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ChApter 3

As far as Saskia could tell by that point was that she'd just been made into one of this "Maleficent"'s lackeys, whom she, quite frankly, wanted nothing more to do with. The woman was a prick, obviously. But when Maleficent gazed upon Saskia with certain expressions, Saskia's instincts screamed at her to obey, so she held her tongue and let things go their course. Until it came to Saskia's name, of course. Then she became someone known as "Sasha Dranon". It was close enough to the truth that she would be able to respond, but still the name sounded odd coming off of her tongue, yet Maleficent took it for her word. Saskia didn't have much reason to lie...

Yet it seemed all the better that she had because under the name of "Sasha Dranon" she began to learn things of a peculiar nature that she never would have been exposed to otherwise. Saskia's favorite place in the castle was the library. There were tomes, novels and research papers that Saskia could page through for hours. Some were on the "magic" that Maleficent was attempting to teach her. She was amazed by how complex the spells could be for the simplest of actions, and yet she studied and attempted them the moment she had a chance away from Maleficent's ever watchful gaze.

Then she began finding papers written by a person known as "Ansem", but there were only three or so of them and none of them corresponded, which frustrated Saskia to no end, but she read them anyway. She was fascinated beyond words at the carefully chosen words of that "Ansem" fellow. He seemed incredible. Saskia kind of wished she could meet him, but only for a bare couple of moments. She knew better than to wish for such dangerous things. Maleficent would surely have her head for it. Which she suddenly found herself startled by, Maleficent had left her unattended.

Saskia crept out into the hallways, glancing around quickly when she finally heard some voices. She didn't know who they all belonged to, but she knew for sure one was Maleficent's. Saskia slowly came closer and closer to where Maleficent appeared to be. The other voice sounded like it belonged to a boy close to her age. She pulled the door open slowly as to not alert Maleficent to her actions. Then Saskia peered into the ballroom where she had first been taken to. A tall boy with odd colored hair stood there, front and center. Maleficent seemed very interested in him, much more so than when she was with me.

Then Maleficent looked up, looking at Saskia dead on. Saskia's entire body felt like it had been turned into ice. She had been caught, making this twice now that Maleficent had found her doing something that wasn't in Maleficent's best interests. Or so Saskia thought.

"Sasha, come out here," she said in a loud voice. Saskia's feet moved without her consent. She pushed the door open further and walked out in front of the two of them that were gathered in the ballroom. The boy's eyes widened when he saw her. Saskia refused to look at him. She instead kept her eyes on Maleficent.

"You look like Sora!" That made Saskia turn and look at him. She knew that name. How could she ever forget it? It was the name of her little brother, the one that had left her sight so long ago. Maybe she should have gone with him, but that was not something she could do about at that point.

"Sora?" it sounded weird, leaving her lips like that. A question that Saskia felt like was better left unanswered. It filled her with an aching, painful hope that brought tears to her eyes. But instead of letting herself show weakness, Saskia looked away, grimacing. Maleficent didn't even look at Saskia.

"Riku, this is Sasha. She is also studying under my wing," Maleficent told him. Saskia turned to meet his eyes once more, but that confused expression he held only made her more confused as well. Why was he looking at her like that?

"Perhaps she'll help you," Maleficent continued, leaving it open-ended and therefore giving Saskia a choice as to whether or not she wanted to learn about "Sora", whom Maleficent seemed quite sure that Saskia knew nothing at all about. Saskia turned.

"My curiosity has been sated. I do not wish to know any more," Saskia bit, turning her back on the two of them and quickly leaving the ballroom. Saskia knew that as long as she spoke in that manner, Maleficent would allow her to do things on her own whim. Maleficent wasn't terribly controlling, as much as Saskia had expected her to be, but Maleficent had things that concerned her more than Saskia.

Saskia ran to the library, hiding her nose in a book that she never read a word of. Instead, her mind was swirling with a thousand and one questions. Why had she suddenly been compared to Sora? Where had Sora been all those years? That island of sunshine and sand? Saskia didn't know the answers, but she figured that "Riku" had them. Yet Saskia was not sure that she actually wanted to know them. The answers to these questions scared her, for every answer there was only more questions. Sora probably didn't even know that she existed anyway. Curling further into her chair, Saskia let out a small sniffle and some tears. She was very muddled by all of this.

In an attempt to regain her composure, she focused on the words in front of her, slowly beginning to string sentences and fill her mind with something that was entirely different from the reality Saskia was facing in that very moment. And so, Saskia lost herself in her books yet again. Though she learned quite a bit and only became better at handling stronger magics when Maleficent would test her, but what Saskia really needed was more battle experience.

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