I had such pleasant feedback from sharing the story on a Destiel group I'm part of on facebook that decided to go with the suggestion to write an after math, and since Fanfiction has a rule about keeping all stories together, I'll do just that. By the way, I'm going to undemonize Dean my way.

Over a year passed since the brothers were aware Destiel and Sam, a subscriber to AngelOfTheLord, secretly read all the new chapters and stories as they were being published; unaware that the source of the material were from his very own laptop. Castiel made sure to keep all that private and play stupid in case suspicion ever did fall on him. Castiel wasn't sure where he had the time to type as his grace was stolen, battling for his life, and now Dean was a demon - his worse fear. Though at the same time, his fantasies for his demonic love interest steamed up the hearts of his readers.

"...Castiel splashed holy water into Dean's face, making the demon stumble back and scream in temporary agony. 'Why would you ever do that to me, Cas. After all we've been through?!' Dean hissed. Castiel cocked his head, his blue eyes saddened by the fury within his lover's eyes, 'I love Dean. You are not Dean. The Dean I love would never allow himself to become a demon. You are not my Dean!'..." Sam read out loud, completely alone as Dean had abandoned him.

"What are you reading, Sam?"

Sam closed the lid and saw Castiel behind him, he combed his hair back with his fingers and decided to ask a question over his, "Should you be doing that in your condition?" Castiel had one of those faithful smiles that seem to have several meanings behind them, "I shouldn't but I was worried about you. How are you, Sam?" Sam sighed, "Honestly? Shitty. With Dean being a demon, me chasing his ass, and just ending up no where. I don't know how much longer I can handle it." Castiel's smile faded slightly, his heart still broken, "You should get some sleep then, Sam."

After Sam went to sleep, Castiel slipped away with Sam's laptop; returning it shortly before Sam awoke. He had received a notification that another chapter was added to one of the stories he was following of AngelOfTheLord's, and he figured he'd read it a bit later. Castiel was sitting on the adjacent bed, "I heard your phone beep. Was it Dean?"

"Oh no. It was nothing... uh... don't worry about it, Cas."

"I may have a lead to where Dean is. He had a fight with Crowley and he paid us a visit in the middle of the night." Castiel said matter of factly. Sam dressed in front of Castiel, who eyed him like a piece of meat - knowing how wrong that was as his heart belonged to Dean, but he couldn't help but admit that Sam was pretty hot too. "Is that so? Well alright. Get in the Impala." Sam grunted as he gathered his stuff and went to the Impala behind Castiel.

Hours later, it was the impression that Crowley had stalled Dean long enough to reunite him with his younger brother and trapped him in a demon's trap. Dean realized the set up and hissed, "You son of a bitch! You tricked me!" "Yeah well... what are you gonna do about it?" Crowley questioned, knowing Dean couldn't do anything to him. Sam and Castiel went into the motel room where Dean and Crowley were. "Hello Dean." Castiel said first to break the ice that frosted over once he and Sam arrived. "Cas. Sam. I didn't expect to see you guys so soon." Dean gave a fake smile.

"It's been six months, Dean. Soon wouldn't be a word I'd be using." Sam replied. Castiel went closer to Dean but enough to not be withing grasps, "We will fix you, Dean. We will save your soul." Dean laughed, mocking the angel's words, "You are? Well I don't want to be fixed. I love being a demon." Castiel exhaled and looked at Sam and Crowley before looking back at Dean, "Well then I guess I can confess something and you wouldn't care, uh?"

"Confess what?!" Dean, Sam, and Crowley asked at the same time.

"Well, I... I, uh, funny really." Castiel was stalling. Dean was losing patience, "Just spill it."

"I'm AngelOfTheLord. I'm the Destiel writer that Sam is addicted to." Castiel admitted. His face was flushed, afraid of the reactions of everyone. "I'm not addicted." Sam muttered. Crowley just chuckled. Dean, on the other hand, looked somewhat petrified, "You're who? You write what?" Instead of just repeating himself like he normally would, Castiel's eyes shined blue, walking closer to Dean, "I will fix you, Dean, the only way I know how." Dean's eyes blackened and started moving swiftly around the demon trap, "What are you doing?! Get away from me! Dammit! Get away from me!"

Castiel quickly took Dean's face into his hand, "Shut up." Before Dean could respond, Castiel's lips clamped onto Dean's and were not letting go. Dean was screaming from within, only hissing escaped his lips; he was in agonizing pain. Instead of breaking the kiss, Castiel embraced him tightly, kissing him passionately, knowing he was breaking the demonic hold over Dean's twisted soul. Dean did all he could to fight Castiel off but there was no way he was strong enough. The darkness over his eyes faded away, the human again Dean stopped fighting and finally returned some of the same effort as Castiel, kissing and embracing him.

Sam and Crowley just stood there, eyes were wide, even though Crowley did take some pictures that he would use later during his alone time. Castiel let Dean go, first opening his arms and putting them back at his sides and then brakes the kiss. Dean was out of breath, his eyes were frozen in Castiel's, "How did you know that would save me?" Castiel smiled, "I didn't, but it was worth a try."

Time passed since Castiel saved Dean and admitted the truth of his side hobby. Sam gave Castiel a computer so he could write without having to borrow his. He was less secretive about being a fan of Castiel's work; though he kept saying he wasn't addicted, which was a fat lie that he and Cas knew; Dean threatened numerously that if Sam keeps fangirling, that he knows some demons who can gender reassign. Dean never talked about the kiss that freed him and Castiel wasn't going to press him. Sometimes, Dean would lick his lips and remember how wonderful Castiel tasted. He had never kissed another man since high school and he was glad that it was Castiel.