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Katniss laughed. She cringed when she thought of how her short bark of a laugh must sound, condescending and unkind.

"I know who you are Mr. Mellark."

His smile if possible grew bigger "Well I'm glad at least someone has heard of me."

Katniss blew out a puff of air and readjusted her baseball cap. "I hope you have a wonderful day, Mellark." As she walked away embarrassment swept over her.

Katniss threw her baseball cap into the back of the car and scratched at her scalp reveling in the feeling of fresh air on the top of her head. Her mind kept wandering back to the interaction with the two players and she felt her cheeks burn. Switching on the ignition she reached for her phone and dialed Prim's number.

"Hi Katniss! How was work?" Prim sounded slightly breathless.

"Hey Little Duck, I just wanted to call and let you know I was on my way home but I was going to stop by Gale's house." Katniss chuckled at the intake of breath she heard from her little sister

"Can I come with? It wouldn't be any trouble to swing by here first would it?"

"I suppose not… I don't know why you're so excited to visit there anyways." Katniss teased.

"Oh well, I just haven't seen Rory… and Vick in a long time…"

"Ok, I will be there in twenty minutes. Don't make me wait up."

Prim laughed. "Alright. I'll be ready I promise!" With a smile Katniss hung up the phone. She adored her sister and tolerated her crush on Rory Hawthorne mostly because Rory knew what would happen if he hurt Prim.

"Peet… Peeta!" Peeta swung around to face the bar with his eyebrows raised.

"Got something on your mind man?" Rye asked. Peeta shook his head and leaned against the sticky bar.

"Just a busy week."

Rye grinned. "I know! You're a big shot now! A big shot pitcher for the Chicago White Sox. Now you can buy your own beer."

Peeta glanced around nervously. "Don't talk so loud Rye. I don't need the attention right now."

"Bro, no one cares. I could shout it out right now." Peeta shoved Rye's shoulder.

"You're a jerk." Peeta laughed so Rye knew he was kidding and flagged down the bartender. "Can I just have a glass of water please?"

Rye narrowed his eyes at Peeta. "I invite you out and you don't even want to drink? What's the deal?"

Rolling his eyes Peeta took a sip of his water. "First off you coerced me to come out hoping some girls would notice who I was and come talk to us. Second, there's a day game tomorrow. If they put me in again I'm not messing things up."

"Alright, I was just messing with you. Have you had any star struck chicks lately?" Rye winked.

"Ha! No. Although the girl who nearly ran Odair over with a ton of cotton candy looked pretty shocked to see us."

"How do these things happen to you? Was she hot?"

Peeta saw a pair of stormy grey eyes in his mind and found he couldn't remember much else besides the fact that the girl had been wearing a braid.

"I'm not really sure. Everything happened so fast and she was wearing a concession stand outfit. There wasn't much to go off of." Peeta replied. Frowning he took a long drink of water. "All I can think about is her eyes."

Smirking Rye patted Peeta on the back. "Sounds like she really got to you little bro. Too bad you don't associate with riff raff anymore."

Peeta narrowed his eyes at Rye. "She wasn't riff raff."

"Whoa, I was kidding man. Why are you so bothered by this girl?"

"I don't know, Rye. I just know I want to see her again."

Katniss pulled up in front of Gale's apartment and tugged on the end of her braid. Prim giggled.

"Are you going to try and parallel park again?"

Katniss frowned. "I'm not going to try I'm going to do."

Flicking on her turn signal, Katniss glanced in her rear view mirror and pulled up next to the car in front of the empty space. She threw the car into reverse and bit her lip as she slowly started to back up. About halfway into the spot she hit the curb.

Prim giggled again.

"Hush Prim. I'm focusing." Katniss glanced over and saw that Prim had both hands over her mouth. "You think this is funny little duck?"

She reached over and started to tickle Prim's sides jumping when there was a sharp rap on her window. Looking over she saw Gale grinning at her.

"Having some trouble parking Catnip?" Katniss folded her arms across her chest.

"No, I'm not." She scowled at Gale who laughed and reached over to unbuckle her seatbelt.

"Come on Katniss. I've got this." Huffing she slid out of the car and went to stand on the curb. Within 30 seconds Gale had easily maneuvered her car into the spot. Prim jumped out and hugged Katniss.

"It's ok Katniss. We all can't be good at everything." With a wink Prim linked her arm through Katniss's. Gale handed her the keys and unlocked the first set of doors.

"How was work Catnip? Meet anyone famous?" Katniss laughed without emotion.

"You could say that." Raising an eyebrow Gale studied her.


"Well I ran into Finnick Odair and Peeta Mellark."

"How did that go?" Katniss shook her head.

"Better than expected. Especially considering I almost trampled them with cotton candy." Katniss thought back to the way Peeta had helped her pick up the bags and seemed almost as uncomfortable as her with the whole situation. "Mellark was really nice about the whole thing."

Laughing Gale threw himself onto his couch patting the spot next to him. "I can't believe you almost injured the Sox new hot shot." Katniss sank into the couch and sighed.

"I know. I'm so embarrassed." Gale grunted and flicked on the television glancing over at Rory and Prim who were sitting at the counter chatting. He leaned over and whispered in Katniss's ear.

"Who do you think will admit it first?" Katniss looked over and saw Prim's blush.

"It'll have to be Rory. Prim is to proud to admit what she actually wants." Gale studied Katniss with an intense look on his face.

"Sounds like someone I know."