Breath Of God

Do you know how easy this is, brother?

Shall I tell you?

It's as easy as climbing a tree to reach the sweetest, ripest fruit. Juan would say I couldn't and you would say I shouldn't: 'come down, Lucrezia, let me.' No. I climbed, and I reached, and I closed my fingers around the perfect peach, and its juice ran down my chin.

And you looked proud, Cesare.

I want to make you proud, Cesare.

You are not a cardinal and I am not a virgin, but it is God that moves us. It is God that makes you move within and I without. It is God who made this bed a ship and set us adrift upon the sea. There is a storm overhead and in my heart, so hold me close. Keep your hands moving, and sculpt me as who I am, not who they want me to be. Set fire to my flesh and let me burn, and burn with me. Burn us to ashes, and let us die, and let us burn in Hell thereafter.

I am Eve and this is my garden.

Let me taste your forbidden fruit.

I have known sweetness, brother, and I have known sweet flesh, but I have known no one like you. It comes so easily because it's you, and there is no one like you. No one else makes me sing and scream. No else runs to my lips and from my lips, to give me my sin, to purge me of my sin.

Were we meant to be twins, brother?

Sharing one womb, one world?

This Vatican is our womb and I rest here with you. There is but one umbilicus, one soul, for all there are two bodies, for all I am fair and you are dark. There is but one soul, and the breath of God sets us adrift upon the sea. We ride the waves together, climbing, cresting, breaking. Our ship is freedom and safety. Our ship is desire safely acknowledged, accepted. I shall never love a husband as I love you. When your wife looks for you, have them send her to my garden, my palazzo, my bedchamber. Tell her I take confession from you every day, that you absolve me. Tell her I am the keeper of your soul, and I will not give it up.

You are mine.

I love you.

I am yours.

Love me.

Only a Borgia can truly love a Borgia.