Chapter One: Wedding Planning

Sami was in a hurry, rushing up the walk to the Kiriakis mansion. She was late as usual, it seemed to be the story of her life lately. With the Kids to take care of, and this wedding to plan there did not seem to be enough hours in the day. The door opened before she could even ring the bell and she was greeted by Maggie and Adrienne. "Come on in Sami, let me take something." Adrienne took the books that she was clutching out of her hands, As Maggie led them out on the Veranda where there were countless other books strewn about.

"So Aunt Maggie, Adrienne, why don't you tell me what kind of ideas you both have and let's see where we are.

Adrienne spoke up first, "I talked to Sonny and Will last evening about the wedding and they both want to keep it small and hopefully be able to have it at The Horton Town Square, that is such a special place for your family and Sonny thought that Will may like to have the ceremony there." "Okay, but I don't see how that is going to work with our Family…we are a large group just on Will's side" Sami Objected.

"Well, the boys were thinking that they could have a large reception, I am not sure where they could have it that would hold so many people, but I am sure that we can find somewhere acceptable." "Oh, of course we can "Maggie said "we will use Chez Rouge!" "That's a wonderful idea, Maggie!" said Adrienne. Both women turned and looked at Sami expectantly. "Yes, that is a perfect idea, if we are positive that this is what Will and Sonny want."

"Good! Now that all of that is settled, let's get down to the important parts of this." Maggie said excitedly. "Sami, who do you have in mind to officiate the ceremony, Father Tobias?" "No not exactly, Sami said with a smile on her face, My brother Eric came and asked me for the honor of performing the ceremony, just this morning, that is actually why I was late, And I know that Will is going to be so excited about this!" "He was very worried that his Uncle would not accept him for the person that he is." "Oh that is really wonderful!" Adrienne said with tears brimming in her eyes.

(Cut Scene)

Will is sitting in the corner booth at Common Grounds. He is sipping his coffee and just watching his fiancé… but not for much longer, soon it will be husband, Will gets butterflies in his stomach at the thought of that word. He thinks to himself that he cannot believe just how lucky he is. He has to be the luckiest man on the planet right now. It is still hard to think back over the last couple of years and what all he has put Sonny through. Thank God that Sonny loves him as much as he does, anyone else probably would not have stuck around through it all… but the past is the past. And in just a few short weeks, Sonny will be his husband.

Will glanced up from his reveling to see Sonny staring at him across the room. He has that look in his eyes. The one that says I would rather be anywhere, alone with you, than in this crowded coffee shop right now. Will smiles at him and raises his eyebrows. Sonny saunters over to the table that Will is sitting at and sits down in the seat beside him. He leans in for a quick kiss but, Will has other ideas, he slides his hands up through Sonny's hair and pulls him closer. As he glides his tongue across Sonny's lips asking for entrance, which Sonny readily gives, he is reminded again how very much he loves this man and how positive he is that he wants to spend every moment, with him. As they break apart Sonny smiles at him and runs his thumb across Will's bottom lip. "What was that for?" he asked? "I just never want you to forget how much I need and Want you, Sonny I love you so much!"

A slow smile spreads across Sonny's face, he thinks to himself that surely there could not be any rational explanation as to why Will Horton fell in love with him. But he is sure glad that he did. Sure they had their share of ups and downs, Well more ups, than downs really…. But the truth is that he would rather face any challenge that may arise, rather than spend one day of his life without this man in front of him right now. The one that he loves with all of his heart, body, and soul.

"Will, I want to ask you something." He finally manages to get out, after pulling himself from his thoughts. "Anything… anything you want" Will sighed. "I want us to write our own Vows for our wedding" Sonny said. "Anything but that," Will suddenly replied, "come one babe, you know that I am not good with words and speeches." "You love me right?" Sonny asked. "Of course, you know I do." Will answered immediately. "Well then just talk about your love in your vows, come on I know you can do this and it would mean so much to me… I have so many things that I want to say to you, come on please!" Sonny turned the full force of his chocolate brown eye's on Will, and he was helpless to resist. "Okay babe, it obviously means so much to you and I would do anything to make you happy!" "This does mean a lot to me, Will Thank you!" Sonny breathed against Will's lips as he stole one more kiss before he had to get back to work.

(Cut Scene)

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Sami is making notes on the multitude of lists that she has in front of her. She is pleasantly surprised that they have gotten most of the work done in just one afternoon. They have decided on the Tux style, color and even a designer. They have decided on a menu and Grandma Caroline has graciously agreed to help provide the food. Everything is coming together nicely.

"Has will decided on how he is going to include TJ in all of this?" Adrienne directed the question to Sami. "I am sure that they both want him to be involved in some way," "Yes of course, I think that since Eric is going to officiate the Ceremony, Will is going to be standing at the altar waiting for Sonny" " I was thinking that TJ can be a ring bearer for them, and since he is so little and a tiny bit bashful, it would probably be a good idea for him to walk down the aisle with Sonny." Sami finished in a rush, she always gets excited when talking about this wedding. She has never been more proud of her son. The other two ladies nodded their agreement.

"Adrienne, Has Sonny said anything to you about who is going to stand with him at the altar? I talked to Will and he said that Chad will stand with him." Adrienne and Maggie looked at each other across the table and smiled, "Sonny has chosen Abigail, since she was so instrumental in helping them work through some of their problems." "That is a wonderful choice, for both of them, I know Will is going to be so pleased that she is going to be standing up with them on their special day." Sami said. "Also it is perfect because Will made it plain that he did not want a lot of fuss over color schemes and such, so Chad and Abigail can coordinate with each other, and I am sure they will look amazing."

"Alright." Said Maggie, "I think that we have covered most everything that we can right now," We will have to meet again next week to make sure that everything is going according to plan. Sami was gathering up her books, and lists when Victor walked into the room, "This looks like a high-power strategy meeting, ladies" they laughed and Maggie said "Hello, darling" as she reached up to give him a quick kiss on the cheek, We were just going over the details of the wedding, trying to make sure that we have everything covered. "Yes, well as many weddings as you all have planned, this should be a breeze." Maggie gave him a stern look and said "Victor Kiriakis you be nice, I mean that." "Of course dear, I was actually coming in to ask you ladies a question about the wedding." "I was thinking that Sonny is my grandson and I am quite fond of Will, I would like to offer to send them on a surprise honeymoon, if No one would object to that. It is the least that I can do." "Umm Victor, that is very nice of you, "Sami started, "Of Course no one will mind Victor," Adrienne interjected quickly. "That's settled then, I will go a make the necessary calls right now." Sami and Adrienne both turned their eyes to Maggie, who suddenly got very busy tiding up the table. "Wait a minute you knew about this didn't you?" Sami accused. "Yes, but I have been sworn to secrecy' and that is all I can say." Maggie said reluctantly.

Sami was still shaking her head in amazement as she climbed into her car. How could Maggie keep such a big secret from her. "Oh well, that is one less thing that I need to worry about right now. And I am sure if Maggie is involved it will be spectacular" Sami thought to herself.

(Cut Scene)

It is getting late and TJ is sleeping soundly in his bed. Tonight Sonny is working late at the coffee shop. Will is sitting on the couch with his head laid back against the cushions, eyes closed. He is thinking of the question that Sonny asked him earlier. "Writing my own vows, it should be easy right, a piece of cake, after all, I should just be able to write down what I feel… But, saying I love you just isn't going to be enough." Will thinks as he sighs out in frustration… "This is going to be harder than it sounds, Sonny is so good with words." Will is so deep in thought, that he never heard the door open or close. Sonny creeped up to the couch to make sure that Will hadn't fallen asleep there. He sat down on the couch beside him and Will felt a warm hand on his knee, sliding up his thigh. He slowly opened his eyes, and smiled a lazy smile. "Hi!" he breathed. "Hi yourself babe, what are thinking about in here all alone?" Sonny said as he smiled back at him. "Oh you know just normal everyday stuff, like how I am going to be mortified, at the wedding when you say your vows and they are all beautiful and elegant, and all I can think of to say is I love you!" Sonny laughed out loud and took Will's hand, "Baby I am going to be happy no matter what you say, because on that day you are going to be giving me the most precious gift that anyone has ever given me, You are giving me yourself for ever and always, and that is all I am ever going to want." "SEE, That right there is what I am talking about, you say the most beautiful things," Will said as the tears brimmed over and streamed down his face. "Will, I know you love me, I Don't need fancy words, or even a ring to tell me that, I feel it in every kiss, every touch." Sonny said quietly. "Okay, then I am not as good with words as you are, so you can consider this your warning, but I am good at some things, so why don't you let me show you, how very much I do love you." Sonny smiled and stood up, he held out his hand to Will, and said "I thought you would never ask!"

Will placed his hand in Sonny's and allowed him to pull him up from the couch, he moved in close to Sonny so that they were touching everywhere possible. He could feel the hard length of Sonny through the pants that he was wearing. He slid his arms around Sonny's shoulders and pulled him in for a Kiss, It started out slow and sweet, Will was taking his time exploring every corner of Sonny's mouth with his tongue, but when Sonny grinded himself again Will the kiss took on a more urgent nature. Suddenly Will was feeling urgent and wild. Will started to walk forward, forcing Sonny to back pedal toward the bedroom as they are walking Sonny is fidgeting with the hem of Will's tank top, he pulls back from Will's now bruising kiss, just long enough to get the shirt over his head. Then he crushes his lips back against Will's. He is running his hands over Will's muscled chest, playing with his nipples, running his fingers over his abdomen, teasing them around the waistband of Wills sleep pants. Will is now desperate for some skin to skin contact and working at the little buttons on Sonny's dress shirt just isn't working out for him. He grabs the shirt between the middle buttons and rips it, sending buttons flying in all directions. His sigh is audible as he finally feels Sonny's chest pressed against his own. They have finally reached the bedroom, Will is not sure how they got in the door and to the bed without breaking contact but he doesn't care, he pushes Sonny back onto the bed and climbs over the top of him. Will is kissing Sonny on the shoulder, the curve of his neck, his hands are roaming all over his chest, touching his face, grasping his shoulders. He pulls back to look at Sonny, take in the sight of the completely sexy man, that is somehow all his.

Sonny takes advantage of this moment and Flips Will over so that he can crawl over the top of Will. Will laughed, "I thought I was supposed to be showing you how much I love you?" "You are and you can," Sonny said by letting me have my way first." "It's my pleasure!" Will, said from his place beneath Sonny. "Yes it will be!" Sonny said with a mischievous gleam in his eye, "It most certainly will be!"