Hayner looked out of the window, leaning into Seifer's chest, who was playfully nipping his neck. "Can you keep it in your pants for five minutes?" Seifer chuckled into the bend of his neck, his hand resting around Hayner's shoulders; it wasn't that he was perverted, he just couldn't resist touching Hayner, it reminded him that he was wanted.

Soon they were at the beach, strolling slowly along the shoreline, shoes having been left near the grassy part at the top of the beach.

"I love watching the sunset, it's so pretty" Seifer smirked at his awestruck boyfriend.

"You see it every day dummy, why is this one any different?" Hayner pouted and pulled them to a secluded part of the beach where no one else rarely ever went and spread out the blanket that Seifer had brought with him. Hayner plonked down patting the space next to him, smiling when Seifer sat down, his arm resting behind Hayner.

"Maybe 'cos you're here with me…" He mumbled quietly, playing with a few of the loose strings in the blanket.

Seifer's smirked vanished as he barely heard the words, it was moments like this when neither had to pretend to be anyone else. "Look at me" Hayner's eyes flickered up to him for a second before looking out to the horizon. Seifer chuckled and grasped Hayner's chin in the hand he wasn't leaning on, forcing his boyfriend to look at him.

Hayner closed his eyes and kissed Seifer who ran his hands up into the dirty blonde locks. The elder blonde slipped his tongue inside of Hayner's mouth, hands moving to remove Hayner's button up shirt, their lips never leaving eachother. Hayner moaned into the kiss when Seifer nibbled his tongue, pulling on it softly.

Pulling Seifer over him, he lay back on the blanket, tugging at Seifer's shirt until the blonde pulled it over his head, breaking the kiss for a moment or two allowing the younger blonde room to breathe.

The setting sun cast an orange hue over the pair, making their skin glow in the light. Seifer kissed his way down Hayner's neck, stopping on his sensitive collar bone to bite gently, leaving a soft purple mark on the tanned skin. Hayner groaned and dragged his nails down Seifer's back, leaving angry red marks in their wake.

Seifer grunted and quickly removed Hayner's pants, dragging the boy's boxers down with them. Hayner thanked Seifer silently for bringing the blanket that was protecting him from the harsh sands beneath him.

Hayner sighed as Seifer's hand barely brushed over his erection, teasing him to no end.

"No fair, why am I the only one naked?" Seifer just snorted and undressed slowly, teasing Hayner further. "C'mon stop teasing me!" Seifer winked at him and ducked down, sucking Hayner's tip into his mouth, relishing in the delicious moans falling from the boy under him.

Hayner bucked and forced more of himself into Seifer's mouth that gladly let him thrust in for another few seconds, before restraining the bucking hips.

"Slow down soldier" Hayner whimpered as he watched Seifer quickly suck on three fingers, before kissing the inside of his thighs. This wasn't the first time they had sex, but it was by far the most romantic, the other times were either rushed or rough and passion filled. Seifer wanted this to be romantic and slow and meaningful and the thought made his member twitch in appreciation.

Hayner closed his eyes again and let his head rest on the blanket, juts letting himself feel the other.

Seifer licked slowly from the base of Hayner's erection to the tip as he easily slid one finger in, wiggling it around to allow room for the second finger. Hayner gripped the blanket, feeling a few bits of sand get pulled through when Seifer squeezed the second finger in, cocking the ends so that they brushed every so slightly off Hayner's prostate.

Seifer once again took the whole of Hayner in, sucking harshly as to take his mind off the third finger that nearly went unnoticed by the smaller boy.

He moaned as Seifer softly brushed all three fingers over his prostate, he wasn't used to the soft treatment he was getting, it made him feel breakable. "Hurry up" Hayner whined, cracking an eye open to plead with his boyfriend who smiled softly and removed himself completely from the younger boy, who was flushed under him.

Seifer spit into his hand, making sure that he was well lubricated as he lined up with Hayner's twitching hole. He whispered sweet nothings into Hayner's ear as he pushed himself in, until he was fully sheathed and rocked out slightly before pushing back in.

Hayner was feeling overwhelmed, the pleasure and love he was feeling was a bit disorientating in his current state. "Harder" Seifer smirked at his plea and shook his head, this was going to be slow and long, whether Hayner liked it or not. He knew in the long run they needed this; they needed the ultimate release that slow love-making would bring them.

"No" Hayner whined and clenched his eyes, bucking into Seifer's slow but deep thrusts, the elder blonde would be the death of him someday.

Seifer kissed him, sliding his tongue straight in, swallowing Hayner's yelp as Seifer sat back, pulling Hayner into his lap, still engulfed in him. Hayner gulped at the lust in Seifer's eyes as he rested his back against the large rock behind him, grasping Hayner's slim hips.

Lifting the smaller boy until only Seifer's tip remained he slowly lowered him, wrapping his arms around his back until they were embracing tightly.

Hayner moaned softly and took the hint, riding Seifer slightly faster than Seifer had been thrusting before, but still slow enough to satisfy whatever Seifer was thinking.

After another 15 minutes of slow, torturous sex for Hayner he finally felt a massive orgasm building as Seifer pumped his member. "I fucking hate you Seifer, my ass is so sore" Seifer just chuckled and nibbled his ear as he gave a particularly hard thrust into Hayner's prostate, sending the younger man tumbling over the edge.

Hayner let out a load strangled version of his name as he had the biggest orgasm he had ever had, the long pleasure had finally been worth it and Seifer groaned spilling his seed in jerks into Hayner.

"Shut up, we needed that" Hayner pouted as his muscles shook, he wasn't used to this long of a build-up and as good as it felt, he didn't know whether he had the patience to do this more often.

"I love you asshole, but that was too slow" Seifer laughed out loud, looking at the now set sun as they cleaned themselves off, getting ready to head back to Seifer's apartment.

"I love you too Chickenwuss, just because you like it rough and kinky doesn't mean you're always going to get it that way" Hayner pushed him and blushed, attempting to storm ahead, but his limp was clearly evident. Seifer watched in amusement as Hayner grumbled all the way to the train, nothing was going to break them apart now.