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The name Mallie is pronounced Mal-lee (only putting that because my cousins couldn't pronounce it.)

Mallie watched her pack brothers enter the house.

"You guys hungry? Like I have to ask." Emily smiled at them then looked up at Bella.

"Who's this?" Mallie asked the boys.

"Bella Swan who else."

"Oh so you're the vampire girl?" Emily stated smiling.

"And you're the wolf girl." Bella said.

"Guess so I mean I'm engaged to one." Emily said.

"And this…" Embry grinned rubbing Mallie's hair. "Is our Pack Guardian."

The girl who was eating a muffin just gave a peace sign mouth full.

"Shut up!" Jared told him.

He went to get another muffin but Emily caught him. "Save some for your brothers!"

"Come on! Short-stack over here is on her third!"

"Short-stack didn't get breakfast this morning because Short-stacks alarm clock is broke and Short-stack had to go to crappy school!" She huffed at him.

Emily nodded. "And ladies first. Muffin Bella?"

"Uh sure…." Bella said but didn't move to take one.

"Leave it to Jacob to find a way around Sam's gag order." Mallie stated sighing.

"Uh he didn't say anything to me…" Bella frowned taking a muffin. (Finally.)

"It's a wolf thing. Alpha's orders get obeyed no matter what. Even Mallie has to obey Sam. Whether we want too or not. Oh and check this out we can hear each other's thoughts. Even Mallie can when we're in wolf form but she doesn't phase." Embry explained.

"Would you shut up?" Jared asked. "These are tribe secrets. Dammit this chick runs with vampires!"

"You can't run with vampires….because they're fast." Bella said slightly awkwardly.

"Yeah?" Jared asked. "Well we're faster."

"I talk to the wolves in their heads and I'm the connection to the tribe's ancestors and spiritual protectors that includes the nature that surrounds us. I can talk to the alphas that have past and I'm as fast as them at running. So yeah; basically I talk to the wolf inside the boys and nature spirits and I run very, very fast and I'm still 100% mortal. And not a day over fourteen. Freaked out yet?" Mallie asked following her quick spoken speech.

"You have no shame do you?" Jared asked her.

"None whatsoever; I am proud of my abilities. I'm a freak of nature. Hail!" The young girl stated raising a hand up.

"You're not the first monsters I've met…" Bella said shrugging.

"Jake's right you're good with weird." Sam said entering the house.

"It's kinda creepy." Mallie agreed.

"Like you can say anything Miss 'I talk to trees and dead people!'" Embry exclaimed rolling his eyes.

"I'm the Packs guardian, it's my job! You guys turn into over-sized Huskies and yet somehow I'm the strange one?"

"Yes. Repeat you talk to dead people! Animals! Tribe spirits need I go on?"

"Uh…oh shut up!"

Sam rolled his eyes and kissed Emily on the lips then her scars.

"I'm eating!" Mallie groaned.

He pulled apart from Emily and turned Mallie's head to be looking down at her muffin. "Then eat and shut up."

Two minutes later Paul and Jacob stumbled in mock shoving each other and laughing.

Paul sat down on the table and turned to Bella. "Sorry."

Jacob scanned the room, his eyes stopping when he found Bella leaning, awkward and out of place, against the counter in the far corner of the kitchen.

"Hey, Bells," He greeted her cheerfully. He grabbed two muffins as he passed the table and came to stand beside her. "Sorry about before," he muttered under his breath. "How are you holding up?"

"Don't worry, I'm okay. Good muffins." She picked hers back up and started nibbling again.

"Oh, man!" Jared wailed, interrupting us.
Bella looked up, and he and Embry were examining a fading pink line on Paul's forearm. Embry was grinning, exultant.
"Fifteen dollars," He crowed reminding Jared of the bet they had made on the ride over.

Mallie laughed; a delightful sound that little kids have that seemed very out of place in the girl despite her small stature and doe like eyes. "Loser!" She told Jared who sulked.

"Did you do that?" Bella whispered to Jacob, remembering the bet.
"I barely touched him. He'll be perfect by sundown."
"By sundown?" Bella looked at the line on Paul's arm. Odd, but it looked weeks old.
"Wolf thing," Mallie explained.

"Oi ease dropper!" Jacob told her playfully.
"Boo woo."
Bella nodded, trying to not look weirded out.
"You okay?" She asked Jacob under her breath.
"Not a scratch on me." His expression was smug.

"Hey, guys," Sam said in a loud voice, interrupting all the conversations going on in the small room.

Emily was at the stove, scraping the egg mixture around a big skillet, but Sam still had one hand touching the small of her back, an unconscious gesture.

"Jacob has information for us."
Paul looked unsurprised.

Jacob must have explained this to him and Sam already.

Or they'd just heard his thoughts.
"I know what the redhead wants." Jacob directed his words toward Jared, Mallie and Embry. "That's what I was trying to tell you before."

He kicked the leg of the chair Paul had settled into.
"And..?" Jared asked.
Jacob's face got serious. "She's trying to avenge her mate only it wasn't the black-haired leech we killed. The Cullen's got her mate last year, and she's after Bella now."
"Say what now?" Mallie asked shocked looking over at Bella.
Jared, Embry, and Emily stared at her with open-mouthed surprise.
"She's just a girl," Embry protested.

"I didn't say it made sense. But that's why the bloodsucker's been trying to get past us. She's been heading for Forks."
They continued to stare at her, mouths still hanging open, for a long moment. Bella ducked her head.

"Excellent," Jared finally said, a smile beginning to pull up the corners of his mouth.

"We've got bait." Both Jared and Mallie said at the same time.
With stunning speed, Jacob yanked a can opener from the counter and launched it at Mallie's head.

Jared's hand flicked up faster than Bella would have thought possible, and he snagged the tool just before it hit the Packs guardians face.

"Asshole…" Mallie muttered.

"Bella is not bait."
"You know what I mean," Jared said, unabashed.

"Personally I think it's an okay idea." Mallie shrugged.

"That's because you're a nutcase." Jacob told her.

"I would hit you…but way too much effort."
"So we'll be changing our patterns," Sam said, ignoring their squabble.

"We'll try leaving a few holes, and see if she falls for it. We'll have to split up, and I don't like that. But if she's really after Bella, she probably won't try to take advantage of our divided numbers."

"We don't have long until Quil phases then you'll be spilt evenly. But for now you'll have to make do." Mallie said.

Everyone looked down. No one wanted the same fate for their friend.

"Well we won't count on that." Sam said. "Paul Embry and Jared will take the outer perimeter. Jacob and I the inner."

They nodded.

Sam soon explained that Jacob would prefer that she stayed in La Push as much as possible.

"What about Charlie?"

"March madness is still going." Jacob said. "Billy and Harry can keep Charlie down here when he's not at work. Mallie you think you can ask….or do whatever you do to look after Charlie?" Sam asked the girl.

"Yeah I can do that."

Sam nodded at her then at Bella who still looked uneasy.

"Don't worry." He said. "Mallie never fails. But that's just what Jacob thinks is best but it's your decision. You weigh your own risks yourself. You saw this morning how easily dangerous things can get around here. If you chose to stay here we cannot guarantee your safety."

"I wouldn't hurt her." Jacob muttered.

Sam ignored him and Bella wondered why they kept a girl as young as Mallie around them if they worried so much about Bella's safety.

Then again maybe it's a Guardian thing….

Whatever a 'Guardian thing' was.

"You'll be careful right?"

The pack (plus Mallie, Bella couldn't figure out if she counted as a pack member or not) burst out laughing.

Only Emily didn't laugh she met Bella's eyes; she understood she was as concerned as Bella for her fiancé and the pack (and Mallie)

"Food's ready." Emily announced.

The pack (and Mallie) leapt up and surrounded the dinning table that was so small Bella worried it would buckle under the weight of them.

They devoured food and honestly Bella never saw a girl put away so much food so fast….

Emily leaned against the counter in order to avoid bedlam.

She watched them affectionate eyes.

Bella stayed there for the rest of the day and was surprised to see Paul and Jared help Mallie with homework who was struggling with algebra. ("I swear if I had the same hatred for vampires as I do for my math teacher there wouldn't be one left on the planet!")

To be honest it wasn't what Bella was expecting from a pack of werewolves and whatever Mallie was. (She still didn't really understand what a Pack Guardian was.)

But looking at them Jake watching TV with Embry; Jared and Paul bent over Mallie's copy trying to explain how to do the sum to the younger girl…who was obviously looking for some way to escape…

Emily and Sam were talking to each other while they did the dishes….

Bella realized this place; this house was a home and this Pack of werewolves; Emily and Mallie they were a family.

And for some strange reason. They were willing to let her into their world.

And Bella liked it.

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